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These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Defender's Oath - Opening

A mysterious armored man intends to end the primal beast Sylph's life, but True Dragon Fafnir strikes first and swallows Sylph. The man calmly watches on, as if this outcome was to be expected.

The ground trembles from a sudden earthquake in the darkness of the night.
???: Groaaar!
A dragon awakes from its eternal slumber, roaring in anger.
Order Knight 1: No! Why has Great Dragon Fafnir awoken?
Order Knight 2: The seal! What happened to the dragon's seal?
Order Knight 1: Hey! Fafnir's getting closer!
Order Knight 2: We are the Order of the White Dragons! We will protect Sylph, even if it costs us our lives!
Sylph: Please don't. Everyone, you must run.
The mysterious girl and her bodyguards are in dire straits as Fafnir approaches.
At the same time a suspicious man calmly steps from the shadows.
???: Primal beast Sylph. My apologies, but I must ask you to come with me.
Order Knight 2: Huh? Who are you?
Sylph: Stop!
Order Knight 1: What are you doing, knave? Get away from her!
???: Make me.
The knights manage to distract the suspicious man for just an instant when the unthinkable happens.
Fafnir: Gurgle...
???: ...!
Order Knight 1: N-no! Sylph was...
Order Knight 2: She got eaten by Fafnir! This is a disaster!
Sylph: I'm okay... Please go inform the king...
Order Knight 2: I swear we'll return to rescue you, Sylph!
Order Knight 1: Damn it! We've had enough trouble for one night!
Order Knight 1: We'll cut you down if you insist on blocking our way! Move!
???: Go. I have no use for you.
Fafnir: Grrr...
???: The plan has been altered, but it matters not.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 1: Fervent Tour Guide - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew have come to visit a kingdom blessed by Sylph only to hear that she has been swallowed by True Dragon Fafnir. They meet a knight of the Order of the White Dragons named Vane who agrees to guide them to the capital of Feendrache.

During their journey the crew learns of a country that is said to be blessed with prosperity by the primal beast Sylph.
The crew lands in the port with high hopes of meeting with Sylph.
Vyrn: All right! Let's hurry and go ask Sylph about the Astrals!
Lyria: Yes! They say she lives peacefully alongside skydwellers. I hope we can become good friends too!
???: That's weird. I'm pretty sure Lancey said he'd meet me here...
Passenger 1: Yo, did'ja hear the news? Fafnir suddenly came back to life and swallowed Sylph.
Passenger 2: You're kidding me! Not that Fafnir couldn't do it, but... shouldn't its lair have been sealed away?
Passenger 1: Yeah, I guess. Now the royal capital's in a tizzy. I heard they're trying to cobble together a Fafnir supression force.
Vyrn: Did you hear that? They said Sylph was eaten! Do you think it's true?
???: Hey! You two! I want in on this conversation! Tell me everything you know!
???: Who's leading this suppression force? Is it Lancelot of the White Dragons?
Passenger 1: Erk... C-can't breathe...
Vyrn: H-hey, Shaggytop! You're choking that guy!
???: Oops!
???: Sorry, sorry! My emotions got the better of me...
Passenger 1: Argh! He was trying to kill me!
???: You there! I'm begging you, please tell me!
Passenger 2: I-I don't know anything! Please just leave me alone!
???: Why? Why are they running away?
???: I begged them nicely with all my heart!
Vyrn: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you scared them off with that heartfelt begging of yours.
???: You... You think so? Was I that scary? Curses!
Lyria: I don't think you're scary! I could tell you were being sincere!
???: Hehe! You're a real sweetheart, you know that?
Vyrn: Cut that out... Anyway we need to head for the capital right now!
???: Oh yeah, I've gotta hurry back there too!
???: Wait a sec! You guys got business in the capital?
???: Then I'll show you the way!
  1. Please do!
  2. I think we'll pass...

Choose: Please do!
Vyrn: What? Are you sure about this, (Captain)? This guy seems like more trouble than he's worth!
???: Good answer! Just leave it to me! You're safe in my hands!

Choose: I think we'll pass...
Lyria: But he doesn't seem like a bad person to me, (Captain).
???: Aw, don't be shy! A journey's shorter when traveling with company!
Continue 1
???: Besides, I'd be worried sick knowing a bunch of kids were traveling to the capital alone!
Vane: Oh, by the way, my name's Vane. I'm a knight in the Order of the White Dragons. Nice to meet you!
Lyria: It's nice to meet you too, Vane!
Vane: All right, you guys all set? I know this place like my own backyard! And we're off!
Vyrn: Whoa, don't go running off like that!
Lyria: Um, I guess we should follow Vane for the time being!
Vyrn: I said hold up! Yeesh, why are you in such a hurry?
Vane: The Order of the White Dragons protects the royal capital, Feendrache, and their captain is my best friend!
Vane: How can I possibly stay calm knowing my best friend might have to lead a force against Fafnir?
Lyria: Hm, I see your point.
Lyria: I'd be worried too! Then we'll pick up the pace too!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 1: Fervent Tour Guide - Episode 2

Worried about his friend, Vane urges the crew to pick up the pace, going so far as to offer to carry any crew members. Despite his
single-minded confidence, he is clearly lost.

Vane: What's the matter, guys? At the rate we're going, we won't make it to the capital before nightfall!
Lyria: G-got it! I'll try to go faster!
Vane: Sorry to rush you, but I'm really worried about my friends back in the capital. Every second counts.
Vyrn: Sheesh... I hate to say I told you so, but this guy is as annoying as I thought he'd be.
Vane: I gotta say though you're quite the plucky girl, Lyria! I'm impressed!
Lyria: Thank you, Vane!
Vane: If you ever get tired, just say the word! I'll carry you in my arms!
Vyrn: Oh, gimme a break! If we get tired, just let us rest! Right, (Captain)?
Vane: Wish I could, but Sylph is in danger. We're in a race against time!
Vyrn: Yeah, I know, but...
Vane: Aw, don't sweat it!
Vane: I can carry you, (Captain), and everyone else if needed!
Vane leads the crew through the forest, but the trees show no sign of giving way to an exit.
Vane: What the? That's weird. It should be right over here... but it's not?
Lyria: What's wrong, Vane?
Vane: Ha... hahahaha! It's nothing at all, Lyria!
Vyrn: Oh brother. You have no idea where you're going, do you?
Vane: Wahahaha! Don't sweat the small stuff, Vyrn! It's just over this way!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 1: Fervent Tour Guide - Episode 3

The party meets a traveling priestess named Sophia, who speaks of a strange disease spreading throughout the fringes of the kingdom. She also seeks an audience with the king, and they all journey together to reach the gates of Feendrache.

Vane: Hm? Everyone, hold up! Those bushes just moved!
Vyrn: Ugh, not another monster! Get ready, (Captain)!
???: Eeek! What are you people doing here?
Vane: I could ask the same of you! Who are you, and why are you wandering around in a dark forest?
???: Eep!
Vyrn: Cool it, Vane! You're going overboard again!
Vane: Huh? Ergh, curse this bad habit of mine...
???: Ah... hahaha...
???: I thought you might've been thieves, but thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case.
Sophia: My name is Sophia. I'm a traveling priestess.
Sophia: You see, I took this path hoping to find a shortcut to the royal capital, but now I'm completely lost.
Vane: Hahahaha! Well, what do you know? So you're lost too! What a coincidence!
Vyrn: Excuse me? Too?
Vyrn: Didn't you tell us you knew this place like your own backyard?
Vane: Wahaha! Now, Vyrn, I told you not to sweat the small stuff. I've got a general idea of where we need to go!
Vane: I'm Vane of the Order of the White Dragons, and this is (Captain)'s skyfaring crew.
Lyria: Nice to meet you, Sophia! Since we're all lost, let's work together to find our way out!
Sophia: Uh, yes... Right!
Lyria: What brings you to the capital, Sophia?
Sophia: I'm going to make a direct petition to the king.
Vyrn: A petition? That sounds serious!
Sophia: I was passing through this land that is supposedly blessed by a primal beast while on my pilgrimage.
Sophia: As I went by Ruforth Village at the base of Howling Valley, I noticed all their crops had withered away before the harvest.
Sophia: Newborns and the elderly especially were succumbing to an unknown, contagious illness.
Vane: What? I've never heard of such a thing in all my time working in the capital!
Vane: But then again I'm a pretty healthy guy, so naturally I wouldn't be affected. Wahaha!
Sophia: I don't know all the details, but I'm certain there is something very wrong happening in this country!
Vane: Hmm, if such an illness really is spreading, that's a problem that can't be ignored.
Lyria: I wonder if it has anything to do with Slyph being swallowed up by Fafnir.
Sophia: Well, I can't say for sure, but I intend to do a bit of investigating myself.
Sophia: I heard that the village chief tried to take the records of past diseases and crop anomalies straight to the capital.
Sophia: But he went missing, possibly attacked by monsters.
Vyrn: That's an awful way to go...
Sophia: First we need to address the situation involving Sylph. Only then can the investigation proceed smoothly.
Vane: Okay, you've got my support! I'll do everything I can as a knight of the White Dragons to get you an audience with the king!
Sophia: Thank you very much, Vane.
The party has been walking under the treetops for the better part of an hour, but they don't seem to be any closer to the capital.
Vyrn: Uh, Vane? How much longer until we get there?
Vane: Hm? Oh, just a bit longer...
Vyrn: You said the same thing a while ago. Haven't we been walking for a long time now?
Lyria: Yes, I'm starting to feel tired.
Sophia: Are you all right, Lyria? Would you like to take a break?
Vane: Shall I warm up my arms to carry you?
Lyria: No, it's okay! We can't dawdle here for too long!
Sophia: Hm? Oh, look! I think I can see the castle in the distance!
Vane: Aha! Those are the southern castle gates of Feendrache!
Sophia: We did it, everyone! The capital lies just ahead!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 1: Fervent Tour Guide - Episode 4

(Captain) and company wish to accompany Lancelot and the Fafnir suppression force to save Sylph. Consul General Isabella disapproves of the crew, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Arriving at the royal capital of Feendrache, the crew heads to the throne room with Vane leading the way.
???: Preparations for the Fafnir suppression force are complete, Lady Isabella.
Isabella: Thank you, Lancelot. Please await further orders.
Lancelot: Yes, ma'am!
Isabella: King Carl, would it be all right if I accompanied the suppression force?
King Carl: Of course. I know better than anyone just how worried you are for Sylph. Be careful out there.
Isabella: Thank you, Your Highness! Words cannot express the depths of my gratitude.
Isabella: Lancelot and I will lead the force out of Feendrache tomorrow morning.
At that moment Vane enters the throne room with the crew.
Vane: Vane of the White Dragons, reporting in from the battlefield!
Lancelot: Vane!
Vane: Lancey!
Lancelot: Don't call me that here! Have some tact.
Lancelot: Anyway I'm sorry I couldn't meet you at the harbor. I had to deal with some issues.
Vane: No worries, man! I made it back here just fine!
Isabella: Ahem. You are standing before the king.
Lancelot: Yes...
Vane: Whoa! Lady Isabella, you're as lovely as always! I swear you look younger than last time—
Isabella: Vane! Hold your tongue!
Vane: Yes, ma'am! Sorry, ma'am!
King Carl: Now, now, I don't mind. I have nothing against a reunion between close friends. By the way, who might these people be?
Vane: I met them on my way here. This is (Captain)'s crew of skyfarers, and this is Sophia the traveling priestess.
Isabella: Vane! The country is in a crisis! What are you thinking bringing random strangers before the king?
Vane: Yeah, yeah, I know things are crazy right now, but that's why they're here!
King Carl: That's enough. Welcome to Feendrache, dear travelers. Please forgive Isabella for her impropriety.
King Carl: As you can see, everyone in the capital is wrought with anxiety. Now then, what brings you here?
Lyria: It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Y-Your Highness!
King Carl: Hah hah hah! Please, there's no need to be nervous. You may speak candidly.
Vyrn: We're skyfarers! We want to talk to Sylph!
The crew explains their reason for wanting to meet Sylph.
King Carl: I'm sure you're already aware of this, but Sylph has been consumed by Fafnir.
King Carl: Unfortunately until Fafnir is dealt with, you will have no chance of meeting with Sylph.
  1. We want to help the suppression force!
  2. Leave Fafnir to us!

