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Team Building is a core system in Granblue Fantasy. Your party consists of the main character, 3 front line characters, 2 back line characters, 1 main weapon, 9 sub weapons (known colloquially as the "grid"), 1 main summon, and 4 sub-summons.

Each character, weapon, and summon has its own statistics and abilities to consider. Combining all these factors into a competent party is a very satisfying experience when you are able to take that party and see it slowly progress and improve, allowing you to take on harder and harder content.

※ This article is a general guideline. Specific grid compositions and optimal main character classes and main weapons may vary based on your party composition, main weapon options, and available summons. For a beginner's list cookie-cutter grids to pursue, see Basic Grids.



A character's strength largely depends on your weapon grid and their synergy with party members rather than their individual stats. Using lower-rarity characters is perfectly viable; if an SR character has better synergy with the other members of a party, using them would be preferable over using an all-SSR team that has little synergy.

Some key factors to look for in skills while selecting characters:

  • Capping DEF Down: Being able to cap DEF Down to maximize damage is a vital part of combat, especially as you progress. There are two main types of DEF Down, commonly referred to as "single-sided" and "dual-sided". The two will stack with each other up to a total of 50% DEF Down. A common suggestion for new players is to unlock the Dark Fencer class ASAP for Ability Miserable.png 
    Miserable MistInflict
    Status AttackDown.png25% ATK DownATK is lowered

    Strength: 25%
    Base Accuracy: 80%
    Duration: 180 seconds
    Status DefenseDown.png25% DEF DownDEF is lowered

    Strength: 25%
    Base Accuracy: 80%
    Duration: 180 seconds
    on all enemies.
    , a dual-sided ATK/DEF Down debuff skill that can be used as a subskill on any class. Other characters will provide the single-sided DEF Down to cap.
  • Multiattack Buffs: Commonly referred to by players as DATA (Double Attack/Triple Attack), having some source of multiattack buff on your team becomes vital as you progress. Ideally, a party member can bring a party-wide buff, but if you're lacking in multiattack buffing options, characters who can reliably multiattack on their own (through a self-buff or a support skill) should be placed in second position (first character slot; the main character always takes the first position slot).
  • Synergy with one another: This will strongly vary depending on your characters, but taking note of each character's gimmicks and working around them is key to making team-building more fulfilling. Does someone have a stacking buff that dispels if they take damage? Slot in a tanky character who draws hostility towards themselves so the first character gets targeted less. If one character's kit revolves around constantly charge attacking, pairing them with characters that supply
    Status Uplift.pngCharge BoostInstantly boosts Charge Bar
    or will help with that.


A party's element is decided by the equipped main weapon; the types of main weapons that can be equipped are decided by the main character's Class. The remaining nine sub weapons (the grid) can be freely equipped and are not limited to the main weapon types.

Because Weapon Skills are far more important than an individual weapon's stats, grid progression relies on strengthening single-element grids, then working on other elements' grids as one gets stronger. While building early-game grids, first raise the skill levels on a newly-obtained weapon, then add it to your grid until you have enough (usually 5-6). After you have that base grid down, then you can uncap weapons with copies.

There are a few weapon series that will almost always have a place on your grid; most of these are crafted through Shop > Weapon Series:

