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Normal Stages

Defeat the Plains Monsters

(Captain)'s crew hears rumors of an organization known as the Crew Alliance Rafale that supplies missions for skyfaring crews. Before long they receive their first quest from Gastalga, the coordinator of the Alliance.

(Captain) and crew arrive in a city filled with visiting skyfarers. The air is charged with excitement.
Vyrn: Whoa! Look at all these people! It's like the inside of a beehive!
Lyria: Wow! Are they all here to take on job requests, I wonder?
There are whispers here and there of an organization in the area that gives out various missions they call quests.
An organization known as the Crew Alliance Rafale.
Skyfarers work together to take on these quests and earn loot to keep their crews ticking over and airships in top condition.
Hearing the rumors, (Captain) and team decide to pay the Crew Alliance a visit.
Lyria: Hmm. According to Siero, we should be able to take on jobs somewhere around here...
Seasoned Skyfarer: Hey there! Haven't seen you around before. Might you all be skyfarers looking to take on a few quests?
Seasoned Skyfarer: If so, you should speak to an Alliance member named Gastalga. He'll tell you everything you need to know.
Seasoned Skyfarer: He's the big guy over there.
Lyria: Thank you. You've been a big help!
Seasoned Skyfarer: No problem. The requests here will require you to work together with skyfarers from other crews.
Seasoned Skyfarer: I look forward to fighting side by side with you all someday.
Vyrn: All right! Let's go find out what this is all about!
Gastalga: Hmm, I see. So you guys are here to take on a request?
Gastalga: I'm Gastalga. I represent the Crew Alliance, or at least, I act as the coordinator.
Gastalga: This here's my eldest, Galessa. She just loves strawberries. Can't get enough of 'em.
Gastalga: And up here on my shoulders is little Gastara. He's four years old and still wets the bed.
Vyrn: Uhh, I... I see... So back to that talk about requests...
Gastalga: Well, let's see... We have one for getting rid of a few man-eating crocodiles, one for disarming exploding monsters...
Gastalga: And one dealin' with some really, really, really stinky monsters.
Vyrn: Nnngh... Well, we're used to clearing out monsters by now, but are those really the only kinda things you have?
Gastalga: Well, yeah, mainly, I guess. Of course, there are also some much tamer ones as well.
Gastalga: After all, it'd be hard for the knights and agents to respond to every incident and problem in every location.
Lyria: And that's where us skyfarers come in! Right?
Gastalga: That's right. Now, how about we start you guys off with a warm-up? We'll have ya'll take care of some easier monsters to get warmed up.
Gastalga: Of course, that doesn't mean you should let your guard down—they still pack a punch.
Gastalga: One method is to take on the same quest over and over to better your skills. Another is to prepare your items beforehand.
Lyria: My heart's pounding already! Let's do our best, (Captain)!
Gastalga: That's the spirit! Do your best!
You can take part in co-op quests starting at Rank 10.

Clear the Fires Below

(Captain) and company once again encounter the skyfarer that had directed them to the Crew Alliance representative. Apparently, (Captain) and crew are making quite a name for themselves. Expecting even greater things from the crew, Gastalga gives them a request to clear out the fireswept underground.

Vyrn: Hm? Psst, (Captain), ain't that the guy from before?
Seasoned Skyfarer: Hey, guys! Fancy seeing you here! How's it going?
  1. Doing great!
  2. Don't even get me started...

Choose: Doing great!
Seasoned Skyfarer: Can't say I'm surprised to hear that. Knew from the start you guys have what it takes.

Choose: Don't even get me started...
Seasoned Skyfarer: Hahaha! Everyone has those kinda days. No need to feel so down.
Continue 1
Seasoned Skyfarer: By the way... I've been hearing rumors lately. Apparently there's a crew led by a young skyfarer that's having a lot of success lately.
Gastalga: The one about the ragtag bunch of skyfarers with a blue-haired girl and a flying lizard? Yep, you guys fit the bill, all right.
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no lizard!
Gastalga: So in the hope that you guys will have even more success... I've issued a new quest!
Gastalga: Best of luck! Stay safe!

