Silver Relic Shard

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Silver Sword Shard square.jpgSilver Dagger Shard square.jpgSilver Spear Shard square.jpgSilver Axe Shard square.jpgSilver Staff Shard square.jpg
Silver Gun Shard square.jpgSilver Gauntlet Shard square.jpgSilver Bow Shard square.jpgSilver Harp Shard square.jpgSilver Katana Shard square.jpg


Use Amount
Buy Silver Relic Weapons 10
Buy Weapon s 1040211900.jpg Hollowsky Spear 10× Silver Spear Shard square.jpg Silver Spear Shard
10× Silver Katana Shard square.jpg Silver Katana Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Spear to 4★
Buy Weapon s 1040414700.jpg Hollowsky Staff 10× Silver Staff Shard square.jpg Silver Staff Shard
10× Silver Harp Shard square.jpg Silver Harp Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Staff to 4★
Buy Weapon s 1040310300.jpg Hollowsky Axe 10× Silver Axe Shard square.jpg Silver Axe Shard
10× Silver Gauntlet Shard square.jpg Silver Gauntlet Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Axe to 4★
Buy Weapon s 1040708900.jpg Hollowsky Bow 10× Silver Bow Shard square.jpg Silver Bow Shard
10× Silver Gun Shard square.jpg Silver Gun Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Bow to 4★
Buy Weapon s 1040016300.jpg Hollowsky Blade 10× Silver Sword Shard square.jpg Silver Sword Shard
10× Silver Dagger Shard square.jpg Silver Dagger Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Blade to 4★
Forge Rusted-based Class Champion Weapons 15
Uncap Ultima Weapons to 5★ 30
Buy Weapons of Eternal Splendor 1,000
Buy Transcendence items 200


  • Drop from Dimension Halo when an Eternal is in your party.
    • Dropped shard is guaranteed to match the Eternal's corresponding weapon. If multiple Eternals are in the party, the Halo will randomly pick between them.
  • Reduce a Silver Relic Weapon (5 shards of the corresponding weapon type. Can be more with high enough Upgrade Skill.)
  • Renown Pendants shop (200 pendants each, limit 20 per month)
  • Akasha (Impossible)