Revenant Weapon Fragment

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Revenant Weapon Fragments are used to forge Golden Relic Weapons, to transcend Eternals to a level cap of 120, and to purchase Supreme Weapon Masteries.

Use Amount
Forge Golden Spear Relic 100× One-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Bow Relic 100× Two-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Axe Relic 100× Three-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Dagger Relic 100× Four-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Staff Relic 100× Five-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Gauntlet Relic 100× Six-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Sword Relic 100× Seven-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Katana Relic 100× Eight-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Harp Relic 100× Nine-Star Fragment
Forge Golden Gun Relic 100× Ten-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Spear Mastery 50× One-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Bow Mastery 50× Two-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Axe Mastery 50× Three-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Dagger Mastery 50× Four-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Staff Mastery 50× Five-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Melee Mastery 50× Six-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Sabre Mastery 50× Seven-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Katana Mastery 50× Eight-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Harp Mastery 50× Nine-Star Fragment
Purchase Supreme Gun Mastery 50× Ten-Star Fragment
Purchase Weapons of Eternal Splendor 50
Transcend an Eternal to Stage 2 50
Uncap Desolation-Crown Bow to 4★ 20× Two-Star Fragment
Uncap Altruism-Soul Staff to 4★ 20× Five-Star Fragment
Uncap Covenant-Ruin Fist to 4★ 20× Six-Star Fragment
Uncap Gateway-Star Sword to 4★ 20× Seven-Star Fragment
Uncap Fantasia-Realm Harp to 4★ 20× Nine-Star Fragment


Revenant Weapon Fragments can be obtained by reducing Sterling or stronger Revenant Weapons.

  • Sterling weapons (awakened, first upgrade) give 1 Revenant Weapon Fragment.
  • Element changed weapons give 5 Revenant Weapon Fragments.
  • Fully upgraded weapons give 50 Revenant Weapon Fragments.