Save the Oceans

Gastalga tells (Captain) and company that word of their success had spread far and wide, and now someone is requesting them personally for a quest. Needless to say, they accept.

Gastalga: Oh! Perfect timing, you guys.
Vyrn: What's up? You need us for something?
Gastalga: Truth is, I got a request from someone who said they heard about your success. Want you to take on a job.
Gastalga: So once again I've issued a new quest.
Lyria: Wow! I wonder what kind of request we'll get this time. It's kind of exciting, huh, (Captain)?
Gastalga: Ahaha! Glad to hear it, missy.
Gastalga: I'm proud of all the great work you've done. Keep up the good work and do your best!

Patrol the Ancient Ruins

The crew encounters Sierokarte near the quest assignment area. They find that the Knickknack Shack deals in items that are useful for quests. At Gastalga's request, the crew agrees to patrol the earthy ruins.

Sierokarte: Oho! If it isn't (Captain)! How's work been treating you?
Lyria: Siero! What are you doing all the way out here?
Sierokarte: Hehe. As it happens, the Crew Alliance and I are on friendly terms, you see.
Sierokarte: So how about it? I've got all kinds of useful quest-related items in stock. Fancy a look?
Gastalga: If you feel like the request is too difficult, you might want to consider using items to boost your attack power and vitality.
Gastalga: For the next quest, I have some even more challenging requests.
Gastalga: Work together and use items, or try out some other battle tactics. Well then, good luck!

Hard Stages

Defeat the Plains Monsters: Scene 2

Gastalga explains to (Captain) and company that after seeing all their hard work, he wants to entrust them with a quest more dangerous than any they've faced before. They accept.

Gastalga: Hey there, (Captain). I was just talking about you guys.
Lyria: Huh? What was the conversation about?
Gastalga: Of the requests you've been given, you guys have taken on the most ferocious monsters and the trickiest jobs by far.
Gastalga: I need to entrust this request to some experienced skyfarers...
Gastalga: And I mean the best of the best. So how about it? Interested?
  1. Of course!
  2. I'm a little nervous...

Choose: Of course!
Vyrn: I'm with (Captain) on this one! No matter the monster, you can leave it to us!
Gastalga: Great! I'm glad to hear it. I'll issue the next quest.

Choose: I'm a little nervous...
Gastalga: I get your concern. And it's admirable that someone of your skill still takes the proper precautions.
Gastalga: I'm glad to hear you're being cautious. I know you'll make the right preparations for this quest.
Continue 1
Gastalga: Knowing you guys, you'll be fine. I look forward to another job well done!

Clear the Fires Below: Scene 2

According to Gastalga, monsters have once again cropped up in an area the crew had once cleared out. The crew agree to return and rid the area of trouble.

Gastalga: Hey, (Captain)! Glad to see you! I've been waiting for you.
Vyrn: What's up? Let me guess... A new request?
Gastalga: Bingo. It seems there's trouble brewing out in the wilderness again where you once cleaned out some monsters.
Gastalga: Apparently the land is so harsh that few skyfarers can stand staying out there for long.
Gastalga: That's where the Crew Alliance and you guys come in. I'm counting on you, (Captain)! Be careful out there!

Save the Oceans: Scene 2

Once again the crew has been personally requested to take on an assignment. Gastalga also shares that the Crew Alliance acts as a central hub of information, allowing them to send crews to deal with any emergencies that may arise in a certain area.

