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Weapon Stones are rare materials needed for advanced crafting. Players typically get them by reducing unneeded and weapons.


Use Amount
Transcend an Eternal to Stage 4 2000
Uncap Rise of the Beasts Weapons to 4★ 20
Uncap Showdown SSR weapons to 4★ 60
Uncap Cosmos Weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Omega weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Omega weapons to 5★ 200
Uncap Draconic Weapons to 5★ 200
Uncap Ultima Weapons to 5★ 2000
Uncap Premium Draw Weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Premium Gala Weapons to 4★ 300
Uncap Silver Relics to 4★ 300
Uncap Trade Moon Weapons to 4★ 300
Transcend Dark Opus Weapons to Stage 2 1200
Transcend Dark Opus Weapons to Stage 4
Weapon Series Shop
Rebuild Replica-based Class Champion Weapons 256 (50First time only)
Change a Replica-based CCW's element 512 (150First time only)
Forge a Rusted-based Class Champion Weapon 280
Uncap Seraphic Weapons to 4★ 255
Create an Ultima Weapon 500
Treasure Trade Shop
Purchase Supreme Weapon Masteries 2000
Purchase Dark Opus Weapons 255
Purchase Draconic Weapons 500


Farming Weapon Stones

Weapon stones are primarily obtained by reducing weapons.

The most reliable way to farm weapon stones is by quickly defeating low-HP (5 arrow gauge) enemies in Replicard Sandbox which drop the appropriate Sephira Weapons, and reducing them. The chest which drops weapons is not guaranteed, so it is recommended to equip Avarice's Guidebook in addition to any other convenient drop rate boosts in order to maximize the chance of a weapon drop.

If Replicard Sandbox has not been unlocked yet, Omega Raids are a (considerably less effective) alternative for obtaining Weapon Stones. Maximizing the number of chests you earn per raid—using Drop Rate Boosts to maximize flip chest chances, hosting your own raids for the host red chest, and aiming for MVP or Vice-MVP spot(s) for the MVP red chest—is recommended. Certain raids (mostly Impossible raids) also have blue chests, which are only awarded for getting high honors and are not affected by Drop Rate Boosts.

Premium Draw weapons reduce for a lot more stones than farmable weapons do. However, the scarcity and difficulty in obtaining a specific Premium SSR weapon should be recognized, players seeking to build Optimus Grids (or otherwise) may regret reducing a useful Premium weapon for stones which could have been farmed relatively quickly. Research individual Premium SSR weapons before reducing them; some are used as grid weapons in Normal Teams, or have other useful abilities that make them valuable for all players. Additionally, seemingly worthless weapons may receive uncaps or rebalances in the future which make them worth keeping, so it is generally recommended to avoid reducing Premium SSR weapons regardless.

Premium SR weapons can all be reduced; they offer far less stones than their SSR counterparts, but they are easier to pull, are not used in any grids, and offer much more stones than their farmable counterparts. Some players uncap Premium SR weapons with Steel Bricks to maximize the amount of stones they get from them.

The Casino weapons ( Acinaces, Laevateinn, and Jewel Modele) are treated as Premium Draw weapons, and can be bought up to 4 times each.

Every 7 Elemental Skill levels, the amount of bonus weapon stones gained by reducing Premium Draw SSR weapons increases, up to a +14 bonus at Level 98. At Level 76, bonus weapon stones gained by reducing Farmable SSR weapons is raised to a +2 bonus.