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This gallery can be found under Menu > Journal > Field Notes > Weapons.

Page 1
Spatha icon.jpgBronze Spatha icon.jpgSteel Sword icon.jpgIron Rapier icon.jpg
Bronze Sword icon.jpgSaber icon.jpgBronze Saber icon.jpgBronze Rapier icon.jpg
Broadsword icon.jpgGladius icon.jpgLongsword icon.jpgIron Sword icon.jpg
Iron Spatha icon.jpgIron Saber icon.jpgSteel Spatha icon.jpgSteel Saber icon.jpg
Steel Rapier icon.jpgDagger icon.jpgBronze Dagger icon.jpgSteel Kukri icon.jpg
Page 2
Iron Knife icon.jpgBronze Knife icon.jpgBronze Kris icon.jpgBronze Kukri icon.jpg
Iron Dagger icon.jpgIron Kris icon.jpgIron Kukri icon.jpgKnife icon.jpg
Steel Dagger icon.jpgSteel Knife icon.jpgSteel Kris icon.jpgBaselard icon.jpg
Pike icon.jpgCorseque icon.jpgBronze Halberd icon.jpgSteel Partisan icon.jpg
Iron Spear icon.jpgBronze Spear icon.jpgSpear icon.jpgGlaive icon.jpg
Page 3
Bronze Glaive icon.jpgBronze Partisan icon.jpgIron Glaive icon.jpgIron Halberd icon.jpg
Iron Partisan icon.jpgSteel Spear icon.jpgSteel Glaive icon.jpgSteel Halberd icon.jpg
Bronze Axe icon.jpgSteel Axe icon.jpgBronze Zaghnal icon.jpgSteel Kalinga Axe icon.jpg
Iron Hammer icon.jpgBronze Kalinga Axe icon.jpgBronze Hammer icon.jpgIron Axe icon.jpg
Iron Zaghnal icon.jpgIron Kalinga Axe icon.jpgSteel Zaghnal icon.jpgSteel Hammer icon.jpg
Page 4
Pollaxe icon.jpgWar Pick icon.jpgClub icon.jpgStaff icon.jpg
Oak Wand icon.jpgIron Staff icon.jpgMaple Staff icon.jpgBronze Rod icon.jpg
Bronze Mace icon.jpgMaple Wand icon.jpgIron Rod icon.jpgIron Mace icon.jpg
Ash Staff icon.jpgAsh Wand icon.jpgIron Wand icon.jpgSteel Rod icon.jpg
Steel Mace icon.jpgOak Staff icon.jpgEnchanted Staff icon.jpgYantok icon.jpg
Page 5
Musket icon.jpgWallock icon.jpgWheellock icon.jpgLittle Torpedo icon.jpg
Eagle Tears icon.jpgBronze Baghnakhs icon.jpgHora icon.jpgCaestus icon.jpg
Bronze Knuckles icon.jpgShortbow icon.jpgSelf Bow icon.jpgMaple Harp icon.jpg
Kunai icon.jpgTachi icon.jpgMirage Munition icon.jpgClaymore icon.jpg
Mythril Rapier icon.jpgAnelace icon.jpgFalchion icon.jpgThunder Rapier icon.jpg
Page 6
Mythril Sword icon.jpgMythril Spatha icon.jpgMythril Saber icon.jpgFire Sword icon.jpg
Unknown icon.jpgImperial Shotel icon.jpgEarth Cutlass icon.jpgIcey Nail icon.jpg
Lightbringer icon.jpgFlame Rapier icon.jpgIce Sword icon.jpgXiphos icon.jpg
Two-Handed Sword icon.jpgDark Sword icon.jpgShrimp Lure icon.jpgOld Sword icon.jpg
Paper Fan icon.jpgWhite Sword icon.jpgPrism Tear icon.jpgPractice Sword icon.jpg
Page 7
Vintage Flat Iron icon.jpgHeavy Metal Comb icon.jpgBlue Crest icon.jpgAngel Sword icon.jpg
Mythril Knife icon.jpgKukri icon.jpgKris icon.jpgMythril Kukri icon.jpg
Kila icon.jpgAssassin's Dagger icon.jpgMandau icon.jpgMain Gauche icon.jpg
Mythril Dagger icon.jpgMythril Kris icon.jpgMailbreaker icon.jpgWater Kukri icon.jpg
Leaf Dagger icon.jpgEarth Serpentine icon.jpgHoly Kris icon.jpgEmerald Dagger icon.jpg
Page 8
Dark Knife icon.jpgFire Baselard icon.jpgWooden Dagger icon.jpgBloody Piercer icon.jpg
Switchblade icon.jpgCleaver icon.jpgBroken Bottle icon.jpgLittle Scarlet icon.jpg
Angel Knife icon.jpgMythril Halberd icon.jpgHalberd icon.jpgMezraq icon.jpg
Fire Glaive icon.jpgCouse icon.jpgMythril Glaive icon.jpgMythril Spear icon.jpg
Mythril Partisan icon.jpgLangdebeve icon.jpgWind Talon Spear icon.jpgShadow Spear icon.jpg
Page 9
Flame Halberd icon.jpgEarth Halberd icon.jpgAquan Killer icon.jpgNight Horn icon.jpg
Ghillie Fork icon.jpgSilver Pole icon.jpgAngel Spear icon.jpgTabar icon.jpg
Battle Axe icon.jpgThunder Kalinga Axe icon.jpgEarth Zaghnal icon.jpgMythril Axe icon.jpg
Mythril Zaghnal icon.jpgMythril Hammer icon.jpgMythril Kalinga Axe icon.jpgBardiche icon.jpg
Crimson Axe icon.jpgRock Hammer icon.jpgSky Tomahawk icon.jpgHarvester icon.jpg
Page 10
Draph Hammer icon.jpgSoldier Axe icon.jpgNeckchopper icon.jpgWind Axe icon.jpg
Morning Star icon.jpgIron Pliers icon.jpgAngel Axe icon.jpgTaiaha icon.jpg
Shareeravadi icon.jpgCane icon.jpgMythril Rod icon.jpgFeather Staff icon.jpg
Mythril Mace icon.jpgFeather Wand icon.jpgEarth Mace icon.jpgWater Rod icon.jpg
