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This article is about the class gear. For the status effect, see Shield.

The Paladin and Shieldsworn classes use a shield in battle. Shields grant a minor stat boost to the Main Character depending on the shield equipped.

About Shields

  • You can equip a shield by tapping on the Shield button on the Party screen while in the Paladin or Shieldsworn class.
  • Only one type of shield can be equipped at a time.
  • The equipped shield is displayed on the MC's sprite like a main weapon and can also be given the skin of any other unlocked shield.
  • If more than one of the same type of shield is obtained as loot, the excess shield will be automatically sold for rupies.
  • Shields can still be obtained as loot even if Paladin or Shieldsworn have not yet been unlocked.

List of Shields

Icon Name Effect Obtained From: Release Date

Round Shield HP +50 Crafted:
Affinity Seed ×40
Blood Amber ×20

Buckler Dodge Rate +1% Crafted:
Dydroit Stone ×40
Iron Cluster ×20

Knight Shield DEF +1% Default 2022-03-24

Scutum DEF +3% Default 2022-03-24

Mythril Shield HP +75 Crafted:
Steel Liquid ×40
Gray Sandstone ×20
Rusty Eave ×10

Holy Shield Dark Resistance +3% Default 2022-03-24

Tiamat Shield Wind ATK +5% Possible drop:
Tiamat Omega Extreme (Raid)
Tiamat Omega Impossible (Raid)

Rose Crystal Shield Superior Element Resistance +5% Possible drop:
Rose Queen (Raid)

Spartan Shield DEF +5% Default 2022-03-24

Malice Adarga ATK +5% Possible drop:
Tiamat Malice (Raid)
Leviathan Malice (Raid)
Luminiera Malice (Raid)

Archangel's Shield HP +100 Possible drop:
The Four Primarchs

Colossus Wall Fire ATK +5% Possible drop:
Colossus Omega (Raid)
Colossus Omega Impossible (Raid)

Bahamut Shield C.A. DMG +5% Possible drop:
Wings of Terror
Wings of Terror (Impossible)

Soul of Oneness Fire and Water DEF +5% Crafted:
Twin Elements Anima ×100
Twin Elements Omega Anima ×10
Possible drop:
Twin Elements Showdown

Eutr Nogadr Ldeysh Debuff Resistance +10% Possible drop:
Lindwurm (Raid)

Hero's Shield DEF +10% Crafted:
Gilgamesh Anima ×150
Possible drop:
Gilgamesh Showdown

Shield of Lamentation N.A. DMG +3% Possible drop:
Grand Order (Raid)
Grand Order Impossible (Raid)

Huanglong Shield Light ATK +5% Possible drop:
Huanglong (Raid)
Huanglong and Qilin (Raid)

Qilin Shield Dark ATK +5% Possible drop:
Qilin (Raid)
Huanglong and Qilin (Raid)

Nibelung Mauer Water Resistance +7% Possible drop:
Godsworn Alexiel (Raid)

Obelisk Charge Bar Gain +5% Possible drop:
Ennead Raids

Interactions with Shields

Main Character Support Skills

Icon Name Source Targets Notes
Best Offense Is A Good DefenseCap damage taken at 10,000.
Boost to attack specs based on number of shields acquired.
Shield CommanderWhile Guarding:
MC's buffs won't be dispelled.
Debuff resistance is boosted based on number of shields acquired.
Self Requires Master Level 20.