Choose: We want to help the suppression force!
Lancelot: Oho. So you wish to fight alongside the White Dragons? You youths are certainly brimming with confidence.
Lyria: Yes. I know we'll be of some use to you! Please!

Choose: Leave Fafnir to us!
Lancelot: You have a strong, confident look in your eyes. But you people don't know the true terror of Fafnir.
Vyrn: We've fought primal beasts before! We know how to handle ourselves!
Vane: That blue-haired girl, Lyria, can influence primal beasts! And her friends are tough too!
Vane: Trust me, they'll definitely be able to help the order.
Continue 1
Isabella: But this problem concerns our country, and we should solve it ourselves. We can't accept outside assistance.
King Carl: Isabella, I understand that you shoulder many responsibilities, and you're right to be cautious, but surely we can hear them out.
Isabella: No, we won't.
Isabella: This meeting has concluded. Escort these people out!
Guardsman: Yes, ma'am!
Vane: Whoa! Hey, come on, just give us a second!
Sophia, who had been quietly observing the situation, finally breaks her silence.
Sophia: Your Highness! It is an honor to be in your presence. I am Sophia, granddaughter of High Priest Peter.
King Carl: What's this? Granddaughter of High Priest Peter, you say?
Vyrn: Who's this Peter guy? Is he really awesome or something?
Vane: You could say that. He's the leader of the Zeyen priestesses.
Lyria: Wow! I didn't know Sophia had such an amazing grandfather!
Sophia: My grandfather has told me much about you, Your Highness.
Sophia: (Captain)'s crew and I have traveled together here with similar aims.
Sophia then starts to tell King Carl of the situation on the island.
She reports the abnormal incidents and suffering the citizens are enduring.
Isabella: The mystery illness you speak of is most worrisome, but right now our top priority is Fafnir.
Sophia: Yes, I agree. We must extricate Sylph and restore peace to the capital.
Sophia: After that I would like to continue investigating the strange occurrences taking place in this country.
(Captain) and company join Sophia in appealing once more to the king to allow them to fight with the suppression force.
King Carl: Hmm... A girl who can manipulate primal beasts and the high priest's granddaughter. What are your thoughts, Lancelot?
Lancelot: As Vane has already vouched for them, I have no objections to Sophia and (Captain)'s crew joining us, Your Highness.
King Carl: I see. Then it's decided. (Captain), I formally ask you to join the Fafnir suppression force.
  1. Of course!
  2. On second thought...

Choose: Of course!
Vane: All right! (Captain)! Sophia! Let's kick some Fafnir tail!
Sophia: I can heal injuries with my magic, so please take heart!

Choose: On second thought...
Vane: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What happened to your enthusiasm, (Captain)? Don't tell me you're chickening out!
Vyrn: Yeah, what's wrong with you, (Captain)? Huh? You're worried about Sophia?
Vane: Ah, you have a point! The front lines are dangerous for a priestess.
Sophia: I'll be fine! I'm well versed in support magic, so I can cover everyone.
Sophia: Thank you for your concern, (Captain).
Continue 2
King Carl: Very well. The travelers and Sophia shall hereby accompany the suppression force.
King Carl: Any objections, Isabella?
Isabella: No, Your Highness. If there is a consensus of trust, then I will place our country's fate in their hands as well.
Isabella: Besides, there's also the matter of the mysterious swordsman who appeared at the Dragon's Lair. The more fighting power we have, the better.
King Carl: Indeed. You all must be tired from today's journey.
King Carl: Lancelot, please escort our guests to their rooms.
Lancelot: Yes, Your Highness!
(Captain) and crew retire to their rooms in preparation for what is sure to be an exciting adventure.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 2: The White Dragons Mobilize - Episode 1

As the force comprised of the crew, Lancelot, Vane, and Sophia make their way toward Fafnir's lair, the crew learns that Sylph is able to create a miraculous elixir called alma extract that the people have come to rely on. Upon hearing this, (Captain) and the others redouble their efforts to rescue Sylph.

Lancelot: All right, everyone! Are the preparations set?
Lancelot: We of the Order of the White Dragons will strike down True Dragon Fafnir! Not just for glory, but for Feendrache!
Lancelot: We will rescue Sylph and restore peace to the people!
White Dragons: Yeah!
Vane: Here we go! Man, I'm pumped!
Lancelot, Vane, Sophia, (Captain) and the crew are assigned to the recon team.
Isabella is to lead the main army.
The party is heading for a cavern known as the Dragon's Lair deep within the Howling Valley.
Lancelot: You're Lyria, correct?
Lyria: Yes! I'm glad you remembered, Lancelot!
Lancelot: I heard you can detect primal beasts. Can you sense Sylph right now?
Lyria: Hmm... I can feel some kind of power coming from deep inside the mountain up ahead, but I don't know if it's her...
Lyria: I'm sorry. I know that's not very helpful, but it's definitely a primal beast.
Lancelot: No, that's just fine. Sylph is a primal beast after all. She won't be done in so easily.
Vane's Voice: Hey, Lancey! (Captain)! Get moving!
Lancelot: Roger! We'll be moving soon!
Vane's Voice: I'm gonna leave you behind! Hurry it up!
Lancelot: Good grief. That guy has too much energy for his own good.
Lyria: Heehee. You and Vane must be really close.
Lyria: And I think Lancey is a cute nickname!
Lancelot: Ugh. I'm so tired of reminding him not to call me that in public.
Lancelot: Vane was my neighbor back in our old hometown. We've been together ever since we were kids.
Lancelot: Oops, this isn't the time to be waxing nostalgic! Who knows when we'll arrive with him leading the way.
Vyrn: Right? Vane couldn't find his way out of his own backyard!
Sophia: Hahaha... No wonder it took us so long to get to the capital...
Lancelot: Hahaha! Well, it seems you all have already gotten the full Vane experience.
Lancelot: We'd better catch up to him before he takes any wrong turns!
With that, the party hurries after Vane who has gone on ahead.
Vyrn: Hey, Lancelot. What's Sylph like?
Lancelot: Sylph takes the form of a young lady, and the citizens adore her. Not just for her cuteness, but also for her mysterious powers.
Lyria: Wow! It must be nice to be loved by everyone!
Lancelot: Yes. She uses Fafnir's power to create a powerful extract.
Sophia: I've heard about this extract that supposedly grants immortality. I think it was called alma...
Lancelot: You're correct. Alma is a miracle panacea that is said to be able to cure any disease instantly.
Lancelot: The consul general, Lady Isabella, takes the alma created by Sylph and distributes it without payment to anyone who is sick.
Sophia: Ah, yes. I did encounter some rehabilitated villagers who were grateful to Isabella and the extract.
Lancelot: I'm not surprised. Lady Isabella may be harsh on the outside, but deep down she's a kind woman who always puts the citizens first.
Vyrn: Interesting! So that's what they meant when they said this country is blessed by a primal beast!
Lyria: Wow! That medicine sounds amazing!
Sophia: Unfortunately there wasn't enough for all the villagers of Ruforth.
Sophia: But they still put their faith in Sylph's care. So many passed away with prayers on their lips.
Lancelot: That is the regretful truth. There isn't enough for all the afflicted citizens of this country.
Lancelot: That's why we need to rescue Sylph and ask her to resume production!
Sophia: Agreed. Let's give it all we've got and save Sylph from Fafnir's clutches!
Lancelot: Once this Fafnir business is finished, I'll be more than happy to help you in your investigation of Ruforth Village.
Sophia: Thank you! That would be great!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 2: The White Dragons Mobilize - Episode 2

Lancelot speaks of a swordsman who was at the scene when Sylph was swallowed; that swordsman's motives remain unclear. What they do know is that he once fought alongside Vane and Lancelot as a knight, but circumstances forced Isabella to reorganize their order and instill Lancelot as the new captain.

Vyrn: So Sylph went to the Dragon's Lair to make extract from Fafnir?
Lancelot: Yes. Normally Fafnir's power is sealed away and it lies in perpetual sleep, but it appears someone has broken that seal.
Lancelot: Once Fafnir awakened, Sylph and her escorts tried to escape, but a mysterious swordsman appeared.
Lancelot: The sudden intrusion caught Sylph off guard, allowing Fafnir to eat her.
Sophia: That swordsman is troubling. Was he trying to kidnap her?
Lancelot: We don't have any information as to his motives.
Lancelot: All we know is Sylph is trapped inside Fafnir somewhere in the Dragon's Lair.
Monsters: Groaaar!
Vane: Hey, Lancey! There are monsters everywhere out here! Don't let your guard down too much, buddy!
Lancelot: Yeah. You don't have to tell me twice!
Vane and Lancelot team up to repel the monsters. They move in synchronization as if they know what the other is about to do.
Lancelot: You know, Vane, I never thought I'd get another chance to fight alongside you like this.
Vane: I know, right? When was the last time we stepped onto the battlefield together, Lancey?
Vane: I think it was back when we were still members of the Order of the Black Dragons.
Lancelot: Black Dragons, huh? I wonder about that...
Vane: Now you're the captain of the order, and I'm just a rank-and-file soldier who goes where he's needed.
Vane: Remember how fun it was when we first joined? We were always goofing off with the other recruits...
Lancelot: What's the matter? You're not acting like yourself.
Vane: Don't get me wrong! I'm not jealous or anything.
Vane: The memories just come flooding back when I see your face.
Vane: Ah, my bad! I didn't mean to be a drag! Let's get a move on!
Vane: Now that I think about it, there's a lot of new faces in the order.
Lancelot: Yes. You were away for a long time, so you wouldn't know.
Lancelot: The White Dragons have been restructured under the command of Lady Isabella.
Vane: What? Really?
Vane: I was wondering why I hadn't seen many of our old buddies around.
Lancelot: Their faces may be different from the ones we used to know, but it doesn't change anything. I live for this country.
Lancelot: I swear I'll defeat Fafnir and rescue Sylph.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 2: The White Dragons Mobilize - Episode 3

The party arrives at Howling Valley, and they steel themselves to confront Fafnir. Before they can reach the inner lair, they must clear away monsters drawn to Fafnir's power.

