Fine Sand Bottle

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Fine Sand Bottle.jpg

Fine Sand Bottle is a vial of exquisite grains of sand. It is a normal quest treasure from Valtz Duchy.


Fine Sand Bottle are used to purchase various items in the shop.

Use Amount
Buy 1 Mythril Sword Rarity R.png sabre from the Treasure shop 5
Buy 1 Mythril Rod Rarity R.png staff from the Treasure shop 5
Buy 1 Colossus Rarity SR.png summon from the Treasure shop 15
Buy 1 Colossus Breaker Rarity SR.png axe from the Treasure shop 5
Obtain Sword of Michael (SR) 5
Uncap Sword of Michael (SR) to 1★ 20


  • Drop from Normal and Hard Colossus raids
  • Chapter 5 Free Quest: Traveling Merchants - 8 AP
  • Chapter 6 Free Quest: Lucky Charm Hunt - 20 AP (Rarity SR.png-characters only)
  • Chapter 7 Free Quest: Factory Mix-Up - 11 AP
  • Cerulean Stone shop (3 for 5 stones)