Order of the White Dragons

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Knights sworn to serve Feendrache. Originally the Order of the Black Dragons, they were restructured by Isabella, Royal Consul of Feendrache into the Order of the White Dragons.


Lancelot Vane Arthur and Mordred
Captain of the Order of the White Dragons.
Formerly Vice Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons.
Vice Captain of the Order of the White Dragons.
Formerly a common knight of the Order.
Aspiring knights of the Order of the White Dragons.

Associated Characters

Siegfried Percival
Formerly Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons Formerly Vice Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons


Carl, King of Feendrache Gareth Isabella, Royal Consul of Feendrache
Team Chickadee

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A priceless miracle elixir whose properties can instantly cure all manner of ailments, it can only be created by the primal beast Sylph. A scandal brought to light the harmful by-product called karmide, and so the production of alma, as well as its very existence, was abandoned altogether.

Bistro Feendrache

In the royal capital of Feendrache stands a long-established restaurant operated by Jack, a former knight-in-training from the Order of the Black Dragons. Jack took over the bistro after his father—the former owner—passed away, but management was a challenge he wasn't prepared for, and soon tumbleweeds were practically tumbling though the eatery. After the bistro received an ultimatum from Savarin, a renowned gourmet, the crew stepped in to remake the restaurant with the assistance of Lancelot, Vane, Percival, and Siegfried. As a sign of respect for the knights who helped the eatery weather the crisis, it was renamed Bistro Drachenritter.

Dragon Blood

For centuries, legends of dragon blood and its mystical powers have been told throughout all of the Sky Realm. One such legend speaks of its power to grant immortality, though the truth to this tale is anyone's guess.

Forbidden Magic

Forbidden arts that defy all logic of the natural world. Due to the sheer dangers involved, all research was prohibited and eventually the arts were lost. However, one family continued to study the arts behind closed doors, thereby exposing numerous kingdoms to a terrifying menace.

House of Wales

A noble house of royal lineage. Its influence has spread throughout the kingdom next to Feendrache, drawing the attention of surrounding neighbors. Following a succession process rooted in antiquity, would-be candidates enlist in long-established knightly orders of other kingdoms, some of which end up in Feendrache. Percival also hails from the House of Wales.

Order of the Black Dragons

Before it became the Order of the White Dragons, the Black Dragons were the protective organization of Feendrache led by Siegfried the Dragonslayer. Siegfried disappeared when he came under suspicion for King Josef's murder. The order changed its name to the White Dragons, and Lancelot took over as captain.

Order of the White Dragons

This group of knights maintains peace for Feendrache, royal capital blessed by primal beast Sylph's benevolence, and its surrounding areas. Formerly known as the Order of the Black Dragons, the murder of King Josef forced a name change and reorganization in which Lancelot was promoted to captain under Consul General Isabella. There is no hand-holding in this order; each knight is expected to adhere to strict codes of discipline and excellence.

Order of the White Dragons Exam

This prestigious exam is offered to anyone wishing to enlist in the Order of the White Dragons. Starting from the year the members of Team Chickadee applied, a revised exam was installed by Captain Lancelot—the largest distinction being proctors spending extended periods of time with applicants to fully scrutinize their personality traits. With this change, the exam has become more accessible for those who have chivalrous virtues within them above all other factors.

Royal Capital Feendrache

The city of Feendrache is blessed with Sylph's protection. It is perhaps best known for its exquisite handicrafts and a miracle elixir created by Sylph that is said to grant immortality and everlasting youth. Its buildings are embellished with translucent adornments in the shape of Sylph's wings—adornments from which a soft glow embraces the entire city. A mighty river provides a bounty not only to Feendrache, but also to the monsters living in the wild expanse just beyond the city limits.

Royal Knights of Feendrache

This gathering of knights was formed from an unchanging system that allowed mostly those of knightly descent and family relations to join. Gunther led these knights well and united them with his sociable nature. After the sealing of the True Dragon Fafnir, the Royal Knights were reformed into the Order of the Black Dragons, and under Siegfried's leadership, their name became well known throughout the land.