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Impossible, also referred to as High Level or HL, is content that becomes available after reaching rank 101.

Rank 100 Uncap[edit]

Players are initially capped to rank 100, but can raise the cap by completing the quest Twinkling Stars (20 AP) on Zinkenstill.

Twinkling Stars pits you alone against weaker versions of each Omega primal beast (around 3 million HP and 33%-50% attack power).

  1. Tiamat Omega
  2. Yggdrasil Omega
  3. Leviathan Omega
  4. Colossus Omega
  5. Luminiera Omega
  6. Celeste Omega

They have mostly the same mechanics as their Omega versions, so refer to the Omega strategies if you are unsure of how to defeat them. Completing the full chain of quests increases the rank cap to 150.

Most of the same content is available at HL, although there is some new content (Rose Queen). Mainly, HL versions of old content becomes unlocked, with new HL items dropping that are needed for many final uncaps.

HL content of note:

Rank 150 Uncap[edit]

Upon reaching Rank 150, return to Zinkenstill and complete the Whispers of the Stars quest. This questline will increase the Rank cap to 175. As you advance through these ranks, new Extended Mastery Perks unlock.