Rough Stone

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Rough Stone

Rough Stone is a normal quest treasure from Lumacie Archipelago.


Use Amount
Buy various items from the Treasure shop 5-15
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 1) 100
Obtain Gauntlet of Uriel (SR) 5
Uncap Gauntlet of Uriel (SR) to 1★ 20


  • Chapter 13/39/52 Free Quest: The Fruit of Lumacie - 14 AP (0 to 7 a round, average 3, AP efficient, also drops Swirling Amber square.jpg Swirling Amber)
  • Chapter 15 [53] Episode 3 (0 to 6 a round, you can get Swirling Amber square.jpg Swirling Amber here too)
  • Drop from Normal and Hard Yggdrasil raids (wooden chest)