  • Seraphic Weapons (early game): These weapons have one for each element and bring an extremely important boost to total damage against their effective element: 10% as an SR weapon, 20% as an SSR weapon. They can (and should) be added to the party even as SRs.
    • Dark and Light currently do not have Seraphic weapons, but they will be added in the March 22, 2019 update. They will also have a steeper unlock requirement than the other four Seraphic Weapons, first requiring the What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost side story completed.
    • Unlike most other weapons, Seraphic Weapons are solely uncapped through trading in materials in the Shop. While their levels will be raised by regular upgrading, each ★ cannot be raised through conventional means.
  • Bahamut Weapons (mid game): While these weapons are always Dark-element, their skills take effect based on character race rather than element, so they will find a place in every applicable team. Unknown and Primal characters will be buffed by any Bahamut Weapon, so it is encouraged to look at your overall teams to decide which one to craft.
    • The side story What Makes the Sky Blue will give players a free SSR Bahamut Weapon of their choice, instead of having to craft one from SR to SSR. It is highly encouraged to make your first Bahamut Weapon selection there, despite its relatively late main story unlock requirement. Most players recommend selecting Dagger of Bahamut Nova because Human is the most common race, with Erunes second (who will also be boosted upon upgrading the dagger to Coda).
  • Atma/Ultima Weapons (mid-late game): Like Bahamut Weapons, their skills are not based on element. They instead provide HP and ATK boosts based on a character's weapon proficiencies; a character with two proficiencies will be boosted by either (or both) Atma Weapons. (The main character's weapon proficiencies are based on class and are the same as the main hand weapons.)
    • Atma Weapons can gain an additional skill by trading for Gauph Keys. Only one key can be equipped at a time; the most common pick is the Strife Key for its multiattack rate boost.
    • Atma Weapons can be upgraded into Ultima Weapons, but this requires being High Level. Upon upgrading to Ultima, it can gain a second additional skill with an Ultima Key.
    • Due to the large amounts of Sword proficiency characters, Atma Sword is a common first pick. Other Atma weapon selections will heavily rely on your character composition.
  • Beast Weapons from the event Rise of the Beasts will vary in use. The Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind weapons all have Normal modifiers, so Omega teams may opt to replace them over time while Normal teams will keep them. Light and Dark both have one EX weapon each: Huanglong Gauntlet square.jpg Huanglong Gauntlet and Qilin Sword square.jpg Qilin Sword, and both have a second skill that reduces damage taken from their advantage element.
  • Xeno Weapons: These weapons have the strongest EX modifier in the game, as well as 4★ uncaps that make them even more powerful than regular EX weapons. However, each Xeno Clash usually runs for about a week only once a year, making them difficult to acquire for new and even mid-level players.

The Cosmos Weapons are no longer commonly used due to their limited scope. They find use in certain Omega Light setups (specifically using Cosmic Sword BAL), but otherwise are not a priority for players.


The main summon will be picked for its aura. For new players, an elemental ATK-boosting summon is ideal, but as players progress, switching their main summon to a weapon skill boosting summon is preferred. For example, in an Omega team, using a 3★ Omega summon will be preferable over a 50% Elemental Attack boost summon.

Sub summons, meanwhile, have much more freedom. The only benefit gained from matching their elements to the main weapon's is a 3-turn initial cooldown cut. Otherwise, unless they have a sub-summon aura, they are mainly being used for their call or for their stats.

In most combat scenarios (raids, free quests, most main story quests, skill fate episode fights), you will select a Support Summon before fighting. The Support Summon's aura will affect your party unless otherwise stated, so it is best to choose a summon that complements your team. (For example, teams with an Omega main summon will usually pick an Elemental summon.)

Some notable summons:

