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This article is about the class. For the non-party character, see Bishop (NPC).
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Bishop gran sprite.png Bishop gran icon.jpg Bishop djeeta icon.jpg Bishop djeeta sprite.png
Class Data
Class line Class 120001 wa icon.pngPriestClass 120101 wa icon.pngClericClass 120201 wa icon.pngBishopClass 120301 wa icon.pngSage
Description Give succor to defeated and injured party members.
Style Label Type Heal.png Specialty Label Weapon Staff.png Label Weapon Spear.png
Prerequisites CP square.jpg CP ×300
Lvl 20 Cleric and Sorcerer
Level BonusesLevel bonuses are earned with levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20.
Lvl 1Icon Bonus Healing.png Healing +4%   Total:
Icon Bonus Healing.png Healing +20%
Lvl 5Icon Bonus Healing.png Healing +4%
Lvl 10 Icon Bonus Healing.png Healing +4%
Lvl 15Icon Bonus Healing.png Healing +4%
Lvl 20Icon Bonus Healing.png Healing +4%
Master Bonuses Icon Bonus Healing.png Healing +3%
Class Weapon Nirvana square.jpg Nirvana
Support Skills
Compassion 5% boost to healing
20% boost to healing cap
Saving Light 100% boost to amount of HP recovered by Revive
2-turn cut to Revive cooldown
Boost to ATK when Panacea II is used
Base Multiattack Rates
Base DA RateIncluding Support Skills/Level Bonuses Base TA RateIncluding Support Skills/Level Bonuses
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Attack, HP, Defense
Recommended Subskills
  • Miserable Mist: Massive increase to effective damage and survivability
  • Double Trouble III: Raid-wide damage and charge boost via multi-attack
  • Clarity: Raid-wide debuff removal
  • Veil: Party-only debuff prevention


Icon Skill Name Effect C/DCooldown in Turns DurDuration in Turns or Seconds SubSubskill usable on other classes LVLClass level required Notes
Ability HealAll.png Panacea II Restores 25% +150 HP to all parties, capped at 2400 HP (1000 HP for other parties) total. 5T - No 1 Affects all players
Healing cap increased to 3000 HP (1250 HP for other parties) with Nirvana square.jpg Nirvana
Ability Dispel.png Dispel Removes one buff from a foe 5T - Yes 5
Ability Revive.png Revive Resurrects one party member at 25% Max HP and places them in sub slot 1 12T - Yes 15 Revive healing amount is affected by Master and Level Bonuses, EMP, Status Heal.pngHealing BoostedHeal skill's healing amount is boosted
, and Support Skills.

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/DCooldown DurDuration EMPCost in EMP Notes
Ability Veil.png Veil All allies gain Status Veil.pngVeilDebuffs will be nullified (1 time)

"Veil" is an unofficial name used by the wiki for this status effect. Its actual in-game name is "Immune."
, nullifying the next debuff received
6T 10 If an attack applies multiple debuffs, all are nullified
Ability Barrier.png White Wall All allies gain Status Shield.pngShieldNext ATK received will be ineffective for a fixed amount

Strength: 1500
Duration: 3 turns
(absorbs up to 1500 damage)
7T 3T 12


A powerful healer and eventually essential for the Dispel subskill, but somewhat limited by the lack of synergy between the skills compared to other classes. Should be unlocked as soon (or late) as Dispel or Veil is needed.

  • The weakness of Bishop that Dispel and Revive are irrelevant for many fights and Panacea, while very potent, can have trouble with single-target damage spikes or area burst, both of which Holy Saber handles better. Panacea's short cooldown makes it extremely efficient in battles with low, consistent damage where it can be cast consistently without the party ever being in serious danger, but such fights are relatively scarce.
  • Spear proficiency valuably enables Double Trouble III, but Holy Saber can use that as well, and Miserable Mist will often be more efficient regardless.
  • For battles where Clarity is better than Dispel, Cleric can be superior despite being a Row II class.
  • Considerably more effective in multiplayer, where Dispel is more likely to be useful and you can assist all parties with Panacea and the aforementioned subskills. Raid-wide skills also generate considerable contribution, allowing even new/weak players to farm Event Honors or Pendants efficiently.

Overall, Bishop is usually at least decent, and potentially amazing when more than one of its skills finds use, but there is often a better, more specialized class for a given battle.

  • Veil is excellent, but may not be a priority as many characters (including Katalina) can provide it.
  • White Wall is not worth the EMP cost as Rain of Arrows III or Bard Song generally offer more survivability.
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