Gastalga: Hey, good timing. I've issued another new quest for you guys.
Gastalga: This time the request is from the waterside lands. The other day someone told me they'd seen everything you've done and wanted to request you personally.
Vyrn: Whoo! Let's help them out, (Captain)!
Gastalga: That's what I like to hear. Capable crews attract a lot of requests and a lot of trust, but they also pick up a lot of a certain something else.
Lyria: Um, like what?
Gastalga: I'm talking about information. When fulfilling requests, you naturally get to know about dangerous monsters and where they appear.
Gastalga: That's one of our aims here at the Crew Alliance, and part of why we issue these quests.
Gastalga: By spreading that information to other crews, problems can be dealt with more quickly and reliably, see?
Lyria: I see. That makes sense.
Gastalga: Well, we have other reasons too, but... We can save that conversation for next time.
Gastalga: Well then, do your best. I'm looking forward to seeing your best work yet!

Patrol the Ancient Ruins: Scene 2

Gastalga entrusts the crew with a quest so dangerous that few crews have ever accepted it. (Captain) and company head to the ancient ruins to fulfill their task.

Gastalga: Hey there, (Captain). I was just thinking of issuing a new quest...
Gastalga: Only a handful of crews have ever received this next quest. That's how dangerous it is.
Vyrn: Gulp...
Gastalga: Preparation in advance and cooperation with your friends will be more crucial than ever.
Gastalga: I imagine it'll be a hard battle. But I wouldn't assign it to you if I didn't think you could handle it.
Gastalga: Be sure to thoroughly prepare in advance. I wish you good luck!

Extra Stages

Pandemonium Tier 1

Gastalga approaches the crew with a quest of great import: to explore the enigma known as Pandemonium. He reveals that the Crew Alliance was founded for the very purpose of exploring this mysterious island.

Gastalga: Hey there, (Captain). I was just thinking of issuing you a new quest.
Gastalga: From now on you'll be tasked with extremely dangerous but very important quests.
Gastalga: Few crews have ever received these.
Vyrn: Whoa. Sounds heavy.
Gastalga: In a sense, this is our world's past, but it will also serve as a clue to our future. This is extremely important... to us all.
Lyria: Our world's past... And a clue to our future...
Gastalga: With great power comes great responsibility. And this is a mission to fulfill that responsibility.
Gastalga: Once you enter, you can't turn back. Are you... prepared to accept that?
  1. Yes.
  2. No.

Choose: No.
Vyrn: Wait! We are trying to get to Estalucia, right?
Vyrn: So maybe this might lead us to some clues on how to get there.
Lyria: I want to know more about the world, myself.! Especially about the past and the future!
Vyrn: Don't worry about us! We can handle ourselves just fine! We've worked really hard to get this far!

Choose: Yes.
Gastalga: Glad to hear it! Well then, as always, I'm counting on you, (Captain).
Gastalga: Well then, let me explain. I need you guys to go to a place called Pandemonium.
Vyrn: What's that? Name sounds kinda weird.
Gastara: Panda, panda!
Gastalga: Pandemonium is a huge floating island located in the eastern part of our skydom. It's shaped like a giant tower.
Gastalga: The island is located at an extremely low altitude. No island or ship can float any lower than that, so nobody knows how far below the clouds the tower reaches.
Gastalga: The entrance to the island is at the top, and the inside of the tower has been described to look like abandoned ruins.
Vyrn: Ruins? Does that mean the island was man-made?
Gastalga: Perhaps, but we can't say for sure. It's our mission to find the answer to that question. This was the very reason why the Crew Alliance was founded.
Gastalga: Currently the most accepted theory supposes that Pandemonium is connected to the bottom of the sky—to the Crimson Horizon.
Gastalga: In an airship, once you reach a certain altitude, you lose buoyancy and pass the point of no return.
Gastalga: However, it's possible Pandemonium might act as a sort of bridge to the bottom of the sky.
Gastalga: And if that's true, we might finally begin to uncover answers to the greatest questions the sky has known since the dawn of creation!
Lyria: The bottom of the sky... Is there another world under the clouds?
Gastalga: You can sometimes see what looks like a body of water through gaps in the clouds, but there also seems to be red-colored land down there too.
Gastalga: That's why we call it the Crimson Horizon.
Gastalga: However, we currently have no way of descending low enough to explore that land or see if life even exists down there.
Gastalga: But Pandemonium can safely float down there, so the best we can do right now is investigate the island itself.
Vyrn: I think I gotcha... This is pretty exciting!
Gastalga: The current theory is that in ancient times our people originally lived in the world below, but something happened, and they could no longer stay there.
Gastalga: Some say they built Pandemonium to move up into the sky world. But that goes against the creation myth.
Vyrn: Well, you can leave it to us! We'll be the first to get to Estalucia and the bottom of the sky!
Gastalga: Hahaha! I knew I could count on you!
Gastalga: Reports say that the tower is packed full of ferocious monsters. Be absolutely prepared for anything; you can't afford not to.
The mysterious floating island of Pandemonium.
What could be waiting for (Captain) and company in this new unknown?
One thing is for certain: there is indeed another world hidden under the clouds.

