Pinboard Missions

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The Pinboard Missions are various basic activities that give rewards while teaching players where to find or perform specific game functions. They can be completed once per player. There are currently 4 boards with 9 missions each. Complete one board to move to the next.

  1. Clear Chapter 1 of the main quest.
  2. Upgrade a character.
  3. Draw using rupies.
  4. Send a friend request.
  5. View the Journal in the Menu.
  6. Log in on a new day.
  7. Set a greeting in your profile.
  8. Upgrade a summon.
  9. Upgrade a weapon.
Reward: Summon s 2030016000.jpg Peridot Carbuncle

  1. Exchange treasure in the Shop.
  2. Clear Chapter 4 of the main quest.
  3. Fully uncap a character.
  4. Increase the skill of a weapon.
  5. Unlock a new class.
  6. Set a subskill.
  7. Perform a Charge Attack chain burst of 4.
  8. Join a crew.
  9. Request help in a raid.
Reward: Weapon s 1030400100.jpg Zhezl

  1. Clear any Special quest.
  2. Clear Chapter 8 of the main quest.
  3. Donate rupies to your crew.
  4. Defeat Tiamat in a raid.
  5. Unlock a Row II or higher class.
  6. Exchange for a summon in the Shop.
  7. Host a raid during your crew's Strike Time (times are displayed in JST in the Crew menu).
  8. Defeat 10 raids.
  9. Fully uncap a weapon.
Reward: Weapon s 1030101000.jpg Facon

  1. Earn 1,000 chips in the casino.
  2. Participate in a coop quest.
  3. Set a support summon.
  4. Clear Chapter 16 of the main quest.
  5. Sell treasure in the Shop.
  6. Master 5 classes.
  7. Display a trophy (Profile > Achievements [2nd tab on the bottom] > Display a Trophy).
  8. Read any Grand Blues comic.
  9. Switch between Gran and Djeeta (Profile > top left button labeled Gran or Djeeta).
Reward: SSR Character Weapon Ticket square.jpg SSR Character Weapon Ticket