Lancelot: All right, (Captain). We're about to enter the Howling Valley. Is your crew ready?
Vyrn: Gulp! Fafnir and Sylph are in there somewhere. Lyria, can you feel anything?
Lyria: Yes! The power from earlier has gotten even stronger!
Lyria: I'm pretty sure it belongs to Sylph... I think...
Vane: Yahoo! Let's give it everything we've got!
With Lancelot taking the lead, the party struggles through the rugged terrain.
Vyrn: Ugh. Figures this creepy valley would be full of monsters!
Lyria: Maybe they're being drawn in by Fafnir's power...
Vane: Oh, just leave 'em to me! I'll clobber every last one!
Dragons: ...!
Lancelot: Don't get cocky, Vane! There's a flight of dragons coming straight at us!
Vane: I see 'em, I see 'em! Let's do this!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 2: The White Dragons Mobilize - Episode 4

Vane, without thinking, wishes the Dragonslayer was there to help them which angers Lancelot. Meanwhile the mysterious armored man follows the party from the shadows.

Lyria: Who do you think could have undone the seal on a powerful dragon like Fafnir?
Vane: I don't know. Maybe it was the mysterious swordsman, or maybe it wasn't. Whoever it was really caused a lot of trouble.
Vane: Man, if only the Dragonslayer was here...
Lancelot: Vane! Don't even joke about that!
Vane: Oops! S-sorry!
Lancelot: I'm going on ahead.
Lyria: Oh! Please wait, Lancelot!
Vyrn: Lancelot looked pretty ticked off. Who's the Dragonslayer?
Vane: Yeah, I wouldn't expect you guys to know about that incident.
Sophia: What was that incident?
Vane: Well, it's something everyone wishes they could forget, so I don't blame him for getting mad.
Meanwhile a lone man watches the Fafnir suppression force from the shadow of a craggy rock.
???: There are more guards than I expected, and some unfamiliar faces among them. Hired mercenaries, perhaps?
???: It doesn't matter. I think I'll simply keep watch for now.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 3: Showdown at Howling Valley - Episode 1

Siegfried, the man who had once sealed away Fafnir and gained the title Dragonslayer, was the captain of the Order of the Black Dragons before it became the White Dragons. He escaped into exile after being accused of murdering the former king, and Lancelot has never been the same since.

Vane: A long time ago Fafnir rampaged through the Howling Valley, and this whole area was devastated. Worse than it is now.
Vane: Then the ardent knight of Feendrache, Siegfried, defeated and sealed Fafnir.
Vyrn: Whoa! That guy sounds amazing!
Vane: He was. People started calling him Dragonslayer in honor of his actions, and he won the favor of the previous king, Josef.
Vane: The king appointed him to be his personal bodyguard, and he eventually became captain of the order, as young as he was.
Vane: Back then they were known as the Order of the Black Dragons, predecessor to our own Order of the White Dragons.
Vane: After becoming captain of the Order of the Black Dragons, Siegfried continued to excel in battle. He was the hero of our country.
Vane: That was right around the time Lancey and I joined the Black Dragons...
Sophia: What is Siegfried the Dragonslayer doing now in this country's time of need?
Vane: Haha... Who knows.
Vane: No one knows where he went after he was expelled from the country.
Sophia: Huh?
Vane: He was branded a fugitive after murdering the king.
Vyrn: No way! He turned out to be a bad guy?
Vane: Our hero, the Dragonslayer, turned out to be a lunatic. He became the Kingslayer.
Vane: It's a pretty grim story. Lancey trusted him until the very end. Siegfried betrayed his country, and above all else, Lancey.
Sophia: To think this country had such a tragic past...
Vyrn: Now I get why Lancelot got so upset.
Vane: Siegfried was our commanding officer, so our opinions might differ from others.
Lancelot: Vane, that's enough chatter. We're about to enter the Dragon's Lair. Brace yourself.
Vane: Sir, yes sir! My bad!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 3: Showdown at Howling Valley - Episode 2

Drawing closer to the inner part of the lair, Lyria senses Sylph's presence mixed with Fafnir's. Knowing that it's still not too late, the party hurries forward.

Lancelot: How is it, Lyria? Do you feel anything?
Lyria: Yes. I sense an incredible power that must be Fafnir's and another power that should be Sylph's.
Vyrn: That means Sylph is still safe!
Sophia: Now we just need to defeat Fafnir as quickly as possible and rescue her!
Vane: Sounds like a plan! Fafnir should be just ahead!
Lancelot: We can't rush this. We have to take every possible precaution to avoid being detected by Fafnir as we proceed.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 3: Showdown at Howling Valley - Episode 3

Fafnir is just ahead when Isabella appears with the bulk of the suppression force. She places Sylph's rescue in the party's hands.

Lyria: Fafnir's presence is getting stronger...
Sophia: Yikes! The whole cavern is shaking!
Vyrn: Gulp... It's getting closer...
What appears isn't Fafnir but Isabella and the main force bringing up the rear.
Isabella: Everyone, it appears that our battle with Fafnir is close at hand.
Lancelot: Lady Isabella? What's this all of a sudden?
Isabella: Lancelot—no, all of you—there's something I wish to tell you.
Isabella: I've witnessed your fighting prowess firsthand. Please excuse my impertinence back at the capital.
Isabella: Lancelot, Vane, and you travelers: I leave Sylph in your hands!
Lancelot: Yes, ma'am! I will rescue Sylph, even if it costs me my life!
Vyrn: You've got nothing to worry about! Just leave everything to us!
Isabella's words spur the party onward in the direction of the echoing roars.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 3: Showdown at Howling Valley - Episode 4

Fafnir's power is not to be trifled with, but the party resolves to face the challenge head-on.

Fafnir: Groaaar!
They arrive at the deepest part of the Dragon's Lair to find Fafnir in a frenzied state.
Lancelot: Fafnir's going berserk? What's going on here?
Sophia: Did it detect us coming? Is it trying to intimidate us?
Lancelot: No, this is different. It's almost as if...
Lyria: As if it were in incredible pain.
Vyrn: Ngh... Just being near it is overwhelming.
Vane: This could be our big chance! Watch for an opening so we can get closer!
Fafnir: Groaaar!
Isabella: Sylph... Please endure just a little longer!
Fafnir: Groaaar!
Lancelot: Now, (Captain)!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 4: Capital Defense Line - Episode 1

Lyria becomes fast friends with Sylph after the party successfully defeats Fafnir. Suddenly they hear a scream coming from behind—Isabella is being attacked by Siegfried, former hero of Feendrache.

Fafnir: Gurgh...
Moments after Fafnir collapses, Sylph climbs out of its mouth.
Sylph: Phew. It was hard to breathe in there.
Sylph: Thank you, skydwellers. I can't properly express my gratitude.
Lancelot: Sylph! Thank goodness you're safe!
Isabella: What a relief! You appear to be unharmed.
Sylph: Isabella. You came for me too. Thank you.
Vyrn: Huh, she looks totally fine! We were worried for nothing!
Lyria: She's so pretty, just like a butterfly! No wonder everyone loves her!
Sylph: I've never seen your faces before, but I believe I have caused you much inconvenience.
Lyria: Hehe! We're just glad you're safe, Sylph!
Sylph: You...
I see. You're the one who found me.
Lyria: Um, yes. I guess so...
Sylph: You're different from the others. I sense something special about you.
Lyria: Huh? R-really?
Sylph: Would you call it kinship? I'm not quite sure myself.
Lyria: Gasp! I'm flattered! Let's be friends!
Sylph: Friends? Very well. That sounds very interesting.
Lyria: Yay! Here's to our new friendship, Sylph!
Sylph: There are many things I'd like to talk to you about. Can we discuss them on the way back?
Lyria: Yes, of course! I look forward to it!
Vane: Hehe! Looks like Lyria and Sylph are getting along just fine!
Vane: Phew, I'm starving after that workout. Let's head back to the capital!
Fafnir has been successfully sealed once more.
The party leaves the Dragon's Lair with a spring in their step after a job well done.
The party makes their way down the mountain when they hear shouts coming from Isabella's troops.
Following the sounds of confusion, the crew arrives to find an unknown assailant pointing a giant sword at Isabella.
???: Consul General Isabella... Your life ends here.
Isabella: Siegfried!
Isabella: Traitor to Feendrache! How dare you show your face again!
Sylph: You're that swordsman from before.
Siegfried: I can't believe you survived being eaten by Fafnir. You really are a monster.
Isabella: Then you were the one who released the seal on Fafnir! What do you hope to accomplish?
Siegfried: What indeed. Sylph was just bait to lure you out.
Siegfried: Frankly, I don't care about that anymore. Everything will be settled here.
Sylph: Ngh...
Order Knight 1: Get behind us, Sylph!
Order Knight 2: We've got you outnumbered, traitor!
Order Knight 1: We are the Order of the White Dragons! You won't be leaving here alive!
Siegfried: ...
Siegfried: Don't get in my way!
Isabella: Curses! Where is Lancelot?
Siegfried swings his sword down on Isabella.
Lancelot: Lady Isabella! Are you all right?
Isabella: Yes, you arrived just in time! Now seize that traitor!
Siegfried: Lancelot... Long time no see.
Lancelot: Siegfried? Kingslayer!
Vane: Bwah? What's Siegfried doing here?
Vyrn: Whoa! So that's Siegfried?
Siegfried: And you people are... skyfarers?
Lyria: That's right! We won't lose to someone like you!
Siegfried: Very well. Although I'd hoped to avoid any senseless fighting.
Sophia: You might have been a hero before, but you don't stand a chance of winning when you're this outnumbered! Think this through!
Lyria: (Captain)! Let's back them up!
Siegfried: Heh. Fine, I'll play with you for old times' sake.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 4: Capital Defense Line - Episode 2

Lancelot challenges the mighty Siegfried, but the Dragonslayer seems to have anticipated Lancelot's actions. Siegfried warns Lancelot not to let anger cloud his judgment before slipping away.

