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The Beginner's Draw Set, known in Japanese as "Start Dash," is a special draw promotion initially available to new Granblue Fantasy accounts. For 3000 MobaCoin/Granblue Coin, the player receives a Beginner's Pick Ticket and a Premium 10-Part Ticket. The 10-part ticket alone has a standard value of 3000 MobaCoin/Granblue Coin, so, comparatively, you are getting the Pick Ticket for "free" with the 10-part ticket.

The Beginner's Pick Ticket allows the player to exchange for a single character weapon or summon. What is available to pick depends on when the account was created, not from when the Beginner's Draw Set appears. This draw set uniquely allows players to obtain limited characters outside of their promotional periods, such as Premium Gala story characters or holiday-themed characters.

The promotion will be available for 48 hours after the account is created. If it is not purchased within the time limit, the promotion will disappear. However, every month on the same calendar day, the promotion will reappear, starting at 5:00 AM JST, for another 48 hours. This will repeat indefinitely, or until the player purchases the draw set.

Who should I pick?[edit]

Browse the SSR Characters List to see if there's a character you like, or the SSR Character Tier List for detailed balance recommendations.

Maybe you got interested in the game because of that character, or think he or she looks cool or attractive. If this is the case and you really want that character, go ahead and pick it. It's highly recommended to pick a character that will motivate you to play the game and keep you interested rather than picking on power alone.

If no one stands out, or you prefer function as much as or more than looks, then you will next want to choose an element. If you were lucky enough to start with a Rarity SSR.png, or rerolled into one, then it would be efficient to build a team around what you already have. Otherwise, just browse all the recommendations and see if any character sounds fun to play with. Note that absent other considerations, Wind is the easiest element to start with.

5★ characters have access to 20 more levels than other SSRs, resulting in higher base stats and additional ability upgrades. Because the extra levels require immense EXP, starting with a 5★ can be very beneficial. However, 5★ characters are not necessarily better than all other SSRs.

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