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Certain weapon skills, when exceeding a particular effect rate value, will activate Overskills.

Currently activated Overskills will be displayed under the Weapon Skill Boosts tab on the Estimated Damage window.

Critical Hit Overskills

Crit. DMG

  • When the boost to critical hit rate skill exceeds its limit, a portion of the excess value will convert into a damage boost for critical hits. Specifically, it increases the damage multiplier of critical hits that occur due to critical hit rate provided from weapon skills.
  • It will display as "Crit. DMG" in the Estimated Damage window.
  • Critical Overskill caps at 100%.
  • Formula: Damage Multiplier = 50% + (Crit. Overskill × 0.5)[1]
    • The default critical damage multiplier is 50%.
Excess Critical Conversion Rate[1]
Critical 1% → 0.5%

DMG Cap Overskills

DMG Cap Pen.

  • When the boost to Damage Cap and/or boost to Damage Cap (Special) skills exceed their limit, a portion of the excess value will convert into a damage cap penetration bonus. This effect allows more damage to be dealt after reaching a cap.
  • It will display as "DMG Cap Pen." in the pop-up.
  • Caps at 20%.
  • A minimum of 2% excess damage cap is required for DMG cap penetration to take effect. Once the minimum threshold is met, each 1% excess is converted in 0.5% increments.
  • 1% DMG Cap Pen increases base damage cap of attacks by 1000. For example, with 10% damage cap penetration and 50% damage cap up a skill with damage cap of 800,000 would first have its base damage cap increased to 810,000 before applying regular damage cap up, resulting in final damage cap being 1,215,000 [2][3]
Excess DMG Cap Conversion Rate[3]
DMG Cap 1% → 0.5%
DMG Cap (Sp.) 1% → 0.5%

Multiattack Overskills

Added Hit

  • When the boost to double attack rate and/or boost to triple attack rate skills exceed their limit, a portion of the excess value will convert into a chance to deal an "added hit" upon multiattacking. When this added hit occurs, it will deal a fixed fraction of the damage the normal attack that triggered it did.[4]
    • Added hits deal 20% of the normal attack.
    • An added hit is treated as a normal attack. Thus, effects such as Bonus DMG and Supplemental DMG are applied.
    • Added hits are dealt upon the last hit of multiattacks. Single attacks do not activate added hit.
    • Added hits always deal 1 hit even if FlurryNormal attacks deal multi-hit DMG to random foes
      effects are active.
  • It will display as "Added Hit" in the Estimated Damage window, and the effect rate shown indicates the chance of it activating.
  • Caps at 100%.
Excess DA/TA Conversion Rate[4]
DA Rate 1% → 0.4%
TA Rate 1% → 0.6%


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