Pandemonium Tier 2

The crew learn of Crimson Horizon, the land beneath the sky. Rumored to connect the sky world to this land is the floating tower Pandemonium, which the crew have set out to investigate in hopes of uncovering its mysteries.

Pandemonium—the tower of mysteries.
The giant structure floats at depths unexplored. Many a brave soul has ventured in to answer the question: could this place be connected to the bottom of the sky—the Crimson Horizon?
And now the time has come for (Captain) and crew to begin their journey into this perilous unknown.
Lyria: This place is so... strange. Do you really think it's connected to the world at the bottom of the sky?
Vyrn: Your guess is as good as mine. If we could get a view of the whole tower, maybe we could find out.
Vyrn: Anyway, for now, all we can do is keep going in deeper!
Lyria: I wonder... Did people really live under the sky back in ancient times?
Lyria: Did it really become so uninhabitable down there that they had to build Pandemonium and come up to the sky world?
Vyrn: Gastalga did mention something about that, didn't he?
Vyrn: Well, I dunno though! That would go against the story about how the world was made.
Lyria: Actually, I'm not too familiar with that story...
Vyrn: Oh. Hmm, well... It's a long story, but to sum it up...
Once upon a time, the God of Creation created the world. A world filled with countless islands—the world the skydwellers live in today.
Life was born on the islands, and it grew and prospered.
But as time went on, they eventually began to rebel against their creator.
Their rebellion tore the god into two.
One god held the power of destruction and regeneration, while the other held that of creation. The latter, however, disappeared to the end of the skies.
The other god remained in the sky world, and so the sky realm has undergone a cycle of destruction and regeneration to the present day.
While the God of Creation could create from nothing, it could not destroy. Thus, with every world it would create, stagnation would be each realm's only destiny.
Vyrn: And that's how it goes... I think! Something like that, anyway!
Lyria: W-wow...
Lyria: I... don't think I understood all of that, but it sounds amazing!
Vyrn: Y-yeah... Legends tend to be pretty dramatic.
Vyrn: So, according to the legend, the sky world has always been this way, which is a little different from what we've heard.
Lyria: Hmmm... Oh! What if the world at the bottom of the sky is the Astral world?
Vyrn: I'm not sure. Most people say the Astral world is beyond the sky, which would be above us, not below.
Lyria: In that case... how long has there been a world at the bottom of the sky?
Vyrn: Guess it's that old chicken or the egg problem.
Vyrn: Since we've seen primal beasts and there's also the War from all those years ago, we know for a fact the Astral world exists.
Vyrn: But for the Crimson Horizon, we don't have anything to go on. There aren't even any legends about it.
Lyria: Pandemonium really is our one and only clue...
Vyrn: Yep! So let's keep going to see what we can find!
And so into the unknown they go, with curiosity and caution leading their steps.

Pandemonium Tier 3

Fighting their way through primal beasts, the crew set their sights on reaching the innermost depths of Pandemonium. Along the way, however, they hear a strange voice coming from the walls, suggesting that something is sealed within the tower.