The armor-clad man effortlessly crosses swords with (Captain) and company.
Siegfried: What's the matter, Lancelot? You seem to be out of breath.
Lancelot: Tch...
Vane: I wouldn't have expected anything less of the Dragonslayer. He's not just good with the sword; his toughness is off the charts!
Siegfried: You've lost your edge. The captain's seat is pretty cushy, isn't it?
Siegfried: Haaah!
Lancelot: Argh!
Vyrn: Yikes! This Siegfried guy is bad news!
Siegfried: That should do.
Siegfried: I'm afraid we'll have to pick this up again another time, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Wait, Siegfried! Are you just going to run away?
Siegfried: Don't lose your composure. Look objectively at what is happening around you.
Lancelot: What are you saying? Wait!
Isabella: Lancelot! Protecting Sylph takes precedence! Don't go after him!
Lancelot: Ngh... Argh! I swear I will capture you, Siegfried!
Lancelot screams in vain as Siegfried vanishes deep into the mountains.
The safe rescue of Sylph should have signaled a return to normalcy.
But Siegfried's appearance has pulled everyone into an ever deeper spiral of confusion.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 4: Capital Defense Line - Episode 3

King Carl congratulates everyone on the safe return of Sylph, but Siegfried's reemergence dampens the celebratory mood. A flood of monsters sweeping into the capital erases the brief moment of peace; (Captain) and the others push the monsters back, but Lyria gets caught in a dire situation.

Fafnir has been defeated, and Sylph has been rescued.
On their way back to the capital, they encountered the former hero Siegfried, now known as a madman and kingslayer.
All parties are treated to a hero's welcome at the capital, but the mood during the thank you banquet is subdued.
King Carl: Thanks to your efforts, everyone, Sylph has returned to us! Eat! Drink to your heart's content!
Vane: Wahoo! It's been forever since I've had a feast like this! Time to dig in!
Vyrn: Hahaha! Vane, you look like a squirrel with all that food stuffed into your mouth!
Lyria: Vane wouldn't stop talking about food on the way back after all.
Sophia: Sigh...
Lyria: What's wrong, Sophia? Why the big sigh?
Sophia: Well, I'm glad the issue with Fafnir has been resolved.
Sophia: But Siegfried's sudden appearance is bothering me.
Isabella: You don't look too happy either, Lancelot.
Lancelot: It's nothing. Thank you for your concern.
Isabella: Is it about Siegfried?
Lancelot: Yes.
Isabella: Siegfried's ambush was certainly frightening, but he's just one man. He has no allies within this country.
Isabella: He won't escape again. You will finish the job the next time you see him. Understand?
Lancelot: As you wish.
Sylph: The monsters are making a fuss.
Knight 1: Your Highness! We've received reports of monsters swarming the capital!
King Carl: What? Are they after Sylph? And what of the citizens?
Knight 1: We're investigating the cause now! Most citizens have been evacuated, but we don't have enough knights!
Knight 2: We're terribly sorry to interrupt the banquet, but we humbly request your assistance in this crisis!
Lancelot: Let's go, Vane.
Vane: Aw, c'mon, Lancey! Let me at least finish this steak first!
Lyria: We should go with them too, (Captain)!
Isabella: I'm counting on you. I'll stay here with Sylph until things have settled down.
Sylph: ...
King Carl: I'm sorry, everyone. Please lend us your strength once more!
Monsters: Groaaar!
Knight 3: There's too many of them. How many more do I have to defeat?
Knight 4: Don't give up! Reinforcements are coming!
Monster: Grrr!
Knight 4: Look out! Behind you!
Lancelot: Are you hurt?
Knight 3: Captain! It's just a scratch! I'm sorry for being careless!
Lancelot: It's fine, but don't overdo it!
Lancelot: What's the current situation?
Knight 4: The monsters are spread out all over the city. Our forces are too scattered to get any reliable information.
Lancelot: Understood. (Captain)! Vane! Let's move forward and clear out each area!
Vyrn: You got it! Let's go, (Captain)!
Vane: I'm with you, Lancey! Nothing like a workout after a good meal!
The monsters pose no challenge to (Captain) and the others.
But it seems like when one monster is defeated, two more appear.
Vane: Ngh... No matter how many I take out, more take their place!
Lancelot: I've got a rough grasp of the situation. Let's pull back and regroup!
Lancelot: Vane! (Captain)! I'm counting on you to help evacuate the injured!
Vane: You got it! Here, grab my shoulder.
Injured Knight: Sorry for slowing you down...
Vyrn: (Captain)! We've gotta help too!
Lyria: This way! Bring the injured into the castle!
Sophia: I'll heal everyone, but those with severe wounds take priority!
Vane: I think we're safe now.
Injured Knight: Ngh...
Sophia: Don't move, okay? Here I go...
Injured Knight: The pain is fading... Thank you...
Lyria: Wow! The wound is closing.
Knight: Captain Lancelot! The remaining swarm is attempting to breach the castle walls!
Lancelot: (Captain)! Vane! We need to knock the monsters off the castle walls!
(Captain) and company take to the walls to stop the monsters from climbing over.
Monster: Groaaar!
Townsperson: Aaah!
Vane: Take that!
Townsperson: You saved me!
Vane: Listen, mister! I know you want to protect the city, but leave it to us, all right?
(Captain) and company finally clear out the monsters, earning themselves a moment to catch their breath.
Vyrn: Whew... I think we got most of them.
Vane: Wahahaha! That's (Captain) for you! I took out all the monsters in my area too.
Lancelot: Good. Let's check the castle walls for any damage.
Lyria: Aaah!
Vyrn: That was Lyria's voice! Come on!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 4: Capital Defense Line - Episode 4

Monsters block the crew from coming to Lyria's aid, but Siegfried makes another appearance to rescue the girl in blue. Siegfried questions Lancelot's knighthood before disappearing again; an incensed Lancelot chases after him.

Monster: Groaaar!
Lyria: Um... I'm not very tasty, you know!
Monster: Groaaar!
Sophia: Lyria! I'm coming to save you!
Vyrn: Not good! Other monsters are in the way! We can't get to her!
Monster: Groaaar!
Just as the monster is about to attack Lyria, a black shadow slashes it in two.
Lyria: Huh? I'm not hurt...
Siegfried: ...
Sophia: Is that Siegfried?
Vane: Why did he protect Lyria?
Siegfried: Tch.
Lancelot: I won't let you get away, you traitor!
Siegfried: You always lose sight of what's right in front of you whenever you get angry. It's a bad habit of yours, Lancelot.
Siegfried gives a mighty sweep of his sword to clear away the monsters and hands Lyria to (Captain).
Lancelot: Showing compassion to your enemies, Siegfried? Don't make me laugh!
Siegfried: Enemies? Hah. You really are blind.
Lancelot: I dare you to say that again!
Siegfried: You're nothing more than an immature brat parading around as a subservient knight. Look at what's around you with your own two eyes.
Lancelot: Stop! You're not going anywhere!
Vane: Hey, Lancey! Chill out, man!
Sophia: (Captain)! We have to follow those two!
Siegfried the Kingslayer has once again appeared before the party.
Lancelot and the crew give chase as Siegfried flees from the scene.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 5: Shadowy Machinations - Episode 1

Vane explains that Siegfried used to be the captain of the Black Dragons and Lancelot was the vice-captain. Lancelot never forgave Siegfried for his alleged involvement in the assassination of the old king. Tracking Siegfried, they find stairs that lead underground.

Siegfried: You're a stubborn one.
Lancelot: I said I wouldn't let you escape! You will pay for your crimes, Kingslayer!
Vyrn: Lancelot has crazy tunnel vision when it comes to Siegfried.
Vane: I can't blame him. Siegfried was Lancey's mentor—taught him how to fight.
Vyrn: What! Are you for real?
Vane: The man he admired, as both mentor and hero, betrayed the country. Lancey couldn't let it go.
Vane: Captain Siegfried and Vice-Captain Lancelot of the Order of the Black Dragons were a powerful duo that everyone admired.
Vane: Whereas the captain was bad with words, Lancelot had the charisma to speak on his behalf. They complemented each other really well.
Vyrn: Never would've guessed those two had such a history.
Vane: Lancey used to be more upbeat back in the day, cracking jokes with everybody.
Vane: He chatted with anyone who'd lend an ear and loved his fellow knights like his own family.
Vane: But that all changed the night the king was murdered.
Vane: The Black Dragons were forced to disband to hide the damage done to the knights when Siegfried ran away.
Vyrn: Lancelot must hate Siegfried with a passion then.
Vyrn: Lancelot would probably never forgive Siegfried for what he did to his friends and country after something like that.
Sophia: This way, everyone! I think they're over there!
Sophia: That's strange... No one's here.
Vane: Oh geez, I can't believe you got us lost, Sophia.
Sophia: You're one to talk! Not everyone is as directionally challenged as you, Vane!
Vane: Hah hah hah! Me, directionally challenged? I just like to take the scenic route, that's all!
Vane: Do you remember when we first met? Who was it that came crying to us because she was lost?
Sophia: Huh? I wasn't crying!
Monsters: Groooar!
Vyrn: Can you two do that some other time? We've got company!
Lancelot: Good grief. You people are way too carefree.
Vane: Lancey! Where's Siegfried?
Lancelot: I was following Siegfried, but I lost sight of him around here.
Lancelot: There's nowhere to hide though... Curses, how could I let this happen?
Vane: Don't tell me he used invisibility magic or something!
Lyria: Um... Could he be a g-ghost?
Lancelot: No, I've never heard of him wielding magical powers like that...
Lyria: Yipes!
Lancelot: What's wrong, Lyria? Are you all right?
Lyria: I tripped on something...
Lancelot: Hm? What's this?
Lancelot moves the large iron slab that Lyria had tripped over.
Lancelot: It's an underground staircase...
Sophia: Do you think Siegfried went down there?
Vane: I don't know, but there's only one way to find out!
Lancelot: Wait. I'll take point.
The party cautiously descends the stairs with Lancelot in front.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 5: Shadowy Machinations - Episode 2

A strange light can be seen at the end of the underground passage. The party gather their courage and press on.

An underground passage stretches out before them at the bottom of the staircase.
Lancelot: What is this place?
Vane: Whoa. This underground room is huge.
Vane: You think Siegfried's up ahead?
Lancelot: Most likely, but we'll have to go see for ourselves.
Vyrn: Whatever this place is, it's creepy...
Lancelot: Agreed. Who could have built this? And for what purpose?
Lancelot: I can feel a breeze though, so this passage definitely leads somewhere.
Vane: It's gotta be Siegfried's secret lair!
Vane: Well, we've already come this far. We'll find out soon enough.
Lyria: Oooh... But it's so dark and scary in there...
Sophia: Don't worry! We're all here with you!
Lyria: But what if a ghost pops out of the wall?
Sophia: Heehee. The only thing we're likely to encounter down here is a mouse or bat!
The underground passage is longer than any of them had anticipated.
Everyone clutches their weapons as they press on, ready to fight at a moment's notice.
Vyrn: Hey, look! There's a faint light coming from the far end of the hall!
They approach a seemingly ordinary wall, but upon further inspection, there is indeed a sliver of light along one of the edges.
Lancelot places his hand on the wall and it rotates inward ever so slightly.
Lancelot: Tread carefully, everyone. We don't know what's waiting for us up ahead.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 5: Shadowy Machinations - Episode 3

The crew find themselves in an underground prison where Siegfried stands alongside an elderly man. Prison guards stumble in on the scene—they can't allow the captain of the White Knights or anyone else to leave this prison alive.

