Automagod Plating

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Automagod Plating square.jpg

Plating that has peeled off of an automagod. The nanomachines that comprise it contain vast amounts of information.


Use Amount
Uncap Weapon s 1040913800.jpg Schrodinger to 4★ 50
Uncap Weapon s 1040617900.jpg Lagrange to 4★
Awakening Weapon s 1040913800.jpg Schrodinger 75From lvl 1 to 15
Awakening Weapon s 1040617900.jpg Lagrange‎‎
Awakening Weapon s 1040915900.jpg Schrodinger Mk II 450From lvl 15 to 20
Awakening Weapon s 1040618000.jpg Lagrange‎‎ Mk II
Forging Dark and Earth Revans Weapons to Mk II 80
Forging Water Revans Weapons to Mk II 200
Transcend Weapon s 1040415100.jpg Staff of Renunciation to Stage 3 60
Transcend Weapon s 1040415000.jpg Staff of Repudiation to Stage 3
Craft Autophagon square.jpg Autophagon Secret Gear 5