Five-Soul Staff

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Revenant Weapons
Five-Soul Staff
Level 1 44 330 ??
Level 100 272 2040 ??
ID 1040401800
JP Name 五神杖
JP TitleIn the past many weapons had custom titles. Now replaced with series titles in game. 極叡
Release Date 2014-10-23
Other Sites GameWithKamigameHuiji Wiki
(Chinese wiki)
The five bright gems adorning this staff represent the elements that make up all of creation. Any who would wield it are gifted with omniscience, but must bow to the will of the universe.
Charge Attack
The Five Pillars of Heaven Massive Light damage to a foe.
Gain Charge Bar +20%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 20%
Strength: 20%
Weapon Skills
Zion's Might Big boost to light allies' ATK
Base Reduction Materials
This weapon cannot be reduced until Step 1 of 5★ uncapping Fif has been completed.
Revenant Weapons