Welcome to Bistro Feendrache

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Welcome to Bistro Feendrache is a side story.

  • Initial Release: October 31, 2018
  • Rerun(s): April 15, 2021
  • Added to Side Stories: April 11, 2022
  • Unlock: Complete Divergent Knighthoods

This event is part of The Dragon Knights series. Listed in order of premiere:

Somewhere in the royal capital
of Feendrache, there is a restaurant.

Though once beloved by many,
it is now a lonesome shadow
of its former self.

A series of coincidences leads
the Dragon Knights to help manage
the eatery in a gambit to save it.

Will the knights have what it takes
to succeed as restaurateurs?

Stop in and see the Bistro Feendrache's
grand reopening!

For new players

Notable Rewards

Event Battles

Solo Battles

Fishing for Demonbream
Cost to Host: 10 AP Unlock: Clear Ending
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
Boss Demonbream 35 2,300,000 ◇◇ Yes
Special Attacks Triggers and Notes
  • Flying Fish TR 75%
Targets: All allies
Deals: Fire DMG (500%)
  • Flaming Leap TR 50%
Targets: All allies
Deals: Fire DMG (450%)Effect: BurnedHP is lowered on every turn
Duration: ?T
(All allies)
  • 75% Trigger
Casts Flying Fish.
  • 50% Trigger
Casts Flaming Leap.
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
First clear: Crystal ×50, Top ChefRewards
Crystal ×50
Wooden Silver Gold

Gallardoza Showdown
Cost to Host: 20 AP Unlock: Clear Fishing for Demonbream
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
Boss Gallardoza 40 3,700,000 ◇◇ Yes
Special Attacks Triggers and Notes
  • Extermination Charge TR 75%
Targets: Random allies
Deals: Fire DMG (8-hit / 80%)
Effect: Double Attack Rate Boosted (Self)
  • Buster Horn TR 50%
Targets: All allies
Deals: Fire DMG (250%)
Effect: DEF DownDEF is lowered
Duration: 3.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 3 turns remaining.
(All allies)
  • To the Stars TR 25%
Targets: One ally
Deals: Fire DMG (300%)
Effect: Paralyzed (One ally)
  • 75% Trigger
Casts Extermination Charge.
  • 50% Trigger
Casts Buster Horn.
  • 25% Trigger
Casts To the Stars.
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
First clear: Crystal ×50, Pro ChefRewards
Crystal ×50
, Vane's Cooking (3★)
Every clear: Honor ×75,000
Wooden Silver Gold

Challenge Battle

Ingredient Hunting

The four knights make their way into a forest inhabited by rugosas in search of ingredients for their floral tea. Battle in pairs to obtain the rugosa blossoms!

Cooking with the Dragon Knights

After clearing the Ending, ten cutscenes that were previously used as a minigame to obtain the Cutie Apron (Lyria) outfit are unlocked. Earning points from answering the cutscene questions are no longer required to obtain the outfit. Completing all ten cutscenes rewards Crystal ×50.

Cooking Skill Chart
Dish Image Cooking Skill +50 Cooking Skill +75 Cooking Skill +100
Grandma's Drachentrout Quiche An apatchouli! An apatite! An appareil!
Pate de Campagne Boiling water, definitely! Sweet, sweet honey! Milk, right?
White Dragon Pennyfowl Vegetable Soup They like to travel! This is where they raise their chicks! They migrate to avoid the winter cold!
Black Dragon Cream of Porcinido Soup We chop them! We slice them all up! We tear them!
Demonbream Poele with Special Sauce Start along the cut! Start with the meaty side! Start with the skin side!
Elemental Sorbet Sideways! Bulge-up! Bulge-down!
Rich and Creamy Flan Put the shells in! Leave the shells out! Only put the yolks in!
Kopi Leol A plant name! A place name! A monster name!
Rugosa Floral Tea Flowing water! Lots of fresh air! A space without tall trees!
Chateaubrilliant Roast with Fritters The gallardoza is almost extinct! The gallardoza doesn't appear often! The gallardoza is dangerous!

