Satin Feather

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Satin Feather

Satin Feather is a light feather that is soft to the touch. It is a normal quest treasure from Port Breeze Archipelago.


Use Amount
Buy various items from the Treasure shop 5-15
Buy Peridot Carbuncle Rarity SR.png summon from the Treasure shop 30
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 1) 300
Obtain Ring of Raphael (SR) 5
Uncap Ring of Raphael (SR) to 1★ 20


  • Chapter 1 Free Quest: Scattered Cargo - 15 AP (wooden chest, Rarity R.png-characters only, many per quest)
    • Because of high drop rates for all items, including Flying Sprouts to trade for Half Elixirs, this quest is the best location for Satin Feathers.
  • Drop from Normal and Hard Tiamat raids (wooden chest)