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The Jewel Resort Casino is an area where players can play mini-games to earn chips and purchase various prizes.

For new players

  • Chips can be purchased with rupies, found in the Hall, or acquired from certain quests, events, and promotions. De La Fille (Earth) can also get chips with  Look What I've Found...Chance to get casino chips at the end of the battle.
    (Takes effect even when De La Fille is a sub ally.)
    • Up to 50,000 chips can be bought per day unless the player is already holding 1,000,000 or more. The exchange rate is 2 rupies per chip regardless of set size. Sets can't be bought if they would put the total over the 1,000,000 limit.
    • The Hall locations reset every day at 05:00 JST. Golden sparkles indicate chances to pick up extra chips.
  • Prizes can be purchased from the Casino Cage
  • For most players, the most stable method of farming chips is Poker.
  • Chips may also be acquired at a steady rate from the Level 2 Rec Area in Crew Island.

Casino Cage

Available Items

Item Name Chips Amount Buyable
Jewel Modele* 1st copy: 77,777,777
2nd-4th: 7,777,777
Luck Be a Lady 5,000,000 1
BachaRackam 5,000,000 1
Rainbow Roller 5,000,000 1
Mr. Big Shot 5,000,000 1
All Her Jazz 5,000,000 1
Anat 2,500,000 4
Laevateinn 2,500,000 4
Moonlight Stone 1,000,000 5 / Month
Steel Brick 500,000 5 / Month
Acinaces 300,000 4
Basilisk 300,000 4
Anneliefe 300,000 4
Peridot Carbuncle 150,000 2
Skill Jewel 100,000 10 / Month
Brightstone 30,000 10 / Month
Red Steel Brick 30,000 10 / Month
Skill Shard 20,000 25 / Month
Luminiera Omega Anima
Celeste Omega Anima
10,000 30 / Month

Tiamat Omega Anima
Colossus Omega Anima
Leviathan Omega Anima
Yggdrasil Omega Anima
5,000 30 / Month
Half Elixir 1,500 100 / Month
Soul Berry 500 200 / Month
  • Jewel Modele does not appear until the player earns at least 1,000,000 total lifetime chips.
  • The first purchase of Jewel Modele unlocks the SSR character Christina.
  • Jewel Modele, Laevateinn, and Acinaces give the same amount of materials as Premium Draw weapons when reduced.
  • Basilisk, and Anneliefe give the same amount of materials as Premium Draw summons when reduced.

Item Priority

  • Buying all (restocking) items per month requires 11.95 million chips.


  • Buy Half Elixir and Soul Berry every month until you have a comfortable buffer of hundreds (or even thousands) of each.


  • Skill Jewels and Skill Shards are useful for leveling up Weapon Skills, and are especially efficient when used to upgrade higher skill tiers. Purchase whenever you need to raise skill levels and you do not have the fodder or anvil points on hand. Skill Shards should be bought first as they offer significantly more upgrade points for chips spent (see Raising Weapon Skills)
  • Early and mid-game players should consider buying Omega Anima, they are worth stockpiling for eventual hosting of Omega Raids and will be in need for many uncaps.
  • Peridot Carbuncle has a very useful call and is excellent for Wind players, against Wind bosses, or bosses that can be made to attack with wind using Elemental Switch. Do not uncap it with duplicates, as there are only a limited supply of this carbuncle in the game. Use Moonlight Stones instead to uncap each Carbuncle separately so that multiple can be brought to the same fight.
  • Jewel Modele is not generally useful as a weapon, but unlocks Christina, a decent wind SSR with a 5★ uncap. As the most expensive item in the Casino Cage, this functions as a 'final goal' for many players, and should not be rushed if you fear burning out on playing the casino games.
    • This weapon was once chosen as an item to be reduced for Pistol Stones early in Granblue's lifespan as it gives as much as a weapon from the Premium Draw. Pistol Stones are now much easier to acquire in modern Granblue and thus acquiring this weapon for reduction purposes is not recommended. As the weapon can never be acquired again after reduction, and the time investment in unlocking it is large, players looking for Pistol Stones are advised to pick an alternate method of acquisition:
  • Steel Brick is valuable for uncapping Rusted Weapons, SR Replica Weapons used in the process of unlocking high-level classes, as well as some specific crafts (eg. Xeno Weapons).
  • The character skins can be bought whenever desired, though players should note these skins are very old and may not have all the fancy animation of recent versions and uncaps of these characters

As Needed

  • Anat's high base stats, decent call, and 80% Elemental ATK aura make it potentially useful to new players without superior Premium Draw summons (eg. Grimnir (Summon), Raphael (Summon)), but the opportunity cost is steep (10 million chips) and it will usually be faster to simply farm a Basic Wind Grid and Tiamat Omega.
  • Moonlight Stone is valuable for uncapping SR Carbuncles, White Rabbit, and Belle Sylphid. Buying them in advance can be helpful to uncap an unexpected summon on short notice, but they can usually simply be bought as necessary. They are also required to fully uncap certain SSR summons.