Primal beasts stand in the crew's way as they continue further into the tower's depths.
As the fight grows ever more difficult, our brave adventurers encounter something most peculiar.
Vyrn: Geez... Sometimes there's lava, sometimes it's freezing cold... Really makes me wonder if we're actually in a tower.
Lyria: It is pretty strange... Just who built this place? And for what purpose, I wonder.
Vyrn: But... we've run into who knows how many primal beasts in here.
Vyrn: I'm starting to think this place might have something to do with the Astrals after all.
Lyria: You might be right. And those primal beasts were stronger than anything we've ever come across before!
Vyrn: Huh?
Vyrn: Lyria, did you say something?
Lyria: Um, no...
Vyrn: Hey! (Captain)! Was that you?
Lyria: No... This time I heard it too! It wasn't (Captain)!
Lyria: It almost sounds like it's coming from... the walls!
Vyrn: Wh-what the?
Mysterious Voice: Thou must... in... first... beast...
Lyria: It really is coming from the walls!
Vyrn: Are you serious! What the heck's going on?
Mysterious Voice: Th... seal... release... the seal...
Lyria: Release the seal? Is something trapped in here?
To her question there is no reply. The walls have gone dead silent.
Lyria: I'm not sure what that meant, but if we find out what's been sealed here, that's bound to give us some new information.
Vyrn: I gotta bad feeling about this... but all we can do is keep going forward.
The walls may have grown quiet, but the group still hear the pained cries echoing in their minds.
In their hearts they share one unspoken question:
Is the voice a friend... or a foe?

Pandemonium Tier 4

A mix of curiosity and duty push the crew ever deeper into the tower. As they descend, a strange apparition appears before the crew, and then disappears just as suddenly. They wonder just what could be awaiting them on the path ahead.

Fending off relentless primal beasts, (Captain) and crew head deeper into Pandemonium.
Though fear grips their hearts, a mix of curiosity and duty pushes them onward.
Vyrn: It feels like we've been going on forever. How deep is this thing?
Lyria: We're really heading downward, right? The rooms are so big it gets hard to tell sometimes...
Lyria: Will we really be able to reach a whole new world at the bottom of this tower?
Vyrn: Who knows? If this place is what people say it is, then maybe.
Lyria: I wonder what it'll be like... If it's called the Crimson Horizon, I guess there'll be plenty of red...
Vyrn: Hmm... When you think about it, the sky world is kinda blue, so it's like they're opposites of each other.
???: ...
Vyrn: Whoa! Do you see that thing?
???: ...
Vyrn: Hey, not so fast! (Captain), come on! We have to catch it!
Vyrn: I can't see where it went...
Lyria: Wh-what do you think it is?
???: ...
Vyrn: Wh-who are you?
???: I... am of the other side...
???: You are... humans? No... This one is...
Vyrn: Huh?
???: Interesting. I should return to report this.
Lyria: Wha... It disappeared!
Vyrn: Lyria, was that a primal beast?
Lyria: N-no, I don't think so. I didn't sense anything unusual about it...
The mysterious creature disappears as suddenly as it had appeared.
It leaves no trace as it vanishes into the shadows.
The crew carry on forward in the hopes of solving the mystery.

Pandemonium Tier 5

(Captain) and crew progress deeper into Pandemonium when they meet an otherworldly being. The being speaks of crimson and azure worlds being disjoined and then disappears into the darkness. The crew is left puzzled by its words and with no choice but to progress further into the tower for answers.