Spiked Club icon.jpgMace icon.jpgWater Nymph Staff icon.jpgFire Nymph Staff icon.jpg
Page 11
Shadow Wand icon.jpgThe Cross icon.jpgMoss Tree Staff icon.jpgWind Rod icon.jpg
Evil Wand icon.jpgEmerald Cane icon.jpgOcean Rod icon.jpgCursed Flame Candelabra icon.jpg
Tree Wand icon.jpgSnowman Rod icon.jpgTorch icon.jpgStone Pole icon.jpg
Light Staff icon.jpgForest Hermit Staff icon.jpgRubia Rod icon.jpgStudent Notebook icon.jpg
Angel Wand icon.jpgPetronel icon.jpgGrenade icon.jpgMatchlock icon.jpg
Page 12
Serpentine icon.jpgJezail icon.jpgRainbow Scale Pistol icon.jpgShining Barrel icon.jpg
Self Defender icon.jpgHand Pistol icon.jpgStraight Anchor icon.jpgRanger Pistol icon.jpg
Firecracker icon.jpgSawed-Off Shotgun icon.jpgDerringer icon.jpgFlame Bolt icon.jpg
Angel Gun icon.jpgGauntlet icon.jpgPata icon.jpgMythril Baghnakhs icon.jpg
Mythril Knuckles icon.jpgCrusher Glove icon.jpgShining Knuckles icon.jpgWhirlwind Wraps icon.jpg
Page 13
Fish Tooth icon.jpgHeated Pata icon.jpgTidal Wraps icon.jpgFireball icon.jpg
Blast Knuckles icon.jpgRock Cutter icon.jpgTonfa icon.jpgChopsticks icon.jpg
Light Buckler icon.jpgOven Mitts icon.jpgIron Guard icon.jpgEnchanted Nail icon.jpg
Cold Noodles icon.jpgBoogie Plates icon.jpgTattoo Fist icon.jpgAngel Brass Knuckles icon.jpg
Mythril Bow icon.jpgWar Bow icon.jpgWrapped Bow icon.jpgComposite Bow icon.jpg
Page 14
Longbow icon.jpgPower Bow icon.jpgEarth Bow icon.jpgFlame Bow icon.jpg
Angel Bow icon.jpgLyre of Lamia icon.jpgNight Bell icon.jpgNight Air Bell icon.jpg
Bronze Bell icon.jpgAngel Harp icon.jpgNodachi icon.jpgMythril Katana icon.jpg
Mythril Sting icon.jpgAngel Katana icon.jpgFury Pebble icon.jpgArondight icon.jpg
Ilhoon icon.jpgFragarach icon.jpgTilvung icon.jpgTiamat Blade icon.jpg
Page 15
Yggdrasil Crystal Blade icon.jpgIfrit Blade icon.jpgTizona icon.jpgKadala icon.jpg
Almace icon.jpgTanzanite Sword icon.jpgRam-Dao icon.jpgTwisted Dagger icon.jpg
Royal Rapier icon.jpgLyst icon.jpgMakebranche icon.jpgNephthys Rapier icon.jpg
Luminiera Sword icon.jpgRipple Rapier icon.jpgSkirt Chaser icon.jpgPurity Blade icon.jpg
Sagittarius Blade icon.jpgRusted Sword icon.jpgLantern Blade icon.jpgBabylon Sword icon.jpg
Page 16
Skofnung Replica icon.jpgEmber Blade icon.jpgTraveller's Sword icon.jpgRuby Sword Relic icon.jpg
Sapphire Sword Relic icon.jpgJade Sword Relic icon.jpgAmber Sword Relic icon.jpgPearl Sword Relic icon.jpg
Onyx Sword Relic icon.jpgBranwen Rapier icon.jpg100pxSword of Bahamut icon.jpg
Tanzanite Sword Mikoh icon.jpgContrary Sword icon.jpgElectro Sword icon.jpgPirate Sword icon.jpg
Aura Whip icon.jpgVyrn Star Sword icon.jpgWhite Dragon Sword icon.jpgNew Year Mayudama Branch icon.jpg
Page 17
Spiked Baseball Bat icon.jpgFrying Pan icon.jpgAschallon Replica icon.jpgStandard Albion Blade icon.jpg
Delta Apex icon.jpgSouval Cutlass icon.jpgWhite Flag icon.jpgArchangel Sword icon.jpg
Cinquedea icon.jpgMirage Knife icon.jpgStiletto icon.jpgPanabas icon.jpg
Storm Kris icon.jpgColossus Breaker icon.jpgLeviathan Gaze icon.jpgFacon icon.jpg
Fusetto icon.jpgBatadia icon.jpgAcinaces icon.jpgSword Breaker icon.jpg
Page 18
Puppet Knife icon.jpgTribunal Dagger icon.jpgManawydan Dagger icon.jpgIfrit Dagger icon.jpg
Severing Blade of Midgardsormr icon.jpgSoul Edge icon.jpgSoulbond Dirk icon.jpgRusted Dagger icon.jpg
Sword of Lisblanc icon.jpgSunset Dagger icon.jpgIpetam Replica icon.jpgLeyding icon.jpg
Faust Replica icon.jpgRuby Dagger Relic icon.jpgSapphire Dagger Relic icon.jpgJade Dagger Relic icon.jpg
Amber Dagger Relic icon.jpgPearl Dagger Relic icon.jpgOnyx Dagger Relic icon.jpgDiablo Dagger icon.jpg
Page 19
Dagger of Bahamut icon.jpgShade Knife icon.jpgSashimi Knife icon.jpgVeselago Saber icon.jpg
Tadpole Tail icon.jpgHolly Knife icon.jpgMisericorde Replica icon.jpgEgoism icon.jpg
Sombre Knife icon.jpgScalpel icon.jpgOneiros Dagger icon.jpgShrike's Beak icon.jpg
Verona Kukri icon.jpgWyrm Claw icon.jpgWindrazer icon.jpgArchangel Knife icon.jpg
Vajranda icon.jpgDragonfliar Cutter icon.jpgPartisan icon.jpgShura Vhara icon.jpg
Page 20
Longinus icon.jpgLeviathan Spine icon.jpgTrident icon.jpgPhoenix Talon-Lance icon.jpg
