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EX 1 Class


ID 280201
NameJP ダンサー
Release Date 2017-09-14
Other Sites gbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
Waltz in there, give in to the dance, and knock them out.
Support SkillsDoes not work as a sub ally unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Effect Obtained
Fanciful Footwork Gain Dodge Rate Up (Stackable)While in effect, chance of immunity to DMG taken and debuff effects
upon dealing multiattacks.
Lvl 1
Pas de Passion Gain DA Up (Stackable)Double attack rate is boosted (Stackable)
upon dodging.
Lvl 1
Base Skills
Icon Name Effect Cooldown Duration SubSubskill usable on other classes Obtained
Spellbound Salsa Gain Dodge AllTakes no DMG or debuffs while in effect
Duration: 1 turn
, DA UpDouble attack rate is boosted
Duration: 1 turn
, and TA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Duration: 1 turn
Self-inflict 10% Max HP Lowered (Stackable / Max: 100%)Max HP is lowered (Stackable / Can't be removed)
Strength: 10% (Max: 100%)Duration: IndefiniteAt 100%, leaves 1 max HP
5T 1T No Lvl 1
Classical Lead Gain EtoileAllies positioned after you will copy your attack
Duration: 1 turn
9T 1T No 5
Two to Tango Gain Routine StepAttacks twice each turn
Duration: 4 turns
16T 4T No 15
Extended Mastery Skills
Icon Name Effect Cooldown Duration EMPCost in EMP
Pas Seul Gain 30% Charge Bar Gain UpCharge bar gain is boosted
Strength: 30%Duration: 2 turns
and Hostility UpMore likely to be attacked
Duration: 2 turns
5T 2T 25
Level Bonuses
Lvl 1 ATK +300
Lvl 5 Double attack rate +2%
Lvl 10 ATK +300
Lvl 15 Double attack rate +2%
Lvl 20 ATK +300
Total Stat Bonuses These bonuses only apply to this class. Completion Bonuses Unlocked at level 20.
These bonuses are applied while as any class.
ATK +900
Double attack rate +4%
Dodge +1%

Facsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable?
Spellbound Salsa No
Classical Lead No
Two to Tango No
Pas Seul Yes


EX I classes are merely a means to gain subskills and completion bonuses for future classes; none are viable long-term. The following is a list of notable skills.

Base Skills

These skills can only be equipped within the same class line.

Skill Future Usage Comments
Two to TangoGain Routine StepAttacks twice each turn
Duration: 4 turns
  • Provides a powerful buff to MC.

Extended Mastery Skills

None of these skills are viable in the long-term.