Flying Sprout

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Flying Sprout.jpg

Flying Sprout is a clover that draws up the wind. It is a silver quest treasure from Port Breeze Archipelago and Zinkenstill.


Flying Sprouts are used to purchase various items in the shop.

Use Amount
Buy 1 Soul Berry from the Treasure shop 4
Buy 1 Half Elixir from the Treasure shop 10
Buy 1 Mythril Sword Rarity R.png sabre from the Treasure shop 5
Buy 1 Mythril Rod Rarity R.png staff from the Treasure shop 5
Buy 1 Tiamat (Summon) Rarity SR.png summon from the Treasure shop 5
Buy 1 Tiamat Amood Rarity SR.png axe from the Treasure shop 5
Upgrade Ring of Raphael (SR) to 3★ 50


  • Port Breeze Archipelago quests
    • Chapter 1 quest Scattered Cargo [15 AP, Rarity R.png Characters Only] is notable for yielding many Flying Sprouts
  • Zinkenstill quests
  • Drop from Normal and Hard Tiamat raids