Narval icon.jpgSandcastle Spear icon.jpgCherry Blossom Lance icon.jpgLuminiera Spear icon.jpg
Great Spear of Midgardsormr icon.jpgAlbacore Nose icon.jpgHarpoon icon.jpgRusted Lance icon.jpg
Mysterious Needle icon.jpgFlare Glaive icon.jpgDragonscale Lance icon.jpgRomulus Spear Replica icon.jpg
Ruby Lance Relic icon.jpgSapphire Lance Relic icon.jpgJade Lance Relic icon.jpgAmber Lance Relic icon.jpg
Page 21
Pearl Lance Relic icon.jpgOnyx Lance Relic icon.jpgGolden Mop icon.jpg100px
Spear of Bahamut icon.jpgDragoon Lance icon.jpgElectro Fork icon.jpgSpit Roast icon.jpg
Squidpiercer icon.jpgEmerald Spear icon.jpgGhost Tree icon.jpgTitanium Harpoon icon.jpg
Raging Halberd icon.jpgKing Crab Spear icon.jpgBlau Javelin icon.jpgGiant Fork icon.jpg
Tyrant Fork icon.jpgDreadflayer icon.jpgBamboo Spear icon.jpgSwirly Wurst Skewer icon.jpg
Page 22
Souval Halberd icon.jpgArchangel Spear icon.jpgAkhu icon.jpgShoka icon.jpg
Bullova icon.jpgHorseman's Hammer icon.jpgBhuj icon.jpgJedburgh Axe icon.jpg
Tiamat Amood icon.jpgColossus Piton icon.jpgFootman's Axe icon.jpgSun Hammer icon.jpg
Manawydan Piton icon.jpgLuminiera Bhuj icon.jpgIfrit Axe icon.jpgCeleste Zaghnal icon.jpg
Sagittarius Axe icon.jpgPoseidon Piton icon.jpgMysterious Hammer icon.jpgAvenger Replica icon.jpg
Page 23
Rusted Axe icon.jpgRuby Axe Relic icon.jpgSapphire Axe Relic icon.jpgJade Axe Relic icon.jpg
Amber Axe Relic icon.jpgPearl Axe Relic icon.jpgOnyx Axe Relic icon.jpgWind God Axe icon.jpg
Voulge icon.jpgAxe of Bahamut icon.jpgGreat Hammer icon.jpgMochi Mallet icon.jpg
Golden Woofer icon.jpgMassive Axe icon.jpgLeather Belt icon.jpgStalwart Hammer icon.jpg
Cloud Tomahawk icon.jpgFremel Hammer icon.jpgElectro Axe icon.jpgArchangel Axe icon.jpg
Page 24
Pilgrim's Staff icon.jpgZhezl icon.jpgPastoral Staff icon.jpgJacaranda icon.jpg
Yggdrasil Dewbranch icon.jpgPhoenix Tail Feathers icon.jpgSpritewood Staff icon.jpgZhonpeli icon.jpg
Staff of Reincarnation icon.jpgNephthys Pole icon.jpgSpear of Judgement icon.jpgYagrush icon.jpg
Arson icon.jpgHoly Cane icon.jpgCeleste Cane icon.jpgHellward Scepter icon.jpg
Aerial Cane icon.jpgSkull Wand icon.jpgNirvana Replica icon.jpgKeraunos Replica icon.jpg
Page 25
Wind-Rhyme Staff icon.jpgRusted Staff icon.jpgRuby Staff Relic icon.jpgSapphire Staff Relic icon.jpg
Jade Staff Relic icon.jpgAmber Staff Relic icon.jpgPearl Staff Relic icon.jpgOnyx Staff Relic icon.jpg
Soothing Torch icon.jpgThunder God Staff icon.jpgDiablo Scepter icon.jpgStaff of Bahamut icon.jpg
Little Witch Scepter icon.jpgDeathly Arson icon.jpgSunshade Parasol icon.jpgCursed Cane icon.jpg
Witch's Broom icon.jpgShadow Scepter icon.jpgFlower Crown icon.jpgVyrnellious Staff icon.jpg
Page 26
Kapilavastu Replica icon.jpgXolotl Staff icon.jpgFalcon Mace icon.jpgSacred Codex icon.jpg
Nature's Mystery icon.jpgIce Bough Staff icon.jpgArchangel Wand icon.jpgCrosswind icon.jpg
Dragon Tail icon.jpgSwallowtail icon.jpgSnaphance icon.jpgTorador icon.jpg
Tiamat Bolt icon.jpgLeviathan Muzzle icon.jpgRegulon icon.jpgWheellock Axe icon.jpg
Fraud Fire icon.jpgArquebus icon.jpgPiercing Bolt of Midgardsormr icon.jpgCustom Arquebus icon.jpg
Page 27
Albacore Rifle icon.jpgCeleste Rifle icon.jpgHekatonkheir Muzzle icon.jpgOliver Replica icon.jpg
Skirnir icon.jpgRuby Gun Relic icon.jpgSapphire Gun Relic icon.jpgJade Gun Relic icon.jpg
Amber Gun Relic icon.jpgPearl Gun Relic icon.jpgOnyx Gun Relic icon.jpgRusted Gun icon.jpg
Pistol of Bahamut icon.jpgAvaritia Pistol icon.jpgMysterious Shooter icon.jpgQuarrel icon.jpg
Fire Piece icon.jpgDesert Arms icon.jpgPina Colata Pistol icon.jpgDreyse icon.jpg
Page 28
White Dragon Rifle icon.jpgCandy Cane Rifle icon.jpgOdajumoki Gun icon.jpgGrass Musket icon.jpg
Nebuchad Replica icon.jpgColorful Crackerjack icon.jpgDolphin icon.jpgVerona Rifle icon.jpg
Handy Arquebus icon.jpgArchangel Gun icon.jpgNeko Punch icon.jpgJamadhar icon.jpg
Kaiser Knuckles icon.jpgCircle of Life and Death icon.jpgJule icon.jpgColossus Fist icon.jpg
Yggdrasil Bark icon.jpgMauler icon.jpgLimbo icon.jpgImpact Knuckles icon.jpg
Page 29
Chain Knuckles icon.jpgAlbacore Head icon.jpgSquid Hand icon.jpgRusted Gauntlet icon.jpg
