Sephira Evolite

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Sephira Evolite

A precious gem acting as a window into the celestial heavens.

Sephira Evolites are used to purchase Arcana Cards, one of the items needed to obtain Arcarum Evokers.


Use Amount
Purchase an Arcana Card from the shop 1
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 5★ 1


Currently 4 available. Updated 2022-02-21.
One is only available after the second set of zones in Replicard Sandbox have been unlocked.


No Date Wait Cost Notes
- - 806 days ??? Time since last evolite
4 2022-02-21 444 days Arcapoint ×40,000Requires unlocking Here Be Swords in Replicard Sandbox
3 2020-12-04 355 days Arcapoint ×40,000
2 2019-12-15 280 days Arcapoint ×40,000
12019-03-10- Arcapoint ×40,000
Average 360 days between evolites