Mostly Avoid

  • Laevateinn has little power and is not much use in any grid, but does not yet have its 4★ uncap so it may still have potential in the future. It is best left alone until the status quo changes.
  • The other SR weapons and summons are of no real use to a player beyond their first day or two in Granblue. They can be bought to be reduced, but given the time taken to acquire the chips for each a much more time-effective method would be just to join Omega raids instead. Alternatively, players who like the look of the weapons may choose to buy one each as a weapon skin.
  • The Brightstones and Red Steel Bricks have almost no value whatsoever due to the lack of useful R weapons and summons.



Poker can be played in 1, 10, 100, and 1000 chip bet formats. You can also select which version of double up you want between 2-card and 1-card, although it is highly recommended to pick 2-card. The game is your standard Draw Poker: Get dealt a hand of 5 cards, hold the cards you want while discarding the rest (click the cards to hold them), and hope you make a winning hand. If you've never played Poker before, there are 53 cards in the deck: 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace in four different suits, and a Joker that acts as a wild card. You try to end up with certain combinations of cards in order to win.

The hands you can make and their payouts are as follows (multiple payouts will be listed as 1/10/100/1000 chip tales):

  • One Pair: Have two cards of the same rank and nothing else. In GBF this is a losing hand and is just being listed for completion's sake.
    • Example: 2-7-7-4-K
  • Two Pair: Have two pairs. x1 payout.
    • Example: 4-J-J-A-4
  • Three of a Kind: Have three cards of the same rank. 1x payout.
    • Example: Q-Q-5-3-Q
  • Straight: Have 5 cards in sequential order. Note that an Ace can count "low" (lower than 2) or "high" (higher than King), but cannot "link" King and 2 for a straight. x2/x3/x3/x3 payout.
    • Example: A-10-J-K-Q, in order this would be 10-J-Q-K-A
    • Not An Example: Q-A-2-K-J
  • Flush: Have your entire hand be the same suit. x4 payout.
    • Example: A-4-7-J-10, all Clubs.
  • Full House: Have a Three of a Kind and a pair. x5/x5/x5/x10 payout.
    • Example: A-A-J-A-J
  • Four of a Kind: Have four cards of the same rank. x10/x10/x15/x20 payout.
    • Example: 10-10-10-10-2
  • Straight Flush: Have a straight in the same suit. x15/x15/x20/x25 payout.
    • Example: A-5-3-2-4, all Hearts.
  • Five of a Kind: Have five cards of the same rank. This is the only hand that requires the Joker to make. x30/x40/x50/x60 payout.
    • Example: Joker-3-3-3-3
  • Royal Straight Flush: Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10, all in the same suit. The game forces that exact combo: Having a Joker results in a Straight Flush instead. x100/x150/x200/x250 payout.

Once you make a winning hand, you can choose to double up. Double-up uses a single fresh deck and comes in two varieties:

  • 1-Card: Guess if the next card will be "low" (2-8) or "high" (9-A). Guess right, you double your winnings and may choose to keep going or take your chips. Guess wrong, you lose everything. The amount of times you can double up is unlimited, provided you can keep guessing correctly. However, since 1-card is entirely luck-based it is generally avoided.
  • 2-Card: You are dealt a card and must guess if the next card will be higher or lower. Aces always rank above the King in double-up. Again, correctly guessing doubles your earnings and lets you keep going while a wrong guess costs you everything. If the card is the same, it's a draw: you keep your current chips and may choose to keep going. After the first double-up, you will be betting on the newest card. For example, if you start with a 4, bet high and are dealt a J, your next bet will be high/low on the Jack. 2-card is limited to 10 deals (draws count towards this limit) or 1500x the table's bet, whichever is reached first.

For 2-card double-up on the 1000-bet table, the maximum possible winnings are:

  • Two Pair, Three of a Kind: 1,024,000 after 10 double-ups
  • Straight: 1,536,000 after 9 double-ups
  • Flush: 2,048,000 after 9 double-ups
  • Full House: 2,560,000 after 8 double-ups
  • Four of a Kind: 2,560,000 after 7 double-ups
  • Straight Flush: 1,600,000 after 6 double-ups
  • Five of a Kind: 1,600,000 after 5 double-ups
  • Royal Straight Flush: 2,000,000 after 3 double-ups


Comes in 1/10/100 chip bets. You may buy up to three lines (horizontal only), and hope you win. On the 100-bet slots, matching all three 7s awards the Super Jackpot that is listed in the Hall. The Super Jackpot starts at 10,000,000 chips and increases as you play Slots, up to a maximum of 77,777,777 chips. Due to low payouts, you're not likely to win chips overall playing Slots unless you hit the Super Jackpot. It's recommended to only play Slots if you have an abundance of chips from the other games and want some achievements.


