Abominable Reminder

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Abominable Reminder square.jpg

A stone fragment engraved with the emblem of Agastia. Traces of Wardant's supernatural energy radiate from it.


Use Amount
Uncap Weapon s 1040421300.jpg Forbidden Agastia to 4★ 50
Uncap Weapon s 1040816000.jpg Forsaken Agastia to 4★
Awakening Weapon s 1040421300.jpg Forbidden Agastia 75From lvl 1 to 15
Awakening Weapon s 1040816000.jpg Forsaken Agastia‎‎
Awakening Weapon s 1040422300.jpg Forbidden Agastia Mk II 450From lvl 15 to 20
Awakening Weapon s 1040816100.jpg Forsaken Agastia‎‎ Mk II
Forging Earth and Water Revans Weapons to Mk II 80
Forging Dark Revans Weapons to Mk II 200
Transcend Weapon s 1040911100.jpg Katana of Renunciation to Stage 3 60
Transcend Weapon s 1040911000.jpg Katana of Repudiation to Stage 3
Craft Agastia Crystal square.jpg Agastia Crystal Secret Gear 5