Tiger Fang icon.jpgVulcan Gauntlet icon.jpgHellion Gauntlet Replica icon.jpgRuby Gauntlet Relic icon.jpg
Sapphire Gauntlet Relic icon.jpgJade Gauntlet Relic icon.jpgAmber Gauntlet Relic icon.jpgPearl Gauntlet Relic icon.jpg
Onyx Gauntlet Relic icon.jpgThunder God Gauntlet icon.jpgMysterious Glove icon.jpgMetal Glove icon.jpg
Cup and Saucer icon.jpgValentine Glove icon.jpgFist of Bahamut icon.jpgMerciless Chastening icon.jpg
Page 30
Misanga Bracelet icon.jpgHeavy Blast Knuckles icon.jpgEmerald Claw icon.jpgCroak Head icon.jpg
Holy Glove icon.jpgXolotl Fist icon.jpgSombre Gauntlet icon.jpgSilver Bracelet icon.jpg
Crimson Talons icon.jpgSilver Rings icon.jpgWater Balloons icon.jpgWhite Talons icon.jpg
Archangel Brass Knuckles icon.jpgSarnga icon.jpgAves icon.jpgElfin Bow icon.jpg
Nephthys Bow icon.jpgShadow Bow icon.jpgImperial Bow icon.jpgSutera's Bow icon.jpg
Page 31
Bow of Judgement icon.jpgManawydan Bow icon.jpgObsidian Bow icon.jpgHellward Bow icon.jpg
Poseidon Bow icon.jpgSunset Bow icon.jpgRosenbogen Replica icon.jpgRuby Bow Relic icon.jpg
Sapphire Bow Relic icon.jpgJade Bow Relic icon.jpgAmber Bow Relic icon.jpgPearl Bow Relic icon.jpg
Onyx Bow Relic icon.jpgBranwen Bow icon.jpgRusted Bow icon.jpgBow of Bahamut icon.jpg
Mammon Bow icon.jpgIce Bow icon.jpgContrary Bow icon.jpgPina Colata Bow icon.jpg
Page 32
Crafted Bow icon.jpgVogen Crescent icon.jpgGlass Bow icon.jpgTyrant Bow icon.jpg
Oneiros Bow icon.jpgWood Bow icon.jpgGust-Piercer Arrow icon.jpgArchangel Bow icon.jpg
Songsmith's Harp icon.jpgPlatinum Harp icon.jpgAthanasius icon.jpgStravaria icon.jpg
Hekatonkheir Harp icon.jpgDracula Harp icon.jpgBabylon Harp icon.jpgLangeleik Replica icon.jpg
Holy Harp icon.jpgDragonbeard's Harp icon.jpgWind God Harp icon.jpgMysterious Harp icon.jpg
Page 33
Rusted Harp icon.jpgRuby Harp Relic icon.jpgSapphire Harp Relic icon.jpgJade Harp Relic icon.jpg
Amber Harp Relic icon.jpgPearl Harp Relic icon.jpgOnyx Harp Relic icon.jpgValentine Harp icon.jpg
Harp of Bahamut icon.jpgAquarium Harp icon.jpgMammon Harp icon.jpgVeselago Harp icon.jpg
Harpronus icon.jpgOrpheus Harp icon.jpgElectro Harp icon.jpgRipple Harp icon.jpg
Resonating Wand icon.jpgVyrnstrument icon.jpgEnt Harp icon.jpgSwirly Wurst Songweaver icon.jpg
Page 34
Archangel Harp icon.jpgIron Tiger icon.jpgFluorithium Blade icon.jpgSauria icon.jpg
Murakumo Replica icon.jpgMuramasa Replica icon.jpgBlade of Bahamut icon.jpgRusted Katana icon.jpg
Ruby Katana Relic icon.jpgSapphire Katana Relic icon.jpgJade Katana Relic icon.jpgAmber Katana Relic icon.jpg
Pearl Katana Relic icon.jpgOnyx Katana Relic icon.jpgAvaritia Blade icon.jpgMysterious Cutter icon.jpg
Wooden Sword icon.jpgThe Piercer icon.jpgKing Crab Katana icon.jpgZanbato icon.jpg
Page 35
Ent Ripper icon.jpgArchangel Katana icon.jpgFury Stone icon.jpgDainsleif icon.jpg
Durandal icon.jpgAscalon icon.jpgCaladbolg icon.jpgLaevateinn icon.jpg
Hauteclaire icon.jpgJoyeuse icon.jpgGreatsword Andalius icon.jpgClaíomh Solais icon.jpg
Manawydan Blade icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword icon.jpgHrotti icon.jpgExcalibur icon.jpg
Albacore Blade icon.jpgYggdrasil Crystal Blade Omega icon.jpgBalmung icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Sterling icon.jpg
Page 36
Seven-Star Sword Incendo icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Aqua icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Ventus icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Terra icon.jpg
Seven-Star Sword Lumen icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Nyx icon.jpgMistilteinn icon.jpgWind God Sword icon.jpg
Mysterious Sword icon.jpgValentine Sword icon.jpgSkofnung icon.jpgLyst Sin icon.jpg
Seven-Star Sword Cardinal icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Cobalt icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Sage icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Ecru icon.jpg
Seven-Star Sword Ivory icon.jpgSeven-Star Sword Obsidian icon.jpgSword of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgLohengrin icon.jpg
Page 37
