Ancient Ecke Sachs

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Label Rarity SSR.png Icon Element Fire.png Ancient Ecke Sachs
Ancient Ecke Sachs.png
Label Weapon Sabre.png Level 1 Level 100
HP 106 664
ATK 278 1677
Obtain Twin Elements Showdown
2500 Prestige Pendants
A towering hero once considered this sword his best friend. Its dazzling golden sparkle has truly become a sight to behold after countless wars, maintaining its longstanding purity with the blood of its foes.

Weapon Skills
Ws skill moment m 1.png
Vulcan's Celere Medium boost to fire allies' ATK / Medium boost to critical hit rate for foes weak against fire
Ws skill backwater m 1 1.png
Vulcan's Enmity Small boost to ATK as fire allies' HP decreases
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Durga-Mauna Massive fire DMG to a foe / Boost to charge bar

Sword Master Skills
  Effect CD Dur Cost
Status Dmg Cut 25.png25% DMG CutTaking 25% less DMG

Damage Cut reducing damage taken.
Warning! Does not work for Plain Damage!
to all parties
10T 1T -
Resonance Gain
Status Counter.pngCounters on DodgeOverrides one-foe one-ally attack and strikes foe
up to 2 hits.
5T 2T Costs 3 energy
Attack 35% Bonus Fire Damage - - Costs 1 energy
Defend Gain
Status Heal.pngRefreshHP is restored on every turn

Strength: 300 HP / turn
- 5T Costs 4 energy