Hesitantly they go through the door, finding a dark chamber lined on either side with an endless stretch of iron bars.
Lancelot: What is this? I presume we're under the city, but...
Sophia: It looks like a prison. The lock on this cell has been broken.
Sophia: There are crumbs and utensils on the table. That cot looks big enough for only one person.
Sophia: Someone was clearly living here.
Vane: Hey! I've got a collapsed person over here!
The crew hurries over to Vane who had been inspecting other cells.
They find Vane cradling a man in his arms, trying to speak to him.
Vane: Pull yourself together! Who are you? What are you doing here?
???: Ngh... A man... suddenly... ungh...
Sophia: It's no use. He's passed out.
Lancelot: This armor belongs to the White Dragons. Ugh, what is this place? What is going on?
Vane: Uh, did something just move?
Lancelot: Who's there?
???: Augh! Pursuers!
A giant shadow slowly moves out from the corner of the room.
Siegfried: So you've come...
Lancelot: What is the meaning of this, Siegfried? Answer me!
Siegfried: ...
???: Siegfried! Please defeat them quickly and rescue my people!
Siegfried: I know. We don't have time for this right now, but these people can be difficult to deal with.
Siegfried: I don't have the luxury of holding back. I'm going all out.
Lancelot: Don't make me laugh. A criminal's sword is too tainted to be of any worth!
Vane: Yeah! Good luck trying to beat all of us!
Sophia: That's right! You can count on my support as well!
Siegfried: Humph... The more you care for your country, the more obstacles try to block your way, I suppose.
Siegfried: Very well. Come at me with everything you've got!
Lancelot: Spare me your ramblings! This ends here, Siegfried!
Lyria: Please wait!
Vyrn: Get out of the way, Lyria! It's dangerous!
Lyria: But it looks like Siegfried has reasons for his actions...
Lancelot: Move, Lyria! Don't interfere!
Lyria: I won't move! Won't you at least try to talk this over? Please?
Lyria: You agree with me, don't you, (Captain)?
  1. Give peace a chance!
  2. I don't know...

Choose: Give peace a chance!
Lancelot: (Captain)! What's gotten into you?
Lyria: Please just stop fighting! It's not okay, and that's final!

Choose: I don't know...
Lancelot: Wake up, (Captain)! If we don't act now, he'll get away again! Step aside, Lyria!
Lyria: No! I'm not moving from this spot!
Continue 1
Lyria: I don't believe Siegfried is a bad person! He protected me!
Lyria: I'm not budging until you two talk to each other!
Siegfried: ...
The sound of approaching footsteps breaks the tension.
Guard 1: I thought I'd heard shouting. What's going on here?
Guard 2: Where did you rats come from?
Vyrn: Yikes! Looks like we've overstayed our welcome!
Lancelot: Wait! Are you affiliated with the capital? I'm Captain Lancelot of the Order of the White Dragons. I have every right to be here!
Vane: Likewise I'm Vane of the Order of the White Dragon Knights! We request your assistance in arresting Siegfried for high treason!
Guard 2: I see... Lancelot and Siegfried...
Guard 1: Well, now that you've discovered this place, I'm afraid we can't let a single one of you go!
Lyria: Aaah!
The guards seize Lyria.
Vyrn: Lyria!
Lancelot: What do you think you're doing?
Guard 1: Uh-uh! I wouldn't do anything hasty if I were you.
The guards are focused on Lancelot for the moment.
Siegfried: Unhand the girl.
Guard 1: Augh!
Siegfried leaps to Lyria's rescue while the guards are momentarily distracted.
Lyria runs back to (Captain) and the others, unharmed.
Lyria: That's the second time you've saved me. Thank you.
Guard 2: Now you've done it! Guess we gotta do this the hard way!
Siegfried: Cooperate with me on this one, Lancelot.
Lancelot: I don't know what's going on, but I'll call a truce for now. Come on, (Captain)!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 5: Shadowy Machinations - Episode 4

Siegfried leads the party to the cause of the sickness spreading on the outskirts of Feendrache—the production of alma extract by Sylph. Though he hears the truth, Lancelot questions its veracity.

The guards that attacked the crew can't be reasoned with and are subdued.
Now Lancelot and Siegfried are once again at odds with each other.
Lancelot: Siegfried! What do you know about this? I want answers now!
Siegfried: Oh? Weren't you going to arrest me?
Lancelot: Humph... I'll listen to what you have to say as a favor to Lyria.
Lyria: Thank you, Lancelot.
Siegfried: Very well. In that case come with me.
Lancelot: Hey! Explain yourself first!
Siegfried: It'll be faster if you see it. Come, Chief.
Village Chief: R-right!
Vane: Let's follow him for now. Just for a bit!
Siegfried guides them even farther down the underground passage.
Siegfried: Beyond this door lies the truth behind Feendrache.
Lancelot: The truth?
Siegfried opens the door. Two rows of jail cells face each other.
Siegfried breaks the locks on the cells and frees the men inside.
Siegfried: Come out. You're free now.
Villager 1: S-Siegfried? Why are you here?
Village Chief: You're all alive!
Villager 2: Same to you, Chief! How did you escape?
Village Chief: Hmm... Siegfried broke through a wall out of nowhere and rescued me. It all happened so fast.
Village Chief: I thought I was dreaming...
Siegfried: I simply used the secret passage built by the late King Josef.
Lancelot: Are you saying this is a royal facility?
Siegfried: Correct. It's a hidden dungeon that lies below the royal palace.
Siegfried: This dungeon was made to secretly imprison those who couldn't be imprisoned publicly.
Lancelot: And who are these imprisoned people?
Villager 1: We're residents of Ruforth Village at the base of the Howling Valley.
Sophia: That's the village with the mystery epidemic!
Village Chief: Yes. I am the chief of the village. Please call me Galton.
Galton: We came to the capital to ask for assistance with the outbreak, but we were tricked and imprisoned here instead.
Sophia: But I'd heard that you all went missing after being attacked by monsters!
Galton: Is that what they're saying? That we died in a monster attack?
Galton: Hehe... Bwahaha! Maybe they're right. The corrupt monsters of the capital are truly fearsome.
Lancelot: Why would they lock up residents of Ruforth? How exactly were you tricked?
Siegfried: I'll explain from here.
Siegfried: What kind of threat do you think a Ruforth villager could pose to the capital?
Siegfried: The answer lies in the mysterious disease afflicting the people of Ruforth.
Sophia: What do you mean by that?
Siegfried: The disease claims the lives of newborns and the elderly.
Siegfried: I presume you already know that.
Sophia: Yes. I came to the capital to relay that information to King Carl.
Siegfried: The symptoms of that disease fade the farther you travel from the village, so the villagers believed it was endemic to the land.
Siegfried: However, the villagers couldn't pinpoint the cause. They came to air their grievances with King Josef.
Siegfried: The king took pity on the villagers, buying alma extract for them with his own money. He appointed me to investigate the disease.
Sophia: Then I take it this disease has been around for quite some time.
Vane: Hold up a second! How come I've never heard of this disease until now?
Lancelot: Exactly. Word of this should have spread to the knights.
Siegfried: They probably didn't want to risk throwing the country into chaos by spreading it.
Siegfried: Very few were privy to this information.
Siegfried: I started to suspect the river water was the source of the disease.
Lancelot: The river water?
Siegfried: My investigation led me upstream into the Howling Valley.
Siegfried: That's where I witnessed Sylph and her bodyguards visiting the sealed Fafnir.
Siegfried: The guards entered the valley as if they were trying to hide something from Sylph, so I tailed them.
Siegfried: They were haphazardly dumping these black orbs into the ground. Do you see where I'm going with this?
Vyrn: Okay, they were littering. So what?
Siegfried: Why would they come all the way out to the deserted Howling Valley unless it was to do something they didn't want anyone to see?
Sophia: Gasp! Are you saying these black orbs were contaminating the river?
Siegfried: You're very perceptive.
Lancelot: You're insinuating that the capital is responsible for this.
Siegfried: Yes. This happened because of the capital, and because of Sylph.
Lancelot: How is Sylph—
Vane: Wait! What about those black orbs?
Siegfried: Ah, yes. I uncovered the truth about those as well.
Siegfried: When Sylph creates alma, a poisonous
by-product is also made in the process.
Lancelot: Absurd...
Siegfried: A small amount of poison leaked from the orbs and flowed downstream, poisoning the villagers of Ruforth. See for yourself.
Siegfried opens the door to a storage room.
Siegfried: They call the poison karmide, and it's being temporarily stored down here.
Siegfried: After which they secretly dispose of it in the Howling Valley.
Lancelot: This is karmide?
Vane: Whoa! They've got a huge stockpile going!
Vane: That's impressive!
Sophia: Um, Vane? Do you think it's wise to be touching them?
Siegfried: Soldiers carry these all the time. It's fine as long as you're not too rough and break the outer shell.
Vane: Huh, who'd have thought these could be so toxic. They look so sparkly and pretty...
Guard's Voice: Hmm? We've got a man down over here!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Someone's coming! We're gonna get found out!
Guard's Voice: Come on, pull yourselves together! Huh? The villagers aren't in their cells!
Siegfried: The time has come. We'll stir up chaos, sneak into the palace, and excise the lesions eating away at this country.
Galton: Please let us come with you! We'll follow you into the darkest depths if we have to, Siegfried!
Villager 1: Yeah! We'll help you sneak into the palace!
Villager 2: We can't give up and die! It's payback time!
Guard: Hey! How did you prisoners get out? Stay right there!
Siegfried: What do you believe, Lancelot?
Lancelot: Huh?
Siegfried: Take a good look around you.
Guard: It's Siegfried! And why is Lancelot with you?
Siegfried: Only you can decide which truth to believe in.
Siegfried: But the imprisoned villagers of Ruforth, the stockpile of karmide...
Siegfried: And now soldiers who knowingly draw their weapons on the captain of the White Dragons. These are all facts.
Lancelot: Ngh... I...
Siegfried: ...
Lancelot: W-wait! Our conversation isn't over, Siegfried!
The startling truth has finally been revealed, and the party chases after Siegfried, who walks the path toward one last battle.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 6: Defender's Oath - Episode 1

Siegfried pulls back the curtain on the mastermind behind the manufacturing of alma and the slaying of the late King Josef: Consul General Isabella.

