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The Daily Bonus is a reward for logging in to Granblue Fantasy each day. The bonus resets at 05:00 JST (13:00 PDT) each day. As long as you load the Home page once per day before the reset, you will receive the day's bonus.

Daily Bonus Calendar

After receiving the 15th reward, the calendar will reset, starting over from day 1 for the next bonus.

Day Bonus
Half Elixir ×10

Rupie ×30,000

Soul Berry ×30

Crystal ×100

Premium Draw Ticket
Casino Chip ×100,000

Soul Berry ×30

Full Elixir ×2

Crystal ×150

Premium Draw Ticket
Half Elixir ×10

Soul Berry ×30

Half Elixir ×10

Crystal ×200

Premium Draw Ticket

Additionally, Daily Points ×10, Half Elixir ×2 and Soul Berry ×10 are earned each day.

Beginner's Daily Bonus

New Granblue Fantasy accounts will first go through the Beginner's Daily Bonus before starting on the normal Daily Bonus calendar. The first bonus is received as soon as the tutorial is completed. Every Beginner bonus includes Crystal ×50 in addition to the reward listed below.

Day Bonus
1 Premium Draw Ticket
2 Beginner's Character Weapon Ticket
3 Full Elixir
4 Soul Balm
5 Full Elixir
6 Premium Draw Ticket
7 Kadala

Campaign Daily Bonus

Some in-game Campaigns will provide additional bonuses to the normal daily bonus, such as Crystal.