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Sunlight Stones, commonly called Sunstones, are used to uncap Rarity SSR.png summons instead of using duplicate copies. A stone is consumed to uncap one time. However, they can't be used for the 4★ or 5★ uncap of Providence Series Summons.

They are also used to upgrade Arcarum summon to SSR or buy Supreme Weapon Masteries.

Given their rarity, it's highly recommended to preserve their use for 0★→3★ uncaps of Premium SSR summons. Players should also reserve 6 Sunlight Stone square.jpg Sunlight Stones for completing the process of obtaining the damage-amplifying Arcarum summons. (Summon s 2040245000.jpg Judgement (SSR), Summon s 2040244000.jpg The Sun (SSR), Summon s 2040243000.jpg The Moon (SSR), Summon s 2040242000.jpg The Star (SSR), Summon s 2040238000.jpg Death (SSR), Summon s 2040237000.jpg The Hanged Man (SSR)) The Arcarum summons that improve team HP can be considered optional if you are not going to get the associated Arcarum Evokers.

Use Amount
Uncap a summon 1
Upgrade Arcarum Summons to SSR 1
Purchase The World Card square.jpg The World Card from the shop 1
Transcend Summon s 2040003000.jpg Bahamut to Stage 5 1
Transcend Summon s 2040056000.jpg Lucifer to Stage 5 1
Purchase Supreme Axe Mastery square.jpg Supreme Axe Mastery 2
Purchase Supreme Harp Mastery square.jpg Supreme Harp Mastery 2


Currently 8 stones available. Updated 2024-01-30.
Currently 7 stones available. Updated 2022-02-21.

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Treasure Trade Restock History

No Date Wait Notes
- - 30 days Time since last stone
8 2024-01-30 71 days
7 2023-11-20 129 days
6 2023-07-14 85 days
5 2023-04-20 272 days
4 2022-07-22 189 days
3 2022-01-14 106 days
Average 142 days between stones

Arcarum Shop Restock History

No Date Wait Notes
- - 738 days Time since last stone
7 2022-02-21 795 days
6 2019-12-19 284 days
5 2019-03-10 166 days
4 2018-09-25 187 days
3 2018-03-22 113 days2 added
Average 218 days between stones