Guard: Intruders incoming! Siegfried and Lancelot are here!
Guard: Ngh! Only I can stop them!
Siegfried: Sorry. You're in the way.
Guard: Uaah!
Lancelot: But His Highness would never allow anyone to pollute the valley!
Siegfried: Chances are King Carl doesn't know the truth.
Lancelot: Sylph couldn't be the one behind all this... She's the one who's been blessing our country with prosperity!
Siegfried: A primal beast has no sense of good and evil.
Siegfried: She's only doing what she was created to do.
Lancelot: Then who's responsible for this?
Siegfried: Consul General Isabella. The light and dark surrounding alma has been manipulated by that woman this entire time.
Lancelot: Lady Isabella? You're lying...
Siegfried has no time to concern himself with Lancelot's bewilderment. He continues his assault on the guards.
Lancelot: Wait, Siegfried! What about King Josef's murder?
Lancelot: I haven't forgotten that rainy night. You were holding King Josef's blood-soaked body in your arms!
Siegfried: Isabella framed me.
Siegfried: As it stands, however, I have no way of proving it. I don't expect anyone to believe me.
Siegfried: She summoned me to the king's room that night. All I could hear was the sound of the downpour outside.
Siegfried: With his dying breath, the king gave me one final order: set this country right.
Lancelot: No... King Josef...
Siegfried: Then Isabella had her pet knights spread the word that I had killed the king, and you know the rest.
Siegfried: Before he died, King Josef told me about the secret underground passage. And thanks to him, I got away safely.
Lancelot: ...
Guard: There you are, traitors!
Vane: Lancey! You gotta stay focused or else they're gonna clobber us!
Vane: Tch! I can't believe what I just heard.
Vane: But one thing's for sure: we're being attacked by our own Feendrache soldiers!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 6: Defender's Oath - Episode 2

Lancelot wavers between trusting Siegfried or not. Siegfried asks him to open his eyes to what is happening to Feendrache.

Lancelot: This is absurd! This is all backwards!
Lancelot: To think that the Lady Isabella who has always put the people's happiness first, is in reality deceiving them...
Lancelot: And Siegfried, the derided Kingslayer, has been trying to protect everyone?
Palace Knight 1: There they are! The intruders!
Palace Knight 2: Ugh... The reports of Lancelot being with Siegfried are true!
Lancelot: Is alma another lie? Is it not a miracle panacea that helps people?
Palace Knight 1: Hraah!
The palace knight's sword connects with Lancelot's body.
Siegfried: Open your eyes, Lancelot!
Siegfried: If there is hesitation in your blade, then you will die, plain and simple. I believe I taught you that long ago.
Lancelot: Siegfried...
Siegfried: Isabella uses the extract to sate her own selfish obsession with beauty, and the citizens pay the price with their lives.
Siegfried: The whole country is going to ruin so that she and a portion of her followers can reap the benefits.
Siegfried: Once this country is finally destroyed, that woman will just find a new place to leech from.
Palace Knight 2: Take this!
Vane: Lancey! These dudes are serious!
Lancelot: Even if these villagers had committed heinous crimes, and we were wrong to release them...
Lancelot: It doesn't make sense for the guards to attack their own comrades without giving us a chance to speak.
Lancelot: Siegfried was right about the underground prison and the innocent villagers.
Vane: Look, all we can do right now is keep moving. I hate standing around, stewing in my own confusion!
Lancelot: I... I will decide the truth with my own eyes!
Lancelot: Have at you!
Lancelot seems to have come to a decision. He joins the fray against the palace knights.
Although he feels like collapsing under the weight of seeing his convictions destroyed, he never looks back even once.
Sophia: Yes, I would also like to get to the heart of this matter!
Vyrn: All right! It's time to prepare ourselves for whatever comes next!
Lyria: Yes! Let's see this through to the end, (Captain)!
Vane: Heh! Looks like we're all in agreement here, Lancelot!
Lancelot: Thank you, everyone. I'm in your debt!
Siegfried: Let's go. The throne room awaits.

Defender's Oath - Chapter 6: Defender's Oath - Episode 3

Isabella continues to maintain her innocence even when presented with the prisoner from Ruforth Village. Lancelot is thrown into confusion and has to be propped up by Vane.

Siegfried slowly opens the door. There stands Consul General Isabella and King Carl surrounded by guards.
Siegfried: Isabella!
Isabella: You stroll in here a wanted man. Do you realize what you're doing?
Siegfried: I could ask the same of you. Feendrache and its citizens don't exist to preserve your pretty face.
King Carl: Lancelot, and even you, (Captain)... What are you all doing here?
Lancelot: My apologies, Your Highness. Please forgive my impudence.
Isabella: Why are you just standing there, Lancelot? Arrest Siegfried at once!
Lancelot: Lady Isabella, please tell me the truth. What really happened on the night King Josef was murdered?
Isabella: You're already aware of the truth. Siegfried committed regicide and we've been pursuing him to this day!
Lancelot: I'm afraid I can't tell fact from fiction at this point.
Lancelot: I beseech you. Please be forthright in front of all who stand here today!
Isabella: Lancelot, I pity you. Your former mentor has planted seeds of discord in your head.
Galton: Consul General Isabella! Don't act like you've forgotten us!
Isabella: Gasp! You people...
Villager 1: Your Highness! Isabella locked us up in the underground prison!
King Carl: Confinement in an underground prison? Why?
Villager 2: You can't talk your way out of this one, Isabella! We, the people of Ruforth Village, have suffered your leaking poison for long enough!
King Carl: Poison? The villagers of Ruforth?
Sophia: These people were on their way to the capital when they went missing.
Sophia: They were being poisoned by karmide, a by-product of the alma extract!
King Carl: You're claiming alma creates a poisonous by-product?
Isabella: These petty hooligans speak nonsense, Your Highness! They have all been deceived by Siegfried!
Isabella: You idiots! Who would possibly believe such drivel? Show me your evidence!
Siegfried: Humph. Here it is.
Siegfried holds up a black orb containing karmide.
Isabella: Curse you, Siegfried!
Siegfried: This is karmide, King Carl. It has polluted this country's soil and tormented the citizens with a strange disease.
Siegfried: If you read this scroll describing karmide in detail, then you'll see who Isabella really is.
Isabella: Nonsense! That is nothing but libelous filth concocted by a washed-up failure of a knight!
Vane: What did you say?
Lancelot: ...
Siegfried: This research was written by a doctor named Boris.
King Carl: Boris has overseen the health of my father, nay, my entire family for decades.
King Carl: Summon Boris at once. We shall hear his testimony directly.
Siegfried: Boris passed away fourteen months ago.
Siegfried: He was attacked by bandits... The only thing I managed to save was the scroll.
Isabella: So that was you that time!
Siegfried: That time?
Isabella: Ergh!
King Carl: Isabella, why has it taken you over a year to tell me of Boris's passing?
Isabella: W-well... I couldn't confirm the rumor that Boris had been conspiring with Siegfried in secret...
Siegfried: Your Highness, King Carl of Feendrache, home to the knights of the Order of the Dragons.
Siegfried: Please forgive my past antagonisms toward you in my quest to fulfill a promise to King Josef.
Isabella: Sob...
Isabella: Why are you doing this? You're all so cruel, attacking a poor little soul like me...
Siegfried: Feigning ignorance until the very end. You don't know when to quit, do you?
Isabella: Tell me, Lancelot... Who do you believe?
Lancelot: Lady Isabella, I...
Lyria: Who's telling the truth, Siegfried or Isabella?
Lyria: If we guess wrong, we could mess up an entire country!
Lyria: What do you think, (Captain)! Who should we believe?
  1. Let's trust Siegfried.
  2. What if Isabella's telling the truth?

Choose: Let's trust Siegfried.
Lyria: Okay! I trust your decision, (Captain)!

Choose: What if Isabella's telling the truth?
Lyria: It's possible... I'd feel awful if she was telling the truth all along.
Continue 1
Vane: Agh! I can't take this anymore! I'm so lost right now!
Vane: Hey! Lancelot!
Lancelot: ...!
Vane: I'm not brainy enough to figure out this kind of stuff!
Vane: But I do trust you! So just follow your heart!
Vane: Even if it means being labeled as a traitor by everyone, then so be it! I'll always be your friend!
Lancelot: Vane... you...
Isabella: I guess this was inevitable, Lancelot. I'll ask you to come quietly for the time being.
Arrest him!

Defender's Oath - Chapter 6: Defender's Oath - Episode 4

Isabella finally drops her facade and declares (Captain) and the crew to be enemies of the kingdom. Sylph, who has no concept of right and wrong, attacks the party. For the sake of Feendrache, the crew prepares to face the primal beast and Isabella.

