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Arcana Cards are used to unlock the Fate Episodes required for the Arcarum Evokers recruitment.

Use Amount
Unlock Maria Theresa's Fate Episode "Newfound Justice" Justice Card
Unlock Caim's Fate Episode "Awakening and Departure" The Hanged Man Card
Unlock Nier's Fate Episode "Death and Rebirth" Death Card
Unlock Estarriola's Fate Episode "Broken Chalice Restored" Temperance Card
Unlock Fraux's Fate Episode "The Coming Light" The Devil Card
Unlock Lobelia's Fate Episode "The Tower Reversed" The Tower Card
Unlock Geisenborger's Fate Episode "Dignity of Warrior & Star" The Star Card
Unlock Haaselia's Fate Episode "Truth in Lies" The Moon Card
Unlock Alanaan's Fate Episode "An Unsevered Bond" The Sun Card
Unlock Katzelia's Fate Episode "Any Way the Wind Blows" Judgement Card

The World Card is used to unlock the 4th skill for the Arcarum Evokers.

Use Amount
Unlock an Evoker's 4th skill The World Card