  • Carbuncles are the only premium draw SR summons to see common use. A 3★ SR Carbuncle is much easier to obtain than an SSR Carbuncle, and have an extremely good call (50% Elemental ATK Up and 50% Elemental DMG Cut of its element). In certain fights, players may equip up to three 3★ SR Carbuncles of the element they're fighting for the damage cut.
  • White Rabbit and Black Rabbit are staples for EXP farming in Shiny Slime Search! While both are technically free, White Rabbit requires Rare Monster farming to trade for its treasure trade materials, while Black Rabbit only has one copy obtainable in Arcarum: The World Beyond and needs to be uncapped with Moonlight Stones.
  • Belle Sylphid is another commonly-used SR summon, used for Rare Monster farming. She is only obtained through drops.
  • Summons that can only be used once per battle (Genesis Series, Freyr, Typhon) often have very strong calls. Uncapping these with duplicates is usually inadvisable unless you have enough copies to 3★ at once. (Even then, depending on the summon, you might not want to do that).
  • Non-ticketable summons almost always have extremely good auras and/or calls.
    • The Primarch Series (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael) all have sub-auras that raise the damage cap against their advantage element. (Note that this is not the same as Seraphic weapons, which boost final damage. However, they are still worthwhile for player progression.)
    • Bahamut and Lucifer are highly-regarded for their 4★ calls. They are rather high priority for using Sunlight Stones on to reach 3★, but their 4★ uncap will require you to gather the materials to uncap them; there is no skipping through it.
    • The Optimus Series (Agni, Varuna, Titan, Zephyrus, Zeus, Hades) are the cornerstone of Normal (Primal) teams and should not be reduced even if you have no immediate plans on building a Normal grid. There are weaker free substitutes in the Demi-Primal series obtained through What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost, but you can only select one summon and it will still need Sunlight Stones to uncap.
    • Kaguya is often used as a support summon by new players for her autorevive; later, she'll be used for her boost to item drop rate. "Double Kaguya" means a person is using Kaguya as both a main summon and a support summon to maximize drop rate chances. Players without their own Kaguya can substitute one of the SR Rabbits.
  • Arcarum Summons require materials from Arcarum and take a long time to uncap due to its time-limited nature; however, all the summons have sub-auras that vary between providing a boost to damage against the advantage element or boosting party HP. Although many of them have situational calls, The Sun (SR) and The Hanged Man (SR) are notable for being all-around strong summons.
    • At the end of the length Arcarum Summon upgrade process are the Arcarum Evokers, so some players may want to pick their summons based on the Evoker of their interest.

Omega Teams[edit]

The most common and basic team is the Omega (Magna) team, which makes use of all farmable weapons and summons. Most new players are suggested to first build this style of team since there are no specific Premium Draw requirements to it, you simply need to choose an element, usually the one with the best/most characters.

The following are general guidelines for grid building progression. As the grid meta can shift greatly depending on new content and updates, these guidelines cover common advice given to players up to Omega II grids and is not a strict rule to follow.

(Last updated: March 17, 2019)

Early Game (Omega I/M1):

  • Early game grids depend on drops from Omega Raids. Every four chapters in the Main Quests, up to Chapter 48, give players a free level 100 Omega SSR weapon; however, not all of those weapons are good.
  • Filler weapons and summons from early Side Stories can be used as placeholders. Most side stories give a level 100 copy of an SSR weapon upon story completion, and a 3★ level 1 copy of the summon. (Side stories with multiple weapons or summons will require you to farm the others.)
  • Before obtaining enough copies for a 3★ Omega Summon, using an Elemental summon may provide better damage.
  • After obtaining a 3★ Omega Summon, with enough skill leveled Omega weapons in the grid, using an Omega main summon and an Elemental support summon will bring better yields than Elemental x Elemental. See the Damage Formula page for details.
  • Start the Seraphic Weapon upgrade process as soon as possible.
  • See Basic Grids for more detailed examples.

Late Pre-High Level (M1):

  • Any filler (normal skill) side story weapons should be replaced by this point. Xeno Weapons or Proving Grounds weapons should be farmed out whenever possible, preferably uncapped to 4★, to replace story event EX weapons.
    • Due to the limited availability and irregular scheduling of Xeno and Proving Grounds events, they should be farmed out regardless of grid progression unless you are absolutely certain you will not need them.
  • Accumulated renown pendants should be used towards Celeste Claw Omega square.jpg Celeste Claw Omega or Luminiera Sword Omega square.jpg Luminiera Sword Omega, which have the lowest drop rates of the Omega weapons.
    • Unlike other M1 weapons, which should be skill leveled and placed into the grid before uncapping, Luminiera Swords should not be used until High Level, after its 4★ uncap and raised to level 120 for its second weapon skill.
  • Arcarum: The World Beyond should be unlocked at this point. Later difficulties of Arcarum have a relatively high drop SSR weapons, some of which may be desirable for your grids. Some Arcarum (Sephira) weapons may be used as placeholders if you have difficulty getting the right raid drops.
  • Upgrade the Seraphic Weapons whenever possible. The only uncap unavailable to pre-HL players is the SSR uncap, which requires Elemental Centrums from Omega I Impossible raids.
  • It is possible, but difficult, to complete an Atma Weapon at this stage by hosting Ultimate Bahamut (Raid).
  • Fire and Dark grids may begin including Ancient Ecke Sachs square.jpg Ancient Ecke Sachs ×5 and Weapon s 1040106400.jpg Ancient Cortana ×1 from Tier 1 Summon Raids. However, the drop rate on these raids is low and the only way to purchase them is with High Level Prestige Pendants. Completing a regular M1 grid is higher priority.
    • Fire is the only grid to make a full transition to an Ancient weapon due to the strength of crit and enmity skills found in Ancient Ecke Sachs. A 0★ AES can replace a 3★ Colossus Cane Omega square.jpg Colossus Cane Omega outside of 1-turn teams.
    • Some Water grids may include Ancient Auberon square.jpg Ancient Auberon, but it is less common. Ancient Nalakuvara square.jpg Ancient Nalakuvara, Ancient Artemis square.jpg Ancient Artemis, and Ancient Perseus square.jpg Ancient Perseus are usually not used outside of 1-turn teams, where only one copy of the weapon would be used.
    • There are two types of T1 Summon weapons: regular (have a glow in surrounding the weapon its artwork) and Ancient (no glow). Ancient versions have Omega skills while regular versions have Normal skills. Make sure to distinguish them!

