Cosmos Weapons

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Cosmos Weapons are obtainable from the Shop and from Grand Order (Raid) share chests.

All Cosmos weapons are 3★-uncapped when obtained, and reduce for Azure Feather square.jpg Azure Feather ×2 and Weapon Stone ×4 (matching the weapon type).

List of Cosmos Weapons

Weapon m 1040008000.jpg
Cosmic Sword
Weapon m 1040107300.jpg
Cosmic Dagger
Weapon m 1040206000.jpg
Cosmic Lance
Weapon m 1040304900.jpg
Cosmic Scythe
Weapon m 1040407600.jpg
Cosmic Rod
Weapon m 1040505100.jpg
Cosmic Rifle
Weapon m 1040605000.jpg
Cosmic Gauntlet
Weapon m 1040704300.jpg
Cosmic Bow
Weapon m 1040804400.jpg
Cosmic Harp
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg
Cosmic Blade

Cosmos Weapon Skills

Cosmos weapons have two skills, depending on their weapon type. They have no skill levels to raise and multiple Cosmos weapons' effects do not stack.[1]

  • The first skill boosts the stats of all weapons of the same type by 30%. This stacks additively with the 20% bonus for weapon specialty. At level 120, this is upgraded to a 50% boost.
  • The second skill increases the damage cap based on the number of weapons equipped of its type.