Lancelot: Thanks, Vane. What you said earlier has helped me finally make up my mind.
Vane: Oh, yeah. Any time, buddy.
Lancelot: Lady Isabella, I'm sorry. As it stands I can't trust your words or actions.
Lancelot: If you wish to prove your innocence, then the best thing you can do is surrender.
King Carl: I wish to know the truth as well, Isabella. Won't you cease hostilities and talk this through?
Isabella: ...
Isabella: Very well, Your Highness. I will comply if it's to prove my innocence...
Isabella: Hah. Is that what you wanted to hear? Your incessant whining is a blight on my ears!
Isabella: Humph, fine! If that's what you want so badly, then you can spend an eternity in the afterlife!
Vyrn: She's finally shown her true colors!
Vane: Looks like she's pulled a fast one on us!
Lancelot: ...!
Isabella: Sylph! Where are you my dear?
Sylph responds to Isabella's call and instantly appears in the throne room.
Sylph: Isabella? Everyone? Why do you all have such scary faces?
Isabella: Sylph, please silence these simpletons for me!
Sylph: Simpletons? I don't understand what's going on.
Isabella: Shut up! These people are all trying to kill you!
Isabella: They're tearing down the very country you strive to protect! They're traitors! Them, them, them!
Sylph: Are they after the extract? The people need it.
Isabella: Yes, yes, that's right! These rotten heretics are trying to interfere with our loving efforts!
Sylph: I make alma, and Isabella gives it to everyone. You would stop us?
Lyria: Please calm down, Sylph! We're your friends! Please hear us out!
Sylph: Friends... Lyria... Isabella... Who should I believe?
Siegfried: Isabella, stop manipulating her! She doesn't know right from wrong.
Isabella: Excuse me? You stupid worms, trying to act so righteous!
Isabella: You all want to live longer using the extract, don't you?
Isabella: Listen to me and I'll let you live for as long as you want! Well? You know you want it!
Siegfried: Your greed is turning innocent people into sacrifices.
Siegfried: Accept your fate, Isabella!
Isabella: Enough.
Isabella: Don't think! Do exactly as I say!
Sylph: I should listen to Isabella, right?
Lyria: Sylph!
Isabella: That's right! You've known me for far longer after all!
Isabella: Are you going to side with strangers you just met the other day over a loyal friend of many, many years?
Siegfried: For a long time only Isabella was able to communicate with Sylph.
Siegfried: And since Sylph is unable to judge ethics, she relies on Isabella's judgment.
Vane: Then we have no choice but to use force!
Isabella: She may have a cute face, but she's still a primal beast! Despair in the face of your demise!
Sylph: An enemy of Isabella... is an enemy of the state. I will exterminate the threat.
Lyria: Please stop! Listen to us!
Isabella: Save your breath! Sylph! Dispose of them!
Siegfried: Awful, isn't it? This is the truth behind our country's current state.
Siegfried: A lunatic driven mad by greed, and a primal beast poisoned by that influence. It's a blight that eats away at this country.
Lancelot: Then I must drive out the poison and cure this country of it's sickness!
Vane: Glad you've come to your senses. We can do this if we work together!
Siegfried: I am Captain Siegfried of the Order of the Black Dragons. In the name of King Josef, I shall restore order to this land!
Lancelot: Siegfried... Sir, I apologize. I've hated you all this time...
Siegfried: This isn't the time for that, Lancelot!
Siegfried: Didn't I teach you not to take your eyes off the enemy when you're on the battlefield? Stay focused!
Lancelot: Yes, sir!
Lancelot: Captain Lancelot of the Order of the White Dragons reporting in!
Vane: Hehe!
Vane: Likewise Vane of the Order of the White Dragons reporting in!
Sophia: Lyria, we'll take it from here.
Vane: Stay with (Captain), Lyria. Wait for Sylph to weaken, then use your power on her!
Lyria: Sophia, Vane, (Captain)... I understand. I believe in you!
Siegfried: I'm going to need your help, Lancelot! Yours too, (Captain)!
Isabella: You're a sniveling idiot, Lancelot. You've taken on the mantle of a national disgrace.
Lancelot: I won't be led astray any longer! I will fix this country's history!
Isabella: Ridiculous! None of you will ever again see the light of day...
Isabella: Sylph... show them what it truly means to be powerful!

Defender's Oath - Ending

Isabella is thrown into the underground prison. A few days later Lyria tells everyone about an Astral memory she saw when she absorbed Sylph, as well as Sylph's final request. As Siegfried prepares to leave the kingdom once more, Lancelot promises to rebuild Feendrache.

Sylph: Ugh...
Lyria: I'm sorry, Sylph... I need to take a bit of your power.
Sylph: I'm sorry too...
Sylph: Lyria... Don't forget me...
Lyria: Oh, Sylph...
Isabella: Nooo! That's impossible! My Sylph... How could you?
Siegfried: You must realize it now. You're finished!
King Carl: Isabella...
King Carl: The suddenness of the accusations against you were hard to fathom, but after witnessing what just took place, your crimes are painfully clear.
Isabella: ...
In the end Consul General Isabella and her sycophants are imprisoned in the castle dungeon.
A few days later King Carl summons the crew back to the throne room so that he can formally thank them.
King Carl: Thanks to your actions, Isabella's misdeeds have finally been exposed.
King Carl: I give you my thanks from the bottom of my heart.
King Carl: Sigh. I'm such an incompetent king. I can't bear to look any of you in the face. Now, there's one other matter you should know about.
King Carl: We shall provide alma to the people of Ruforth who were poisoned by the contaminated river water.
Vyrn: But I thought you had decided not to make the extract anymore!
King Carl: Indeed, we won't. But at least I can use what remains to atone for my ignorance, otherwise I would bring shame upon King Josef.
Vyrn: King Josef was killed because he found out the danger behind alma and tried to stop Isabella.
Vyrn: She's a real piece of work, trying to pin it all on Siegfried.
King Carl: Isabella received a punishment befitting her crimes. But now that she's stopped drinking the extract...
King Carl: She seems to be withering up into an old crone.
Isabella: My skin seems to have gotten worse today...
Isabella: Gasp... Alma... If only I had alma...
Isabella: Sylph... Where are you? Come out, dearie... Sylph...
Vyrn: Yikes. She's gone off the deep end.
King Carl: Now that Isabella's followers have lost their leader, I must ensure a second Isabella doesn't take her place.
King Carl: From now on there will be no more reliance on alma. We need to work together to create our own prosperity!
King Carl: Right, Lancelot? Vane?
Lancelot: Yes. I will dedicate my life to the reconstruction efforts.
Vane: Leave it to the White Dragons!
Sophia: Excuse me, King Carl, but may I help with the reconstruction efforts?
Vane: You sure, Sophia? What about your pilgrimage? Don't you have to finish your grandfather's trial?
Sophia: Yes, but how should I put this? It feels like I've witnessed a turning point in this country's history, and I want to do my part to help.
Sophia: Your Highness! Could you please let me stay for a while longer?
King Carl: I would be the first to welcome you with open arms, but I wouldn't want to incur Peter's wrath.
King Carl: No, you have already done more than enough. I'd like you to complete the mission bestowed upon you.
Sophia: I understand. You're correct, Your Highness. I should've given it more thought.
Sophia: I'll fulfill my promise with my grandfather and continue my pilgrimage!
King Carl: Hehehe. Thank you, Sophia. Take care on your travels.
King Carl: As for you and your crew, (Captain), what will you do next?
Vyrn: We'd love to help you out, but we've got someplace to be.
King Carl: Ah, yes. You mentioned you were on your way to Estalucia, correct?
Lyria: Yes, and I want to learn more about different primal beasts.
Vyrn: What's wrong, Lyria? You're not your usual cheery self.
Lyria: When Sylph told me not to forget her, I saw fragments of someone's memories.
Vyrn: You saw someone else's memories? That's a first.
Lyria: Yes. I think they belonged to the Astral that created Sylph.
Lyria: That Astral fell in love with a skydweller who had an incurable disease. The Astral tried desperately to cure it.
Lyria: But the Astral failed. The Astral mourned and mourned, wondering why skydwellers were so fragile.
Lyria: After that he created Sylph in his beloved's image, because primal beasts could live forever.
Lyria pauses, her eyes welling with tears.
Lyria: Of course the primal beast could never replace his lover.
Lyria: The Astral abandoned Sylph on Feendrache and took off toward the ends of the sky.
Lyria: He gave her the power to grant longevity, in case she ever met the reincarnation of the Astral's lover.
Vyrn: Well, that explains the power behind alma.
Lyria: Yes. The Astral didn't want anyone else to experience the same feeling of loss and hopelessness he did when a lover passes away from illness.
King Carl: I see. So that's the secret of Sylph's power.
King Carl: I dare say, primal beasts are so far beyond our own comprehension.
Vyrn: Oh, Siegfried's here!
Siegfried: Forgive me for my lateness, Your Highness. Preparations took longer than expected.
King Carl: Oh, it's fine. You're an ardent knight after all. A little tardiness matters not!
Siegfried: With all due respect, an ardent knight would keep one's promise to be on time.
Siegfried: When I was young, King Josef used to remind us of this all the time. Me and Lancelot that is.
King Carl: Hah hah hah! You make a fine point! I'll have to reconsider my position on that.
King Carl: Now then, have you given any consideration to becoming the captain of the White Dragons?
Siegfried: I'm afraid I must decline.
Lancelot: But you were cleared of all charges.
Siegfried: I still have to take responsibility for the uproar I caused.
Lancelot: But you did what you had to do for this country!
Siegfried: That doesn't matter. The fact remains that I harmed fellow knights.
Siegfried: As long as I reside in this country, there will be no shortage of troubles with the reconstruction.
Lancelot: But...
Siegfried: You're the captain now. Are you satisfied with ceding your position to me?
Siegfried: Were you leading the order with such feeble resolve?
Lancelot: ...!
Lancelot: That's not true. They called you a hero, and I worked myself to the bone trying to surpass you, all for the sake of a better country.
Siegfried: Exactly. Without me around, you alone bore the responsibilities of being a superb captain.
Siegfried: Feendrache is fine with only one hero. I will soon leave on a journey.
Vane: At the end of the day, Lancey made all the decisions without fail!
Vane: Personally, I stink at taking charge in times like these, so I'm glad we can count on him!
Lancelot: Siegfried... I still haven't apologized to you for my animosity.
Siegfried: Heh. You don't need to. You conveyed your feelings perfectly well when we fought side-by-side.
Siegfried: Don't worry, for you're not alone.
Siegfried: You have strong allies you can count on.
Vane: Wahahaha! Yeah, you got me as your bestest buddy, Lancey! Can I be vice-captain?
Knight 1: Lancelot! Vane! The Order of the White Knights wouldn't be the same without you!
Knight 2: If we all work together, we can lead this country to a better future!
King Carl: Siegfried. I understand how you feel, but if anything happens, know that you're always welcome here.
Siegfried: You're too kind. You have my thanks.
Lancelot: I promise I'll have this place whipped into shape by the time you return, Siegfried.
Siegfried: Good. I'm sorry I won't be able to help you, but I look forward to seeing it when it's finished.
Lyria: Yeah...
Lyria: (Goodbye, Sylph. We'll be on our way now.)
With peace restored, the crew sets off from Feendrache.
They soar high into the sky with hope in their hearts, eagerly awaiting their next adventure.
Defender's Oath
The End

Defender's Oath - A Knightly Respite - Episode 1

One evening, Lancelot and Vane are in the castle kitchen making party preparations as they share childhood memories and their hopes for the future. The two hold a surprise birthday party for Siegfried after, and the knights enjoy a peaceful time together.