Early High Level (M1):

  • Light grids will transition from Luminiera Bolt Omega square.jpg Luminiera Bolt Omega to Luminiera Sword Omega square.jpg Luminiera Sword Omega. Some other Omega weapons can be raised to 4★, but they are not high priority due to upgrading costs.
  • Finish Seraphic Weapon upgrades.
  • Prestige pendant farming in early High Level is difficult, so spending it on Class Distinctions for Row IV and Extra II Classes is higher priority. Spare prestige can be used to purchase Ancient Ecke Sachs square.jpg Ancient Ecke Sachs from the pendant shop (1/month, 2500 prestige). You may also choose to save them for an eventual Omega II (M2) weapon.
  • Most of early High Level will still be spent farming regular Omega raids. Omega I Impossible raids are farmed for centrums and host crystals for Omega II raids, but are rarely farmed for weapon drops.

High Level (Omega II/M2):

  • After reaching rank 120, Impossible Omega II Raids (M2) are unlocked. M2 weapons drop from host, MVP, or blue chests, and can also be bought with 4000 prestige pendants.
  • Typical M2 grids wildly differ in their use of Omega II raid weapons. Fire barely uses any in favor of AES, while Earth almost completely replaces the original M1 grid. Like the Ancient weapons, M2 weapons usually have a weaker attack skill in exchange for different skills like HP, multi-attack, or Stamina.
  • Most M2 weapons will only be added to the grid after reaching 4★. The two common exceptions are your first Nibelung Horn square.jpg Nibelung Horn and Last Storm Harp square.jpg Last Storm Harp, which can both be added in at 0★ and then uncapped like M1 weapons.
  • Picking between 4★ M2 weapon or 4★ Omega summon first is up to personal preference, but the summon is recommended due to affecting all your weapons skills.
  • Completed M2 Earth and Wind grids will sometimes opt for Omega x Omega summons for 100% crit. All other Omega teams will still prefer Omega x Elemental.

General Advice:

  • Remember to balance your weapon modifiers for maximum damage. The usual grid setup is 5-6 Omega, 2-3 Normal (this includes Bahamut Weapons, the Normal II Celestial Weapons, and Atma/Ultima Weapons), and 1-2 EX weapons. But due to the respective strengths of their Omega weapons, Wind teams usually contain 6 to 7, while Fire often does with just 5.
  • Although the guide earlier suggested using an Omega main summon and an Elemental support summon, they are interchangeable. If you have a strong Elemental main summon, it may be more convenient to use Omega support summons.
    • In some cases (particularly for summons that can only be used once per raid or other powerful ones like 4★ Bahamut or Lucifer), you may still want to use your own Omega main summon, use your elemental summon as a sub summon, and bring the same elemental summon as support so you have their call twice.
  • Note that in the "Summon combination" part of following paragraphs, summons like Summon s 2040185000.jpg Shiva (Summon) are usually interchangeable with ticketable elemental ATK summons like Summon s 2040304000.jpg Sylph, Flutterspirit of Purity since they have a comparable Main Aura. For the most part, the summon call of the non-ticketable option listed is stronger, but there can be situations where it's not the case.

