Toxic Tulip

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Toxic Tulip

Toxic Tulip is a bright violet plant that blooms around Bestia Island. Its poisonous nectar is potent enough to keep even primals at bay.
It is a silver quest treasure from Bestia Island.


Use Amount
Uncap Summon s 2040236000.jpg Justice (SSR) to 5★ 50
Uncap Weapon s 1040813700.jpg Radiant Rinne and Weapon s 1040312900.jpg Yahata's Naginata to 4★ 20


~0-2 per run (rare), also drops Jumbo Beast Bone square.jpg Jumbo Beast Bone and Bestia Fruit square.jpg Bestia Fruit.
~0-1 per run
~0-1 per run
~0-2 per run
~0-8Verification needed. per run
Recommended, very high drop rate, also drops Basii Fruit square.jpg Basii Fruit and Native Reed square.jpg Native Reed.