Vane: Hey, Lancey! I think the soup turned out pretty good, but can you give it a taste to make sure?
Lancelot: Of course. Be right there.
Lancelot: Phoo... Phoo...
Vane: What do you think?
Lancelot: Mm... It's delicious!
Vane: Awesome!
In the kitchen of Feendrache Castle, Vane cooks while Lancelot handles the taste-testing.
Lancelot: Is it my imagination, or have your culinary skills improved again?
Vane: Heheh! You think so?
Lancelot: Heh... Does this mean the preparations are almost complete?
Vane: Yeah! Now all that's left is to wait for this guy to finish baking!
Having finished with the cooking, Vane and Lancelot wait for their final creation to come out of the oven.
Vane: Getting ready for a party like this reminds me of when we were kids.
Lancelot: Oh? Why's that?
Vane: Well, there was that one time...
Vane: Back when we were about yea high, we had a birthday party at your house, remember?
Lancelot: A birthday party? Heh, I guess we did...
Vane: Yeah... But you've always been a popular guy, you know?
Vane: You had tons of other friends, so you probably don't remember much about me from back then...
As Vane begins to sulk, Lancelot speaks to him in a sincere voice.
Lancelot: There was... cake, right?
Vane: Huh?
Lancelot: You brought cheesecake that time, didn't you?
Vane: Yeah... Yeah, that's right! It was my grandma's special baked cheesecake!
Lancelot: But I seem to remember you looking pretty down in the dumps.
Vane: Can you blame me? You were surrounded by fancy toys you got from other kids, and my only gift was some lousy cheesecake.
Vane: I remember exactly what I said back then...
Vane: "Come on, Grandma! Don't you have any other cakes? Like one with whipped cream and strawberries on top?"
Vane: I begged her for something more impressive.
Lancelot: Hahaha! So it was all about food!
Vane: Hey, you don't know how it felt! But it was still wrong of me to blame my grandma.
Vane: That's why it made me super happy to see you enjoying the cake!
Lancelot: I really did love your grandmother's cheesecake.
Vane: Heheh!
Vane: Sure, it looks plain, but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say Grandma's cheesecake is the best in the skies! Hahaha!
Lancelot: And that legendary flavor has been passed down to you now! That's a pretty big deal!
Vane: The truth is, that whole cheesecake incident is what got me into cooking.
Lancelot: Really? I had no idea!
Lancelot: I just assumed you'd always been skilled at the entire range of housework, cooking included.
Vane: My grandma gave me other chores to do...
Vane: But she thought cooking was too dangerous for me, so she wouldn't let me try it.
Lancelot: She really cared about her precious grandson.
Vane: Yeah! I'm grateful to her.
Vane: You know, you and I have been together forever, but I guess there are still things we don't know about each other!
Lancelot: That's true...
Lancelot: Oh, do you think it's almost done, Vane?
Vane: Hmm... Maybe just a bit longer.
After checking on the fire, Vane casually turns to ask Lancelot a question.
Vane: Hey, Lancey...
Lancelot: Hm?
Vane: Why me?
Lancelot: What do you mean?
Vane: I mean, you had a bunch of friends, right?
Vane: So... I was just wondering why you chose to hang out with me of all people.
Lancelot: That's easy. I'd always wanted a dog as a pet.
Lancelot: And then there you were, the perfect faithful hound!
Vane: Hey! So I'm just a substitute for a dog? Some friend you are!
Lancelot: Haha! I'm just messing with you! I don't know—I guess you were like the little brother I never had!
Vane: Phew, really? That's a load off my mind! At the very least, I hope you see me as a person...
Vane: But I gotta say, I'm really glad we ended up as neighbors.
Lancelot: Me too. And here we are, still causing trouble together like we're joined at the hip.
Vane: Yeah. If we hadn't lived near each other, I doubt you would've hit it off with me more than your other friends.
Lancelot: Why do you say that?
Vane: Well, I was a big crybaby back then...
Vane: I bet there were a lot of other kids who were more worthy of being friends with you.
Lancelot: Vane...
Vane: I thought being with me must've bored you to tears, so I was always happy when you agreed to hang out with me.
Lancelot: Listen... You've got it wrong. I spent time with you because I wanted to.
Vane: Huh?
Lancelot: It felt like all the other kids only wanted to be my friend because it would be advantageous to them.
Lancelot: I can't say I don't understand.
Lancelot: But I could tell you genuinely enjoyed spending time with me, plain and simple.
Lancelot: So being with you was... comforting.
Vane: Lancey...
Lancelot: And ever since then, you've continued to be a friend I can always rely on.
Vane: Thanks... Hearing you say that makes me really happy!
Upon hearing Lancelot's true feelings, Vane breaks out into a bright smile.
Vane: You've always had a more discerning eye than other people, ever since we were kids!
Lancelot: Really? I'd say I'm fairly average.
Vane: Really! I feel like you used to be colder and more distant back in the day though.
Lancelot: Are you sure you're not imagining things? Either that or being around you for so long softened me up.
Vane: Hehehe. You might have something there. But you know, talking about this face to face is kinda embarrassing...
Lancelot: Haha... True. By the way, how's the cake looking?
Vane: Let's see... Oh, I think it's just about ready!
Vane: You know, it just hit me. I think the last time I was in this kitchen was when I'd just joined the Black Dragons.
Lancelot: Heh... Now that you mention it, back then you were always in here cooking, weren't you?
Vane: Yeah, it was fun making meals for everyone in between our grueling training sessions.
Lancelot: I think you were the only one who ever fixed meals like one of the chefs.
Vane: Really?
Vane: It was a nice way to unwind, and it always made me happy to see everybody enjoying the food I made.
Lancelot: Those were the days...
Vane: Now that I'm back, what do you say we all get together and enjoy a good meal like we used to?
Lancelot: Well...
Vane: It kinda feels like you've been distancing yourself from the other guys.
Vane: You oughta let loose more like you did back when you were vice captain!
Lancelot: But my position is completely different now...
Vane: We'll eat good food and drink good booze, and then we'll all probably get carried away, and it'll turn into a shouting match...
Vane: But don't worry! If you end up getting in a fight with a subordinate, I'll make sure to put a stop to it!
Lancelot: A-all right... If it comes to that, I'll be counting on you!
Vane: Sure thing! Leave it to me! I'll win over all the White Dragons with the power of food!
Lancelot: Good grief... You're really something, you know that?
Vane: Well, I guess someone like you who only eats but never cooks wouldn't understand.
Lancelot: Urgh... I-I'll have you know I didn't become a knight to cook for people!
Vane: Heh... Then why did you become a knight, Lancey?
Lancelot: I should think that'd be obvious! I became a knight in order to help make the kingdom of Feendrache the best it can be!
Suddenly, Vane picks up a nearby spoon and turns to hold it in front of Lancelot like a microphone.
Vane: Oh yeah?
Vane: Then I have a question for you—Lancelot, Captain of the White Dragons.
Vane: What, in your opinion, makes a good kingdom?
Lancelot: Oh... Ahem. An excellent question, Sir Vane. Let's see...
Lancelot: Our armed might puts that of other nations to shame, but I can't say we're able to compete when it comes to educational standards.
Lancelot: And that's why I'd like to build a school where everyone can have the chance to learn on equal footing.
Vane: A school?
Lancelot: That's right! A school that anyone and everyone can attend without charge!
Lancelot: By overhauling the education system, we'll be able to cultivate talented minds that will surely contribute to the development of our kingdom.
Vane: A fine point as always, Sir Lancelot! Do you have any other ideas?
Lancelot: Well... I'd like to create a peaceful kingdom where the people can live free from fear of monsters.
Vane: That sounds like it'll be tricky.
Lancelot: Agreed. As it is now, the safety of the capital and its surroundings is all but assured...
Lancelot: But I'd be hesitant to say that the influence of the White Knights is able to reach the rural areas.
Vane: Yeah... There are only so many knights that can be dispatched, unfortunately.
Lancelot: But I don't believe those efforts are in vain.
Lancelot: I want to someday create a peaceful kingdom where the people can travel safely from town to town whenever they so desire.
Vane: Good idea. Sure would be great if we could make a kingdom like that.
Lancelot: Indeed. No one should have to experience the grief of having their loved ones taken from them by monsters.
Lancelot: I don't want anyone else to have to go through what you did. That's why I became a knight.
Vane: Yeah... I feel the same way.
Vane: You can come to me anytime you need help making that dream into a reality, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Here we are, united again. I'll be counting on you, Vane.
Vane: I mean, you and I have been best friends since we were kids! At this point, we should just see how far we can go together!
Lancelot: Hahaha, you're right. Let's do that, partner.
At that moment, a familiar chime echoes throughout the kingdom.
Vane: Whoops! The cake should be ready now!
Lancelot: H-how is it?
Vane: Ah... All good! It's done!
Lancelot: Phew... Thank goodness. Looks like it turned out well!
Vane: Yeah, it's perfect! Thanks, Lancey—I couldn't have done it without your help!
Lancelot: Well, all I did was mix the ingredients... But you're welcome!
Vane carefully retrieves the piping-hot pan from the oven.
Lancelot: All right... Now we just need to add the nameplate...
Vane: Hang on a sec, Lancey! We have to let it cool off first!
Lancelot: O-oh, I see! All right, then let's help it along.
Lancelot and Vane are able to cool the cake off quickly using a tray they had chilled beforehand.
Vane: Phew... It should be cool enough now. Now we just need to remove it from the mold...
Lancelot: Looks like we made it just in time.
Vane: So how many candles should we put on it? Think this is enough?
Lancelot: Sure! I'll leave the finishing touches to you! Meanwhile, I think I'll do a final once-over of the window decorations!
Lancelot begins inspecting the decorations with the dedication of someone tasked with an important mission.
Lancelot: How do the decorations over here look to you, Vane? Are they a little tilted?
Vane: Hmm, hang on... Try moving that one on the right up a little.
Lancelot: Oh... Like this?
Vane: Yeah, that's the spot! Stop right there!
Great, that's perfect!
Lancelot: Heh... Now the decorations are flawless.
Just as Lancelot breathes a sigh of relief, he looks out the window and flies into a panic.
Lancelot: Ah! Vane! The target is approaching! Hurry and turn out the lights!
Vane: What! Aw, man! I was so close to finishing up!
Lancelot: Is the cake all right?
Vane: It's fine! Come on, Lancey! Get over here so we can hide!
Lancelot: All right! Coming!
Lancelot and Vane shut off the lights and rush to find a spot to hide.
The sound of footsteps grows progressively louder before stopping just outside the door.
???: I'm here. Sorry for being late...
???: Hello? Anyone home? I'm opening the door.
Vane: Lancey, the candles.
Lancelot: Ah, wait! I was just about to light them.
Siegfried: Huh? Isn't it kind of dark in here?
Lancelot: They're lit.
Vane: Then let's go!
The moment Lancelot and Vane see Siegfried come into the room, they leap out in front of him.
Lancelot & Vane: Ready, and!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Lancelot & Vane: Happy birthday, dear Siegfried...
Happy birthday to you!
Siegfried: What is all this, you two?
Lancelot & Vane: Siegfried! Happy birthday!
Siegfried: Oh? Hahaha! I see... So this is a surprise party?
Siegfried: I'm impressed you both managed to surprise me of all people... You've improved!
Lancelot: Heh-heh! Vane's the one who actually baked the cake though. I can vouch for the taste!
Vane: Yeah! It's all thanks to Lancey's help!
Vane: Oh! And Lancey took care of all the decorations too!
Lancelot: W-well, they're nothing to write home about...
Siegfried: Heh. Lancelot, Vane. Thank you.
Siegfried: Now then, what do you say we get this party started?
Lancelot: And so Siegfried's surprise birthday party ended up being a success.
Lancelot: After that, we thoroughly enjoyed stuffing our faces with Vane's special baked cheesecake.
Lancelot: Thus our time as knights continues to pass by peacefully.
Lancelot: We can only hope these quiet days will continue forever.