Jumbo Beast Bone

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Jumbo Beast Bone

Jumbo Beast Bone is a bone of a giant primal that once lived on Bestia Island. It is a silver quest treasure from Bestia Island.


Use Amount
Craft Rune Dagger 1
Buy 1 Soul Berry square.jpg Soul Berry from the Treasure shop 4
Buy 1 Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixir from the Treasure shop 10
Uncap Weapon s 1040024200.jpg Claíomh Solais Díon to 4★ 20
Uncap Weapon s 1040022000.jpg Evanescence to 4★ 20
Uncap Weapon s 1040014300.jpg Fallen Sword to 4★ 20
Uncap Weapon s 1040116800.jpg Piercing Galewing to 4★ 20
Uncap Summon s 2040238000.jpg Death (SSR) to 5★ 50
Craft Enhancing Shell 10