As (Captain) and crew progress deeper into Pandemonium, their foes grow stronger, and their steps more cautious.
When they pass through a certain chamber, a shadow appears before them.
Lyria: Eek!
Vyrn: Wh-what the heck is that?
???: I... am of the other side...
Lyria: The... other side? Like the person we met earlier?
Vyrn: You don't look anything like the guy from just now... Who are you?
Otherworldly Being: What dost thou seek in coming here?
Vyrn: Hey! I asked first!
Lyria: Us? Well, we're on a journey through the skies right now.
Lyria: When we heard that this tower might be connected to the Crimson Horizon, we came to investigate.
Vyrn: Whoa, Lyria. You sure you want to be telling this stranger all about us? We don't even know whose side they're on.
Lyria: But...
Otherworldly Being: Crimson and azure... Worlds disjoined. What you seek can no longer be found.
Vyrn: Hm? Crimson and azure? You mean the Crimson Horizon and our blue sky realm? What do you mean they're disjoined?
Lyria: Do you know what we'll find if we reach the bottom of Pandemonium?
Otherworldly Being: ...
Vyrn: C'mon, say something! You can't just say stuff like that and leave us hanging!
Otherworldly Being: A false image... The azure prospers from the sacrifice of the crimson...
Otherworldly Being: They shall again be one...
Vyrn: Whoa! Where'd it go?
Lyria: What did all that mean, I wonder?
Vyrn: Nnn... I'm as clueless as you right now.
Vyrn: But I don't think we're getting any answers standing around and scratching our heads.
Lyria: You've got a point there, Vyrn! Let's keep moving forward for now!
Deeper into Pandemonium they go.
But their hearts are astir with fear.
Fear for what awaits them at the end of the ruins.

Pandemonium Final Tier

(Captain) and crew fight their way past the otherworldly beings that block their way. Upon asking one of the beings for its identity, it answers that an individual named Astaroth summoned the otherworlders to the tower. They also hear a strange voice coming from the walls. Questions abound, but finding Astaroth seems the only path to answers.

(Captain) and company push through the otherworldly beings that attack them.
One of the beings is left before them after a fight. They decide to ask it some questions.
Vyrn: So you're not a primal beast, and you're not a monster either. What are you guys then?
Otherworldly Entity: I am of the other side. I have been summoned to this tower of your world by Astaroth.
Lyria: Astaroth? Who's that?
Vyrn: Hmm. First time I've ever heard the name.
Otherworldly Entity: Astaroth, counted among the original primals. Formed of the stars.
Lyria: Primals? Stars?
Lyria: That sounds like...
Vyrn: A primal beast!
Otherworldly Entity: The seal... The seal...
Lyria: Ah! It's gone!
Vyrn: Still don't know what these otherworld guys are, but...
Vyrn: I'm willing to bet a whole lotta apples that this Astaroth person's a primal beast.
Lyria: An original primal... formed of the stars... It sure sounds like it is, Vyrn.
Vyrn: We've fought a bunch of primals since we got to Pandemonium, but Astaroth must be the boss of this place.
Vyrn: Say, Lyria, do you sense anything here? Anything different?
Lyria: Actually, I'm sensing too many primal beast auras in this place. It's hard to tell them apart.
Vyrn: Can't say I don't understand. This place is packed with primals.
Lyria: Sorry I can't be of more help...
Lyria: Huh? Did you hear that?
Mysterious Voice: The seal... Original... They...
Vyrn: It's that voice again!
Lyria: The voice sounds like it's coming out from the walls.
Mysterious Voice: The key... Time... It...
Vyrn: I can't make out what it's saying.
Lyria: I feel like it's in pain somehow.
Vyrn: In pain?
Lyria: Yes. I can't hear what it's saying either, but I just know it's hurting.
Vyrn: Hmm. I dunno...
Vyrn: Oh, what if the voice belongs to that Astaroth character we've been hearing about?
Lyria: You think so?
Vyrn: All right! We've come this far! Let's go find Astaroth and get some answers!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Does the voice truly belong to Astaroth? What is Astaroth's role in all of this?
Questions abound, but (Captain) and company are determined to reach the innermost depths of Pandemonium and discover the truth.