Balanced Blade icon.jpgMurgleis icon.jpgDeep Desire icon.jpgBroadsword of Earth icon.jpg
Obsidian Sword icon.jpgTruffle Skewer icon.jpgSkofnung Rebirth icon.jpgSkofnung Incendo icon.jpg
Skofnung Aqua icon.jpgSkofnung Terra icon.jpgSkofnung Ventus icon.jpgSkofnung Lumen icon.jpg
Skofnung Nyx icon.jpgGram icon.jpgBlade of Light icon.jpgBlast Sword icon.jpg
Ethereal Lasher icon.jpgAscalon icon.jpgAschallon Rebirth icon.jpgAschallon Incendo icon.jpg
Page 38
Aschallon Aqua icon.jpgAschallon Terra icon.jpgAschallon Ventus icon.jpgAschallon Lumen icon.jpg
Aschallon Nyx icon.jpgAncient Ecke Sachs icon.jpgEcke Sachs icon.jpgLuminiera Sword Omega icon.jpg
Xolotl Ripper icon.jpgSword of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Sword icon.jpgBewitching Bouquet icon.jpg
Disparia icon.jpgBlutgang icon.jpgS.D. icon.jpgQinglong Manewhip icon.jpg
Antwerp icon.jpgSword of Pallas icon.jpgNagelring icon.jpgAzoth icon.jpg
Page 39
Vegalta icon.jpgFlohrenberk icon.jpgCarnwenhan icon.jpgPhoenix Beakblade icon.jpg
Nephthys Kris icon.jpgDiamond Edge icon.jpgYggdrasil Dagger Omega icon.jpgLeviathan Gaze Omega icon.jpg
Hellward Dagger icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade icon.jpgThunder Dirk Jove icon.jpgAbyss Dagger icon.jpg
Jack-O'-Brand icon.jpgHoarfrost Blade Persius icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Sterling icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Incendo icon.jpg
Four-Sky Blade Aqua icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Ventus icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Terra icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Lumen icon.jpg
Page 40
Four-Sky Blade Nyx icon.jpgIpetam icon.jpgFaust icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Cardinal icon.jpg
Four-Sky Blade Cobalt icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Sage icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Ecru icon.jpgFour-Sky Blade Ivory icon.jpg
Four-Sky Blade Obsidian icon.jpgDagger of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgHeaven's Cloud icon.jpgPina Colata Cleaver icon.jpg
Ipetam Rebirth icon.jpgIpetam Incendo icon.jpgIpetam Aqua icon.jpgIpetam Terra icon.jpg
Ipetam Ventus icon.jpgIpetam Lumen icon.jpgIpetam Nyx icon.jpgFaust Rebirth icon.jpg
Page 41
Faust Incendo icon.jpgFaust Aqua icon.jpgFaust Terra icon.jpgFaust Ventus icon.jpg
Faust Lumen icon.jpgFaust Nyx icon.jpgLove Eternal icon.jpgMisericorde icon.jpg
Misericorde Rebirth icon.jpgMisericorde Incendo icon.jpgMisericorde Aqua icon.jpgMisericorde Terra icon.jpg
Misericorde Ventus icon.jpgMisericorde Lumen icon.jpgMisericorde Nyx icon.jpgArsene icon.jpg
Olden Cortana icon.jpgCortana icon.jpgDamascus Knife icon.jpgDagger of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Page 42
Cosmic Dagger icon.jpgTwin Helix icon.jpgPlume of Suparna icon.jpgPhantom Thief Blade icon.jpg
Bloody Scar icon.jpgReunion icon.jpgCletine icon.jpgPilum icon.jpg
Brionac icon.jpgGisla icon.jpgTurpin Spear icon.jpgGae Bulg icon.jpg
Vergilius icon.jpgNephthys Fork icon.jpgIfrit Halberd icon.jpgTiamat Glaive Omega icon.jpg
One-Rift Spear icon.jpgGargantua icon.jpgTriaina icon.jpgCeleste Horn Omega icon.jpg
Page 43
Rosen Maiden icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Sterling icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Incendo icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Aqua icon.jpg
One-Rift Spear Ventus icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Terra icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Lumen icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Nyx icon.jpg
Ramulus icon.jpgThunder God Spear icon.jpgRomulus Spear icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Cardinal icon.jpg
One-Rift Spear Cobalt icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Sage icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Ecru icon.jpgOne-Rift Spear Ivory icon.jpg
One-Rift Spear Obsidian icon.jpgSpear of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgAvaritia Spear icon.jpgLuin icon.jpg
Page 44
Qinglong Spear icon.jpgDragon Spear icon.jpgRomulus Spear Rebirth icon.jpgRomulus Spear Incendo icon.jpg