Summon Combinations

Notable Omega Weapons

  • Colossus Cane Omega square.jpg Colossus Cane Omega (M1): Base weapon for Colossus Omega grids. It is often dropped in later-game grids for Ancient Ecke Sachs.
  • Sephira Emerald Dagger square.jpg Sephira Emerald Dagger and Sephira Emerald Fork square.jpg Sephira Emerald Fork (Arcarum): Suitable filler weapons. Both have better stats at 3★ than a 3★ Cane.
  • Ancient Ecke Sachs square.jpg Ancient Ecke Sachs (T1): Strong option for an alternative Colossus Omega grid focusing on enmity. Difficult to acquire, but a grid of 0★s is more effective than a 3★ Cane grid once your party drops below 85% HP.
  • Scimitar of Brahman square.jpg Scimitar of Brahman (M2): Filler/utility weapon for Cane grids, usually 1-2. Powerful health booster which also provides decent DA.
  • Weapon s 1040210400.jpg Trident of Brahman (M2): Utility weapon for Cane grids. Most useful when characters in your party are desperate for DATA. Having strong multiattackers like Grea or Therese will greatly devalue this weapon.
  • Hand of Brahman square.jpg Hand of Brahman (M2): Only relevant in a Melee-based team (e.g. Anila, Grea, Ghandagoza), and usually used as main weapon for its TA buff.

Summon Combinations

  • Summon s 2040225000.jpg Europa (Summon) + Summon s 2040028000.jpg Leviathan Omega: Standard option.
  • Summon s 2040167000.jpg Bonito (4★) + Summon s 2040028000.jpg Leviathan Omega: Option for ougi-based teams and short fights in general. Using this option to its fullest effect requires at least 3 water summons in your sub summons, as well as a 4★ Bonito.

Notable Omega Weapons


Summon Combinations

Notable Omega Weapons

  • Yggdrasil Crystal Blade Omega square.jpg Yggdrasil Crystal Blade Omega (M1): Fundamental for early-mid Yggdrasil Omega grids.
  • Yggdrasil Dewbranch Omega square.jpg Yggdrasil Dewbranch Omega (M1): Non-HL option for HP filler weapon.
  • Sephira Emerald Blade square.jpg Sephira Emerald Blade and Sephira Emerald Duke square.jpg Sephira Emerald Duke (Arcarum): Suitable filler weapons. The Blade may see use as a main weapon with Sword Master/Glorybringer MC for Shiny Slime Search! teams.
  • Ancient Perseus square.jpg Ancient Perseus (T1): Provides a huge amount of attack and solid HP, but has the drawback of lowering Double Attack. Very reliant on team composition and/or grid composition, mostly seeing experimentation in teams intended for short term battles or teams that have a high Triple Attack rate (thus negating the Double Attack decrease).
  • Nibelung Klinge square.jpg Nibelung Klinge (M2): Core weapon for Omega II grids. A direct upgrade to Crystal Blade unless it was uncapped to 5★, but even then usually the HP is worth more than the small amount of additional attack.
  • Nibelung Horn square.jpg Nibelung Horn (M2): Core weapon for Omega II grids. Provides a very powerful Stamina multiplier in addition to a good amount of Critical Hit. When 3 of these are used with double Omega main auras, Critical Hit is guaranteed.

