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This article is about the trial treasure. For the Arcarum treasure, see Arcarum Fragment.

Trial Fragments refers to Hellfire Fragment, Deluge Fragment, Wasteland Fragment and Typhoon Fragment.
They are rare uncapping materials which are used for uncapping Seraphic Weapons and forging an Atma Weapon. There are no Treasure shop options for them. The type needed is tied directly to the element of the item in question. Light will take a combination of Hellfire and Typhoon Fragments, Dark a combination of Deluge and Wasteland Fragments.


Use Amount
Awakening SSR characters to Lvl 4 7 of respective element for
Fire, Water, Earth and Wind characters.
4 Fire and 3 Wind for Light characters.
4 Water and 3 Earth for Dark characters.
Uncap 4★ Arcarum Summons to 5★ 50
Uncap some SSR Summons 20
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 2★ 3
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 3★ 7
Upgrade SR Seraphic Weapons to SSR 16
Forge Atma Weapon 20
Uncap Proving Grounds weapons to 4★ 10
Craft some Mechanic mods 4~5