Fine Sand Bottle

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A vial of exquisite grains of sand.

Fine Sand Bottle is a normal quest treasure from Valtz Duchy.


Fine Sand Bottles are used to purchase various items in the shop.

Use Amount
Buy 1 Mythril Sword from the Treasure shop 5
Buy 1 Mythril Rod from the Treasure shop 5
Buy 1 Colossus (Summon) from the Treasure shop 15
Buy 1 Colossus Breaker from the Treasure shop 5
Obtain Sword of Michael (SR) 5
Uncap Sword of Michael (SR) to 1★ 20



  • The in-game description erroneously uses the word vile in place of vial.
    • No longer the case as of 28th May 2021 (exact date of change unknown)