Summon Combinations

Notable Omega Weapons

  • Tiamat Bolt Omega square.jpg Tiamat Bolt Omega (M1): Fundamental of Tiamat Omega grids.
  • Tiamat Gauntlet Omega square.jpg Tiamat Gauntlet Omega (M1): An option when the playstyle of your team or the context (e.g. one-turn EX+ in Unite and Fight) doesn't use Enmity.
  • Sephira Emerald Sword square.jpg Sephira Emerald Sword and Sephira Emerald Bow square.jpg Sephira Emerald Bow (Arcarum): Suitable Omega skill filler weapons. The Sword, like the Sephira Blade, is a useful main weapon for Slime teams; however, the Blade also gives elemental advantage against Slime Swarms for players with less ways of dealing with them.
  • Ancient Nalakuvara square.jpg Ancient Nalakuvara (T1): A strong option when the context requires less than 8 turns. Only use 1 due to the exclusivity of the weapon's second skill.
  • Last Storm Harp square.jpg Last Storm Harp (M2): Core weapon for Omega II grids. Provides a very powerful Stamina multiplier in addition to a good amount of Critical Hit. When 3 of these are used with double Omega main auras, Critical Hit is guaranteed.
  • Last Storm Blade square.jpg Last Storm Blade (M2): Niche utility weapon that's sometimes used for HP. Compared to similar limiting weapons in Omega II, Primal teams is not a thing but may become one later on. Decent mainhand for Glorybringer.

Summon Combinations

Notable Omega Weapons

  • Luminiera Bolt Omega square.jpg Luminiera Bolt Omega (M1): Fundamental of early Luminiera Omega grids.
  • Luminiera Harp Omega square.jpg Luminiera Harp Omega (M1): Slightly worse than Bolt, but can be used as a substitute.
  • Luminiera Sword Omega square.jpg Luminiera Sword Omega (4★) (M1): Core weapon for Light Omega grids. Due to having both an Omega and Normal skill, you can use more of this weapon compared to other Omega weapons (up to 8). This also makes Bahamut Weapons in your grid less useful the more Swords you have.
  • Mittron's Bow square.jpg Mittron's Bow (M2): Utility weapon for the Stamina multiplier. Use 0-2 depending on your ability to maintain a comfortable HP percentage. Core weapon in the Critical Hit build.
  • Mittron's Treasured Blade square.jpg Mittron's Treasured Blade (M2): Utility weapon for the Enmity multiplier. Core weapon in the Critical Hit build.

Summon Combinations

  • Summon s 2040003000.jpg Bahamut+Summon s 2040046000.jpg Celeste Omega: Standard option.
  • Summon s 2040046000.jpg Celeste Omega+Summon s 2040046000.jpg Celeste Omega: Consider this combination when you have at least 5 of 4★Abyss Gaze square.jpg Abyss Gazes for the Critical Hit rate. Compared to similar builds in Wind and Earth, this option is not as strong due to the lower Critical Hit rate skill and the lack of modifier. Remember that when this option is used, sources of Dark ATK up outside of your Main aura becomes increasingly powerful. Examples include the Charge Attack of Npc s 3040209000 01.jpg Ferry_(Grand), Npc s 3040111000 01.jpg Orchid's skill and Summon s 2040134000.jpg Anubis's call effect.

Notable Omega Weapons

  • Celeste Zaghnal Omega square.jpg Celeste Zaghnal Omega (M1): Used in early Celeste Omega grids, or in one-turn grids lacking methods of quickly reaching Enmity (such as Zooey (Grand), Jeanne d'Arc (Dark), or Beatrix).
  • Celeste Horn Omega square.jpg Celeste Horn Omega (M1): Slightly worse than Zaghnal, but can be used as a substitute.
  • Celeste Claw Omega square.jpg Celeste Claw Omega (M1): Fundamental for Enmity-focused grids. Very strong even at 0★ if used with Zooey (Grand), or characters that can knock down their own HP like Beatrix.
  • Sephira Emerald Reaper square.jpg Sephira Emerald Reaper (Arcarum): Suitable filler weapon.
  • Weapon s 1040106400.jpg Ancient Cortana (T1): Powerful utility weapon, offers a very strong multiattack buff compared to other Omega options. Each copy will reduce max HP by 10%, down to 70%, which is important to consider.
  • Abyss Gaze square.jpg Abyss Gaze (M2): Core weapon for Critical Hit build. In general not as strong or popular as the Enmity build, but this can work well in a Stamina team with Doctor MC.
  • Abyss Spine square.jpg Abyss Spine (M2): Powerful utility weapon that offers ATK/HP and C.A. Cap Up, both of which are largely useful regardless of team composition. Core weapon for Charge Attack teams, which aren't as dominant as in Water but are on the rise (with characters like Clarisse (Valentine) and Nier).

