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Your class represents your choice of profession, dictating what types of weapons and skills you can use.

Each class can be leveled up to 20, earning skills and passive bonuses along the way. Upon reaching level 20, the class will earn a Completion Bonus, which is a permanent, passive stat boost that applies to the Main Character regardless of the current class. Additional levels gained beyond level 20 will instead generate Extended Mastery Points (EMP).

Classes are divided into two main categories: Row I-V and Extra I-II. Row I classes are either unlocked from the start or can be unlocked at a low cost at any time. Higher Rows have additional requirements, usually requiring two classes on the tier below to be max leveled. Unlocking Row IV and Extra II classes require crafting Class Champion Weapons and clearing certain class quests, and these classes are seen as one of the hallmarks of a High Level player.

About Classes

Advanced Classes

Advanced classes found in Row II through V are powerful classes that can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements and using CP square.jpg CP. The Main Character can have up to 4 skills based on the current class.

Row II and III Classes

Row II and III classes have 3 preset skills. The remaining skill slot is customizable.

Row IV and V Classes

Row IV and V classes have 1 preset skill. The remaining three skills are customizable. You can choose a combination of up to two subskills and one extended mastery skill or one subskill and up to two extended mastery skills.

Special Classes

EX classes can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements and spending CP square.jpg CP. These classes are divided into EX I and EX II, each with their own unlock requirements.

EX II Classes

EX II classes only have one preset skill, and the remaining three free skills are customizable. You can choose a combination of subskills, extended mastery skills, or base skills. (Up to 2 skills from each category can be set.) Base skills are certain EX I skills within the same class category.

Class Lvl and Completion Bonuses

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Collect EXP from quests to raise the level of the class you're using. With each new level, the class will gain valuable bonuses that strengthen it.

Once a class reaches the maximum level of 20, it obtains completion bonuses that further enhance stats like ATK and HP. Completion bonuses are accumulative and remain with you even if you change classes, so acquire as many completion bonuses as you can to gain the upper hand in battle.

Changing Outfits

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To change your outfit to one from another class, go to Class Details and tap Change Outfit.

  • Class outfits can be shared among classes in the same category (e.g. Fighter, Warrior, and Weapon Master). Some class outfits can be used regardless of the class category if the class's specialty weapon matches the outfit requirement.
  • The classes you're changing to and from must both be Lvl 20 or higher.
  • The new outfit will be shown on the Chat screen and Profile screen. It will also be shown to other players.
  • Skills and abilities stay the same when you change outfits.


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Skills are special abilities that can be used by the player and other characters to heal, perform special attacks, and grant a variety of effects.

New skills can be learned by raising your class level and completing character-specific quests. Since the skills usable by the player are dependent on their current class, changing class allows you to change your skills, too.

Characters other than the player can't change their skills.


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Some of the player's skills are known as subskills, which can be used by any class.

Support Skills

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Support Skills are skills that provide a constant effect during combat.

Although the vast majority of support skills provide stat boosts, there are also a few that provide unique effects.

Row I Classes

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Leader s 190001 01.jpg

Row II Classes

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Leader s 110101 01.jpg
Leader s 120101 01.jpg
Leader s 130101 01.jpg
Leader s 140101 01.jpg
Leader s 150101 01.jpg
Arcana Dueler
Leader s 160101 01.jpg
Kung Fu Artist
Leader s 170101 01.jpg
Leader s 180101 01.jpg
Leader s 190101 01.jpg

Row III Classes

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Weapon Master
Leader s 110201 01.jpg
Holy Saber
Leader s 120201 01.jpg
Leader s 130201 01.jpg
Leader s 140201 01.jpg
Leader s 150201 01.jpg
Dark Fencer
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Leader s 180201 01.jpg
Leader s 190201 01.jpg
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Row I-III Class Requirements


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Row IV Classes

There is an unofficial distinction between Row IV classes based on whether their Class Champion Weapons are forged from Replica Weapons or Rusted Weapons. The unlock requirements for Replica-based classes and Rusted-based classes are different, as the latter don't have lower row equivalents.


Unlocking Replica-based Row IV classes requires 2500 CP square.jpg CP (4000 for Chrysaor), 20 corresponding Class DistinctionsClass Distinctions:, and completing Search for an Heir with one of their respective Row I-III classes. The quest is unlocked by element-changing any Class Champion Weapon.
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Leader s 110301 01.jpg
Leader s 120301 01.jpg
Leader s 130301 01.jpg
Leader s 140301 01.jpg
Bandit Tycoon
Leader s 150301 01.jpg
Chaos Ruler
Leader s 160301 01.jpg
Leader s 170301 01.jpg
Leader s 180301 01.jpg
Leader s 190301 01.jpg
Leader s 300301 01.jpg


Unlocking Rusted-based Row IV classes requires 4000 CP square.jpg CP, 20 corresponding Class DistinctionsClass Distinctions:, and completing their respective class quests. These quests are unlocked by reaching level 20 on certain Replica-based Row IV classes, with the exception of the Relic Buster, which merely requires trading for specific treasure in the Shop.
Leader s 410301 01.jpg
Leader s 420301 01.jpg
Leader s 430301 01.jpg
Leader s 440301 01.jpg
Robin Hood
Leader s 450301 01.jpg
Relic Buster
Leader s 460301 01.jpg

Row V Classes

Unlocking Row V classes require their prerequisite classes to reach Master Level 30 to access a special quest plus 10,000 CP square.jpg CP.

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Leader s 110401 01.jpg
Leader s 120401 01.jpg
Leader s 130401 01.jpg
Leader s 140401 01.jpg
Street King
Leader s 150401 01.jpg

Extra I Classes

Unlocking Extra I classes requires CP square.jpg CP, either Warrior Creed square.jpg Warrior Creeds, Mage Creed square.jpg Mage Creeds, or Champion Merit square.jpg Champion Merits, and a trophy from hosting and clearing certain Co-op Extra Stages or Free Quests.

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Leader s 210201 01.jpg
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Sword Master
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Leader s 270201 01.jpg
Drum Master
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Extra II Classes

Unlocking EX II classes requires 3000 CP square.jpg CP, 20 DistinctionsClass Distinctions, and clearing their respective class quests. These quests are unlocked by element-changing their respective Class Champion WeaponsClass Champion Weapons.
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Leader s 240301 01.jpg
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Rising Force
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