Romulus Spear Aqua icon.jpgRomulus Spear Terra icon.jpgRomulus Spear Ventus icon.jpgRomulus Spear Lumen icon.jpg
Romulus Spear Nyx icon.jpgNew Year Kadomatsu Staff icon.jpgThe Mark of Death icon.jpgLeviathan Spear Omega icon.jpg
Ancient Nalakuvara icon.jpgNalakuvara icon.jpgSpear of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Lance icon.jpg
Skyrend Spear icon.jpgCrystal Luin icon.jpgGungnir icon.jpgErichthonius icon.jpg
Page 45
Neptune's Trident icon.jpgUkonvasara icon.jpgMjolnir icon.jpgSlarnd icon.jpg
Parashu icon.jpgPhoenix Wing-Axe icon.jpgWindflash icon.jpgScarlet Crest Axe icon.jpg
Splitting Axe of Midgardsormr icon.jpgTiamat Amood Omega icon.jpgHekatonkheles icon.jpgLuminiera Bhuj Omega icon.jpg
Vassago icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe icon.jpgCeleste Zaghnal Omega icon.jpgGleipnir icon.jpg
Three-Tiger Axe Sterling icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Incendo icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Aqua icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Ventus icon.jpg
Page 46
Three-Tiger Axe Terra icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Lumen icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Nyx icon.jpgAvenger icon.jpg
Three-Tiger Axe Cardinal icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Cobalt icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Sage icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Ecru icon.jpg
Three-Tiger Axe Ivory icon.jpgThree-Tiger Axe Obsidian icon.jpgAxe of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgMysterious Hatchet icon.jpg
Veselago Piton icon.jpgXuanwu Mace icon.jpgReindeer Horns icon.jpgAvenger Rebirth icon.jpg
Avenger Incendo icon.jpgAvenger Aqua icon.jpgAvenger Terra icon.jpgAvenger Ventus icon.jpg
Page 47
Avenger Lumen icon.jpgAvenger Nyx icon.jpgWay Flyer icon.jpgAxe of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Cosmic Scythe icon.jpgSombre Axe icon.jpgSoul Eater icon.jpgOnyx Stormbringer icon.jpg
Mettle icon.jpgSolomon's Axe icon.jpgFangorn icon.jpgSwirly Wurst Hammer icon.jpg
Split End icon.jpgKerykeion icon.jpgAsclepius Rod icon.jpgPrismatic Mace icon.jpg
Ice Crystal Staff icon.jpgSealed Claustrum icon.jpgOuroboros icon.jpgIllusion Scepter icon.jpg
Page 48
Sunflower Wand icon.jpgLeviathan Scepter Omega icon.jpgColossus Cane Omega icon.jpgMysterious Wand icon.jpg
Promise icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff icon.jpgBabylon Staff icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Sterling icon.jpg
Five-Soul Staff Incendo icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Aqua icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Ventus icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Terra icon.jpg
Five-Soul Staff Lumen icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Nyx icon.jpgValentine Wand icon.jpgNirvana icon.jpg
Keraunos icon.jpg100pxFive-Soul Staff Cardinal icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Cobalt icon.jpg
Page 49
Five-Soul Staff Sage icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Ecru icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Ivory icon.jpgFive-Soul Staff Obsidian icon.jpg
Staff of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgKalaurops icon.jpgGotle Bell Cane icon.jpgSeptian Burner icon.jpg
Majestic Royal Pole icon.jpgOuroboros Treat icon.jpgGambanteinn icon.jpgHoliday Wand icon.jpg
Nirvana Rebirth icon.jpgNirvana Incendo icon.jpgNirvana Aqua icon.jpgNirvana Terra icon.jpg
Nirvana Ventus icon.jpgNirvana Lumen icon.jpgNirvana Nyx icon.jpgKeraunos Rebirth icon.jpg
Page 50
Keraunos Incendo icon.jpgKeraunos Aqua icon.jpgKeraunos Terra icon.jpgKeraunos Ventus icon.jpg
Keraunos Lumen icon.jpgKeraunos Nyx icon.jpgYggdrasil Dewbranch Omega icon.jpgKapilavastu icon.jpg
Kapilavastu Rebirth icon.jpgKapilavastu Incendo icon.jpgKapilavastu Aqua icon.jpgKapilavastu Terra icon.jpg
Kapilavastu Ventus icon.jpgKapilavastu Lumen icon.jpgKapilavastu Nyx icon.jpgStarblaze Rings icon.jpg
Caduceus icon.jpgStaff of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Rod icon.jpgMagma Rush icon.jpg
Page 51
Wing of the Pure icon.jpgDream Atlas icon.jpgFonic Rod icon.jpgGuivre Rod icon.jpg
Baihu Fangstaff icon.jpgObscuritas icon.jpgCapulet's Oath icon.jpgMontague's Oath icon.jpg
Forbidden Inferno icon.jpgStardust Holly Rod icon.jpgGastraphetes icon.jpgBird Eye icon.jpg
Tribunal Thunder icon.jpgJewel Modele icon.jpgColossus Carbine Omega icon.jpgLuminiera Bolt Omega icon.jpg
Far Away icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Sterling icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Incendo icon.jpg
Page 52
Ten-Wolf Gun Aqua icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Ventus icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Terra icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Lumen icon.jpg
Ten-Wolf Gun Nyx icon.jpgOliver icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Cardinal icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Cobalt icon.jpg
Ten-Wolf Gun Sage icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Ecru icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Ivory icon.jpgTen-Wolf Gun Obsidian icon.jpg
Pistol of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgVlisragna icon.jpgBenedia icon.jpgTiamat Bolt Omega icon.jpg
Oliver Rebirth icon.jpgOliver Incendo icon.jpgOliver Aqua icon.jpgOliver Terra icon.jpg
Page 53
Oliver Ventus icon.jpgOliver Lumen icon.jpgOliver Nyx icon.jpgStratomizer icon.jpg
Nebuchad icon.jpgNebuchad Rebirth icon.jpgNebuchad Incendo icon.jpgNebuchad Aqua icon.jpg
Nebuchad Terra icon.jpgNebuchad Ventus icon.jpgNebuchad Lumen icon.jpgNebuchad Nyx icon.jpg
AK-4A icon.jpgFreikugel icon.jpgPistol of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Rifle icon.jpg
Raphael icon.jpgGigante Launcher icon.jpgMeteora icon.jpgCerberus Order icon.jpg
Page 54
Spymur's Vision icon.jpgPhantasmas icon.jpgNightmare Mobilizer icon.jpgNew Year Kadomatsu Gun icon.jpg
Lion Khan Claw icon.jpgCrimson Finger icon.jpgManawydan Gauntlet icon.jpgTiamat Gauntlet Omega icon.jpg
Coco n Mimi icon.jpgColossus Fist Omega icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist icon.jpgSunset Fan icon.jpg
Six-Ruin Fist Sterling icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Incendo icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Aqua icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Ventus icon.jpg
Six-Ruin Fist Terra icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Lumen icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Nyx icon.jpgHellion Gauntlet icon.jpg
Page 55
Six-Ruin Fist Cardinal icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Cobalt icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Sage icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Ecru icon.jpg
Six-Ruin Fist Ivory icon.jpgSix-Ruin Fist Obsidian icon.jpgFist of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgScarlet Vane icon.jpg
Mammon Glove icon.jpgGigante Fist icon.jpgGauntlets icon.jpgBrahma Gauntlet icon.jpg
Baihu Claw icon.jpgStreet Weapon icon.jpgHellion Gauntlet Rebirth icon.jpgHellion Gauntlet Incendo icon.jpg
Hellion Gauntlet Aqua icon.jpgHellion Gauntlet Terra icon.jpgHellion Gauntlet Ventus icon.jpgHellion Gauntlet Lumen icon.jpg
Page 56
Hellion Gauntlet Nyx icon.jpgScissorhands icon.jpgAncient Auberon icon.jpgAuberon icon.jpg
Sky Piercer icon.jpgCeleste Claw Omega icon.jpgFist of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Gauntlet icon.jpg
Poison Hand icon.jpgMagma Gauntlet icon.jpgAncient Bandages icon.jpgXuanwu Shellfists icon.jpg
Cute Ribbon icon.jpgWilhelm icon.jpgBlushing Blossom Pin icon.jpgSouval Gauntlet icon.jpg
Eurytos Bow icon.jpgShekhinah Bow icon.jpgRainbow Bow icon.jpgL'arc Qui ne Faut icon.jpg
Page 57
Aetherial Bow icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow icon.jpgYggdrasil Bow Omega icon.jpgLeviathan Bow Omega icon.jpg
Diablo Bow icon.jpgSagittarius Bow icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Sterling icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Incendo icon.jpg
Two-Crown Bow Aqua icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Ventus icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Terra icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Lumen icon.jpg
Two-Crown Bow Nyx icon.jpgRosenbogen icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Cardinal icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Cobalt icon.jpg
Two-Crown Bow Sage icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Ecru icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Ivory icon.jpgTwo-Crown Bow Obsidian icon.jpg
Page 58
Bow of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgHeroic Bow icon.jpgRosenbogen Rebirth icon.jpgRosenbogen Incendo icon.jpg
Rosenbogen Aqua icon.jpgRosenbogen Terra icon.jpgRosenbogen Ventus icon.jpgRosenbogen Lumen icon.jpg
Rosenbogen Nyx icon.jpgRoseate Aetherial Bow icon.jpgAncient Artemis icon.jpgArtemis icon.jpg
Hercules icon.jpgBow of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Bow icon.jpgDark Thrasher icon.jpg
Fimbul icon.jpgBow of Sigurd icon.jpgIndra's Edge icon.jpgVerona Bow icon.jpg
Page 59
Luminiera Harp Omega icon.jpgCeleste Harp Omega icon.jpgOcean Harp icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp icon.jpg
Nine-Realm Harp Sterling icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Incendo icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Aqua icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Ventus icon.jpg
Nine-Realm Harp Terra icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Lumen icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Nyx icon.jpgSandcastle Song-Lume icon.jpg
Branwen Harp icon.jpgLangeleik icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Cardinal icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Cobalt icon.jpg
Nine-Realm Harp Sage icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Ecru icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Ivory icon.jpgNine-Realm Harp Obsidian icon.jpg
Page 60
Harp of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgMobius Strip icon.jpgEscalus Harp icon.jpgAnemoi Silver Lyre icon.jpg
Cords of Heaven Lillah icon.jpgFroggly Bell icon.jpgMelodic Sphere icon.jpgSnowy Mobius Strip icon.jpg
Langeleik Rebirth icon.jpgLangeleik Incendo icon.jpgLangeleik Aqua icon.jpgLangeleik Terra icon.jpg
Langeleik Ventus icon.jpgLangeleik Lumen icon.jpgLangeleik Nyx icon.jpgAncient Perseus icon.jpg
Perseus icon.jpgUllikummi icon.jpgHarp of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Harp icon.jpg
Page 61
Golden Blossom icon.jpgZhuque Lyrewings icon.jpgSleipnir Shoe icon.jpgHarp of Westerly Winds icon.jpg
Asura icon.jpgVenustas icon.jpgExitosus icon.jpgMurakumo icon.jpg
Muramasa icon.jpgEight-Life Katana icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Sterling icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Incendo icon.jpg
Eight-Life Katana Aqua icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Ventus icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Terra icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Lumen icon.jpg
Eight-Life Katana Nyx icon.jpgBlade of Bahamut Nova icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Cardinal icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Cobalt icon.jpg
Page 62
Eight-Life Katana Sage icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Ecru icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Ivory icon.jpgEight-Life Katana Obsidian icon.jpg
Thalassinus icon.jpgDragon Slayer icon.jpgSecond Star icon.jpgSwordfish icon.jpg
Mikazuki icon.jpgRay of Zhuque icon.jpgFudo-Kuniyuki icon.jpgColossus Blade Omega icon.jpg
Murakumo Rebirth icon.jpgMurakumo Incendo icon.jpgMurakumo Aqua icon.jpgMurakumo Terra icon.jpg
Murakumo Ventus icon.jpgMurakumo Lumen icon.jpgMurakumo Nyx icon.jpgMuramasa Rebirth icon.jpg
Page 63
Muramasa Incendo icon.jpgMuramasa Aqua icon.jpgMuramasa Terra icon.jpgMuramasa Ventus icon.jpg
Muramasa Lumen icon.jpgMuramasa Nyx icon.jpgDormius icon.jpgAmeno Habakiri icon.jpg
Blade of Bahamut Coda icon.jpgCosmic Blade icon.jpgMaster Bamboo Sword icon.jpgRed Sun icon.jpg
Raikiri icon.jpgWood Sword icon.jpgSnowflake icon.jpg