Rose Crystal Weapons

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Rose Crystal Weapons are Weapons introduced during the Granblue 3rd Birthday Celebration Update which provide big boosts in attack and reduce damage taken from the weapon's element weakness. These weapons are notable as the first non-event farmable Unknown Weapons.

While unrelated lore-wise, Huanglong Gauntlet and Qilin Sword are generally considered to be Light and Dark equivalents to Rose Crystal Weapons as they have the same Weapon Skills.

Rose Crystal Weapons[edit]

Each main element has its respective Rose Crystal Weapon. All are fully uncapped when bought.

Obtaining Rose Crystal Weapons[edit]

You can obtain Rose Crystal Weapons by exchanging 10 Rose Crystal square.jpg Rose Crystals. Rose Crystals are obtained by trading 3 Rose Crystal Petal square.jpg Rose Crystal Petals from the Rose Queen HL encounter or directly dropping from the same raid in red chests.

The weapons come fully uncapped to 3★, similar to the weapons from Rise of the Beasts. Please note that they do not restock in the Shop once obtained; currently there is no way to obtain a second copy if you somehow lost it.


  • Rose Crystal Weapons with the Barrier skill reduce elemental damage by 10% (not damage cut) against the weaker element at SLV10. In other words, a SLV10 Rose Crystal weapon will not give 100% damage cut combined with 90% cut; instead, the remaining 10% damage will be further decreased by another 10%.
  • Rose Crystal Weapons with the Bud skill give 20% elemental resistance (not damage cut) against the stronger element at SLV10.
  • Rose Crystal Weapons with the Brier skill give 12% Unknown ATK and HP at SLV10.
  • The Rose Crystal Weapons are located in the Shop > Treasure Trade > Quest Items tab.
  • The Rose Crystal exchange is located in the Shop > Treasure Trade > Treasure tab.