Damascus Pinch

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Damascus Pinch square.jpg


Damascus Pinch square.jpg Damascus Pinch ×4 is traded in at the Shop for Damascus Grain.jpg Damascus Grain ×1.


Unite and Fight[edit]

  • Players who have already recruited all ten of the Eternals can choose from new reset items to be drawn from the token draw.
Available Reset Items
  • Revenant weapons, damascus pinch, and summons.
Damascus Pinch
  • Damascus pinch is an item that can be traded for a damascus grain if collected. Four damascus pinches can be traded for one damascus grain. Go to the shop, then Treasure Trade, and then Treasure to trade.
  • The new reset items will also become available for players who recruit their tenth Eternal at any time during the Unite and Fight event.
  • Damascus pinch can be set as a reset item up to drawbox #44.
  • If damascus pinch is selected as the reset item at the start of the token draw, it must be changed to a revenant weapon or summon starting from drawbox #45. If a reset item is changed to damascus pinch before drawbox #45, the reset item for drawbox #45 will automatically change to the reset item selected at the start of the token draw.