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Sorcerer gran icon.jpgSorcerer djeeta icon.jpg
Class Data
Description Dazzle foes and attack them where the're weakest.
Style Label Type Attack.png Specialty Label Weapon Staff.png Label Weapon Dagger.png
Prerequisites 200 CP, Lvl 20 Wizard and Enhancer
Level Bonuses Skill DMG +3%, total +15%
Master Bonuses Skill DMG +5%
Support Skills
Sprite's Aura Boost to skill DMG
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Do not invest EMP in Row I or Row II classes.
Recommended Subskills


Icon Skill Name Effect
C/DCooldown in Turns
DurDuration in Turns or Seconds
SubSubskill usable on other classes
LVLClass level required
Ability Elemental.png Aether Blast 200%-300% elemental DMG to one enemy. 5T - No 1
Ability Ice.png Freeze Small Water DMG to all enemies. 5T - Yes 5
Ability Blind.png Blind Inflict
Status Blind.pngBlindedAttacks have a slight chance to miss

Duration: 180 seconds
on one enemy.
5T 180s Yes 15


Sorcerer is primarily mastered to acquire the Blind subskill and to access Row III classes; it has no long-term viability.