Defender's Oath

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Stamp95.png This page contains placeholders for an upcoming event.
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Defender's Oath is an upcoming side story event.

This event is part one of The Dragon Knights story arc. Part two is Four Knights of a Fallen Land. Part three is Between Frost and Flame.

There was once a land blessed
by a primal beast.

Until one day a great dragon awakens
and swallows the primal beast.

Brave knights rush to save it
from the dragon's clutches.

But before long the entire
kingdom becomes entangled
in a far greater conspiracy.

For new players[edit]

  • Complete each chapter, quest, and boss; each awards Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50 on first-time completion.
  • Fill the event character's loyalty bar to keep him permanently.
  • Purchase the 20× Half Elixir square.jpg Half-Elixirs; they provide much more AP than is needed farm them.
  • Purchase the 50× Soul Berry square.jpg Soul Berries.
  • Earn trophies for additional Crystal square.jpg Crystals.

Notable Rewards[edit]

New Character[edit]

Vane (Event)
Npc m 3030047000 01.jpg
Rarity SR.png 6.5
Label Type Defense.png
Label Race Human.png

Event Battles[edit]

Cost to Host: 10 AP Unlock: Clear Defender's Oath Ending
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
BossFafnir Icon16Fire.png 10 Yes
First clear: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50
Wooden Silver Gold

Cost to Host: 20 AP Unlock: Clear Fafnir Normal
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
BossSylph Icon16Fire.png 20 Yes
First clear: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50
Wooden Silver Gold

Event Rewards[edit]

Event Shop[edit]

Challenge Battle: "Down with the Dragon"[edit]

Challenge defenders oath.jpg

Voiced Trailer[edit]

Banner defenders trailer.png


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