Pandemonium Final Tier: Scene 2

The crew learns from Astaroth that Pandemonium is in fact a giant primal beast, and that Astaroth was trapped in the tower by Lucifer himself. Upon reaching the lowest level of Pandemonium, the crew manages to see the land of the Crimson Horizon far below—it is, however, too far to reach. They have made a great discovery, but many questions still remain.

(Captain) and company have finally encountered the primal beast Astaroth and defeated it.
Astaroth: Ngh! This cannot be! I am chosen of the stars! The power of the Astrals is within me!
Astaroth: You shall never be forgiven for this. Both you and Lucifer shall have my spite for all eternity.
Vyrn: Lucifer? What're you going on about?
Lyria: Um, that voice we heard from the walls... The one that seemed to be in pain... That wasn't you?
Astaroth: The walls?
Astaroth: Humph... No doubt that was Pandemonium itself crying out in desperation.
Lyria: What? Th-the tower was talking?
Astaroth: The great primal beast Pandemonium!
Vyrn: Primal beast? You saying we're inside a primal beast right now?
Astaroth: The primal beast of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
Astaroth: I have been trapped here for many ages, along with many of the other original primal beasts.
Vyrn: A primal beast keeping other primals captive!
Astaroth: The Astrals and their lap dog Lucifer imprisoned me here for attempting to thwart their plans.
Astaroth: For eons I have been gathering the otherworlders to destroy this tower and exact my revenge.
Astaroth: But now you have come.... You have ruined it all!
Lyria: We just thought this tower was connected to the Crimson Horizon and wanted to find out where it led...
Astaroth: Ha! Ignorant mortals!
Astaroth: Ngh! I don't have much longer...
Lyria: Astaroth!
Astaroth: Hahaha! Heed well, mortals. Once I am gone, the realm of the sky shall suffer for your folly!
Astaroth: Ahahaha!
With an unsettling laugh, Astaroth is no more. (Captain) and company are left bewildered.
Vyrn: What... just happened?
Lyria: Seems things are a lot more complicated than we thought.
Vyrn: So let me get this straight... This tower is actually a primal beast, and it's been holding Astaroth as prisoner all this time.
Lyria: And Astaroth has been trying to destroy the tower to escape.
Vyrn: And this place probably doesn't even connect to the world under the sky!
Lyria: Um, why don't we try going a little farther down for now? We won't know for sure until we actually reach the end.
Vyrn: Yeah, guess we should. Maybe we'll get more answers if we keep going.
(Captain) and company descend to the next level but are surprised by what they discover.
Vyrn: This is it? It just ends here?
Their path comes to an end, but on one of the walls is an enormous window.
Lyria: Look, out there. Is that... land?
Vyrn: The world beneath the sky...
The ground they see is far below them.
A wash of muddied red stretches before their eyes: the Crimson Horizon.
Lyria: It's still too far below for us to get to.
Vyrn: Guess this place isn't a bridge to the world below after all.
Lyria: That otherworldly being did tell us that the worlds are disjoined.
Vyrn: Yeah... Well, I think that marks the end of the investigation for now.
Vyrn: In the end we didn't even find out if this Pandemonium primal has got anything to do with the Crimson Horizon.
Lyria: We've already found as many answers as we can.
Vyrn: Darn it... We come all this way and actually get to see the world below... but we still can't get there.
Lyria: But we should be happy that we get to see it in the first place! This is a huge discovery!
Vyrn: Hmm... Yeah, you're right! The mug's half full!
Lyria: And the Crimson Horizon really is crimson!
Vyrn: Yeah. Apart from that though, it doesn't really look all that special.
Lyria: But somehow... it looks like a very lonely place.
Vyrn: The Crimson Horizon... I wonder what it must be like down there.
And on they looked at that red-soaked land.
They reflect on the words of the otherworldly beings and Astaroth.
But the truth behind what this world really is still eludes them.
Lucifer, the original primal beasts, Pandemonium. Slowly the pieces of the puzzle gather. Perhaps in time all will fall into place.