Normal Teams[edit]

Normal teams employ weapons with Optimus-boosted modifiers (e.g. Dark, Hatred and Oblivion for Dark) in their grids, and use Optimus series summons. They are usually considered to be more expensive to build, as the main summon is non-ticketable, and that present-day normal grids needs to use high numbers of vintage/grand weapons to compete against Omega grids. However, once finished, they are usually stronger than their Omega counterpart (Wind and Earth might be exceptions). This means that many valuable resources would need to be used in finishing your build, including Sunstones and many Damascus Bars. Due to this, building normal teams is something players needs to think about early on and dedicate appropriate resources towards.


Summon Combinations

  • Summon s 2040094000.jpg Agni+Summon s 2040094000.jpg Agni: This option is used to greatly enhance the normal skills. It should be considered when the player have a large number of Stamina weapons in their grid (at least 3, in general 4). However, this does lose one slot for Shiva's powerful call effect.
  • Summon s 2040185000.jpg Shiva_(Summon)+Summon s 2040094000.jpg Agni: Standard option.
  • As always, Summon s 2040269000.jpg Demi Agni may be used to replace Agni if needed.

Notable Normal Weapons

  • Weapon s 1040600200.jpg Crimson Finger (Vintage): Core weapon for enmity focused grids, filler/utility weapon in stamina grids for situations where high HP percentage cannot be maintained easily.
  • Erichthonius square.jpg Erichthonius (T2): Powerful utility weapon for multiattack.
  • Sword of Pallas square.jpg Sword of Pallas (T2): Filler weapon for HP.
  • Ray of Zhuque Malus square.jpg Ray of Zhuque Malus (RotB): Utility weapon for Damage Cap.
  • Weapon s 1040502500.jpg Benedia (Grand): Filler weapon for Double Attack. Benedia is widely considered the worst Grand weapon, so not invest in this weapon unless you are sure of what you are doing.
  • Weapon s 1040906400.jpg Ixaba (Grand): Core weapon for stamina focused grids.

Summon Combinations

  • Summon s 2040100000.jpg Varuna+Summon s 2040225000.jpg Europa_(Summon): Standard option.
  • Summon s 2040100000.jpg Varuna+Summon s 2040167000.jpg Bonito: Option for Charge Attack based teams and short fights in general. Using this option to its fullest effect requires at least 3 water summons in your sub summons, as well as a 4★ Bonito.
  • As always, Summon s 2040270000.jpg Demi Varuna may be used to replace Varuna instead.

Notable Normal Weapons

  • Fimbul square.jpg Fimbul (Showdown): Utility weapon for Stamina modifier and HP.
  • Xuanwu Mace Malus square.jpg Xuanwu Mace Malus (RotB): Utility weapon for Damage Cap.
  • Weapon s 1040004600.jpg Murgleis (Grand): Utility weapon for multiattack.
  • Weapon s 1040410000.jpg Blue Sphere (Grand): Core weapon for Charge Attack based grids.

Summon Combinations

Notable Normal Weapons


Summon Combinations

Notable Normal Weapons

  • Qinglong Spear Malus square.jpg Qinglong Spear Malus (RotB): Utility weapon for Damage Cap Up.
  • Celeste Horn Omega square.jpg Celeste Horn Omega (M1): Used for enmity modifier. Not very good unless in specific setups like BahaHL.
  • Indra's Edge square.jpg Indra's Edge (T2): Utility weapon specifically for Garrison. Useful in situations like soloing high difficulty raids.
  • Weapon s 1040105400.jpg Love Eternal (Grand): Filler weapon for the high Attack modifier (highest in game). However, since this doesn't have any multiplicative modifier, and Normal Attack as well as multiattack buffs are common in wind teams, this is not really as strong as it may look.
  • Weapon s 1040108200.jpg Reunion (Grand): Utility weapon for the high Attack modifier and HP.
  • Weapon s 1040111000.jpg Hatsoiiłhał (MM): Utility weapon for enmity modifier and Charge Attack Damage Cap Up.
  • Weapon s 1040212200.jpg Spear of Assail (Vintage)