Event Rewards

Event Shop

Item Step Limit

Vane's Cooking
1 13015
2 16050
3 19075
4 1120100

Golden Bell
1 1155
2 13020
3 15040
4 17560

Buffalo Horn
1 15-
2 115-
3 120-
4 125-

Bending Whip
1 15-
2 115-
3 120-
4 125-

Premium Draw Ticket
1 115-
2 1205
3 13010

Angel Queen
1 303-

Half Elixir
1 20-2

Soul Berry
1 50-1

CP ×10
1 2031
2 1052
3 1083

Champion Merit
1 3155
2 33010
3 35015

Supreme Merit
1 35020
2 310040

Skill Shard
1 5203

Skill Jewel
1 33010


  English Title Japanese Title Step Description Reward Notes
Perpetual Motion of Flavor 味の永久機関 Get 200 crotonraches Crystal ×30
Bistro Drachenritter ビストロ・ドラゴンナイツ Get 100 gourmet medallions Crystal ×30
I Can't Stop Eating! はむはむ……手が止まりません……! ★☆☆ Get 100,000 honors in Welcome to Bistro Feendrache Crystal ×10
Creamy Concerto ポルチニド茸のクリーミィ協奏曲や~! ★★☆ Get 500,000 honors in Welcome to Bistro Feendrache Crystal ×30
Here Come the Meat Sweats! 旨味が凝縮された肉の宝箱や~! ★★★ Get 1,000,000 honors in Welcome to Bistro Feendrache Crystal ×50
Dreaming of Demonbream 鯛を食べたい Complete chapter 3 of Welcome to Bistro Feendrache Crystal ×10
The Mythical Meat Is Mine! 幻の肉、獲ったどー! Complete chapter 6 of Welcome to Bistro Feendrache Crystal ×10
One-Star Chef 一ツ星! ★☆☆ Clear Welcome to Bistro Feendrache free quest 5 times Crystal ×10
Two-Star Chef 二ツ星!! ★★☆ Clear Welcome to Bistro Feendrache free quest 50 times Crystal ×30
Three-Star Chef 三ツ星!!! ★★★ Clear Welcome to Bistro Feendrache free quest 200 times Crystal ×50
Top Chef グランシェフ Clear the free quest Fishing for Demonbream Crystal ×50
Dynamic Duo Wコンビネーション Clear the challenge quest Ingredient Hunting Crystal ×10
Pro Chef プロの料理人 Clear the free quest Gallardoza Showdown Crystal ×50


Main article: Welcome to Bistro Feendrache/History and Welcome to Bistro Feendrache/History/Redux

Voiced Trailer

Japanese English
Lancelot: メニューの看板は入り口のこの位置でいいかな

Vane: ランちゃーん!店の中の掃除は終わったぜ!調理場も準備もOKだ!

L: ありがとなヴェイン。今日はお客さん、どれくらいくるかな?

V: きっとたくさん来るって!俺達めちゃくちゃ頑張ってるだろ!

Percival: まったく…これだから駄犬は。頑張っただけで繁盛するのならこの飲食店も存続の危機になどさらされん。

L: パーシヴァル、昨日の売上の結果はでたのか?

P: あぁ、祭で売上1位を取るという目標には程遠い結果だったがな。

Siegfried: だが、まだ負けが確定したわけではない。起死回生の一手さえ決められれば、巻き返しは図れるだろう。

P: ジークフリート。ふっ、当然だ。店の一つも立て直せないようであれば、炎帝の名が廃るというもの。一度救うと決めたからには救ってみせる!

S: フッ。さて、俺は敵情視察といこう。では、また後でな。

P: 待て!勝手な単独行動はゆるさん。ライバル店の視察なら俺も行く。

L: いってらっしゃい。ランチタイムまでには戻ってきてくれよ。

V: ランちゃん、もう開店の時間だぜ!

L: おっとわりぃ。それじゃぁ、


V: ドアオープン!

L: お客様のご来店スタッフ一同お待ちしております。

Lancelot: Right by the entrance should be a good place to put our menu board, hm?

Vane: Lancey! I finished cleaning everything inside! The kitchen’s all ready to go too!

L: Thank you, Vane. I wonder how many customers we’ll get today?

V: A whole ton, I bet! We’ve worked our butts off, after all!

Percival: For the love of… and this is why you’ll never be better than a mongrel. If working hard were enough to ensure a restaurant’s popularity, do you really think this bistro would have found itself in these circumstances?

L: Percival, have yesterday’s earnings reports come in?

P: Ah, yes. We wanted to hit #1 and outsell the competition for the festival, but we fell far short of our goal.

Siegfried: Let’s not count ourselves out of the game yet. If we can just come up with a strategy to turn our circumstances around, surely we’ll be able to take another shot at the top.

P: Siegfried. Hmph, just as you say. If I were to let things lie as they were without even trying to fix up this restaurant, I should be unworthy of the title of the Lord of Flames. I said I would save this place, and once I’ve made up my mind to do something, it will get done!

S: Hm. Well, in any case, I’m off to do some reconnaissance. I’ll return shortly.

P: Wait right there! I won’t accept you gallivanting off on your own. If you’re leaving to observe our competition, I’m coming with you.

L: Take care, you two. Just come back before lunchtime.

V: Lancey, it’s already time to open shop!

L: Oh, shoot, my bad. Ahem.

Next time, on Granblue Fantasy!
“Welcome to Bistro Feendrache”

V: Our doors are open!

L: The bistro’s staff and crew eagerly await your visit.