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Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Opening

(Captain) and the crew arrive at a festival in Feendrache with Lancelot, Vane, Percival, and Siegfried. There they meet Jack—the manager of a failing restaurant named Bistro Feendrache—and a gourmet named Savarin, who is threatening to shut the bistro down. In order to keep the restaurant from being closed, (Captain) and company agree to help Jack take first place in the festival's food competition and create a full-course meal that will impress Savarin.

On a clear autumn afternoon, the curtain rises on festival season in the kingdom of Feendrache.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria bounce with excitement as they make their way toward the central plaza of the castle town.
Vyrn: Whoa! This festival is packed!
Lyria: Ooh, look, (Captain)! There are flowers decorating the entire city! How cute!
The captain follows Lyria's gaze to see a small white flower and smiles gently.
Vyrn: Hey, it's almost time to meet up with the guys! Don't let a bunch of flowers distract you—we gotta get movin'!
Upon reaching the central plaza, they spot a cluster of familiar faces.
Vane: Heeey, (Captain)! Vyrn! Lyria! Over here!
A man with bright blonde hair flashes (Captain) and the crew a friendly smile, waving excitedly.
His name is Vane, vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons—the proud defenders of the royal capital of Feendrache.
Lyria: Yay! Hello, Vane!
Lancelot: Haha. I'm glad you managed to make it here without getting turned around.
A man with glossy dark hair greets them cheerfully, his face breaking into a pleasant smile.
His name is Lancelot, captain of the Order of the White Dragons.
Vyrn: You betcha! We spotted you three in the crowd, so it was easy to find the place!
As (Captain) and the crew sigh with relief at having located their friends, a calm voice chimes in.
Percival: I'd like to head to the festival right away, but it seems we're still missing someone...
A man with flaming red hair and a dignified appearance speaks to them quietly as he glances around.
His name is Percival, former vice-captain of the Order of the Black Dragons—the predecessor of the Order of the White Dragons.
Percival: Did you happen to spot Siegfried on your way here, (Captain)?
  1. Nope, haven't seen him.
  2. He's not with you?

Choose: Nope, haven't seen him.
Percival: I see. I wonder where he could have run off to...

Choose: He's not with you?
Percival: He was, but it appears we lost him somewhere along the way.
Continue 1
Percival: Hey, mongrel. Did Siegfried tell you anything?
Vane: Huuuh? Me?
Vane: Hmm... Not that I can remember. What about you, Lancey?
Lancelot: I don't think so...
Percival: Good grief. Does he even know where we're supposed to be meeting?
At that moment (Captain) and company hear heavy footsteps approaching them from behind.
Siegfried: Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm late.
A man with long, chestnut-colored hair and a composed air about him strolls over to the group.
His name is Siegfried, former captain of the Order of the Black Dragons.
Lyria: Oh! Siegfried!
Siegfried: Heh. Looks like (Captain) and the crew beat me here.
Percival: Siegfried. Where have you been wandering around all this time?
Siegfried: Well, a stall vendor called out to me as I was walking by.
Siegfried: That first time wasn't a problem, but I kept getting stopped over and over, so it took a while to get through the area.
Siegfried shakes his head back and forth as he shows them the vast assortment of food and trinkets in his arms.
Lancelot: L-look at all that stuff! How did you end up with so much?
Siegfried: Beats me. It all added up before I knew it.
Vane: Whoa, Siegfried! Looks like somebody's popular!
Percival: Maybe you should have used all that free time of yours to get here quicker.
Lancelot: Now, now, Percival. We're all here now, and that's what matters.
Vane: Yeah! It's nothing to get all bent out of shape about.
Percival: I am not bent out of shape!
Lancelot: Now, now. Calm down.
Siegfried: Sorry about that. Let's all take a deep breath and head to the festival.
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's get goin'!
Lyria: Hehe! I can't wait!
Vane: All right! I'll be your tour guide!
Lancelot: Okay, let's go this way first!
Percival: Hey, I wasn't finished talking!
Vane: Better hurry up or you're gonna get left behind, Percy!
Percival: Silence, mongrel! Don't call me that in public!
Vane: Whaaat? But you're still allowed to call me a mongrel? No fair, Percy!
(Captain) and company cheerfully make their way to the bustling main street of the festival.
There they spot a large number of banners advertising some sort of event.
Vyrn: Huh? Looks like there's somethin' big goin' on!
Lancelot: Yes. There's a food competition being held to promote the city.
Lyria: A food competition?
Vane: The restaurants here are competing to determine which is the most popular by seeing who has the highest amount of sales during the festival!
As they walk through the contest area, they overhear a heated argument inside one of the restaurants.
Lancelot: Hmm... That sounds rather serious.
Vane: Think they're okay? I'm kinda worried... I think I'll pop inside and take a look!
Lancelot: I'll go with you. (Captain), you and the others can wait outside.
Ignoring the Closed sign on the door, Lancelot and Vane enter the shop.
Inside they see a pompous man towering over another man pleading at his feet.
Pleading Man: Please, Savarin, I beg you! I'll get you the money somehow, so won't you please reconsider?
Savarin: Jack... This restaurant is too much for you to handle.
Savarin: The shop is already far past its prime. It's not worth trying to keep it afloat!
Vane: Break it up, you two! That's enough fighting! Let's calm down and discuss this rationally!
Lancelot: Pardon the intrusion. We're knights of the Order of the White Dragons. Would you mind telling us what's going on?
Savarin: I don't care if you're knights or not. Who do you think you are, barging in here like that?
Jack: They're members of the order that protects this city.
Jack: I'm sorry for causing a disturbance! Everything's all right now. You can be on your way!
Vane: Everything doesn't seem all right to me.
Jack peers at Vane's face for a moment. His eyes then widen as he is hit with a realization.
Jack: Huh... Oh?
Jack: Y-your name wouldn't happen to be Vane, would it?
Vane: Huh? Me? Y'know, your face sure looks familiar...
Vane: Wait, I know! Jack! You're Jack!
Jack: That's me! Long time no see, Vane! I heard you got promoted to vice-captain!
Vane: Hehe. Yeah, well... a lot's happened since we last met.
Jack: But wow! I never thought I'd see the day when you became vice-captain! I must say I'm surprised!
Lancelot: H-hey, Vane... Do you know this man?
Vane: Sure do, Lancey! We were knights-in-training together!
Jack: Lancey?
Jack: Wait... Are you Captain Lancelot of the Order of the White Dragons?
Lancelot: Y-yes, that's correct...
As the conversation continues, Savarin begins to tremble with indignation at being left out.
Savarin: Hey. I'm still here, you know...
Savarin: Stop ignoring me!
Vyrn: H-hey! What's all the shoutin' about!
Lyria: Is everyone all right?
Siegfried: It's awfully noisy in here.
Percival: You've been in here for quite some time. What's going on?
(Captain) and company rush into the restaurant upon hearing Savarin shouting.
Savarin: Huff... Puff... There were more of your little friends outside?
Jack: ...!
Wait, I recognize you two...
Jack: You were the captain and vice-captain of the Order of the Black Dragons!
Siegfried: Yes, we were. It's been a while since anyone called us by our former titles.
Percival: And who are you?
Jack: I trained alongside Vane back when the Order of the Black Knights was still active.
Jack: But I left when I realized I don't have what it takes to be a knight, and after floating around for a while, I ended up taking over this shop my parents left me.
Jack: Now I run Bistro Feendrache, a restaurant filled with precious memories of my parents.
Savarin: Are we done here? I hate to interrupt, but I must be going.
Vyrn: Hey, can you tell us what that fight was about?
Savarin: Sigh... It wasn't a fight. I simply came to explain to him why I'm justified in shutting this restaurant down.
Lyria: What! This restaurant is going to close?
Savarin: Yes. But why would an outsider like yourself care what happens to this place?
(Captain) and company inquire about the reason behind the restaurant being shut down.
Savarin: Humph. Very well. Closures like this happen all the time, you see.
Savarin: Jack took over the business from his predecessor, but due to his lack of ability, the store lost customers and sales declined.
Savarin: I lent him money, taking the deed to the shop as collateral, but funds have been tight recently.
Savarin: So I was considering closing Bistro Feendrache and opening a new restaurant in its place.
Savarin: As the owner of this shop, don't I have the final say in what happens to it?
Jack hangs his head as he listens to Savarin explain the reason behind the restaurant's closure once again.
Jack: Haha... That about sums it up.
Jack: Everything Savarin said is true.
Jack: Not only do I lack ability as a knight, but I also lack the ability to delight people with my food.
Savarin: Humph. At least you finally realized it.
Savarin: Now that I have your consent, I'll be on my way.
Savarin turns to leave as Jack continues to stare at the ground.
Vane: Wait! You can't give up yet!
Savarin: What?
Vane: Please! Give Jack just one more chance!
Vane: I'll take care of the payment myself!
Vane throws himself at Savarin's feet without a moment of hesitation.
Jack: Wh-what the... Vane! I can't ask you to do something like that!
Savarin: Your name is Vane, correct?
Savarin: I'll have you know it's not the money I'm interested in. I have plenty of money.
Savarin: I've simply decided to shut down Bistro Feendrache, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.
Lancelot: This man is on the floor begging you. Won't you at least do him the honor of hearing him out?
Siegfried: We understand that you're set on closing this restaurant.
Siegfried: But isn't there anything we can do to get you to reconsider?
Savarin is overwhelmed by the powerful figures before him.
Savarin: Humph... I don't care if you're knights—I will not yield to strong-arming or threats!
Savarin: The only thing that could possibly change my mind would be food that I deem worthy!
Lyria: Oh? So we just need to make food that impresses you?
Savarin: Urgh!
Vyrn: That's what you said, right?
Savarin: What!
(Captain) and company jump at the chance to try making food that Savarin will accept.
Savarin: Don't underestimate true gourmet cuisine! Amateurs like yourselves will never be able to impress me, no matter how many of you there are!
Savarin: It's absolutely impossible!
Percival, who had been standing on the sidelines watching the situation develop, finally speaks up quietly.
Percival: I take it you must be Brillat-Savarin, the famous gourmet known throughout the skies.
Percival: I advise you not to dismiss these people as amateurs. When they say they'll do something, you can be sure they have the resolve to back it up.
Savarin opens his eyes wide in surprise at Percival's words.
Savarin: A-are you by any chance... Percival? Percival of the House of Wales?
Percival: Indeed I am. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing you since we dined together some time ago, I believe.
Savarin: Ngh... What is someone of your stature doing in a place like this?
Savarin: Actually... Never mind.
Savarin: Considering you hold these people in such high regard, I suppose I have no choice but to reevaluate my decision.
Savarin turns to face (Captain) and the others, seeming to have been convinced by Percival.
Savarin: You must take first place in the food competition being held here.
Savarin: If you can manage that along with creating a full-course meal that satisfies my palate, I will be willing to rethink the store's closure.
Vane: Really? You will?
Savarin: Yes. I swear on my taste buds.
Savarin: But if you fail, the restaurant will be shut down as planned. And that's not all.
Savarin: I will also require you to provide suitable compensation.
Savarin: Well then. Good luck.
Savarin departs from the shop, his head held high.
Overcome with relief, (Captain) and company begin calmly discussing the situation.
Jack: Everyone... I must apologize for getting you caught up in this predicament.
Jack: Please forgive me for causing you trouble!
Vane: Wahaha! It's all good!
Vane: But I feel bad for getting everybody else involved too.
Vane: I'll take responsibility for whatever happens. You don't need to force yourselves to help—
Lancelot: Well... As luck would have it, I'm off-duty during the competition. I'd be happy to help out.
Vane: Really? It'll be encouraging to have you by my side, Lancey!
Siegfried: I'm not sure I followed the entire discussion, but it sounds like this will be entertaining at least.
Lancelot: You too, Siegfried? Th-thank you so much!
Percival: Humph. I'm already involved, so I can't exactly back out now.
Vane: E-even you, Percy? Are you sure? Thanks!
Percival: Let the record show I'm not doing it for you!
Lancelot: Now, now. The reason isn't important.
Lancelot: (Captain)... There's no pressure on you and your crew to help us, all right?
Lyria: Don't worry! I think fate brought us here today!
Lyria: And, well... I'd like to try participating in the festival!
Vyrn: Yeah! It all works out! We'll whip this place back into shape!
Vane: Sniffle... (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria... Thank you so much!
Siegfried: Heh. It's nice working as a team.
Lancelot: Yes! Let's work together to make this happen!
Vane: It sounds like Percy's got a plan, so I'm sure everything will work out just fine!
Percival: Humph. Foolish mongrel. I simply said what I did to smooth things over.
Vane: Huh? Really? Whoa, Percy lied!
Percival: I did not lie! Don't phrase it in a way that could be so easily misconstrued!
Percival: As long as we combine our efforts and tackle this seriously, I have faith we'll be able to succeed. Don't you agree, (Captain)?
  1. You said it!
  2. You really jumped the gun, huh!

Choose: You said it!
Percival: Heh. I knew you'd agree, (Captain).

Choose: You really jumped the gun, huh!
Percival: What! You too, (Captain)?
Percival: Fine. I suppose I'll just have to prove to you that my judgment was correct.
Continue 2
Jack: But, Vane... Why were you willing to go to such lengths for my sake?
Vane: Hmm... Well...
Vane: I was just thinking about what it would feel like to be in your position.
Vane: I decided I couldn't let you suffer through this alone.
Jack: Sniff... Thank you, Vane.
Jack: And thank you, everyone. The fate of Bistro Feendrache is in your hands.
(Captain) and the crew originally came to the city to enjoy the festival.
But following a surprising turn of events, the crew has decided to help Jack's bistro get back on its feet.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 1: Reviving the Bistro - Episode 1

After changing into their shop uniforms, (Captain) and company meet with the staff and decide to open the bistro for business to get a idea of where they stand. But when they fail to attract a single customer, they use their free time to visit the area's most popular restaurant, Ristorante Nuovo, on a reconnaissance mission.

After changing into their shop uniforms, (Captain) and company reassemble in Bistro Feendrache.
They listen attentively as Jack lays out the details of the food competition.
Jack: During the contest, attendees can trade rupies for tickets called drache that can be redeemed at participating establishments.
Jack: At the end of each day, administrators will collect the tickets and calculate each restaurant's sales to determine the rankings!
Vane: Ohh! I remember seeing those tickets before!
Vane: So we just need to collect the most tickets in order to win!
Percival: I have a feeling that taking first place will be no simple feat.
Percival: And satisfying Savarin's palate will likely be an even bigger challenge.
Siegfried: Hm... First we need to figure out where this restaurant currently stands.
Lancelot: Would it be possible to open shop right away, Jack?
Jack: Oh, yes, of course! The rest of the staff should be here any minute now...
At that moment they hear the back door swing open.
Chef 1: Good morning, boss.
Chef 2: Good morning!
Waiter: Yawn... Morning...
Waitress: Hm? Who are all these people?
Jack: Oh! They're going to be helping us out starting today!
Jack explains the events of the morning to the restaurant staff.
Although shocked to hear the news, they calmly hear him out.
As opening time approaches, (Captain) and company debate over how to divide up the jobs.
Vyrn: Is it okay if we just pick our own jobs for now?
Jack: Of course! I'll leave it to your discretion!
Lancelot: Let's see... I imagine you'd be okay with working in the kitchen, right, Vane?
Vane: Yeah! Leave the cooking to me!
Percival: Humph. I suppose cooking's the one thing you can do right.
Vane: Hey! You didn't have to phrase it like that!
Siegfried: Your knack for cooking is second to none, Vane.
Lyria: I agree! The food you make is always delicious!
Vane: Th-thanks, you two!
Lancelot: Haha. Good for you, Vane!
Vane: I gotta admit, it really makes me happy hearing compliments about my cooking!
Vane: So what are you gonna do, Lancey?
Lancelot: Me? Hm, good question...
Percival: I'd like to ask you to work as part of the serving staff, Lancelot.
Lancelot: All right. What will you be doing, Percival?
Percival: I don't have people skills like you do.
Percival: I'd like to get an idea of the establishment's financial situation. Would you assist me with that, Jack?
Jack: Y-yes! Of course!
Siegfried: What should I do?
Lancelot: Whatever you wish, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Hm... That's a bit vague.
Percival: Well... We definitely shouldn't have you interacting with the customers.
Percival: Are you any good at cooking?
Siegfried: I have a lot of experience cooking for myself while camping.
Vane: Whoa! I didn't know you could cook, Siegfried!
Vane: In that case, how about joining me in the kitchen?
Siegfried: But I'm not anywhere near the same level as you, Vane...
Lancelot: Then why don't you have Vane teach you what he knows?
Vane: Oh! That's a great idea! I'd be happy to teach you if you'd like, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Sure, if you wouldn't mind.
Vane: Of course not! Let's do it!
Lyria: Wow! I can't wait to see what Vane and Siegfried cook up!
Vyrn: So whaddya want the rest of us to do?
Percival: Let's see... Why don't we have you all be flexible and handle whatever situations arise?
Lyria: That sounds fine! We'll play it by ear then!
Vyrn: Yeah! We'll show you guys what we can do!
Jack: All right! Let's win this!
After dividing up their roles, (Captain) and company earnestly set to work.
Once they've finished setting up, the time comes to open the bistro for business.
But not a single customer shows up.
Lancelot: No one's coming.
Waiter: This is how it always is.
Lancelot: Wow... I didn't expect it to be quite this bad.
Waiter: You must be an odd fellow to choose to help a failing business like this one, Lancelot.
Lancelot: I have a feeling working face-to-face with civilians will be a useful experience down the line.
Waiter: I guess that's why you're the captain! You take your job very seriously.
Lancelot: Well, that's just the official reason. Deep down I suppose I've always had an interest in customer service!
Waiter: Hahaha! You certainly don't mince words!
Waiter: Talking with you like this, you don't seem very knightly.
Waiter: Oh—I mean that as a compliment!
Lancelot: Haha. Is that so?
Just then Percival, (Captain), and Jack emerge from a room in the back.
Percival: After looking through the account book, I believe I have a rough understanding of the bistro's current situation.
Percival: But, Jack... How in the skies did you let it get so bad?
Jack: I... I have no excuses...
Percival: It's going to be tough work getting this restaurant back on its feet, (Captain).
  1. Together we can do this!
  2. Is it really that bad?

Choose: Together we can do this!
Percival: My sentiments exactly. We're counting on you, (Captain).

