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Pure Zhu SoulcorePure Xuan SoulcorePure Bai SoulcorePure Qing Soulcore
Zhu SoulcoreXuan SoulcoreBai SoulcoreQing Soulcore

Soulcore and Pure Soulcore are materials used for uncapping certain Beast Weapons.


Use Amount
Uncap Ray of Zhuque Malus to 5★ Pure Zhu Soulcore ×10
Uncap Ray of Zhuque Pontus to 5★
Uncap Ray of Zhuque Regus to 5★
Uncap Xuanwu Mace Malus to 5★ Pure Xuan Soulcore ×10
Uncap Xuanwu Mace Pontus to 5★
Uncap Xuanwu Mace Regus to 5★
Uncap Baihu Claw Malus to 5★ Pure Bai Soulcore ×10
Uncap Baihu Claw Pontus to 5★
Uncap Baihu Claw Regus to 5★
Uncap Qinglong Spear Malus to 5★ Pure Qing Soulcore ×10
Uncap Qinglong Spear Pontus to 5★
Uncap Qinglong Spear Regus to 5★
Treasure Trade
Purchase Pure Zhu Soulcore Zhu Soulcore ×10
Purchase Pure Xuan Soulcore Xuan Soulcore ×10
Purchase Pure Bai Soulcore Bai Soulcore ×10
Purchase Pure Qing Soulcore Qing Soulcore ×10
Purchase Zhuque Seal Pure Zhu Soulcore ×2
Purchase Xuanwu Seal Pure Xuan Soulcore ×2
Purchase Baihu Seal Pure Bai Soulcore ×2
Purchase Qinglong Seal Pure Qing Soulcore ×2
Purchase Huanglong Anima Pure Zhu Soulcore ×1, Pure Qing Soulcore ×1
Purchase Qilin Anima Pure Xuan Soulcore ×1, Pure Bai Soulcore ×1


Only two types of Soulcores are available to drop from Shenxian per Rise of the Beasts event run.


Pure Soulcore: