Thunderbolt Wheel

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Driven to madness, Lu Woh's rage-fueled roar unleashes this electrified coil. Islands unlucky enough to break its fall are sundered in an instant.


Use Amount
Unlock Geisenborger 4th Domain Bonus and Support Skill 30
Transcend Tweyen to Stage 1 50
Transcend Fif to Stage 1 50
Uncap Draconic Blade to 5★ 15
Purchase Rhongomyniad 15
Uncap Rhongomyniad to 5★ 30
Purchase Lu Woh's Horn 50
Uncap Lu Woh's Horn to 4★ 10
Uncap Shooting of The Star to 5★ 30
Uncap Futsunomitama to 4★ 10
Uncap Golden Fists of Ura to 4★ 10
Forge Radiance of Insightful Rebirth 100
Forge Symmetria Mk II 50
Forge Concordia Mk II 50
Uncap Luminiera Omega to 5★ 3
Uncap Lu Woh (Summon) to 4★ 30
Raid Hosting
Host Cosmos (Impossible) 3
Host Hexachromatic Hierarch (Raid) 1
Form a pact with Lu Woh Mino 500