Choose: Is it really that bad?
Percival: Cheer up, (Captain).
Percival: Don't worry. I'll make it work somehow.
Percival: I'm sure learning about the flow of funds will prove useful.
Continue 1
Waitress: Jack! Could you help me move this table?
Jack: Oh, I'll be right there!
Waitress: (You owe me.)
Jack: (Huh?)
Waitress: (I just saved you from that scary red-haired man.)
Jack: (Oh, that's just Percival. He's not scary... Okay, maybe he's a little scary, but he's a nice guy...)
Waitress: (You're contradicting yourself, you know.)
Meanwhile, without any orders to fill, the kitchen staff are left with an abundance of free time on their hands.
Vane: Sorry for invading your kitchen all of a sudden!
Siegfried: I'll try not to be a burden.
Chef 1: It was the boss's decision, so it's fine by me.
Vane: Thanks! Just let us know anything we can do to help!
Chef 1: Hm... Then would you mind making the soup stock?
Vane: Okay! I'll follow the recipe to a tee!
Siegfried: What should I help with, Vane?
Vane: Let's see... Why don't you cut the vegetables?
Siegfried: Got it.
Siegfried surveys the kitchen and walks over to find a knife.
Siegfried: Is it all right if I borrow this knife?
Chef 2: S-sure, go right ahead.
Siegfried: Is it okay to use these vegetables?
Chef 2: Y-yes, of course.
Siegfried: Hm... If I remember correctly, I'm supposed to curl my fingers under to make my left hand look like a cat's paw.
Siegfried: (But how exactly do I do that?)
Chef 2: (He's actually making a cat's paw!)
Vyrn: Yo! We're here to help!
Lyria: Wow! I've never seen Siegfried use a kitchen knife before!
Siegfried: ...
Vyrn: Huh? Somethin' wrong?
Siegfried: No, I just thought it might be dangerous to engage in idle chatter while holding a knife.
Lyria: Oh, I'm sorry... We didn't mean to interrupt.
Siegfried: No, it's fine. What do you say we all cut the vegetables together?
Lyria: Sure!
The other staff members go about their work at a leisurely pace, seemingly accustomed to having no customers.
Lancelot: Well, the contest just started after all. Maybe there aren't many people around yet.
Percival: That doesn't seem to be the case. Take a look at that line.
Percival points at a long, winding line outside one of the other restaurants.
At that moment some of the others emerge from the kitchen, having finished their preparations.
Vane: Whoa! Check out that line!
Jack: That's the line for Ristorante Nuovo.
Vyrn: What's that?
Jack: It's another restaurant Savarin took over as owner. It's the most popular shop in the area.
Siegfried: I see... Then I suppose that makes it our competitor.
Lancelot: Yes. We have to beat their sales, or we'll have no chance of winning.
Vane: I don't come this way very often, so I had no idea a restaurant like that even existed.
Percival: Hm... This is a perfect opportunity. I think it's time for some reconnaissance.
(Captain) and Lyria join the others after completing their assigned tasks.
Lyria: I'd love to see what that shop is like! Is it okay if we come along?
Jack: Of course! It doesn't look like we're going to have any customers anyway, so let's use the rest of the day to do some scouting!
Vyrn: Come on, (Captain)! Let's go check it out!
(Captain) and company close the bistro temporarily to investigate their competition.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 1: Reviving the Bistro - Episode 2

Ristorante Nuovo's top-notch food and service encourage (Captain) and company to make plans for a new full-course menu. However, the bistro doesn't have the funds to stock expensive new ingredients, so Siegfried suggests that they hunt monsters for the things they need instead. The conversation devolves into a silly argument between Vane and Percival, coming to a head as the pair decide to have a cooking battle.

(Captain) and company join the long line outside the busy restaurant, where they encounter a man who seems to be the manager.
Restaurant Manager: Welcome to Ristorante Nuovo, the city's most popular eatery! The end of the line is right over here!
Restaurant Manager: We apologize for keeping our valued customers waiting, but I can assure you the taste will be worth the wait!
Restaurant Manager: We've created some limited-time specials for the competition using our top-grade ingredients, so make sure to give them a try!
Lancelot: Limited-time specials, huh... That's a good way to draw customers in.
Restaurant Staff: Welcome. Feel free to take a look at our menu while you wait.
Percival: Hm... It seems they've generated publicity by using rare ingredients and employing a famous chef.
Spotting Jack, the manager flashes a bold smile and makes his way toward the group.
Restaurant Manager: Why, if it isn't Jack! Did you decide to drop by since you don't have any customers of your own?
Restaurant Manager: Care to give our full-course meal a try? We use only the finest ingredients! You'd never be able to eat anything like it at your bistro!
Jack: ...
Restaurant Manager: Hahaha! Well, see you later!
Seemingly satisfied at Jack's inability to find the words to respond, the man walks away.
Vyrn: Hey... Are you really gonna let him talk to you like that?
Jack: Hahaha... Well, it's just like he said. We don't have any customers.
Vane: That guy really rubs me the wrong way! Let's earn the most and beat that jerk!
Siegfried: The higher up someone is on their pedestal, the easier it is to knock them down.
Siegfried: First we need to determine just how good he really is.
Lancelot: Yes! Hence the saying: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
(Captain) and company decide to try the food at Ristorante Nuovo in order to gauge the strength of their opponent.
After finishing their meal, they return to Bistro Feendrache to come up with a game plan.
Percival: Well, he certainly wasn't all talk. The flavor and service were superb, and the prices were fair.
Percival: To put it bluntly, we have a snowball's chance in hell of winning as it is now.
Vane: Man... I hate to admit it, but Percy's right.
Vane: We'll just have to use fancy ingredients to come up with our own special menu!
Lancelot: You said it! Let's overhaul the bistro so we can compete with them on even footing!
Percival: Wait... First look at this.
Percival: Judging from the restaurant's account book, we don't have the funds to stock expensive new ingredients.
Percival: In other words, we'll have to come up with a new menu using the ingredients we have on hand.
Jack: I'm sorry, everyone...
Vyrn: Dang it... We could really use a good idea about now!
Lyria: Yeah. I wonder what we can do...
A heavy silence fills the restaurant, until finally Siegfried speaks up.
Siegfried: Why don't we procure the ingredients ourselves instead of using the ones here?
Siegfried: The monsters in this area are pretty tasty, you know.
Lyria: Oh?
(Captain) and company exchange glances upon hearing Siegfried's casual suggestion.
Vane: Good idea! Why didn't I think of that!
Lancelot: By hunting monsters, we can get all the ingredients we need free of cost!
Vyrn: H-hang on a sec...
Percival: Hm... In order to impress a gourmet like Savarin, we'll need rare ingredients that you can't find at a typical market.
Percival: So creating a full-course menu using monsters could be a reasonable strategy.
Vane: All right! Since we're all in agreement, let's get out there and take down some monsters!
Percival: Hold it, mongrel! What kind of fool would gather ingredients before deciding what they're going to make?
Vane: Wahaha! Good point!
Lancelot: Do you have any menu ideas, Percival?
Percival: No, not yet.
Vane: You don't seem like the cooking type, Percy. I bet you have no idea what we need!
Percival: Silence, mongrel. I'll have you know I can cook just fine.
Vane: Huh, is that so? Then why don't you prove it by making us something!
Percival: Very well.
Vane: All right! Time for a cooking battle!
Percival: Humph. I'll wipe that smile right off your face.
Lancelot: Oh, come on. This is no time to be fighting among ourselves.
Percival & Vane: We're not fighting!
Siegfried: Heh... They're perfectly in sync.
Vyrn: Why don't you guys try whippin' up somethin' together instead?
Percival & Vane: No way!
Lyria: Wh-what do you think, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Sounds like they're all gung ho about cookin' monsters... but do restaurants really serve stuff like that?
  1. Let's see what happens.

Choose: Let's see what happens.
Percival: We'll let (Captain) and the crew decide whose dish is tastier—mine or the mongrel's.
Vane: Yeah! Sounds good to me! We're counting on you, (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria!
And so Vane and Percival begin their cooking battle, all because of a silly disagreement.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 1: Reviving the Bistro - Episode 3

After drawing straws to decide teams, the four knights get to work brainstorming appetizer ideas. Vane and Lancelot decide to recreate Vane's grandmother's fish quiche, and they travel with (Captain) and the crew to a lake near their hometown to fish for monsters called drachentrout to use in the recipe.

The four knights draw straws in order to fairly decide the teams.
As a result, Lancelot ends up with Vane, while Siegfried joins Percival.
After breaking into teams, they start thinking up ideas for a new appetizer.
Vane: Hmm... I know I talked big, but I can't think of a good idea for an appetizer.
Vane: What sounds good to you, Lancey?
Lancelot: Hmm... Me? I enjoy everything you make.
Vane: Ahaha... I'm happy to hear it, but that doesn't really help me narrow it down.
Vane: Let me rephrase the question. Out of all the dishes I've ever cooked, which do you think was the best?
Lancelot: The best? I don't think I can decide...
Lancelot: Oh, I know! What about the quiche you made that one time?
Vane: Huh? Quiche? Isn't that kinda boring?
Lancelot: Your grandmother's fish quiche recipe was seriously delicious! If you could replicate that, you'd win for sure!
Lancelot: I don't really know anything about cooking, but quiche would work as an appetizer, right?
Vane: Hmm... Grandma's quiche, huh. That might work!
Lancelot: Right? And I know just the fish to use! You know the ones!
Vane: Oh! Perfect! All right, let's go get those ingredients!
Vane and Lancelot are the first team to head out in search of ingredients.
Percival and Siegfried stay behind to man the bistro while they're away.
(Captain) and the crew join Vane and Lancelot as they make their way to a lake near their hometown.
Lancelot: We're here, (Captain).
Vane: Wow! This place hasn't changed a bit!
Lyria: You two must have a lot of fond memories here.
Lancelot: Yes, we do. We used to come here all the time when we were kids.
Vane: Tons of stuff happened here... It was a huge part of our lives.
Vyrn: But what's so special about this lake?
Vane: This lake is home to monsters called drachentrout. They're vicious but delicious!
Vane: We're gonna use them as the secret ingredient in our fish quiche!
Lancelot: (Captain), why don't you and the others fish with us?
(Captain) and company agree to help them catch the drachentrout.
Vane: You know, it feels kinda strange coming here with (Captain) and the crew.
Lancelot: This place was kind of our secret hideout!
Vyrn: Did you do a lot of fishin' around here?
Lancelot: Yes, but that's not all. We often went swimming in the lake when it was hot out too.
Vane: And—oh yeah! I remember one time when the two of us went camping, and we lay on the ground looking up at the stars.
Vane: And Lancey here freaked me out in the middle of the night by shaking the tent!
Lancelot: Uh... No, I didn't.
Vane: Huh? No way. Don't you remember? You made it rattle back and forth!
Lancelot: Did I really do something like that? It doesn't ring a bell.
Vane: It was super scary, so you better remember! Please tell me you were the one who did that!
Lancelot: O-okay... In that case, I might remember doing something like that...
Vyrn: Hahaha! You two've been friends forever, huh!
Lyria: Hehe. I'm glad we were able to visit such an important place to the two of you!
Vane: Hahaha... Depending on Lancey's answer earlier, this could've ended up being a traumatic place instead.
Lancelot: Oh? Looks like you have a bite, (Captain).
  1. Got one!
  2. It's fighting like crazy!

Choose: Got one!
Vane: I'll help you pull it out of the water, (Captain)!

Choose: It's fighting like crazy!
Lancelot: Keep a firm grip on that rod, (Captain)!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Here it comes, (Captain)!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 1: Reviving the Bistro - Episode 4

As Vane and the others return to the bistro, Percival and Siegfried select their own team's appetizer—a pate de campagne recipe passed down to Percival from his mother. They head out with (Captain) and the crew in search of meat and work together to corner a monster called a drachenboar.

Vane and Lancelot return to find the other team still trying to decide on an appetizer.
Siegfried stands quietly as Percival mulls over ideas in his head.
Siegfried: Did you decide on an appetizer, Percival?
Percival: Yes... I'm going to make pate de campagne using the recipe I learned from my mother.
With a far-off look in his eyes, Percival tells the others about a particular dish he is confident in preparing, having made it with his mother countless times.
Siegfried: What exactly is pate?
Percival: It consists of finely minced meat mixed with herbs, which is then molded into shape and baked.
Percival: To make it, we'll need to gather various types of meats from different beasts. Plain meat won't have enough flavor.
Percival: Do you happen to know a good hunting spot for beasts with quality meat on their bones?
Siegfried: Hmm... I might have an idea. Come with me.
Having finally decided on their appetizer, Percival and Siegfried head out in search of ingredients.
Vane and Lancelot stay behind to man the bistro while they're away.
(Captain) and the crew join Siegfried and Percival as they make their way deep into a forest.
Siegfried: Here we are. I used to camp in this forest a lot back in the day.
Percival: I see. What can you hunt here?
Siegfried: Those.
Siegfried points at an enormous monster plodding by.
???: ...
Vyrn: Wh-what kinda monster is that! It's huge!
Siegfried: It's a type of boar that lives in this area called a drachenboar.
Siegfried: Its meat is absolutely delicious. I think it'll be perfect for a pate.
Drachenboar: Oink, oink.
Vyrn: That thing looks really mean. Are you sure it's safe to hunt?
Lyria: Those were some angry-sounding oinks.
Percival: Come on, (Captain). What do you say the two of us catch that thing together?
(Captain) and Percival put some distance between themselves and the drachenboar to keep from being noticed.
Drachenboar: ...
Percival: All right, (Captain). Here's the plan. One of us will stay downwind so it doesn't catch the person's scent.
Percival: The other person will intentionally move upwind to scare the beast away.
Percival: The moment the boar starts to run, the person standing downwind will confront it, and we'll catch it in a pincer attack.
Percival: Simple enough, right? So which do you prefer, (Captain)? Upwind or downwind?
  1. I'll go upwind to scare it!
  2. I'll wait downwind...

Choose: I'll go upwind to scare it!
Percival: All right. Then I'll wait here downwind.
Percival: Good luck.
(Captain) heads upwind of the beast.
The captain waits for the perfect moment and then emerges to face the drachenboar.

Choose: I'll wait downwind...
Percival: All right. Then I'll head upwind to scare it away.
Percival: You wait here downwind.
Percival makes his way upwind of the beast.
He waits for the perfect moment and then emerges to face the drachenboar.
Continue 1
Drachenboar: Oink!
As soon as the drachenboar spots the suspicious figure upwind, it takes off in a completely random direction.
And with that, Percival's and (Captain)'s pincer strategy ends in failure.
Percival: Tch... Why did it run that way!
Drachenboar: Oink, oink!
Percival: Siegfried! It's headed your way!
Lyria: Siegfried, look out!
The drachenboar speeds toward Siegfried.
Siegfried: No need to worry.
He calmly prepares to intercept the beast.
Drachenboar: Squeeeal!
Siegfried: Hyah!
The moment the drachenboar rushes in to attack, a menacing look crosses Siegfried's face.
Drachenboar: ...!
Surprised, the boar changes course.
Percival: What are you doing! It's going to escape!
But the next moment, the drachenboar steps in a foothold trap, rendering it unable to flee.
Drachenboar: Squeeeal!
Percival: What the...
Vyrn: Whoa! Way to go, Siegfried!
Siegfried: These beasts are pretty clever. It noticed there was someone hiding downwind.
Siegfried: All I needed to do was predict where it would run based on the geography of the area and set a trap there beforehand.
Siegfried: But that wasn't enough to take it down. Time to finish it off, Percival! (Captain)!
Percival: I know that!
Percival and (Captain) make their way toward the trap to catch the drachenboar.
Drachenboar: Squeeeal!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 1: Reviving the Bistro - Episode 4: Scene 2

Having procured their ingredients, Vane and Percival return to the kitchen of Bistro Feendrache to begin cooking. (Captain) and the crew taste-test the two dishes and declare a winner, but in the end both the quiche and pate appetizers are added to the new menu.

Having obtained their ingredients, (Captain) and company gather in the kitchen of Bistro Feendrache.
Vane and Percival begin preparing to make their selected dishes.
Vyrn: We'll let Vane's team make their appetizer first!
Lancelot: For our appetizer we'll be creating a dish called Grandma's Drachentrout Quiche!
Jack: Drachentrout? Are you talking about those ferocious fish monsters notorious for sending fishermen running for their lives?
Jack: It certainly qualifies as a rare ingredient, but I wonder what it tastes like?
Lancelot: You're up, Vane! Ready?
Vane: Good to go, Lancey! Let's get cooking!
Vane: The first step is preparing the appareil and dough in advance.
Lyria: What's an appareil?
Vane: An appareil is a mixture of various ingredients. This one consists of eggs, milk, cream, salt, and pepper.
Vane: To create the dough you add chilled, salt-free butter to a blend of soft and hard wheat flour and salt, then mix them together.
Vane: Then, taking care not to let the butter melt, add cold eggs and ice water, and mix them thoroughly before letting the dough sit overnight.
Jack: Keeping it cold must have a noticeable effect on the texture of the dough.
Vane: Next, add salt and pepper to slices of drachentrout, and let them sit momentarily.
Vane: After wiping the excess moisture off the surface, place the slices in a buttered frying pan, and grill them on medium heat.
Vane: Once you start to see some nicely defined grill marks, flip them over to grill the other side.
Vane: After they're grilled, add some wine, and put a lid over the pan to let the fish steam.
Vane: Once the moisture is gone, turn off the heat, and move the slices to a baking pan to let them cool slightly.
Vane: After they've cooled, remove the bones and skin, and cut them into easy-to-eat pieces.
Vane: Next, saute sliced onions and spinach until the onions are tender.
Vane: Then place the drachentrout pieces, onions, and spinach on the dough.
Vane: Finally, pour the appareil on top, and bake it in the oven until it's brown!
Lancelot: All right, everyone! Give it a try!
Vane: Bon appetit!
(Captain) and the crew set to work stuffing their faces with Vane's drachentrout quiche.
Vyrn: Munch... Mmm... Yum!
Lyria: Nom, nom... I can't stop eating!
Vyrn: The crust is nice and crunchy, but the inside is still moist... The texture's perfect! I could eat the whole thing!
Lyria: The drachentrout is so flaky—it's delicious! It makes me feel all warm inside.
Jack: This quiche is even more incredible than I imagined... It's even better than something you'd find at a five-star restaurant!
(Captain) and company happily devour the quiche.
Lyria: Next it's time for Percival's team to make their appetizer!
Siegfried: Right. We'll be whipping up a dish called Mother's Pate de Campagne.
Jack: I imagine it will be an imaginative dish that exhibits the uniqueness of the creator, much like the quiche.
Siegfried: Indeed. We'll be using high-quality drachenboar meat for our appetizer.
Jack: What! You two must be quite the daredevils to choose meat from those savage boars as your main ingredient.
Siegfried: Ready, Percival?
Percival: Yes. My preparations are flawless, so I'll go ahead and get started.
Percival: First, prepare the minced drachenboar meat, boned rib, liver, caul fat, and blended spices.
Percival: The spice blend consists of cloves, nutmeg, white pepper, cinnamon, and ginger powder.
Percival: Cut the boned rib into rectangular bars, making sure it retains its texture.
Percival: Next, wash the liver to remove the blood, and soak it in milk to get rid of the smell.
Jack: Liver often has a bit of a smell, so that's an important step.
Percival: Once the smell has been removed, mash the liver with a carving knife to create a smooth paste.
Percival: Now all that's left is mixing the ingredients. Add salt to the liver, minced meat, and boned rib, then knead it all together until it's sticky.
Percival: Next, add black pepper, the blended spices, garlic, and shallots, and mix them thoroughly with the meat.
Percival: After that, add eggs, red wine, and brandy to the meat, and mix them together.
Percival: Then, stuff the meat into the caul fat, and hit it against the counter to get rid of the air trapped inside.
Percival: Once the air pockets are gone, cover the meat with more caul fat, and flavor it with thyme and bay leaves.
Percival: Finally, it's time to cook it in a steamer.
Percival: Push a skewer through the center of the meat, and manage the temperature by extending the cooking time little by little, if need be.
Percival: After it's cooked, add water and let it cool until room temperature.
Siegfried: And here's the finished pate de campagne.
Percival: No need to hold back. Give it a try.
(Captain) and company dig in to Percival's pate de campagne.
Vyrn: Munch... Munch, munch... Yummm!
Lyria: Munch... Nom, nom... Gulp.
Lyria: Mmm, it's delicious! The fragrance of the herbs and flavor of the meat are dancing together in my mouth, hand in hand!
Vyrn: Yeah, you got all the stink out of the meat! This pate is like a treasure chest filled with all kinds of meats!
Jack: With its smooth texture, this dish could easily be served at a top-class restaurant.
(Captain) and company happily devour the pate.
After finishing both appetizers, (Captain) and the crew are approached by Vane and Percival.
Vane: So? Which one was better?
Percival: I want your honest answer, (Captain).
  1. Vane's quiche!
  2. Percival's pate!
  3. I can't decide!