Bingo is the PvP area of the casino, as you play against other players with the highest stakes in the casino on the line each game. Bingo tables come in 5 player/100 chip, 10 player/1,000 chip, and 20 player/10,000 chip, but you may wager up to 10 times the table bet before a game begins. Bingo is played as follows:

  • The board is 5x5, with the numbers 1-25 randomly placed on the board and each column given a color. One number will be missing since it would be placed in the middle, where the free space is located. As numbers are drawn, players mark the numbers on their board. The goal is to make a line of 5 claimed spaces, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • To begin, 4-6 balls are given for free as "Wild Balls."
  • Afterwards, 5 balls are pulled one at a time. The player may click on the corresponding space on the board to mark the number on their board or may wait and have the game mark the number automatically.
  • Spaces are marked based on the number on the ball, not its color. However, if both the number and color match, the space will be marked as a diamond instead of a star. The free space counts as a diamond.
  • After manually marking three spaces, the player will gain a Bonus ball that is an automatic perfect match (diamond) to one of the unclaimed spots on the player's board. The Bonus ball is pulled independently from the main draw, making it possible to draw a duplicate of the Bonus ball later in the game.
  • If the player can make 5-in-a-row to claim Bingo before all of the balls are drawn, they will get a payout depending on when they obtained their Bingo compared to everyone else:
    • The first player(s) to reach Bingo win 10x their bet.
    • Second place: 5x
    • Third place: 3x
    • Fourth place: 2x
    • Ties award all players to win Bingo that turn the appropriate prize.
    • If someone is lucky enough to make a Bingo with entirely diamonds (a Super Bingo), they win 700x their bet. If they win Super Bingo with a max bet, all the zeroes become 7s. As an example, getting Super Bingo with a 100k bet on the 20 player table is worth 77,777,777 chips (enough to buy Jewel Modele outright!) instead of simply 70,000,000.
  • It's possible for nobody to win if no Bingos have been claimed after the 5th and final ball.

Because the game is relatively automatic, strategy in Bingo revolves around when you claim your Bonus ball. If playing manually, you should always manually mark the first two spaces you can, so that you can choose when to mark the third space to claim the Bonus ball. There are two main strategies, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • One Away: The greedy strategy is to claim the Bonus ball as soon as possible if manually marking your third space would put you One Away from completing Bingo. This gives you the chance to win earlier (and earn more chips) if your Bonus ball is the fifth space that you need. However, if you don't win after getting your Bonus ball, its number may show up later in the public ball draw, wasting a space and lowering your overall odds of completing Bingo.
    • Example: On the 3rd Ball, you claim your Bonus ball, which gives you the number 9 space. However, the 4th Ball is also a 9, meaning if you had waited until that turn or later to claim your Bonus ball, it would have given you a different number and let you claim an additional space.
    • There is no advantage to claiming the Bonus ball any earlier than One Away, since it would not be possible to win with the Bonus ball. This also means that you might never have a reason to claim your Bonus ball in some games where you're not even close to being One Away.
  • Last Ball: Alternatively, you can wait until the Last Ball is drawn to claim your Bonus ball, which ensures you avoid any duplicate numbers. This strategy is naturally slower, so it will earn fewer chips when it wins, but it has a slightly higher chance of completing a Bingo. However, since every board is missing one number (the one replaced with the free space), this strategy may lose the Bonus ball entirely if the number on the Last Ball is missing from the board and cannot be claimed.
    • There is no risk of losing the Bonus ball if you draw the "free space" number before the Last Ball, including if it was on one of the initially given Wild Balls. For example, if you start with 4 Wild Balls but only get 3 spaces marked on your board, then you know that one of the Wild Balls was your "free space" number, which won't be drawn again, so it's safe to wait until the Last Ball to claim your Bonus ball.
    • Waiting for the Last Ball is generally better if you are Super One Away (one diamond away from a Super Bingo), since waiting for more spaces on your board to be marked increases the odds that your Bonus ball will give you the last diamond you need for Super Bingo (and Super Bingo winnings aren't affected by when you win it). However, there is a small chance that your winning number will come up in the wrong color before the Last Ball, giving you only a normal Bingo.

You can also choose to give up your Bonus ball and allow the game to play itself. While this makes you slightly less likely to win, it also lets you spend your attention elsewhere for the minute or so that the game takes to play out. For this reason, although it requires the most chips to get started, Bingo takes the least effort to play out of the three Casino games.