Four Symbols Stone

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Four Symbols Stone

A sacred stone that imbues the power of the four mystic beasts, guardians of the cardinal directions.

Four Symbols Stones are obtained from Rise of the Beasts.


Use Amount
Purchase Summon s 2040376000.jpg Zhuque, Summon s 2040377000.jpg Xuanwu, Summon s 2040378000.jpg Baihu, or Summon s 2040379000.jpg Qinglong from the Shop 2
Purchase Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Brick from the Shop 5
Purchase Perpetuity Ring square.jpg Perpetuity Ring from the Shop 5
Purchase Damascus Crystal.jpg Damascus Crystal ×2 from the Shop 1


  • Shenxian Battle Badges (3 total; rewarded at 50, 100, and 150 badges)
  • Rise of the Beasts Shop (up to 3 carried from each event per missed Shenxian Battle Badge reward)