Choose: Vane's quiche!
Vane: Nice! Thanks, (Captain)!
Lancelot: Haha! Nice work, Vane!
Percival: Ngh... But how! How did I lose...
Siegfried: Percival, it's a shame, but you lost fair and square.
Percival: I'm aware of that. I won't make a fuss over the results.
Percival: But could Siegfried and I try some of that quiche?
Vane: Sure thing.
Percival and Siegfried try Vane's quiche.
Percival: This flavor... It's incredibly warm and gentle.
Siegfried: Yeah. The warmth is radiating through my entire body. Takes me back to when I was a kid.
Percival: Ngh... Fine. I'll be a man and admit my defeat.

Choose: Percival's pate!
Percival: Heh... Was there ever any doubt I would be victorious?
Siegfried: Way to go, Percival.
Vane: Whaaat! No way! What was wrong with my quiche?
Lancelot: Vane, your quiche was absolutely delicious.
Lancelot: I'm sure this is just a matter of preference...
Vane: Thanks, Lancey.
Vane: Hey, Percival, can I get a bite of that pate?
Percival: Very well. You may each have some.
Lancelot and Vane try Percival's pate.
Vane: Yummm! This is amazing!
Lancelot: Yeah! It's one of a kind!
Vane: Dang it! You beat me fair and square.

Choose: I can't decide!
Vane: What! You have to, (Captain)!
Percival: Are you saying I tied with this mongrel? Preposterous.
Vyrn: Well, they were both super tasty!
Lyria: Yes, they were! It's hard to pick just one since they were both so yummy!
Jack: It certainly is a difficult decision.
Vane and Percival look at each other.
Vane: Well, then I guess this is a draw.
Percival: I suppose. It was my blunder for failing to secure an overwhelming victory.
Continue 1
Following the cooking battle, they decide to add both the quiche and pate to the new limited-time menu.
Vane: That pate was pretty great, Percy! I didn't know you had it in you!
Percival: Humph... Your quiche wasn't bad either.
Lancelot moves to stand between Vane and Percival as they compliment each other's cooking.
Lancelot: I just had a great idea!
Vane: What's up, Lancey?
Lancelot: Now that we've got two new, delicious appetizers, let's pass out samples to the guests outside!
Percival: Hmm... This might be the perfect opportunity to advertise the bistro.
Jack: Great idea! Let's do just that!
Siegfried: Then let's divide up the food and start handing out samples.
(Captain) and company pass out samples of the quiche and pate outside the restaurant.
The day ends with a crowd of people enjoying the surprise tasting party.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 2: Souped-Up Selections - Episode 1

The following day (Captain) and company are unsurprised to find out that Bistro Feendrache is currently dead last in the competition. In order to improve their new menu and increase sales, they begin thinking up soup ideas next. This time Lancelot and Siegfried decide to recreate soups they made while making camp with their respective knight orders.

(Captain) and company gather in Bistro Feendrache before opening time.
Jack: Well... They finished tallying the sales from yesterday and announced the rankings this morning.
Jack: Bistro Feendrache was dead last.
Vane: Yeah... Well, we figured!
Vane: But it's all good! We're just getting started!
Lancelot: Vane's right. Make no mistake—we'll catch up in no time.
Siegfried: Heh... It's always a thrill to be up against the odds.
Percival: There's no reason to feel discouraged. We've only just begun. As long as we win in the end, that's all that matters.
Lyria: Right! Let's get out there and do our best today!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's get this show on the road!
Jack: Thank you so much, everyone!
After finishing their morning meeting, (Captain) and company prepare to open the restaurant.
Thanks to rumors circling about their quiche and pate the day before, they have a surprising influx of customers.
The waiter is called over to the table of a portly man with a young woman in tow.
Portly Man: Excuse me, waiter?
Waiter: Yes? How may I help you?
Portly Man: I'd like a white wine that pairs well with this entree.
Waiter: Let's see... Might I suggest this red wine instead?
Portly Man: Oh, red? I prefer white though.
Waiter: White? But since you've chosen meat as your main dish, I believe a red wine would be a better choice.
Waiter: This particular red wine is said to be a vintage year fancied by royalty.
Young Woman: Wow, really? I didn't know that.
Portly Man: Tch.
Percival: Pardon me.
Percival: I believe this white wine would pair quite well with your selected entree. What do you think?
Portly Man: Oh, is that so! Then I'll have a glass of this white wine, please!
Percival: Of course. Right away, sir.
Percival leads the waiter to a private area.
Waiter: What do you want?
Percival: Were you deliberately trying to make that customer look bad? What were you thinking?
Waiter: E-excuse me? You're just an amateur! What do you know!
Percival: I know more about wine than even you.
Waiter: Argh! You're just some newbie! Don't underestimate me!
Percival: This has nothing to do with how long you've been in the profession. If you keep treating your customers like that, you won't last long.
At that moment Lancelot steps between Percival and the waiter.
Lancelot: Whoa now, what's going on, you two?
Percival: Ah, Lancelot. I was simply warning this man about his method of customer service.
Waiter: ...
Lancelot: I see...
Lancelot: Oh, I almost forgot! Vane wanted you to teach him how to make the pate, Percival.
Lancelot and Percival exchange meaningful glances.
Percival: Hm, I see. Very well. I'm the only one who knows the recipe after all.
Percival: I'll leave the rest to you, Lancelot.
Having grasped the situation, Percival leaves the area.
Waiter: Tch. That guy's always acting so high and mighty.
Waiter: Doesn't it make you angry when he acts that way toward you? I mean, you're his captain!
Lancelot: Hm... I suppose it does sometimes. But lending an ear to his complaints often helps me realize things I wouldn't have otherwise.
Lancelot: His words may be harsh, but he's always thinking about what's best for the other person.
The waiter looks ashamed at Lancelot's words.
Waiter: I guess you're right... I have to admit that deep down I agreed with what he said.
Lancelot: I see. Then what do you say you make use of that experience?
Waiter: Yes... I think I will.
The business day draws to a leisurely end.
After closing time, Jack, (Captain), and the others meet in the kitchen to discuss the new menu.
Jack: I'd like to talk over our next new menu item today.
Jack: Yesterday we decided on quiche and pate. What shall we make today?
Percival: We started out with appetizers, so how about soup next?
Vane: Soup, huh...
Lancelot: I wonder what the best soup I ever tasted was...
Vane: Remember when all of us in the Order of the White Dragons camped out? That wildfowl soup you made has gotta be my favorite!
Lancelot: I was just thinking the same thing! That sure was delicious!
Percival: Hey, Siegfried.
Siegfried: Yes?
Percival: Back when we were in the Order of the Black Dragons, didn't you make soup once when we camped out?
Siegfried: Yeah... I think it was cream of mushroom soup.
Percival: That was quite tasty. Think you could make it again?
Siegfried: Of course. I'm sure I'll remember the recipe as I go along.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Sounds like you're gonna be using your memories of the knight orders to have a soup battle!
Lyria: Wow! They both sound wonderful! I can't wait to try them!
Siegfried: Heh... Then I guess I'll be making the next dish.
Lancelot: Oh?
Lancelot: If Siegfried's making his soup, I'll make mine too!
Vane: Huh? You sure about that, Lancey?
Lancelot: Yeah. It's just soup! I can handle that!
Siegfried: Sounds like a plan. Then I guess it's time to gather the ingredients.
Percival: Let's go, Siegfried.
Siegfried: Heh...
Vane: Come on, Lancey! Let's get moving!
Lancelot: R-right!
Jack: Then we'll leave the ingredients up to you all.
And so the teams head out to obtain their necessary ingredients.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 2: Souped-Up Selections - Episode 2

Siegfried and Percival make their way to a forest with (Captain) and the crew in search of porcinido mushrooms to use in Siegfried's cream of mushroom soup. They finally manage to find one, but when it suddenly sprouts legs and runs away, the group must join forces to catch it.

This time Percival and Siegfried are the first to head out in search of ingredients.
Vane and Lancelot stay behind to man the bistro while they're away.
(Captain) and the crew join Siegfried and Percival as they make their way into the forest where they made camp while in the Order of the Black Dragons.
Siegfried: The mushrooms we're looking for love forests where there's always a moderate level of humidity.
Siegfried: They often sprout next to trees on slopes like these a few days after it rains.
Percival: I've read that different mushrooms grow in different environments. Is that true?
Siegfried: Indeed. Every species has a certain type of tree or location it prefers.
Siegfried: The porcinido mushrooms we're looking for are most delicious this time of year.
Vyrn: Y'know, Siegfried... Sometimes you seem pretty spacey, but then you bust out with random info like this.
Lyria: Why do you know so much about mushrooms, Siegfried?
Siegfried: Hm? There's no real reason behind it.
Siegfried: I've simply learned what I know from my day-to-day experiences.
Siegfried: I ate my fair share of poisonous mushrooms along the way, but I made it through.
Vyrn: Hahaha... I think you're the only person who coulda lived to tell the tale.
Percival: Let's try not to use any poisonous mushrooms this time, all right?
Siegfried: Heh... I know, I know. I won't be the only person who has to deal with the consequences this time, so I'll be more careful.
At that moment (Captain) spots something and calls out to the others.
  1. Look over there!
  2. What are those things?

Choose: Look over there!
Percival: What is it, (Captain)? Did you find something?

Choose: What are those things?
Siegfried: Hm? Where, (Captain)?
Continue 1
(Captain) points at a group of mushrooms wriggling in the ground.
Siegfried: Hm... Well spotted, (Captain). That's a cluster of porcinido mushrooms, but they're still young.
Siegfried: It's a bit early to harvest them, so let's keep looking.
Percival: If there are young mushrooms here, I suppose that means we'll find their older brethren in the area as well.
Siegfried: Exactly.
Siegfried: ...!
Everyone be quiet.
(Captain) and company spot a large mushroom growing from the root of a nearby tree.
Siegfried: Look, that one just finished maturing.
They watch in surprise as the mushroom sprouts legs before their very eyes.
Vyrn: Whoa! Never seen that before!
Lyria: It grew up to be an adult!
Siegfried: Yeah. But growing up means—
Lyria: Eek!
Percival: Are you all right, Lyria?
Percival catches Lyria as she slips on a pile of fallen leaves covered with dew caused by the moisture in the air.
The porcinido mushroom takes off running upon hearing Lyria shout.
Siegfried: It means they're able to run around like that.
Siegfried: All right, (Captain). Percival. Let's catch that mushroom!
  1. On it!

Choose: On it!
Percival: Leave it to me.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 2: Souped-Up Selections - Episode 3

As soon as Percival and the others return to the bistro, (Captain) and the crew join Lancelot and Vane on a trip to a mountainous region in search of birds called pennyfowl to make a wildfowl soup. After discovering traces of pennyfowl, they finally track down one of the birds and set out to capture it.

Shortly after Percival and Siegfried return to the restaurant, (Captain) and the crew set out once again with Lancelot and Vane.
They make their way toward a mountainous area where the Order of the White Dragons once trained.
Lancelot: Oh, this place is so familiar! This has to be where we made camp before!
Vane: Yeah! The memories are rushing back!
Vane: I remember you saying plain old vegetable soup might be kinda boring, so you wanted to add something to spice it up!
Lancelot: Oh? Did that really happen?
Vane: What! Did you seriously forget? We formed a last-minute search party and hunted around for ingredients!
Lancelot: Oh yeah! The ingredient search party! I remember now!
Vane: Sorry for dragging you guys along, (Captain)!
Lancelot: Are we wearing you out by making you help both teams?
Lyria: It's okay! It's really fun getting to go to all sorts of different places!
Vyrn: What are we lookin' for this time?
Lancelot: Our target is the pennyfowl.
Lyria: Pennyfowl? What a cute name. What kind of bird is it?
Lancelot: The pennyfowl is a type of bird that typically lives in much colder regions.
Lancelot: But they migrate here during the winter.
Lyria: Um... What does that mean?
Lancelot: They take to the skies before it gets too cold in search of a location with an abundance of food where they can pass the winter.
Vane: So the pennyfowl around here are even more nutritious and delicious than the ones you find elsewhere!
Vyrn: Whoa, really? That sounds great!
(Captain) and company begin their search for the pennyfowl.
Vyrn: Whatcha been lookin' around for?
Lancelot: Traces of pennyfowl, such as droppings, feathers, or leftover meals.
Lancelot: See? Look at the scratches on this tree.
Lyria: Wow... They're huge.
Vane: That's how pennyfowl mark their territory.
Lancelot: The pennyfowl don't have any natural enemies on this island, so they can basically get away with whatever they want.
Vyrn: Knights sure know about a lot of stuff!
Lancelot: Well, I learned most of what I know from Siegfried.
Vane: But you'd be surprised how useful knowledge like this is on the battlefield.
Lancelot: Yes, it is. You can change the tides of battle with nature on your side.
(Captain) expresses admiration for Siegfried's extensive knowledge.
Lancelot: Haha. If you tell him that, I'm sure he'll be happy to teach you what he knows.
Vane: Nice! I want in on that class too!
At that moment Lancelot notices something and raises his hand in signal to the others.
Vane: What is it?
Lancelot: Shh! Be quiet!
(Captain) and company hide behind a rock per Lancelot's instructions.
Having spotted a pennyfowl perched on the rock pruning itself, they prepare to capture it.
Vyrn: Whoa... It's even bigger than I thought!
Lyria: It's hard to believe that's even a bird...
Lancelot: Its movements are sluggish since it just finished eating. Now's our chance.
Vane: Ready, (Captain)?
  1. I've got this!

Choose: I've got this!
Lancelot: Let's go, (Captain)!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 2: Souped-Up Selections - Episode 4

Having procured their ingredients, Siegfried and Lancelot return to the kitchen to begin cooking. (Captain) and the crew enjoy taste-testing Siegfried's cream of porcinido soup and Lancelot's pennyfowl vegetable soup, and both soups end up being added to the menu. Following the cooking battle, they head outside to pass out samples of the soup.

Having obtained their ingredients, (Captain) and company gather in the kitchen of Bistro Feendrache.
Percival and Siegfried are first up to use the kitchen.
Percival: The soup we'll be making is called Black Dragon Cream of Porcinido Soup.
Jack: What! Porcinido soup?
Jack: I've only ever seen dried porcinido mushrooms before. I can't believe you managed to get your hands on fresh ones...
Jack: I can't wait to see what kind of soup you make with them.
Percival: Are you ready, Siegfried?
Siegfried: Aye, all good. Vane was kind enough to reteach me the basics.
Vane: You've got this, Siegfried!
Lancelot: Good luck, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Heh... Thanks.
Siegfried: First, remove the hard tips of the porcinido mushrooms, and cut the mushrooms into appropriate sizes.
Siegfried: Then heat some butter in a pot, add the mushrooms and cake flour, and saute them.
Siegfried: Once the powdery texture is gone, add the soup stock.
Percival: He's using the bistro's staple stock.
Siegfried: After the mixture is brought to a simmer, add some milk, cover it with a lid, and let it continue simmering on low heat.
Siegfried: As soon as the soup has thickened a bit, add salt and pepper to taste.
Siegfried: And finally sprinkle a bit of your favorite cheese on top.
Percival: Nice work, Siegfried.
Siegfried: All right, everyone. Give it a try.
(Captain) and company try a spoonful of Siegfried's cream soup.
Vyrn: Mmm...
Vyrn: Yum!
Lyria: W-wow!
Lyria: The mellow flavor of the porcinido mushrooms matches the rich cream soup perfectly!
Vyrn: Yeah! The mushrooms are playing a creamy concerto in my mouth!
Jack: Anything else fizzles beside this multilayer flavor explosion!
(Captain) and company happily enjoy the Black Dragon Cream of Porcinido Soup.
Lancelot: We're up next!
Vane: We're going to make something called White Dragon Pennyfowl Vegetable Soup!
Jack: Oh, pennyfowl! You can use those birds to make a mean soup stock, but they're quite difficult to catch.
Vane: You sure about this, Lancey? Lemme know if you need any help!
Lancelot: Okay, thanks! But I've got this!
Lancelot: First, cut the plucked and cleaned pennyfowl thighs into bite-size pieces...
Lancelot: Why won't these things cut...
Vane: Here you go! Bite-size pieces, just like you wanted!
Lancelot: Thanks...
Lancelot: Next, sprinkle wine onto the bite-size thigh meat.
Lancelot: After that, cut the onions into thick slices, chop the carrots, and roughly shred the cabbage into easy-to-eat pieces.
Vane: I finished cutting the vegetables, Lancey!
Lancelot: Hahaha... Nice, Vane! You're such a pro!
Lancelot: Next, put the pennyfowl thighs, onions, carrots, and olive oil into a pot, and cook them on medium heat until they're tender. Then, add salt.
Lancelot: After that, add wine and enough water to cover everything, and lower the heat after bringing it to a simmer. Skim the foam off the top, cover the pot with a lid, and let it continue simmering.
Lancelot: Finally, add a little salt and it's done!
Vane: All right! You did it, Lancey!
Lancelot: Only because you handled most of it...
Vane: No, no! You're the one who did the cooking, Lancey!
Lancelot: Well... Thanks, Vane.
Lancelot: All right, everyone! Dig in!
Lyria: Wow! What a lovely soup!
Lyria: I can taste the rich pennyfowl stock within the light, clear flavor of the soup!
Vyrn: Mmm! The taste is spreadin' right through me!
Vyrn: I feel like I'm soarin' through the skies with the pennyfowl!
Vyrn: They oughta be called 24-karat fowl!
Jack: I'm shocked you were able to do so much with such a simple soup.
Once (Captain) and the crew have finished trying both dishes, the time comes for them to make their decision.
Lancelot: So, (Captain)? Which soup was the most delicious?
Siegfried: (Captain), give us your honest opinion.
(Captain) and the crew exchange glances with each other.
Lyria: Hmm, they were both so good... This is hard.
Vyrn: I'm with Lyria. What about you, Jack?
Jack: I'm not sure I can decide. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Siegfried's mushroom soup!
  2. Lancelot's pennyfowl soup!
  3. I can't decide!

Choose: Siegfried's mushroom soup!
Siegfried: Really? Thanks, (Captain).
Siegfried: I'm glad you liked it.
Percival: Nice job, Siegfried.
Lancelot: Congratulations, Siegfried.
Lancelot: Would you mind if I tried some of your soup?
Vane: I wanna try it too!
Siegfried: Of course. Have as much as you like.
Lancelot and Vane try Siegfried's cream of porcinido soup.
Lancelot: W-wow... What a rich flavor. This is the most delicious cream soup I've ever tasted!
Vane: Yeah, it's super tasty! I didn't know you had a special skill like this up your sleeve, Siegfried!
Lancelot: Looks like cooking's another area where I'm no match for Siegfried...
Percival: I suggest we conclude that both teams were fairly evenly matched. I think that would be the best outcome for the sake of the bistro's future.

Choose: Lancelot's pennyfowl soup!
Lancelot: Really? Thank you, (Captain).
Vane: Yay! You did it, Lancey!
Siegfried: You've improved a lot, Lancelot.
Lancelot: No, I only won because of all of Vane's help.
Percival: I'm curious what it tastes like. Could I try some?
Lancelot: Yes, of course!
Vane: What about you, Siegfried?
Siegfried: Sure, I'll have some too.
Siegfried and Percival try Lancelot's pennyfowl vegetable soup.
Siegfried: It's incredibly refreshing, but it also has a deep, rich flavor. I feel like I could keep eating it forever.
Percival: Indeed. The broth mixed with the sweetness of the vegetables creates a perfect balance.
Siegfried: You truly bested me, Lancelot.
Percival: I suggest we conclude that both teams were fairly evenly matched. I think that would be the best outcome for the sake of the bistro's future.

Choose: I can't decide!
Siegfried: Hm... Does that mean it's a tie?
Lancelot: You thought they were both so delicious that you couldn't pick one? That's pretty amazing!
Vane: Aww, a draw? Seriously?
Percival: I suppose there's no sense arguing with the results.
Percival: I suggest we conclude that both teams were fairly evenly matched. I think that would be the best outcome for the sake of the bistro's future.
Continue 1
Vane: Yeah, that's a good point!
Following the cooking battle, they decide to add both the mushroom and pennyfowl soups to the new limited-time menu.
Lancelot: What do you say we pass out samples of both types of soup?
Siegfried: Good idea. The guests really enjoyed the quiche and pate last time.
Jack: Then I'll round up the rest of the staff members!
Vyrn: All right! Let's get ready to head out!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's do our best, (Captain)!
From that day onward, the mysterious folks handing out delicious food samples at Bistro Feendrache become the talk of the town.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 3: Cooking Up a New Entree - Episode 1

The next day (Captain) and company arrive at Bistro Feendrache to find that they are still near the bottom of the rankings, but they begin to see a few customers trickling in thanks to their efforts handing out samples. After noticing that large portions of the main dish are being left uneaten, (Captain) and the others decide to come up with a new main entree for the menu.

(Captain) and company gather in Bistro Feendrache before opening time.
The bistro has climbed slightly in the rankings, but they are still unable to break out of the bottom of the barrel.
Jack: Well... We're still closer to the bottom of the rankings than the top.
Jack: But thanks to everyone's efforts, we're slowly moving in the right direction.
Jack: Let's keep up the pace!
Vane: All right! Keep it up, everybody!
Lancelot: It looks like the impromptu tasting parties are already making an impact!
Percival: But we'll have to do something bigger to cause an upset in the rankings.
Siegfried: Right... We need something to revive the bistro.
(Captain) and the others are surprised to see the faces of the other staff members at their morning meeting.
Waiter: You know... I was thinking.
Waiter: Lancelot, why don't you and the guys ask for the help of your other knight friends?
Waitress: Oh, I thought of the same thing.
Vane: Hmm. Sorry, but I don't want to rely on the rest of the order.
Lancelot: I'm afraid I have to agree. I can't very well deploy the order for personal reasons.
Percival: And remember, winning the competition isn't enough. We have to make a dish that will impress Savarin.
Waiter: Oh, right.
Waitress: Sorry about that.
Siegfried: No worries. I think it's great the two of you are trying to help think of ideas.
Siegfried: Now let's get out there and have a successful day.
They see an influx of customers upon opening the bistro, but nowhere near enough to say that business is booming.
Hasty Customer: Thanks for a great meal.
Lancelot: We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you again.
Percival: Hey, Lancelot. Meet me in the kitchen.
Lancelot: Hm? What happened?
Percival shows Lancelot the plates in his hands, filled with leftovers of the main entrees.
Percival: This paints a clear picture of the current state of the bistro.
Lancelot: That's rough... It looks like we'll need to think up some ideas for new main dishes as well.
Percival: The main entrees cost the most after all. In order to increase sales, we'll need to make improvements as soon as possible.
Lancelot and Percival call on Vane and Siegfried to join them.
Vane: Yikes. Sure is rough when they don't want to finish your cooking.
Siegfried: We're getting more customers, but we're also seeing a lot more food left over.
Siegfried: While doing the dishes, we've noticed large portions of the main entrees left uneaten.
Chef 1: I'm sorry.
Chef 2: That's our fault, isn't it?
Vane: No, no, that's not it! We're not trying to blame you. Let's all brainstorm together!
Chef 1: Oh, good.
Lancelot: He's right, but we're still on the clock right now. Let's talk about this after the bistro closes.
Chef 2: All right.
Although there have been no serious issues, a gloom hangs in the air among the staff.
(Captain) and company decide to think up ideas for new main entrees after the store closes for the day.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 3: Cooking Up a New Entree - Episode 2

After closing time (Captain) and company discuss ideas for a new main dish. Percival suggests that they use a vicious—yet delicious—fish called demonbream, and they set out for Auguste to make preparations.

Once the bistro has closed and all the staff members have gone home, (Captain) and company rack their brains thinking up new main dish ideas.
But brainstorming proves difficult as they are unable to come up with any concrete ideas.
Percival: Something filling like meat or fish would probably be best.
Vane: Yeah. Can't beat the classics.
Percival: If we decide to go with fish, I recommend a type of white fish called demonbream, considering the season.
Vyrn: What the heck are demonbream?
Percival: They're a rare species of fish I've only ever eaten a handful of times.
Percival: Considering their violent nature they're not suited for breeding, so you only ever find wild-caught demonbream in markets.
Percival: Most people think of spring as the season for demonbream, but gourmets place a higher value on the ones caught in autumn.
Percival: In autumn, demonbream eat more in order to prepare for the upcoming harsh winter, making them fattier and more delicious.
Lyria: Wow, Percival! You know everything!
Siegfried: I guess having healthy appetites means they'll be easy to catch this time of year.
Siegfried: But that's only if we can find fishermen willing to brave the danger.
Percival: I have some connections in the Auguste Fisherman's Guild. Leave the ship arrangements to me.
Lancelot: All right! Let's get out there and catch some demonbream!
Percival: Not so fast. First we need to make the necessary preparations. Let's start by heading to Auguste.
Sensing Percival has a plan in mind, (Captain) and company follow his command and make their way to Auguste.
Will (Captain) and the others be able to catch any of the dangerous demonbream?

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 3: Cooking Up a New Entree - Episode 3

Back in Bistro Feendrache, Jack listens as the veteran staff members express their displeasure at his alleged preferential treatment of Lancelot and the others. Meanwhile, (Captain) and company make their way toward a cave on the Auguste coast in order to catch prawn to use as bait for the demonbream.

As (Captain) and company head out to fish for demonbream, the restaurant staff gathers in Bistro Feendrache.
Jack: So? What's this urgent meeting about?
Waiter: We have something to discuss with you.
Chef 1: Are you really okay with replacing the recipes you inherited from your family?
Jack: Well...
Chef 1: I'm against the new menu! At this rate we're going to lose our regular customers!
Jack: True. But if I just keep stubbornly clinging to my family's recipes, the bistro itself will close.
Jack: And (Captain) and the others are working so hard to help the restaurant.
Jack: Everything is for the sake of the bistro. Would you be willing to trust my judgment?
Chef 2: I see how it is... You value the other guys more than us, don't you?
Jack: No, it has nothing to do with value...
Waitress: But in reality, don't you think you're showing them preferential treatment?
Jack: I hear what you're saying. I'd be happy to sit down and listen to everyone's complaints.
Jack attempts to smooth out the situation after hearing his employees' grievances.
Meanwhile, (Captain) and company make their way into a gloomy cave along the shore of Auguste.
Percival: By the way, (Captain), are you familiar with the phrase "using prawn to catch demonbream"?
  1. Yes, I am!
  2. I don't think I've heard that before...

Choose: Yes, I am!
Percival: Heh. Why am I not surprised.

Choose: I don't think I've heard that before...
Percival: I see. It just means that a small amount of effort and investment can yield a great reward.
Continue 1
Percival: Well, I'm not so naive as to think it will be as easy as the saying makes it sound. But it could be just the attitude we need.
Lancelot: Say, how much further do we need to go?
Percival: They should be around here somewhere...
???: ...
Vane: Oh! I just saw something move over there!
Prawn: ...!
Lancelot: Hm? Is that a prawn?
Percival: Correct. That's what we're looking for.
Siegfried: Hm... Then let's split up and catch some.
Vyrn: Yeah! Leave the prawn catchin' to us!
Lyria: Let's see who can catch the most!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 3: Cooking Up a New Entree - Episode 4

Thanks to Percival's connections, (Captain) and company are able to find a fisherman willing to take them into demonbream territory. Shortly after they begin fishing, (Captain) gets a bite, and the knights combine their efforts to help the captain pull up a gigantic demonbream.

(Captain) and company finish catching prawn within the Auguste cave.
Thanks to Percival's connections, they manage to find a fisherman willing to help them and make their way toward the ocean region inhabited by demonbream.
Fisherman: We'll be in demonbream territory soon. I gotta say, you guys are pretty crazy wanting to catch demonbream this time of year.
Percival: Perhaps. We need those demonbream no matter what.
Fisherman: I see. Well, whatever your reason, demonbream fishing is dangerous, so you don't usually see anybody trying it.
Fisherman: So is this your first time catching demonbream?
Lancelot: I have a fair amount of fishing experience, but I've never fished for demonbream before.
Vane: It's my first time too! I'm excited to test my skills!
Percival: I've read about demonbream in books before, but I don't have any prior experience fishing for them.
Vyrn: This is our first time too!
Fisherman: Hehe. So you're all a bunch of newbies, eh? Sure you'll be all right out there?
Siegfried: Don't worry. I've done plenty of image training in preparation for catching demonbream today.
Fisherman: O-oh, is that so?
(This guy's strangely persuasive...)
Fisherman: Well, I'm sure you wouldn't have said you wanted to fish for them if you didn't think you could handle it.
Fisherman: All right, time to head into demonbream territory! Is everyone ready?
Siegfried: Yes, we are. Now all that's left is to catch them, right, (Captain)?
  1. I'm ready and raring to go!

Choose: I'm ready and raring to go!
Vyrn: All right! Let's get fishin'!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's catch those demonbream!
Fisherman: Hang on, you're even going to make this young lady and her friends help you?
Lyria: I want to do whatever I can! We're counting on your help too, sir!
Fisherman: Heh... Roger that. I'll teach you how to catch them.
The fisherman skillfully baits his hook with a prawn.
Fisherman: Now then... First you want to make sure this baby reaches the proper depth.
Vyrn: Why does that matter?
Percival: It's important for the bait to be in the layer of the water where the demonbream are swimming.
Fisherman: Correct! Then you want to move the fishing rod to wiggle the lure.
Lyria: Why's that?
Percival: You want to move the lure vertically in order to entice the demonbream to eat the prawn.
Fisherman: Haha, right again! You're a lot more knowledgeable about this stuff than you look!
Fisherman: Okay! Now it's time to apply what you've learned!
(Captain) and company lower their bait to the indicated depth and move their fishing rods up and down.
A few moments later, (Captain)'s fishing pole starts to bend.
Siegfried: Oh... (Captain)! You've got a bite!
Fisherman: Now, everyone!
  1. Heave-roe!

Choose: Heave-roe!
Lancelot: I'm coming, (Captain)! Don't let go!
Vane: Don't worry! I've got you, (Captain)!
Percival: (Captain)! Don't let it get away!
Siegfried: We've got your back, (Captain).
  1. Here it comes!

Choose: Here it comes!
(Captain) uses every ounce of strength to pull out the fish, which turns out to be an enormous demonbream.
Demonbream: Glub, glub!
Fisherman: I-I've never seen a demonbream this big!
Demonbream: Glub! Glub, glub!
Percival: Careful! If the fish keeps thrashing around like that it's going to escape!
Lancelot: Don't let it get away! Vane, take the rear!
Vane: On it, Lancey! You can count on me!
Siegfried: Now then, demonbream. Be a good little fishy, won't you?
Lyria: I'll back you up!
Vyrn: All right! Let's go, (Captain)!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 4: A Spiritual Sorbet - Episode 1

Having successfully landed their catch, (Captain) and company return to the bistro where Vane and Jack combine their efforts to create a magnificent demonbream dish. After adding the new main entree to their menu, they decide to build tables for the outdoor terrace where customers can order drinks and snacks.

Demonbream: ...
Jack: My, what a magnificent demonbream.
Having successfully landed their catch, (Captain) and company return to the kitchen of Bistro Feendrache to begin cooking.
Vane: It's great we caught the demonbream and all, but what exactly are we gonna make with it?
Percival: We could saute it, prepare it a la meuniere, or cook it a la poele... Why don't we try several options?
Vane: Sounds good! Leave the cooking to me!
Lancelot: Then can we be your taste-testers?
Vane: Sure! You guys eat up and tell me what you think!
Siegfried: Thanks for handling the heavy lifting, Vane.
Vane masterfully whips up a number of demonbream dishes for (Captain) and the others to try.
After comparing a variety of options, (Captain) and company select the poele as the winner.
Vane: Poele it is.
Lyria: What does poele mean?
Vane: Hehe, an excellent question. I'm about to make some more right now, so watch closely!
Vane: First, sprinkle your demonbream slices with salt and pepper, and let them sit for ten or so minutes.
Vane: Next, add olive oil and garlic to a frying pan, and saute over low heat until it begins to give off an aroma.
Vane: Lay the strips in the pan skin side down, adding pressure while they grill so the skin will be nice and crispy.
Vane: After the skin side has cooked for four to five minutes, flip the slices over, and melt some butter in the pan.
Vane: Once the butter has melted, spoon it over the top in order to continue drawing out the flavor of the fish until it develops a crispy texture.
Vyrn: Whoa, that looks awesome!
Percival: But we haven't decided on the most important part yet—the sauce.
Vane: I tested a bunch of different sauces, but none of them went well with the demonbream...
At that moment Jack nervously holds out a bottle in front of the others.
Jack: This is a secret sauce passed down to me by the bistro's previous owner, my father.
Jack: Could I ask you to try it with the demonbream?
Vane: Of course! It's worth a shot!
Vane drizzles the secret sauce over the demonbream.
Vane: And with that, the Demonbream Poele with Special Sauce is complete.
(Captain) and company try the demonbream with secret sauce on top.
Vane: Mm... Yum! This is incredible!
Percival: The sauce matches the powerful fleshiness of the demonbream perfectly!
Lancelot: They're in perfect harmony! It's a miracle!
Siegfried: It's just... too delicious... Thank you... I'm overwhelmed...
Vyrn: H-hey, are you guys okay? You're actin' funny...
Lyria: I-I'll try some too!
Munch... Nom, nom...
Lyria: Wooow! It's so yummy!
Vyrn: Lemme have a bite!
Vyrn: Whoaaa! Yuuum!
  1. Mmmmm!

Choose: Mmmmm!
(Captain): ...
Jack: Yes! We did it! My father's sauce was the missing piece of the puzzle!
Jack: Thank you so much, everyone! I'm sure my father's up there somewhere smiling down on us!
And so, (Captain) and company successfully add a new main entree to the menu.
They continue brainstorming for additional ideas to make the bistro an even bigger success.
Lancelot: I'd like for us to come up with another selling point on top of handing out demonbream samples.
Vyrn: Another selling point?
Lancelot: Yes. I want to think of a way to more directly impact our sales.
Percival: Good idea. We may be slowly gaining more customers, but we're still far from having the highest sales.
Vane: Advertising outside is definitely effective, but we can't exactly stay out there all day.
They glance outside to see the usual long line of customers outside Ristorante Nuovo, the restaurant currently in first place.
Siegfried: Or can we? Why don't we move the bistro outside?
Percival: Move it outside?
Percival: Oh! I see... That might work!
Lancelot: Yeah! That's it! That's just the thing we need to breathe some life into the bistro!
Vane: R-right on! Move the bistro outside! Yeah, let's do it!
Percival: Do you actually understand the strategy behind it?
Vane: Ahahaha! Nope, no idea! But I'm here to help either way!
Lyria: I'm a bit lost, but I'll do whatever I can to help!
Percival: Well, the more the merrier.
Lancelot and Percival instruct (Captain) and the others to gather lumber outside the restaurant.
Vane: So what's all this lumber for anyway?
Percival: We're going to use it to make tables where guests can stand and drink outside.
Lancelot: The customers at these tables will be able to order drinks and snacks.
Siegfried: Heh... We can advertise outside while at the same time increasing our operation rate by using tables with a high amount of turnover.
Siegfried: And on top of that, we can use simple things like drinks and snacks to increase the amount purchased by each customer.
Vane: W-wow! There's not a single downside!
Percival: And that's not all. If everything goes well, we'll be able to snatch customers from other lines who are tired of waiting.
Lancelot: Right! Okay, everyone! Let's work together to get this terrace up and running!
The Four: Yeah!
  1. Let's do this!

Choose: Let's do this!
(Captain) and company start to work on the bistro's new terrace lounge.
Restaurant Manager: What's all this? Is it arts and crafts time over here?
Jack: It sure is. You see... Unlike you, we have plenty of free time on our hands.
Restaurant Manager: Hahaha! Well, keep up the good work!
The manager of Ristorante Nuovo struts off, chuckling loudly.
Paying the man no heed, (Captain) and company continue building the terrace in determined silence.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 4: A Spiritual Sorbet - Episode 2

Once the tables have been constructed, (Captain) and the others discuss new dessert options for the menu. Lancelot describes a unique sorbet that he once came across that changes flavors as you eat it, and the group excitedly heads out in search of the mysterious treat.

After the construction of the terrace tables is complete, (Captain) and company chat happily, admiring their work.
Percival: The terrace is finally finished. Well done, everyone.
Lancelot: Man, I'm exhausted. Time for a break.
Vane: Hehe. I figured you'd say that, so I brought cold drinks for everybody!
Lancelot: Thanks, Vane! Good thinking!
Percival: I'll have one.
Siegfried: Me too. I have to say, this terrace does seem like a great place to drink.
Vyrn: Well, it is pretty hot out here! I could use a drink too!
Lyria: I'd like one too, please!
Lyria: I could really go for some ice cream right about now. Hot weather always makes me crave something cold.
Vane: Oh, ice cream sounds great! Now I want some!
Lancelot: ...!
Ice cream, huh? That might work!
Percival: What's on your mind, Lancelot?
Lancelot: Well, I was trying to come up with some desserts for the new menu, and I thought ice cream might be just the thing.
Percival: Hm... That's a fairly standard dessert. Do you have any ideas to spruce it up?
Lancelot: Yes. Strictly speaking, I was actually considering sorbet rather than ice cream.
Lancelot: I encountered a mysterious sorbet while I was visiting a certain island, and I've never been able to forget the taste.
Vane: I remember you telling me about that sorbet before, Lancey!
Vane: The one that's somehow refreshing, warm, and tangy all at the same time, right?
Vyrn: Huh, that sounds pretty neat!
Lyria: How interesting! I'd love to try it!
Percival: It certainly sounds unique. I wouldn't be surprised if it had already caught on elsewhere.
Lancelot: You'd think so, but I've never seen it anywhere other than that one island.
Siegfried: Sounds like it's worth looking into.
Lancelot: Yes! I'd love for you to try it, Siegfried!
  1. I want to try it too!

Choose: I want to try it too!
Lancelot: Of course! Let's all hunt for the sorbet together!
And so (Captain) and company depart in search of the mysterious sorbet.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 4: A Spiritual Sorbet - Episode 3

(Captain) and company arrive to find that the sorbet shop is no longer in business, so they seek out the previous owner to ask him to teach them the recipe. The elderly man leads them to a field in search of magical crystals left by wind spirits to use in the sorbet. They find themselves under attack by wind spirits and must drive them away without hurting them.

(Captain) and company follow Lancelot to the location where he once tasted the mysterious sorbet.
Lancelot: Strange... I could have sworn the shop was around here, but I don't see it anywhere.
Vane: Let's try asking around!
They learn from the residents of the area that the man who once owned the sorbet shop had closed its doors and retired.
(Captain) and company make their way to the man's house in a remote area deep within the mountains.
Percival: Over there! That must be his house.
Vyrn: Let's check it out!
The group arrives at the house to find an elderly man lying in bed.
Elderly Man: Well, this is a surprise. I don't get many visitors out here.
Lancelot: Sorry for the intrusion. Are you the man who used to run the sorbet shop in the town at the foot of the mountain?
Elderly Man: Yes, I am. I operated that store up until I retired.
Lancelot: It's really you! I'm so sorry to bother you out of nowhere like this, but I have a favor to ask.
Lancelot: Would you be willing to teach us how to make your sorbet?
Elderly Man: What?
Lancelot: I've never been able to forget the flavor of the sorbet I once had at your shop.
Lancelot: I was hoping we might be able to try replicating it.
Elderly Man: Oh, is that so? I must say I admire your spirit. But why are you so set on my sorbet?
Lancelot: Well, you see... We're trying to impress Savarin with a full-course meal, and we're hunting for an appropriate dessert.
Lancelot: So it has to be something really special!
Elderly Man: What! You're looking for a dessert to serve to Savarin, the famous gourmet?
Vane: Please! We'd really appreciate your help!
(Captain) and company bow their heads, pleading for the man's assistance.
Elderly Man: Please raise your heads. I'm just delighted that you remembered a old man with one foot in the grave like me.
Elderly Man: It would be an honor to have Savarin eat my sorbet. I'd be happy to teach you the recipe before I leave this world.
Lancelot: R-really?
Vane: Thank you!
Elderly Man: But in the end, it'll be up to you all to bring my teachings to fruition.
Vane: Haha! We'll give it everything we've got!
Percival: We won't quit, no matter how difficult things get.
Lyria: Yes! I'm sure we can handle it!
Siegfried: That's the spirit, Lyria.
Elderly Man: I like your enthusiasm. Now then, follow me.
Vyrn: All right! Let's go, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company follow after the elderly man.
Elderly Man: This is the place.
The man comes to a stop upon reaching a deserted highland area.
Elderly Man: Whew... We made it.
Vane: It just looks like an empty field.
Lancelot: Wh-what do we do now?
Elderly Man: All we need to do is hide behind this rock and wait.
(Captain) and company duck behind the rock as instructed.
Lancelot: Er... What exactly are we waiting for? What does this have to do with sorbet?
Percival: How should I know?
Vane: Oh! Maybe we're here to pick herbs to use in the sorbet!
Lyria: Hmm... Do you think the flowers here produce some sort of sweet nectar?
Vyrn: I haven't seen anythin' move this whole time.
Siegfried: We don't know anything yet. We'll just have to trust that man and keep waiting.
Elderly Man: Shh! There it is!
The man points at a hazy figure floating in their direction.
???: ...
Lancelot: Is that what I think it is?
Elderly Man: Do you see it? That's a wind spirit.
Vane: But what do spirits have to do with sorbet?
Elderly Man: Just watch.
(Captain) and company take a moment to observe the wind spirit's movements.
Wind Spirit: ...!
Suddenly the wind spirit begins channeling its power into a rock.
Percival: What is it doing?
Elderly Man: It's storing its magic power.
Lancelot: Storing its magic power? But why?
Elderly Man: A fine question. Not even scholars have been able to determine the logic behind their behavior.
Elderly Man: But I've seen countless spirits do the exact same thing.
Having finished storing its magic power, the wind spirit heads off elsewhere.
(Captain) and company continue watching as another wind spirit arrives and follows the same pattern as the first.
Elderly Man: Different spirits store their power in different places, but these particular ones have taken a liking to this rocky area.
Elderly Man: Now then... I guess it's about time. Come with me!
(Captain) and the others approach the rock at the man's signal.
Elderly Man: There's got to be one around here somewhere. Hm... Found it!
The man thrusts his hand into the rock and pulls out a crystalline object.
Elderly Man: Heheh. What do you think? Isn't it beautiful?
Vane: What is that thing? Is it a jewel? What's it doing way out here?
Elderly Man: This is the crystallized magic power of a wind spirit.
Elderly Man: I have a hunch that after many years, these crystals eventually become new spirits themselves.
Elderly Man: Well, all that aside, this is the thing I was looking for.
Siegfried: Is that crystal necessary for making the sorbet?
Elderly Man: Yes, that's correct.
Elderly Man: Hm? Oh no!
Elderly Man: Some of the spirits spotted us!
Wind Spirit: ...!
Percival: Stand back and leave this to us.
Elderly Man: Wait! Please don't hurt the spirits!
Elderly Man: Normally they're peaceful and harmless to people!
Lancelot: All right! We'll just drive them away then!
Siegfried: Are you ready, (Captain)?
  1. Ready when you are!

Choose: Ready when you are!
Vyrn: All right! Let's go!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 4: A Spiritual Sorbet - Episode 4

After driving off the wind spirits, (Captain) and company return to Bistro Feendrache with the elderly man to have him teach them how to make the sorbet. The sorbet ends up being added to the menu, and the group heads out to the terrace to hand out samples. The manager of Ristorante Nuovo is upset when he discovers that the bistro is attracting customers from his line.

(Captain) and company succeed in driving off the wind spirits.
They return to Bistro Feendrache together with the elderly man, where he prepares to teach them how to make the sorbet.
Elderly Man: All right. Let's begin.
Lancelot: We're all ears!
Elderly Man: First, pour water and granulated sugar into a pot, and mix them together.
Elderly Man: After bringing the water to a simmer, transfer it to a bowl to cool.
Elderly Man: This will act as the base of the sorbet, but the next step is even more crucial.
The man takes a power crystal and secures it onto the counter.
Elderly Man: Now I'm going to teach you the method for extracting the magic fruit from within this crystal.
Lancelot: Magic fruit?
Elderly Man: Yes. The sorbet is made using the magic fruit—the core of condensed power.
Vane: But this crystal is really solid. How do you get it out?
Elderly Man: Watch and learn. First, you want to turn the crystal so the bulge is on bottom and the flat side is on top.
Elderly Man: Then, use a special hammer and chisel to create a small hole in the tip.
Elderly Man: After that, slide a knife inside, and cut the muscle holding the crystal shut.
Siegfried: Sounds like an adductor muscle. Is the crystal's structure similar to that of a clam?
Elderly Man: You've hit the nail on the head! By cutting this muscle you can easily open up the crystal, just like a clam!
Siegfried: That makes sense. Looking at the cross section of the crystal, you can see an outer layer like a shell.
Elderly Man: The magic fruit is hidden in the lower half, but it's hard to see through the opaque substance surrounding it.
Elderly Man: If you carefully remove the other contents, you'll be able to spot an orb within the bag-shaped organ.
Elderly Man: This orb is the magic fruit. It slowly grows larger as it's coated with layer after layer of magic power.
Percival: It's as beautiful as a jewel.
Elderly Man: But this magic fruit is extremely delicate.
Elderly Man: It's difficult to extract the fruit without damaging it, so the process can be incredibly frustrating.
Lancelot: It does seem difficult.
Elderly Man: After you've washed the magic fruit in water, break it over the bowl like an egg, and mix it thoroughly with the sorbet base.
Elderly Man: Now you just need to freeze it, and your Elemental Sorbet is complete.
After learning how to make the sorbet, (Captain) and company try their hand at extracting the magic fruit.
Lancelot: Ngh... This is quite difficult.
Elderly Man: Look carefully, Lancelot. The muscle is right here.
Vane: Oops... I broke the fruit...
Elderly Man: Goodness, Vane. Did you stop concentrating because things were going so smoothly?
Percival: How's this?
Elderly Man: Nice work, Percival. But I'm afraid you took a bit too long.
Siegfried: Hm... Is this how it's done?
Elderly Man: S-Siegfried! You extracted that many fruits all by yourself?
Siegfried: I'm used to surviving out in the wild, so I'm pretty confident in my skill at things like prepping plants and butchering animals.
Siegfried: Once I get the hang of it, I think I'll be able to do it even faster.
Elderly Man: What! But you're already so fast!
Vyrn: Whew! This is pretty tough!
Lyria: Hehehe... I finally got one!
Elderly Man: As long as you keep practicing, you'll continue to improve little by little.
The more Siegfried works, the faster and more precisely he is able to extract the fruits.
Elderly Man: I actually brought some other types of magic fruits with me for you all to try.
Elderly Man: What do you say we enjoy all sorts of magical flavors along with the sorbet?
Elderly Man: Here, help yourself.
Lancelot: Mm! This is it! This is the taste! It's like a burst of wind inside my mouth!
Vane: Hoo boy! This flavor is so fresh and juicy it feels like it's gonna spill right out of my mouth!
Percival: Ohh. It feels like this sorbet is filling me with a powerful, burning energy.
Siegfried: I could get addicted to this heavy, bitter, rock-like taste.
Lyria: Yum! If you try both of these together, it makes a whole new flavor!
Vyrn: Hehe! This sorbet is sure to be a hit, huh, (Captain)?
Just then Jack appears before them, having finished his work.
Jack: Oh, what do we have here? May I try a bite?
Jack: Wow... I've never tasted sorbet like this before! The customers are going to love it!
  1. Definitely!
  2. How do you make other flavors?

Choose: Definitely!
Vane: I think so too!

Choose: How do you make other flavors?
Elderly Man: You can extract magic fruits from other types of crystals and mix them with the sorbet base in the same way.
Continue 1
Thanks to the elderly man's guidance, (Captain) and company are able to master the recipe for the sorbet.
It immediately gets added to the new dessert menu.
Elderly Man: Heheh... In celebration of your success, I'll give you these other magic fruits as well.
Elderly Man: Use them well.
(Captain) and the others hurry out to the terrace to hand out samples.
They end up with a swarm of people on the terrace wanting to try the sorbet.
Meanwhile the manager at Ristorante Nuovo notices a number of customers leaving his shop's line.
Restaurant Manager: Hmm. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I feel like our line has been shorter recently.
He follows the stream of people to find them on the terrace of Bistro Feendrache, enjoying drinks and snacks.
Restaurant Manager: What the! The nerve of those people!
The manager glares at the figures of (Captain) and company as they continue working diligently outside the bistro.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 5: Birth of a New Menu - Episode 1

(Captain) and company decide to add a rich flan to the dessert menu to complement the sorbet, and Siegfried suggests that they include basilisk eggs in the recipe. They make their way to a basilisk den in search of eggs, but when they attempt to take an egg from a nest inside the cave, they come under attack by a basilisk and have no choice but to defeat it.

Thanks to rumors of the terrace and sorbet, the bistro begins to see a steady stream of customers coming from the popular restaurant down the way.
In light of their success, (Captain) and company decide to add one more dessert to the special menu.
Lancelot: Now that we have a refreshing sorbet on the menu, I think it might be a good idea to add a sweet, rich dessert option.
Lyria: Oh, that sounds wonderful! I agree!
Lancelot: Great! Let's do that then!
Percival: Lancelot. Is it safe to assume you have some sort of plan in mind?
Lancelot: Yes, of course! I was thinking a rich flan might be a good choice!
Lyria: Yay, flan! I love flan!
Vane: Flan, huh? That sounds perfect! I know it's one of your favorites, Lancey!
Vyrn: Hahaha! Lancelot, did you just pick flan 'cause you like it?
Lancelot: No, that's not it. I looked at the sales records of a number of popular sweets shops, and the number one seller across the board was flan!
Lancelot: Plus, the ingredients are pretty simple compared to a lot of other sweets!
Percival: You don't need to defend yourself. No one's arguing with you.
Percival: The only question is—what kind of flan should we make? There are countless varieties these days.
Lancelot: I think a creamy flan with a smooth texture would be best.
Vane: It'd be nice if we could find some good eggs to use.
Siegfried: Good eggs, huh... What qualifies as a good egg?
Vane: Let's see... I guess freshly laid eggs where the egg white and yolk are nice and thick!
Siegfried: Hm... I've had basilisk eggs before—they have a wonderfully rich flavor.
Siegfried: What do you think of using basilisk eggs to make the flan?
Vane: Ooh! Basilisk eggs are definitely tasty!
Lancelot: Great idea! Let's make the flan with basilisk eggs!
Percival: Hold on! Don't you think those are a little too bizarre? Are you sure they're safe?
Siegfried: I've eaten them a million times. I can attest that they're fine.
Percival: Considering your physical condition, I'm not sure we can generalize your results to the public... But have it your way.
Lancelot: All right! Let's go hunt for some basilisk eggs!
Early the next morning, Siegfried leads (Captain) and company to the basilisks' habitat.
After traversing a dense forest, they arrive at a dark cave and make their way inside.
There in the depths of the cave, (Captain) and the others discover a nest of dried grass.
Siegfried: Do you see the speckled eggs over there?
Percival: Yes. And it looks like the basilisk isn't around right now.
Lancelot: Maybe it's out hunting for food.
Vane: All right! Leave this to me!
Siegfried: Wait, Vane! Let's monitor the situation a bit longer—
Basilisk: Fshaaa!
The moment Vane approaches the nest, a basilisk comes charging at him from the shadows.
Vane: Whoa!
Lancelot: What! It must have been hiding!
Siegfried: While the male basilisk is out hunting, the female usually stays behind to guard the nest.
Percival: Why didn't you tell us that earlier!
Siegfried: I was just about to. Sorry.
Lancelot: I'm coming, Vane!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! We gotta get in there and help Vane too!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 5: Birth of a New Menu - Episode 1: Scene 2

Basilisk eggs in hand, (Captain) and the others return to the bistro, where Vane creates a delicious flan to add to the new dessert menu. Percival proposes that they distribute fliers advertising the bistro, so they head out to the terrace once again to hand out fliers, as well as samples of the flan.

Basilisk: ...
Vane: Huff... Huff... That was too close for comfort!
Percival: Good grief. You're always getting into trouble.
Vane: Sorry, everybody. That was my bad.
Lancelot: It's all right. I'm just glad you're safe.
Percival: Humph. Let's try to be more careful, shall we?
Siegfried: It's great you're all reflecting on your actions, but we might want to grab those eggs while we can.
Vane: R-right! I'll carry them!
Having obtained the basilisk eggs, (Captain) and company return to Bistro Feendrache.
They waste no time in getting to work on the flan.
Vane: Okay, first up is making the caramel sauce!
Vane: Pour granulated sugar into a pot, and stir with a wooden spatula on high heat to melt it.
Vane: Once the sugar turns brown and starts to bubble, remove the pot from the heat, and add boiling water while continuing to stir with the spatula.
Vane: Then pour the sauce into a heat-resistant container, and let it cool for around four and a half hours.
Lyria: I could eat the caramel sauce all by itself!
Lancelot: I'm with you, Lyria.
Vane: Then why don't you two have a taste? Meanwhile I'll make the flan!
Vane: First, add basilisk egg yolks and granulated sugar to a bowl, and stir the mixture until it turns slightly white.
Vane: Next, pour milk and granulated sugar into a pot, and stir with a wooden spatula on low heat. Turn off the heat when it starts to bubble.
Vane: Slowly pour the sweetened milk into the bowl of egg yolks while stirring with a whisk.
Vane: Once the mixture has cooled slightly, add cream and vanilla extract, and stir again with the whisk.
Vane: After that, strain it into another bowl to get the texture nice and smooth.
Vane: Then, pour the flan mixture on top of the caramel in the heat-resistant container, and bake it in the oven until it's brown.
Vane: Finally, let it cool, and your Rich and Creamy Flan is complete!
(Captain) and company help themselves to the freshly made flan.
Lancelot: Yummm! The texture is as smooth as silk, and the flavor is so sweet and rich!
Siegfried: Yes. It's a testament to the chef.
Percival: Humph. I suppose this is tasty enough. I'll have another one.
Lyria: The taste is warm and gentle, just like Vane!
Vyrn: It's super simple, but it tastes like it was made by a pro chef! How's that even possible?
Jack: I-incredible! You could probably open a shop selling this flan alone!
  1. It's sooo goooood!
  2. ...

Choose: It's sooo goooood!
Vane: I'm glad to hear it, (Captain)!

Choose: ...
Vane: Wh-what's wrong? Not a fan, (Captain)?
Lyria: Oh... I think (Captain)'s just at a loss for words over how delicious it is!
Vane: O-oh, okay! I can tell from the captain's expression now!
Continue 1
Vane: Wahaha! I'm glad you all enjoyed it so much! That makes it all worth it!
And so the rich, creamy flan makes its way onto the new dessert menu.
They head outside to distribute samples while the time is ripe.
Percival: Let's hand out these fliers too, (Captain).
Percival suggests that they hand out fliers advertising Bistro Feendrache with free flan coupons attached to them.
Vyrn: Oh! That's a great way to advertise!
Lyria: It sure is! This would definitely make me want to give the food here a try!
  1. Let's pass them out!

Choose: Let's pass them out!
And so (Captain) and company secure yet another victory on the path to the forefront of the food competition.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 5: Birth of a New Menu - Episode 2

Bistro Feendrache is visited by a pair of unruly visitors who end up frightening the other customers and insulting the food. But the moment they threaten one of the customers, they are swiftly captured by (Captain) and company and ejected from the restaurant. When the manager of Ristorante Nuovo discovers his scheme was thwarted, he attempts to come up with a new plan.

Bistro Feendrache continues to see a steady increase in guests.
One day the bistro is visited by a pair of rough-looking customers.
Waiter: Welcome.
Rude Customer 1: Huh, is this the place we heard we could get some good grub?
Rude Customer 2: Wait, here? Seriously? The customers and staff all look like a bunch of downers.
Waiter: I-I'll show you to your seats. Right this way, please.
Rude Customer 2: Pretty crappy table.
Rude Customer 1: Hey! Don't just stand there! Aren't you gonna take our orders?
Waiter: Eek! Right away!
At that moment Lancelot steps in front of the waiter and turns to whisper in his ear.
Lancelot: I'll handle this.
Waiter: O-okay...
Lancelot: Greetings. May I take your order?
Rude Customer 1: Meh, just tell me what you recommend.
Lancelot: Might I suggest the demonbream?
Rude Customer 2: Huh? Fine, we'll have that. Make it snappy.
Lancelot: Of course. We'll have it right out.
Lancelot heads to the kitchen to give the order to the chefs.
The other customers stare at the men in fear.
Rude Customer 1: What're you lookin' at? We ain't puttin' on a show over here!
Rude Customer 2: I'll sock you right between the eyes!
A moment later Lancelot returns with their food in hand.
Lancelot: This is our Demonbream Poele with Special Sauce.
Rude Customer 2: About time! I thought I was gonna starve to death!
Rude Customer 1: You sure took your good sweet time!
Lancelot: Here you are. Please enjoy it before it gets cold.
Rude Customer 1: Then why don't you shut that trap of yours so I can eat!
The two men crassly begin to devour the demonbream.
Rude Customer 1: Whoa, what the! This is friggin' delicious! You gotta be kiddin' me!
Rude Customer 2: Yeah! I ain't never had anythin' so good in my—wait...
Hearing each other's words, the men snap back to their senses.
Rude Customer 1: Y-you said that wrong, moron! You meant you ain't never had anythin' so gross before!
Rude Customer 2: Oh... Yeah, that's right! You call this food? You got a lotta nerve servin' this nasty stuff to your payin' customers!
Although momentarily enraptured by the delicious flavor of the demonbream, they manage to hold their ground and begin hurling insults at the staff.
Rude Customer 1: I got somethin' to say to whoever made this trash!
Rude Customer 2: Yeah, who's the crook that made this "demon-barf poo-ele" stuff?
Lancelot: (This is turning into a real scene. I guess we'll have to kick them out.)
Suddenly an elderly customer rises from his seat nearby.
Elderly Customer: Th-this demonbream is delicious! There must be something wrong with your taste buds!
Rude Customer 1: Huuuh? Stay outta this, old man!
Elderly Customer: I will not! This demonbream is nothing short of delectable!
Elderly Customer: The special sauce passed through the generations matches the powerful flavor of the demonbream perfectly!
Elderly Customer: This dish is innovative yet traditional. It's fantastic!
Rude Customer 1: Pretty sure I didn't ask for your opinion, you senile old fart!
Rude Customer 2: Whaddya say we give you and this shop a nice beatdown?
Elderly Customer: I dare you to try, scoundrels! This shop was passed down to the current owner by his father! I won't let you lay a finger on it!
Rude Customer 1: You're really pissin' me off... How 'bout I send you to the hospital where you belong!
The two men lunge toward the elderly man, but they don't get far.
The moment they make their move, Lancelot, Percival, Vane, and Siegfried leap in to seize them.
Rude Customer 2: Wh-what the!
Lancelot: You're disturbing the other customers.
Siegfried: We're going to have to ask you to leave.
Rude Customer 1: Wh-what! You playin' favorites with your own customers?
Percival: Of course not. After all...
Vane: The two of you don't qualify as customers!
  1. Get out!

Choose: Get out!
(Captain) and company restrain the two men as they escort them to the back door of the bistro.
Rude Customer 2: Looks like you're finally ready to fight! Come on, it's time to let loose!
Rude Customer 2: Wait... Huh? I can't move.
Vane: Now, now. Be a good boy and calm down, won't you?
Rude Customer 2: Owww! I'll be still, I swear! Stop squeezin' so tight!
Rude Customer 1: Oh come on, what're you chickenin' out for?
Time to get this party started!
Rude Customer 1: Huh? What the... I can't move a muscle!
Siegfried: Hm? Did you say something?
Rude Customer 1: Yeeeow! Okay, I'll shut up! Just loosen your grip! Please!
Realizing that they are no match for their opponents, the two men obediently exit through the back door.
Lancelot: This is a place for people to enjoy good food. If you decide to return as proper customers, we will treat you accordingly.
Percival: But if you act like this again, you can be sure we won't sit around and let you cause problems for our business and customers.
Rude Customer 1: Y-yes, sir!
Rude Customer 2: W-we're sorry!
Thus the two men are ejected from the restaurant by (Captain) and the knights.
Jack: I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, everyone.
Jack: Allow me to pop open a bottle of wine for you all as thanks!
As a result of (Captain) and company's intervention, the situation is resolved without issue.
Elderly Customer: Thank you very much for saving me.
Lancelot: No, thank you. Those brave words of yours were a huge help.
Elderly Customer: This bistro has been an important part of my life.
Elderly Customer: You have my full support. Don't let people like that get the better of you.
Vane: You got it! We'll keep this place going strong, so make sure to come visit again!
The manager of the popular restaurant nearby keeps a close watch on the sequence of events from outside.
Restaurant Manager: Ngh... Useless oafs.
Restaurant Manager: I'll just have to think up another way to make those bistro idiots suffer.
The manager spots a bored-looking veteran staff member outside the bistro.
Restaurant Manager: That's it! I've got it. I can use them...
Restaurant Manager: Heh heh heh... Your end is near, Bistro Feendrache.
The manager grins wickedly as he makes his way toward the veteran staff member.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 5: Birth of a New Menu - Episode 3

After brainstorming ideas for a new after-dinner drink menu, (Captain) and company head out to a plantation at Percival's recommendation. There they search for beans excreted by animals called leols in order to make a type of coffee called Kopi Leol. While gathering coffee beans they are mistaken as a threat by one of the leols, and they attempt to subdue the beast without hurting it.

Having added two new selections to the dessert menu, (Captain) and company decide to revamp the after-dinner drink menu next.
Since the bistro already has a lot of standard drink options, they conclude it might be best to add something unconventional.
Lancelot: So does anyone have any good ideas for the after-dinner drink menu?
Percival: Hm... I encountered a delicious type of coffee called kopi leol while traveling.
Vane: Kopi leol? What kind of coffee is that?
Percival: Kopi leol is made using partially digested beans that were eaten and excreted by animals called leols.
Vane: Partially digested beans... excreted by animals?
Vane: Huh? Isn't that just cr*p?
Percival: Tch... Vulgar mongrel. Just call them part-digested coffee beans.
Vane: So it's basically cr*p coffee then, right?
Percival: Keep saying that and I'll burn you to a crisp.
Lancelot: Now, now, calm down!
Lancelot: But what makes those part-digested coffee beans taste so good?
Percival: The digestive enzymes and intestinal bacteria of the leol give the coffee beans their unique flavor.
Percival: By simply enjoying their diet of coffee berries, leols produce top-quality coffee beans purely by coincidence. Don't you think that's something of a miracle?
Vyrn: Huh, now I'm kinda curious.
Lyria: Yeah, me too!
Siegfried: All right. Then let's track down some of that kopi leol.
Percival: I'll lead the way to the coffee plantation.
Lancelot: We're right behind you, Percival.
(Captain) and company set sail for the island where the coffee plantation is located.
It is a warm island where the rainfall, temperature, daylight hours, and soil are perfect for the cultivation of the coffee.
After landing on the island, (Captain) and the others are greeted by the plantation manager.
Plantation Manager: Percival! Thank you for coming.
Plantation Manager: I'm so grateful for the advice you gave me in the past!
Percival: There's no need to thank me. How have things been going since then?
Plantation Manager: We let the leols run wild in a nearby area, raising them on a diet of top-quality coffee berries and fruits.
Plantation Manager: And as a result we've been able to harvest kopi leol of the highest quality.
Percival: Is that so? I'm glad to hear it. Keeping the leols locked in confined spaces is a bad idea.
Plantation Manager: Have you come to see the leols today?
Percival: Yes, precisely. Would it be all right to gather some kopi leol for ourselves?
Plantation Manager: Of course! Take as much as you like!
Percival: Thank you.
Plantation Manager: But please be careful! Wild leols are extremely territorial. We always make sure to be remember that fact while gathering the beans.
Percival: Understood. If it starts to feel like we're in danger, I'll make them behave.
Plantation Manager: I know you can handle this, Percival! Stay safe, everyone.
The manager watches as (Captain) and company head out onto the plantation.
They begin searching for the kopi leol beans with Percival spearheading the group.
Percival: Hm... Found one. Here, look closely. This round mass is a kopi leol bean.
Percival: They look like lumps of dirt, so be careful not to get them confused.
Lancelot: Oh. Now that I know what they look like, I see a lot of them around here.
Vane: Huh... They look a lot safer than I expected.
Siegfried: Hm... And they don't have a bad odor either.
Vyrn: We found one!
  1. Here's one!
  2. Is this one?

Choose: Here's one!
Percival: Sorry to disappoint, but that's just a lump of dirt.
Percival: It's hard to tell them apart, so don't feel bad. You'll do better next time.

Choose: Is this one?
Percival: Heh... You should have more faith in yourself. That's a kopi leol bean.
Percival: You have an excellent eye. I'd expect no less from one of my vassals.
Continue 1
As (Captain) and company continue gathering beans, a wild leol appears from within a cluster of bushes.
Leol: Grrr...
Siegfried: Uh-oh. It must think we're trying to invade its territory.
Percival: We'll just have to subdue it without hurting it!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 5: Birth of a New Menu - Episode 3: Scene 2

Having obtained the beans, (Captain) and company head back to Bistro Feendrache. The Kopi Leol coffee is well received by the group, and it gets added to the drink menu.

Leol: Whine...
The leol rolls over on its back and shows its belly in submission, realizing it's no match for (Captain) and company.
Vane: Haha! It's just like a dog! What a cutie!
Lancelot: Vane, let me pet it!
Lyria: Can I pet it too?
Percival: H-hey... Don't let your guard down just because it's playing around. It's still a leol.
(Captain) and company enjoy playing with the docile leol.
Leol: Pant, pant!
Siegfried: Hm... It seems to have taken an interest in you, Percival.
Percival: Oh! I know you.
Percival stretches out his palm, and the wild leol begins to lick the back of his hand.
Percival: You were injured back then...
Leol: Wauf!
Percival: Heh... You've gotten so big.
Siegfried: Something wrong?
Percival: No, nothing.
Percival: All right, enough playing around. Let's get back to collecting those beans.
Leol: Wauf! Wauf!
Siegfried: I think it wants us to follow it.
(Captain) and company resume collecting beans, guided by the wild leol.
After gathering enough beans, they return to Bistro Feendrache.
Once (Captain) and the others have prepared the beans, Percival makes the coffee.
Percival: Hm... What an elegant aroma. I'll pour some for everyone.
Lancelot: Mm! It smells wonderful!
Vane: It doesn't stink at all!
Siegfried: Let's try it while it's still hot.
(Captain) and the others try a sip of the coffee.
Percival: This is it... The moment you take a sip, the characteristic vanilla-like sweetness spreads throughout your mouth.
Siegfried: It's rich and bitter without being acidic, and it has a certain wildness to it.
Vane: It's pretty cool you knew so much about this complicated coffee, Percy!
Lancelot: This coffee is going right on the menu!
Lyria: Yay! Time to add Kopi Leol to the drink menu!
Jack: Thank you so much, everyone!
And so the Kopi Leol earns a spot on the bistro's new drink menu.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 5: Birth of a New Menu

Vane suggests that they add a floral tea made from rugosa blossoms to the new drink menu, so (Captain) and company make their way to an island where rugosas are known to grow. They manage to find a rugosa bathing in a patch of moonlight and immediately set out to capture it.

(Captain) and company continue brainstorming drink ideas for the after-dinner drink menu.
Lancelot: Let's try to add one more. Any ideas?
Percival: We have coffee now, so how about tea?
Vane: Tea, huh... I drink that a lot.
Percival: Then why don't you give us some ideas?
Vane: Huh? Me? Hmm... Well, I guess I have tried a lot of different kinds of teas.
Vane: Rugosa Floral Tea had a wonderful fragrance and was especially tasty.
Siegfried: Floral tea, eh? Another refined choice.
Percival: What kind of flowers are rugosas?
Vane: They're rare flowers that only bloom on nights when the moon is shining.
Percival: Oh? How interesting. I'd love to try some of that tea.
Vane: I'd be happy to make it, but I don't exactly have any on hand.
Vane: I guess we'll just have to go out and pick the flowers ourselves!
Percival: Here we go again. But I suppose we've gathered all the other ingredients ourselves, so why not.
Lyria: Yay! I can't wait to try the floral tea!
Vyrn: All right! It's flower pickin' time!
(Captain) and company travel to a floral tea-producing island where rugosas are known to grow.
Upon landing, they make their way into a dense forest in search of the flowers.
Vane: Rugosas grow in the forests around here.
Vane: It's gonna be tough tracking them down in a huge forest like this.
Percival: And they only bloom on moonlit nights, correct?
Lancelot: Do they have any other features that stand out?
Vane: Yeah, they're a yellowish-orange color.
Siegfried: Hm... I wonder if they turn that color because they see so much more moonlight than other flowers.
Lancelot: I guess that means we'll be more likely to find them in areas where the moonlight shines through the thick tree cover.
Siegfried: Yeah.
Percival: I see. In other words, they grow as a result of gap dynamics.
Vane: Gap... What?
Percival: Gap dynamics refers to the pattern of transition where fallen trees create openings in the canopy, allowing light to shine through and help new trees grow.
Vane: Ooh, that sounds pretty complicated. Leave it to Percy to know something like that!
Percival: Well, the details aren't important right now.
Percival: Like Lancelot said, all we need to do is find a place where the moonlight is shining through the trees.
Vane: Aha! I get it now!
(Captain) and company search until they find an orange-colored flower growing in a patch of moonlight.
Vane: Over there! That's a rugosa!
Percival: It almost looks divine, shining in the moonlight like that.
Siegfried: All right, it's harvesting time! Let's go!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 5: Birth of a New Menu: Scene 2

(Captain) and company return to the bistro with the rugosa blossoms, and Vane uses them to create the new floral tea for the drink menu. As a result of all their efforts, Bistro Feendrache's reputation begins to soar.

(Captain) and company successfully obtain the rugosa blossoms.
Immediately upon returning to the kitchen of Bistro Feendrache, Vane sets to work making the tea.
Vane: First, put water in a kettle to heat it up.
Vane: Then, add the rugosa blossoms to the heated kettle, and pour the hot water over them.
Vane: The blossoms open when the tea is ready, so you can enjoy the taste and fragrance together.
Vane pours everyone a cup of tea.
Vane: Okay, drink up!
Lancelot: Mm! It has such a sweet, refreshing aftertaste! That makes it really easy to drink!
Percival: Indeed. Despite the rugosas' monstrous appearance, it has a surprisingly elegant flavor.
Siegfried: I think the customers would definitely enjoy this as an after-dinner tea.
Vane: Hehe! I'm glad everybody seems to like it!
Lyria: And the flowers are so pretty!
Vyrn: Guess our drink menu's complete now!
With the addition of the Rugosa Floral Tea, the after-dinner drink menu is finally complete.
Jack: Thank you so much for everything you've done!
Jack: We're getting more and more customers, and our sales are going through the roof!
As a result of everyone's efforts, Bistro Feendrache's reputation begins to soar.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 6: Crunch Time - Episode 1

With the end of the food competition and Savarin's visit quickly approaching, (Captain) and the others learn from Jack that they are currently second place in the competition. They rejoice at the news, but the cheerful mood is soon shattered when none of the other employees show up, and they are forced to keep the bistro running on their own.

The end of the food competition and Savarin's visit are quickly approaching.
Jack, the manager of Bistro Feendrache, calls for a meeting with (Captain) and the others.
Jack: Listen to this, everyone!
Jack: Bistro Feendrache has climbed the ranks to second place!
Vyrn: Whoa, second place? Awesome!
Lyria: At this rate we might just win the competition!
Vane: All right! Keep it up, everybody!
Percival: We're seeing an increase in customers with every day that passes, but I'd like to give our sales one last boost.
Lancelot: I agree. I think we'll need a little something extra in order to take first place.
Percival: We could use another hit meat entree like the demonbream poele.
Siegfried: A meat dish, huh...
Vane: Hey, where's the rest of the staff? Is everybody running late?
Jack: Good question. They're usually here by now.
The time comes to open the bistro for business, but the workers are still nowhere in sight.
Despite being terribly understaffed, (Captain) and company have no choice but to keep the restaurant running.
Lancelot: I've got two orders for table five! Quiche and pate, mushroom and pennyfowl soup, and two demonbream poeles!
Vane & Siegfried: Oui!
Vane: Lancey! Order up for table three!
Lancelot: On it!
(Captain) and the others struggle to keep up as customers continue pouring into the shop.
Customer 1: Excuse me! Is there a table for four available?
Customer 2: Could I get some water?
Customer 3: I'd like to see a menu!
Customer 4: Check, please!
Lancelot: Urgh! I can't handle much more of this on my own.
Bistro Feendrache turns into a ruthless battlefield for (Captain) and company as it reaches its peak hours.
Lancelot: (Unlike an actual battle, it feels like I'm under attack from a wave of customer requests...)
Lancelot: (I have to match the pace of each customer and anticipate when to serve the next dish, on top of everything else...)
Lancelot: (I knew this going into it, but this is totally unlike any battlefield I've ever experienced...)
Lancelot: (It seems I lacked the foresight to be able to predict this fiasco... I'm sorry, everyone!)
Lancelot looks up at the ceiling feeling defeated, when suddenly he hears a calm voice behind him.
Percival: I'll take it from here, Lancelot. You go seat the new customers.
Lancelot: Percival! Are you sure you'll be all right?
Percival: Heh... Have I ever once betrayed your expectations?
Lancelot: ...!
Haha, good point! I'll let you handle things here then!
Lancelot and Percival swap out with a high-five.
Lancelot heads off to greet the customers at the entrance.
Lancelot: Welcome. How many are in your party?
Meanwhile Percival makes his way to the tables, skillfully balancing dishes on his arms.
Percival: Sorry for the wait. Your food is ready.
Percival grabs a water pitcher, a menu, and a check, and swiftly makes his way to each customer's table.
Percival: Allow me to refill your water.
Customer 2: Oh, thank you.
Percival: Here is our menu.
Customer 3: Thanks. I'll let you know when I've decided.
Percival: Thank you for waiting. Here's your check.
Customer 4: Sorry to bother you when you're so busy. I just wanted to take care of the bill before my girlfriend got back.
Meanwhile (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn help with preparations in the kitchen.
Vyrn: Man... It's so crazy we can't keep up!
Lyria: Vyrn! (Captain)! Hang in there! Don't give up!
Just when they find themselves starting to near their breaking point, Siegfried arrives in the nick of time.
Siegfried: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria. Nice work. Leave the rest to me.
Siegfried: Hyaaah!
Siegfried: Vegetables... By my knife, be sliced!
Siegfried shouts, handling a large number of preparations in an instant.
Vyrn: Wh-what the heck! He cut a ton of vegetables in one sweep!
Lyria: Th-the demonbream is neatly sliced too!
Vane: Whoooa! That was awesome, Siegfried! I had no idea you had a special skill like that up your sleeve!
Siegfried: Heh... It was only possible because you drilled the basics into me, Vane.
Siegfried: All right, (Captain)! Could you help me get these ingredients over to Vane?
  1. Sure thing!

Choose: Sure thing!
Vane: Siegfried swooped in and saved us again!
Jack watches in awe as (Captain) and company manage to keep the bistro running with their expert coordination.
Jack: W-wow... They've got each other's backs without even really needing to talk!
Jack: So this is what happens when (Captain) and the others get serious!
Jack: They're basically already pro chefs!
(Captain) and company continue working diligently without any breaks to cover for the missing staff members.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 6: Crunch Time - Episode 2

The manager of Ristorante Nuovo and the disgruntled bistro staff members watch with delight as (Captain) and company struggle to keep the bistro up and running during the staff's absence. But after seeing how feverishly everyone is working, the staff members become nostalgic and return to Bistro Feendrache.

The manager of Ristorante Nuovo watches the bustling Bistro Feendrache from a distance.
Restaurant Manager: Gehehe... I wonder how long they'll be able to stay afloat with so many customers waiting?
Restaurant Manager: We'll prove to ol' Jack that he can't keep his precious bistro running without you all.
Waiter: ...
Chef 2: ...
Restaurant Manager: Serves him right, eh? That's what he gets for relying on a bunch of novices.
Restaurant Manager: Wahaha! I look forward to your splendid work at Ristorante Nuovo from now on.
Chef 1: ...
Waitress: ...
Restaurant Manager: I'd love to stay here and behold the demise of Bistro Feendrache with my own eyes...
Restaurant Manager: But time's a-wasting. Let's get back to the restaurant.
The manager makes his way toward Ristorante Nuovo with the previous bistro staff members in tow.
Waiter: Haha... The bistro's doomed without us around.
Waitress: Hehe... I bet they're realizing just how much they took us for granted right about now.
Chef 1: But I have to admit, the bistro wouldn't have gotten nearly as popular without their help...
Chef 2: I thought they were idiots for working late into the night.
The staff members wear complicated expressions as they watch (Captain) and company working frantically.
Chef 1: Say... Was there ever a time when we worked that hard?
Waiter: Yeah... Under the previous management. Back then it was hectic every day, and we used to stay until late at night brushing up.
Chef 2: Jack and his dad are both so softhearted that they always stayed late with us, didn't they?
Waitress: Yeah... And they never got upset when I made mistakes. They were always looking for ways for us to solve problems together.
Restaurant Manager: Hey! What are you dillydallying around for? Come on!
Waiter: Oh, that's right! I remember now! I promised to help make Bistro Feendrache the greatest restaurant in the skies.
Chef 1: Haha. What a ridiculous promise. But... I actually made the same one.
The waiter and chef head off in the direction of Bistro Feendrache.
Restaurant Manager: H-hey! Where do you think you're going! This isn't what we agreed on!
Restaurant Manager: Is it money you want? I'll double your previous pay—no, I'll triple it!
Waiter: I'm sorry. But I have a feeling if I quit now, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.
Restaurant Manager: Y-you fools! This is the offer of a lifetime!
Chef 1: We are not fools! Now, if you'll excuse us, we have work to do.
The waiter and chef continue making their way toward the bistro.
Waitress: Nnngh! If it weren't for Jack and his father, I wouldn't be the person I am today.
The woman stretches and smiles at her coworker with a peaceful expression on her face.
Chef 2: The same goes for me... If I let myself run away now, I know I'll just keep running away forever.
The waitress and chef begin walking toward Bistro Feendrache.
Restaurant Manager: Curse you! You'll regret this!
Restaurant Manager: I'll crush you all along with that bistro! And don't come crying to me when that happens!
Having reached its peak hours, Bistro Feendrache is more crowded than ever.
Just when the situation starts to seem hopeless, a group of familiar faces appears through the back door of the restaurant.
???: I'll take care of the garnish!
Vane: R-right! Thanks!
Chef 2: Leave the sauce to me!
Siegfried: Great. It's all yours.
Lyria: Oh! You're all here!
Vyrn: What happened! You guys all sleep in or somethin'?
Waiter: I'll handle table four's order!
Lancelot: All right, thanks!
Waitress: I'll clear table eight's dishes and refill their water!
Percival: Heh... A fine decision. Off you go!
Jack: You guys... Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thanks to the veteran staff members' help, they manage to overcome the desperate situation at Bistro Feendrache.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 6: Crunch Time - Episode 3

(Captain) and company decide to come up with one more main dish to help the bistro secure first place in the competition. They head to the castle library for inspiration, where they find information about legendary monsters called gallardozas that possess delicious cuts of meat called chateaubrilliant.

Following the return of the staff, things at Bistro Feendrache have calmed down considerably.
(Captain) and company use every opportunity they can find to brainstorm ideas for another new entree, but so far there hasn't been a clear choice.
Vane: We were working late taste-testing a variety of meat options with the staff, but we couldn't find one that balanced out the demonbream.
Lancelot: A plain old meat dish would be easily overshadowed by the demonbream.
Percival: Merely talking about it won't get us anywhere.
Percival: We need to look at this from a different point of view. What do you say we consult the books in the castle library?
Lancelot: Sounds good. I was actually just thinking the same thing.
Siegfried: Let's head to the castle library after closing time.
Jack: Why don't you let us take care of the bistro? (Captain) and the rest of you can go ahead and head to the castle.
Vyrn: That's really nice and all, but are you sure you'll be okay without us?
Jack: Our sense of unity is stronger than ever before. It'll take a lot more than this to bring us down!
Lyria: Wow, that's great! In that case, I guess we'll take you up on your offer!
Jack: All right! Take care!
(Captain) and company head to the castle to search through the literature in the library.
Upon reaching the library, they split up and begin hunting for books that seem relevant.
Vane: Let's see... Home-Cooked Meat Dishes... The Art of Cooking Delicious Meat...
Percival: The History of Meat Cuisine... The History of Livestock...
Lancelot: Delicacies of the Skies... Local Specialties of the Skies...
Siegfried: An Illustrated Guide to Edible Monsters, Volume One... An Illustrated Guide to Edible Monsters, Volume Two...
Vyrn: Hmm... None of those sound like what we're lookin' for...
Lyria: I'm not having any luck either...
(Captain) begins reading a book about monsters of Feendrache on a whim.
The captain happens upon a page mentioning a type of monster called the gallardoza.
  1. The legendary gallardoza...

Choose: The legendary gallardoza...
Siegfried: Gallardoza? Did you just say gallardoza, (Captain)?
Siegfried: Could I see that book for a moment?
Siegfried takes the book from (Captain) and skims the pages.
Siegfried: I remember hearing about gallardozas from the late King Joseph.
Lancelot: Gallardozas?
Siegfried: Yes... Gallardozas are ferocious monsters that inhabit a certain mountainous area.
Vane: What's so special about them?
Siegfried: According to His Majesty, there's a rare cut of meat you can obtain from gallardozas called "chateaubrilliant."
Percival: Chateaubrilliant... It's a lean meat that few people—gourmets included—have ever eaten.
Lancelot: But I don't see any mention of it in this book...
Vane: Maybe the meat's so valuable they kept its existence under wraps so they could have it all for themselves.
Siegfried: No, that's not it. They just didn't want people getting near the gallardozas since they're so dangerous.
(Captain) and company gasp at Siegfried's words.
Siegfried: I imagine chateaubrilliant would be a fitting choice for the meat in our new main dish.
Siegfried: What do you all think? Are you prepared to risk your lives obtaining the chateaubrilliant?
Percival: Humph... Well, we can't very well back out now.
Lancelot: I'd like to help obtain the chateaubrilliant, Siegfried.
Vane: Me too. I wanna turn that chateaubrilliant into the best dish anybody's ever tasted.
Vyrn: I ain't about to give up now! I'll come with ya!
Lyria: Gallardozas sound pretty scary... but I want to help!
  1. Let's hunt some gallardozas.
  2. I'm scared... but I'll do my best.

Choose: Let's hunt some gallardozas.
Siegfried: It'll be encouraging to have you with us, (Captain).

Choose: I'm scared... but I'll do my best.
Siegfried: If you feel it's too dangerous, don't hesitate to prioritize your own safety.
Siegfried: But you can rest assured that I will risk my life to protect you, (Captain).
Continue 1
Siegfried: Sounds like everyone's on board. Then let's make our way into gallardoza territory.
(Captain) and company head out to defeat a gallardoza and obtain the chateaubrilliant.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Chapter 6: Crunch Time - Episode 4

(Captain) and the others make their way to a mountain summit inhabited by gallardozas. Along the way Siegfried tells them that, according to legend, the gallardozas that roam there are descendants of a gallardoza who once defeated a dragon. They manage to locate a gallardoza atop a steep cliff and challenge it to battle in the hopes of obtaining the fabled chateaubrilliant.

Siegfried leads (Captain) and the others to a mountain summit inhabited by gallardozas.
Siegfried: There's actually a legend about the gallardozas.
Siegfried: Long ago, dragons once settled in these mountains.
Siegfried: But one day a pack of gallardozas appeared and challenged the head dragon to battle.
Siegfried: Despite suffering countless wounds, the leader of the gallardozas managed to take down the head dragon.
Siegfried: It's said that the gallardozas that roam here are descendants of the one that once defeated the dragons.
Lancelot: They must be fearsome monsters for one of them to take down a dragon.
Percival: Dragons are usually at the top of the food chain. I've never heard of a monster capable of defeating them.
Vane: Whoa. Suddenly I'm a little scared...
Percival: You're free to bow out if you'd like.
Vane: I said I was a little scared! Not enough to chicken out!
Percival: I certainly hope that's the case. We can't have you running away with your tail between your legs in the middle of the fight.
Vane: Hey! You don't have to follow up everything I say with some snarky comment!
Lancelot: Come on, you two. This is no time to be fighting.
Percival: We're always fighting like this though.
Vane: All right, enough already! Let's just focus on the gallardozas!
Just then Siegfried holds out his arm as a motion for the others to stop.
Siegfried: Look... There are horn-sharpening marks on this rock, as well as droppings in the area.
Siegfried: In other words, we're in gallardoza territory now.
Having reached the habitat of the gallardozas, (Captain) and company continue walking until they reach a steep cliff.
Siegfried: Few ordinary people have ever dared to venture here.
Lancelot: ...!
Look at the top of that cliff!
???: Grrr...
Vane: Whoa! Is that one of them?
Percival: Could that be a gallardoza?
Lancelot: Would a legendary monster really just appear right in front of us like that?
Percival: But just look at that commanding presence. It definitely has a legendary air about it.
Percival: We finally found one!
Siegfried: Indeed. Judging from its enormous size, it appears to be a male gallardoza.
Siegfried: It has the composed air of a creature that has fought countless battles and emerged victorious.
Percival: I'm not of a fan of the way it's looking at us like we pose no threat. I guess it views people as insignificant beings.
Vane: It's been staring at us like it knew we were coming... That's kinda freaky.
Vyrn: You can tell it's not just any ol' monster.
Lyria: (Captain)... I'm scared.
  1. Don't worry. You're not alone.
  2. I'm right beside you.

Choose: Don't worry. You're not alone.
Lyria: You're right. We're all together, so I'm sure everything will be okay!

Choose: I'm right beside you.
Lyria: Hearing you say that helps a lot! Suddenly I feel a lot braver.
Continue 1
The gallardoza gazes calmly down at them from its perch atop the cliff.
Siegfried: Ready, everyone?
Lancelot: Yes! I can go anytime!
Vane: Ready as ever!
Percival: Yes. Just give the signal.
Vyrn: Yeah! We're good to go!
Lyria: Yes... Let's work together to defeat it!
  1. (Captain), ready for action!

Choose: (Captain), ready for action!
Siegfried: Heh... Let's show that thing it's not the only creature in the skies capable of taking down dragons.
Siegfried: All right, we'll spread out and surround it on my signal.
Siegfried: Let's move out, everyone! Follow me!
Gallardoza: Roooooar!

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Ending - Episode 1

Having triumphantly defeated the gallardoza, (Captain) and company return to the bistro to greet Savarin. They use the chateaubrilliant they obtained to add a new main entree to the menu, much to the delight of Savarin's taste buds.

Gallardoza: Roooooar!
Siegfried: Now! Hit it with everything you've got!
Siegfried: Monster... By my blade, be severed! Schwarzen Fangen!
Lancelot: In the name of the Order of the White Dragons... Weiss Flugel!
Percival: Taste my Flame Lord's Blade! Lohen Wolf!
Vane: I'll stake everything on this moment! Loewen Vine Jagt!
(Captain): ...
  1. It's all over for you, gallardoza!

Choose: It's all over for you, gallardoza!
(Captain) and company's mighty attacks explode upon the gallardoza one after another.
Gallardoza: Groooar...
The gallardoza succumbs to the force of their joint onslaught and collapses.
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... How'd ya like them apples?
Lyria: The gallardoza isn't moving.
Gallardoza: ...
Siegfried: Looks like the battle is decided.
Vane: W-we did it! We defeated the gallardoza!
Lancelot: Yes. This is our victory.
Percival: I had no doubt we would succeed.
After a fierce battle, (Captain) and company emerge victorious over the gallardoza.
They descend the mountain with the fabled meat—the chateaubrilliant—in hand.
Upon returning to the bistro, (Captain) and the others immediately set to work researching the various methods of preparing chateaubrilliant.
Vane: Hmm. There's sauteing, roasting, grilling... What method would work best?
Lancelot: I had no idea there were so many ways to cook it. Why don't we try several options?
Percival: In order to make proper use of high-quality ingredients, one must draw out the flavor of the raw materials themselves.
Siegfried: With meat, you only want to cook it for a moment.
Vyrn: We don't have much time left, but let's team up to do what we can!
Lyria: Yeah! You can count on me to help with the taste-testing!
Jack: The other staff members and I will do whatever we can to assist you!
Jack and the rest of the staff have gathered in the kitchen to assist (Captain) and company.
With the final day of the competition looming before them, (Captain) and the others strive to put the finishing touches on one last dish.
And at last the final day of the food competition arrives.
Bistro Feendrache and Ristorante Nuovo are neck and neck in terms of sales.
Restaurant Manager: Dammit! I won't let it end like this!
As (Captain) and company prepare for Savarin's arrival, the manager of Ristorante Nuovo watches from the shadows with a gleam in his eye.
Finally the moment of Savarin's arrival is upon them.
Savarin: It's been a while since I last stopped by the bistro. It seems to be doing quite well.
Savarin: Oh... I see they decided to build terrace seating outside.
Savarin: Now then. I suppose it's time to venture inside.
Savarin pushes the front door open and steps inside the bistro.
All Four: Welcome to Bistro Feendrache!
Savarin: Mm... (The atmosphere is a lot more positive.)
Lancelot: Your table is ready, Mr. Savarin. Right this way, sir.
Savarin: Thank you.
Lancelot shows Savarin to his table in a quiet area of the restaurant.
Savarin: (The customer service has certainly improved, but what of the food?)
Lancelot: Have you decided on your order?
Savarin: I'll have this bistro's top recommended full-course meal.
Lancelot: Right away, sir.
Lancelot heads to the kitchen.
Lancelot: One full-course meal to knock Savarin's socks off, on order!
All Six: Oui!
  1. Oui!