Summon Combinations

  • Summon s 2040080000.jpg Zeus+Summon s 2040080000.jpg Zeus: This option is used to greatly enhance the normal skills. It should be used when the player have a large number of Stamina weapons in their grid (at least 3, in general 4).
  • Summon s 2040056000.jpg Lucifer+Summon s 2040080000.jpg Zeus: Standard option.
  • As always, Summon s 2040273000.jpg Demi Zeus may be used to replace Zeus if needed.

Notable Normal Weapons

  • Luminiera Sword Omega square.jpg Luminiera Sword Omega (M1): A Zeus grid filled with Lumi Swords is not very good, but this is especially good as an Omega provider in Normal grids due to its dual modifier.
  • Huanglong Katana square.jpg Huanglong Katana (RotB): Provides much needed Elemental Attack Up in a Zeus+Zeus setup. Needs the correct team composition to work (notably with Bishop, Fif and Io_(Grand)).
  • Huanglong Spear square.jpg Huanglong Spear (RotB): Powerful mainhand especially for Charge Attack focused setups.
  • Weapon s 1040207000.jpg Eden (Grand): Core weapon for Stamina focused Zeus grids.
  • Weapon s 1040404300.jpg Gambanteinn (Grand): Utility weapon for multiattack.
  • Weapon s 1040309000.jpg Certificus (Grand): Powerful mainhand, strong filler weapon for the Charge Attack Cap Up with Sentence.
  • Weapon s 1040708800.jpg Levin Shooter (Draw): Utility weapon for multiattack, higher multiattack stats but no attack modifier. Do not use or uncap unless you already have a strong Zeus grid.
  • Weapon s 1040006100.jpg Ethereal Lasher (Draw): Filler weapon for HP.

Summon Combinations

  • Summon s 2040090000.jpg Hades+Summon s 2040090000.jpg Hades: This option is used to greatly enhance the normal skills. It should be used when the player have a large number of Stamina/Enmity weapons in their grid (at least 3, in general 4). It's also fairly good with Unheil.
  • Summon s 2040003000.jpg Bahamut+Summon s 2040090000.jpg Hades: Standard option.
  • As always, Summon s 2040274000.jpg Demi Hades may be used to replace Hades if needed.

Notable Normal Weapons

  • Weapon s 1040200700.jpg Gisla (Vintage): Core weapon for enmity focused Hades grids.
  • Cerberus Order square.jpg Cerberus Order (Showdown): Utility weapon for enmity grids with a powerful trium modifier.
  • Diablo Bow square.jpg Diablo Bow (Rotating): Filler weapon for HP.
  • Qilin Bow square.jpg Qilin Bow (RotB): Very high attack modifier and a very strong skill. In battles where you hit Damage cap, you should always seriously consider using this weapon.
  • Hermanubis square.jpg Hermanubis (T3): Good mainhand and relevant skills. Use it if you don't have Parazonium or if you want to use Axe classes.
  • Weapon s 1040414600.jpg Majestas (MM): Utility weapon for Garrison and HP. Mostly used for soloing high difficulty raids.
  • Weapon s 1040108700.jpg Parazonium (Grand): Extremely powerful mainhand. Skills are borderline decent to put into a grid, but not optimal.
  • Weapon s 1040008700.jpg Blutgang (Grand): Filler weapon for either Enmity or Stamina Hades grids. Do not use this as your core weapon as it has been experimented with and found to be not useful. In Stamina builds, this can be a good mainhand if long term sustain is needed.
  • Weapon s 1040014300.jpg Fallen Sword (Grand): Core weapon for Stamina focused Hades grids.
  • Weapon s 1040809100.jpg Unheil (Grand): Powerful utility weapon as both HP and Charge Attack up are relevant. However, this does not have any attack modifiers, so you should only consider it if you already have a very strong base.