Murky Spirits

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Murky Spirits.jpg

This is a wispy, opaque flame.

Murky Spirits is Bright Spirits square.jpg Bright Spirits' equivalent.


Use Amount
Uncap corresponding Eternals to 5★ 2
Uncap Superlative Weapons to 5★ 1
Uncap Illustrious Weapons to 4★ 1
Uncap Summon s 2040114000.jpg Kaguya (Summon) to 4★ 3
Uncap Summon s 2040392000.jpg Tsuchinoko to 4★ 3
Resort Island Builder
Clear Meyn Road 100
Upgrade Villa to Level 3 5
Treasure Trade
Trade for Peacemaker Star square.jpg Peacemaker Star 1
Trade for Ultimacy's Star square.jpg Ultimacy's Star 3