Choose: Oui!
Percival steps out of the corridor to approach Savarin.
Percival: Mr. Savarin, could I interest you in an aperitif?
Savarin: Oh... Sure, I'll have whatever you recommend.
Percival: Very well, sir.
Savarin: You certainly seem right at home. But I should warn you that even if you earn points with your service, it won't affect the end result.
Percival: Of course. We simply wish for you to enjoy your time at Bistro Feendrache.
Savarin: Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.
Back in the kitchen, the staff gets to work on Savarin's order.
Vane: First up are the quiche and pate.
Chefs: Oui!
Vane: Siegfried, I'll ask you to handle the soup.
Siegfried: Oui!
Vyrn: What should we do?
Vane: Let's see... Why don't you, Lyria, and (Captain) prepare the vegetables and sauce?
Lyria: Okay!
  1. You can count on us!

Choose: You can count on us!
And so (Captain) and company begin preparing the meal that will decide the fate of Bistro Feendrache.
For the first course, Lancelot carries a plate of two appetizers to Savarin's table.
Lancelot: Here are your appetizers: Drachentrout Quiche...
Lancelot: And Drachenboar Pate de Campagne.
Savarin: Hm... Quiche and pate.
Savarin: Both are standard appetizers, but that's precisely why mere gimmicks won't be enough to impress me.
Savarin: Drachentrout and drachenboar? You've chosen to use some peculiar ingredients.
Savarin: Flaunt your creativity all you like, but if the dishes themselves aren't to my liking, you may as well kiss the bistro goodbye.
Savarin grumbles as he tries a bite of each appetizer with an elegant flourish.
Savarin: Munch, munch...
Savarin: My goodness! What simple, gentle flavors! But they're far more than just simple!
Savarin: They're incredibly refined and professional at the same time! What an odd sensation!
Savarin: The drachentrout and drachenboar give the flavors a sense of rhythm and contrast.
Savarin: By using such unconventional ingredients, you've given a profound taste to an otherwise standard pair of dishes.
Savarin: Hm... I'm quite impressed.
Once Savarin has finished the appetizers, Lancelot sets two bowls of soup before him.
Lancelot: This is our Black Dragon Cream of Porcinido Soup...
Lancelot: And White Dragon Pennyfowl Vegetable Soup.
Savarin: Hm... Mushroom soup and wildfowl soup. What an interesting combination.
Savarin: Well, I suppose I ought to dig in while they're still hot.
Savarin: Hm... The wildfowl soup has a light flavor, yet plenty of richness.
Savarin: The pennyfowl stock merges with the sweetness of the vegetables to create an exquisite harmony! It's like a majestic orchestra of feather and flora!
Savarin: As for the cream of porcinido soup, the rich mushroom stock matches the cream to form yet another a unique relationship.
Savarin: It's as though the mushroom and cream are performing a rich duet together!
Savarin: I can hear their voices in my ears, reaching down into my soul. That's what it tastes like!
Savarin: And as soon as I taste one soup, I get the urge to taste the other.
Savarin: These two soups are miraculous! They're creating some sort of perpetual motion of flavor! Wow!
Back in the kitchen, (Captain) and company set about preparing the demonbream.
Vyrn: That Savarin guy's goin' wild talkin' to himself!
Percival: That is one of the gourmet Savarin's special culinary dialogues.
Lyria: Culinary dialogues?
Percival: We wouldn't be hearing him talk if he didn't deem the food worthy.
Siegfried: In other words, things are going well.
Vane: All right! Time for the main event!
Vane skillfully pours oil over the demonbream.
Vane: Here's the main fish dish—Demonbream Poele... with Special Sauce!
Lyria: We're done putting the vegetable garnishes on the plate!
Vyrn: Jack! We're ready for ya!
Jack: The time has come for me to add my father's secret sauce on top!
Jack pours a generous helping of secret sauce over the demonbream.
Vane: Okay, Lancey! It's ready to go!
Lancelot: Roger!
Lancelot gracefully carries the dish to Savarin's table.
Lancelot: Here is your main fish entree: Demonbream Poele with Special Sauce.
Savarin: Ohh... Demonbream, eh? Yet another unusual ingredient.
Savarin: The white flesh of the demonbream can be rather overpowering. Let's see if you were able to conquer it.
Savarin: Munch, munch... Mm!
Savarin: Oh my! The taste produces an image of a fierce demonbream swimming against the powerful ocean currents!
Savarin: The fatty meat has a rich flavor only found in autumn demonbream! Demonbream this time of year is truly second to none!
Savarin: And... I recognize this sauce! This is Bistro Feendrache's special sauce, passed down from generation to generation!
Savarin: You've incorporated the sauce to match the demonbream perfectly!
Savarin: Y-you really got me! This is a joint performance of father and son that transcends time itself!
Meanwhile (Captain) and company set to work preparing the main meat dish featuring the chateaubrilliant.
Vane: Let's see... First I take the meat, and...
Siegfried: The meat has been properly cooled and sliced, and I've trimmed the excess fat and sinew.
Vane: Thank you! It's perfect!
Vane: Now I just need to sprinkle salt and black pepper on the meat and work it in.
Vane masterfully prepares the chateaubrilliant and puts it in the oven.
Vane: Next I pop it into our special charcoal oven to let it broil for a moment!
Vane: This is high-grade meat, so it's best to keep things simple and just lightly sear the outside!
Lyria: The fritters for the side are ready!
Vyrn: Looks like everything's good to go!
Vane: All right, you're up, Lancey!
Lancelot: Leave it to me!
Lancelot presents Savarin with the chateaubrilliant.
Lancelot: Here is your Chateaubrilliant Roast with Fritters.
And with that the new main course, Chateaubrilliant Roast with Fritters, is complete.
Savarin: Wh-what! What did you just say?
Percival: Chateaubrilliant Roast.
Percival: I've brought you some wine that pairs well with top-grade, lean meat such as this.
Percival pours Savarin a glass of wine.
Savarin: Th-thank you.
Savarin: I never dreamed I'd be eating chateaubrilliant today.
Lancelot: Please make sure to enjoy it while it's hot.
Savarin: Right... Time for a bite. Munch...
Savarin: Munch, munch... Mm!
Savarin: It's a tidal wave of juiciness! But the moment the tip of my tongue gets a taste of the elegant sweetness, it melts and disappears!
Savarin: I want to bask in your aftertaste forever, but you continue to abandon me. I guess I'll have to take another bite to experience the flavor again!
Savarin: Ohhh! The juices are tenderly embracing me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes!
Savarin: This meat is like a fleeting dream... Meat has become life, and life has become meat... I never knew such a thing existed!
Savarin blissfully ascends to meat heaven.

Welcome to Bistro Feendrache - Ending - Episode 2

(Captain) and company succeed in impressing Savarin with their excellent food and service. They end up taking first place in the food competition as well, thus saving the bistro from its fate. Jack renames the restaurant to Bistro Drachenritter and carries on managing the bistro together with the staff.

Lancelot: Mr. Savarin... Mr. Savarin!
Savarin: Gasp! Huff... Puff...
Savarin: Huff... Puff... Thank you. I was close to being eternally adrift in the world of meat, never to return.
Lancelot: Would you care to cleanse your palate with some dessert?
Savarin: Th-that sounds wonderful.
Lancelot: Understood. Please excuse me for one moment.
Judging from Savarin's reactions, (Captain) and company feel confident of their victory.
The workers in the kitchen finally begin to relax.
Vane: All right, things are going great! Next up are the desserts!
Siegfried: Hm?
At that moment Siegfried senses an unfamiliar presence in the storeroom.
He peeks inside and calls out to the intruder.
Siegfried: Hey! Who's there?
Suspicious Man: Outta my way!
Siegfried: Not so fast.
The man is flipped over onto the floor before he can even process what happened.
Suspicious Man: D-dammit...
Siegfried: What were you doing in there?
Suspicious Man: Wouldn't you like to know?
The suspicious man spits out the words before losing consciousness.
Siegfried: What the! Oh no!
Vane: Siegfried! You okay?
Siegfried: I'm all right, but I can't say the same for the flan.
Vane gasps as he sees the remains of the flan scattered across the floor.
Soon afterward Percival appears in the doorway, having sensed something strange.
Percival: This is terrible.
Vane: Grr! So this guy is behind this? He's gotta be one of that jerk's stooges!
Lyria: Wh-what do we do now? Should we remake it?
Vane: No... Preparing it would take too long...
Percival: And Savarin's taste buds won't sit around waiting until it's convenient for us.
Siegfried: I have an idea.
Siegfried: Vane, prepare the sorbet for now!
Vane: A-all right! Got it!
Percival: Hey, wait, Siegfried!
Siegfried dashes out of the bistro, ignoring Percival's protests.
Percival: Tch. When he gets like that, no one can stop him.
Once outside, Siegfried forces his way into a nearby thicket and begins searching for something.
Siegfried: There must be one around here somewhere...
Meanwhile Vane puts the finishing touches on the sorbet and hands it to Lancelot.
Lancelot: What? There's no flan?
Vane: Uh-huh... But Siegfried headed out to find something else.
Vane: It'd be really great if you could convince Savarin to order just the sorbet.
Lancelot: Got it. I'll do my best.
Lancelot returns to find Savarin in a cheerful mood and hands him the dessert and after-dinner drink menu.
Savarin: Hm... All that's left are the dessert and drinks.
Savarin: Ahem... I must say I've thoroughly enjoyed your selections thus far, but I expect the same quality from your dessert and drinks.
Savarin: Ending a day on a bad note can spoil the entire day, you know.
Lancelot: Of course. Have you decided on your dessert?
Savarin: Hmm...
Lancelot: I must recommend the sorbet, since we just obtained fresh ingredients today.
Savarin: Is that so? Then I'll have the sorbet.
Lancelot: Right away, sir.
Lancelot returns to the kitchen to find Siegfried holding something in his hands.
Lancelot: Siegfried, what's that?
Siegfried: This is a fresh centiwatcher.
Centiwatcher: ...
Lancelot: A-a centiwatcher?
Percival: Did you say centiwatcher?
Vane: I-I think he's making flan with it. Think this is gonna work?
Percival: Your guess is as good as mine.
Lancelot: O-okay... Well, I'll go ahead and take the sorbet out for now.
Vane: R-right! Here you go!
Lancelot: Thanks! I guess you can get started on the after-dinner drinks.
Vane: Sure thing!
Siegfried holds his knife above the centiwatcher, concentrating intently.
Siegfried: First, you remove the venom sac...
Siegfried: Next, strain the fluids to remove the impurities. Once that's done, add milk, eggs, and sugar...
Meanwhile Lancelot places the sorbet before Savarin.
Lancelot: This is our Elemental Sorbet, featuring the magic power of seasonal spirits.
Savarin: Hm... Yet another unusual dish.
Savarin curiously inspects the sorbet from various angles before cautiously bringing a spoonful to his lips and taking a bite.
Lancelot: What do you think of the taste?
Savarin: I can feel the elemental power gushing into my mouth... It matches perfectly with the flavor of the sorbet!
Savarin: I-I've never tasted a dessert like this before!
Savarin: I'm interested in trying your flan as well. Could you add one to my order?
Lancelot: W-well...
At that moment Siegfried appears behind Lancelot and places a plate of flan onto the table.
Siegfried: This is our rich, creamy Centiwatcher Flan.
Savarin: Wh-what? Did you say centiwatcher? Are you talking about the monster?
Siegfried: Correct.
Savarin: Aren't centiwatchers poisonous?
Siegfried: As long as you correctly remove the venom sac, centiwatcher fluid is safe to ingest.
Siegfried: The richness of the fluid is certain to hook you with a single bite.
Siegfried: Here. Why don't you try it and decide for yourself?
Savarin: After you've built it up that much, there's no way a gourmet such as myself could refuse.
Savarin nervously takes a scoop of the flan and places it into his mouth.
Savarin: Th-the texture is so smooth! And my taste buds are being enveloped by the richness of the flavor!
Savarin: No patissier has ever served me such delicious flan before!
Savarin: You're challenging new ingredients and paving the way for a new era of cuisine just like those who came before you. What a magnificent attitude!
Siegfried: Thank you.
Lancelot: (Siegfried! When did you learn to make this?)
Siegfried: (I've always thought centiwatchers tasted rich and delicious, just like flan.)
Siegfried: (And now I've finally determined that my long-held theory was correct. I feel so refreshed.)
Lancelot: (Wh-whaaat! This was your first time making it? And you tested it on someone else?)
Siegfried: (Yeah... I was pretty confident it would be a success though. Should I not have done that?)
Vane and the others, who had been watching this situation unfold from the kitchen, breathe a collective sigh of relief.
Vane: Hahaha! Leave it to Siegfried to come up with something like that!
Percival: I never imagined he'd invent a new type of flan off the cuff like that.
Percival: That guy is full of surprises. It's bad for my heart.
Thanks to Siegfried's quick thinking, (Captain) and company are able to serve Savarin the flan.
Finally all that's left are the after-dinner drinks.
Savarin: Now for the grand finale—the after-dinner drink menu.
Savarin: Could I try both the Kopi Leol and the Rugosa Floral Tea?
Savarin: Now that I've come this far, I might as well finish trying everything this shop has to offer.
Lancelot: Yes, of course!
First up is the Kopi Leol.
Savarin: Mm... I can taste the characteristic vanilla-like sweetness alongside the wild bitterness and richness. It is truly a complex coffee.
Savarin: And this Kopi Leol is particularly excellent. You can tell the leols were raised in a good environment and fed only the highest quality beans.
Next, Lancelot serves Savarin the Rugosa Floral Tea.
Savarin: What a mellow, sweet scent. It's strangely relaxing, as though my body has just been bathed in moonlight.
Savarin: This rugosa must have been exposed to a great amount of moonlight to produce such fine tea.
Savarin: The Kopi Leol and Rugosa Floral Tea were both absolutely delicious.
Savarin: I am thoroughly impressed that you were able to present such top-quality selections, up to and including the after-dinner drinks.
Having finished his drinks, Savarin calls out to (Captain) and the others.
Savarin: Today was a truly delicious day.
Savarin: You all have transformed Bistro Feendrache into a restaurant known for its first-class food and service.
Savarin: I must apologize for my rudeness in the past. I am sincerely sorry for how I acted.
Savarin: I'd like to continue backing this bistro in the future, but that all depends...
Just then Jack comes bursting through the front door, out of breath.
Jack: Listen, everyone! They've announced the results of the final day of the food competition!
Jack: The winner is...
(Captain) and company hold their breath as they wait to hear the verdict.
Jack: Bistro Feendrache! We won!
Jack: We defeated Ristorante Nuovo by a landslide!
Lancelot: We did it, Vane!
Vane: I'm so happy, Lancey!
Percival: What a relief.
Siegfried: Indeed. What a crazy experience that was.
Lyria: And the customers are all so happy!
Vyrn: Hahaha! Guess it's time to party!
Waiter: Sob... I'm so glad...
Waitress: We... We did it. We won.
Chef 1: Hahaha! This is nothing to cry over!
Chef 2: Oh, hush! You're crying too!
(Captain) and company celebrate Bistro Feendrache's victory.
Savarin: Jack. Congratulations on winning.
Jack: S-Savarin!
Savarin: I have high hopes for the future of this bistro's cuisine.
Jack: You won't be disappointed!
Savarin: Well... I suppose I'll be going now.
Jack: Pay us a visit again soon!
Savarin: Of course. I can't wait to eat here again.
Savarin exits the bistro looking extremely satisfied.
(Captain) and company celebrate Bistro Feendrache's bright future late into the night.
The following day the manager of Ristorante Nuovo receives a stern warning from Savarin for attempting to sabotage the bistro.
(Captain) and the others pay a visit to Sierokarte to ensure that the bistro will be able to continue obtaining the ingredients it needs.
As a result, Jack and the others are able to secure a procurement route of ingredients from Sierokarte.
And finally the day comes for (Captain) and company to depart.
Vane: Thanks for having us.
Jack: No, no, no! I should be thanking you!
Lancelot: The time really flew by!
Percival: Well. That certainly was an unexpected series of events.
Siegfried: I have to say, it was really great joining forces with you three again.
Vane: Really? Feel free to drop by the order anytime!
Lancelot: I'm sure everyone would welcome you with open arms!
Siegfried: Heh... Thanks.
Lyria: It was a lot of fun having so many new experiences!
Vyrn: Yeah! I never thought I'd get to seriously help with the cooking like that!
  1. We'll drop by to eat sometime!

Choose: We'll drop by to eat sometime!
Jack: Please do! We'd be happy to have you!
Jack: We'll give you top-class service!
Waiter: Come back again, everyone! We'll save a great table for you!
Lancelot: I'll drop by unannounced from time to time to make sure you're treating your customers properly.
Waitress: Oh nooo... I'm going to be so nervous I'll probably mess up!
Percival: Don't worry. You'll mess up plenty even if you aren't nervous.
Waitress: Heeey! That's mean!
Chef 1: The next time we meet I hope to have become a chef who can create warm, kind dishes just like Vane!
Vane: Whoa, hang on! Just so we're clear, I'm not a chef!
Chef 2: Siegfried, watching you work so hard at cooking has inspired me to start all over as a beginner and relearn the basics.
Siegfried: Heh. I'm glad I had a positive influence.
After a lot of sad goodbyes, the time comes for (Captain) and company to take their leave.
Vyrn: All right, time to head out!
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)!
And so (Captain) and the others return to their everyday lives.
Having regained his confidence, Jack turns over a new leaf and works alongside his long-time staff members to make the bistro into a booming success.
According to rumor, the following day Bistro Feendrache underwent a name change.
In honor of a certain group of knights, the restaurant was renamed Bistro Drachenritter.
One day not too far away, the name will surely be known throughout the skies.
The End


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