Silver Relic Shard

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Use Amount
Buy Silver Relic Weapons 10
Buy Hollowsky Spear 10× Silver Spear Shard
10× Silver Katana Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Spear to 4★
Buy Hollowsky Staff 10× Silver Staff Shard
10× Silver Harp Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Staff to 4★
Buy Hollowsky Axe 10× Silver Axe Shard
10× Silver Gauntlet Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Axe to 4★
Buy Hollowsky Bow 10× Silver Bow Shard
10× Silver Gun Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Bow to 4★
Buy Hollowsky Blade 10× Silver Sword Shard
10× Silver Dagger Shard
Uncap Hollowsky Blade to 4★
Forge Rusted-based Class Champion Weapons 15
Uncap Ultima Weapons to 5★ 30
Buy Weapons of Eternal Splendor 1,000
Buy Transcendence items 200