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Hellfire ScrollFlood ScrollThunder ScrollGale ScrollSkylight ScrollChasm Scroll

The Scrolls are Hellfire Scroll, Flood Scroll, Thunder Scroll, Gale Scroll, Skylight Scroll, and Chasm Scroll. They are rarer than Tomes and more common than Whorls.

Each version corresponds to one of the six elements and is primarily obtained from enemies of the same element and used for purposes related to that element (i.e uncapping an SR Fire character requires Hellfire Scrolls).


Scrolls are primarily used to uncap characters. They are needed for the late stars on R characters and the early and intermediate stars on SR and SSR characters.

Use Amount
Uncap R to 2★ 1
Uncap R to 3★ 1
Awakening R to Lvl 3 5
Uncap Story SR to 2★ 2
Uncap SR to 1★ 1
Uncap SR to 2★ 2
Uncap SSR to 1★ 2
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 2★ 20
Awaken Revenant Weapons 50 Skylight Scroll
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 1) 150
Purchase 1 Whorl from the Treasure shop 5


Scrolls are found in Elemental Treasure Quests and are rarely found in event quests.