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Samurai gran sprite.png Samurai gran icon.jpg Samurai djeeta icon.jpg Samurai djeeta sprite.png
Class Data
Class line Class 220201 kt icon.pngSamuraiClass 220301 kt icon.pngKengo
Description Raise the attack gauge to 200% with your steely resolve.
Style Label Type Attack.png Specialty Label Weapon Katana.png Label Weapon Bow.png
Prerequisites CP square.jpg CP ×500
Warrior Creed square.jpg Warrior Creed ×1
Trophy Silver square.png Twilight SlayerRewards
Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×30
- host and clear the coop quest Rule of the Twilight.
Rule of twilight.jpg
Level BonusesLevel bonuses are earned with levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20.
Lvl 1Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +600   Total:
Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +3000
Lvl 5Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +600
Lvl 10 Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +600
Lvl 15Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +600
Lvl 20Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +600
Master Bonuses Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +5%
Class Weapon Murakumo square.jpg Murakumo
Support Skills
Samurai Chivalry Charge bar maximum is increased to 200%.
Without Reserve Boost to Quiet Strategy.
Base Multiattack Rates
Base DA RateIncluding Support Skills/Level Bonuses 4%[1] Base TA RateIncluding Support Skills/Level Bonuses 1%[1]
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Attack, Charge Attack Damage Up
Recommended Subskills
  • Pandemonium: Reach 200% Charge bar faster.
  • Taking Chances II: Further increase burst damage.
  • Miserable Mist: Overall very useful.


Icon Skill Name Effect C/DCooldown in Turns DurDuration in Turns or Seconds SubSubskill usable on other classes LVLClass level required Notes
Ability Hissatsu.png Finishing Touch Gain Status Dragon.pngNimbleMultiattack rate is boosted until hit

Strength: DA: Guaranteed / TA: ??%
5T - No 1
Ability Meditation.png Self Reflection Gain Status AttackUp.png60% ATK UpATK is boosted

Strength: 60%
Multiplier: Normal
Duration: 1 turns
, Status CriticalUp.png??% / 50% Critical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hits

Strength: ??% chance of dealing 50% more damage.
Duration: 1 turns
and remove all debuffs from self. (Uses 30% of charge bar)
1T 1T Yes 5
Ability Aurora.png Quiet Strategy Gain Status DefenseUp.pngDEF UpDEF is boosted

Duration: 2 turns
Katana: Gain a 1-hit Status Mirror Image.pngMirror ImageNext one-to-one attack received will be ineffective
(Effect removed on next all-foe all-ally attack)

Duration: Indefinite
. Self-inflict Status AttackDown.pngATK DownATK is lowered

Duration: 2 turns
Can't be removed
Bow: Gain Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted

Duration: 3 turns
, Status DoubleDown.pngDA DownDouble attack rate is lowered (Can't be removed)

Duration: 5 turns
, Status TripleDown.pngTA DownTriple attack rate is lowered (Can't be removed)

Duration: 5 turns
. (Uses 30% of charge bar)
7T 2T Yes 15

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/DCooldown DurDuration EMPCost in EMP Notes
Ability Evasion.png Into Thin Air Dodge all foes' attack 5T 1T 10


Worth the get for the neat Mastery bonus. Overall a very gimmick class, but can work if you want a character that can wield a Katana. 200% charge with Ability Sacrifice.png Taking Chances II
Status AttackUp.png60% ATK UpATK is boosted

Strength: 60%
Multiplier: Normal
Duration: 5 turns
Stacking: Dual
Status DefenseDown.png20% DEF DownDEF is lowered (Can't be removed)

Strength: 20%
Duration: 5 turns
can be extremely powerful (if you can get there), while Ability Ougi.png Pandemonium
Gain Status Uplift.pngCharge Bar Gain UpCharge bar gain is boosted

Duration: 3 turns
The boost is 100% for Ogres, 70% for other classes.
is a safer option. Recommended to get Mystic First for that sweet additional 1% per hit, enabling Samurai to reach 200% much faster. Into thin Air is a dodge on a very short cooldown, and help Samurai maintain Finishing Touch again even against AoE attack, but does not contribute much to offense.
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