God Incoming

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Label Rarity SSR.png
God Incoming
Weapon b 1040311000.png

Label Element Water.png Label Weapon Axe.png HP ATK
Level 1 27 330
Level 100 145 2175

ID 1040311000
JP Name ゴッド・アドヴェント
Release Date 2019-07-26

Weapon ls 1040311000.jpg Weapon sp 1040311000.png
Weapon s 1040311000.jpg
Weapon m 1040311000.jpg

The bigger this fish, the more delectable. For some unknown reason, the fry have been surfacing at the harbor, creating a problem for the islanders. They have no choice but to dispose of the fry, until a certain someone comes up with a solution...
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Slushie Destroyer Massive Water damage to a foe.
Inflict Status Glaciate 2.pngGlaciateHP is lowered each turn / Multiattack rate is lowered
Strength: 9999 DMGDuration: 2.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 2 turns remaining.
Weapon Skills
Ws skill atk a 2 3.png
Fresh Catch's Might Big boost to Water allies' ATK
100 Unlocks at level 100: Unlocks at level 100:
Ws skill job weapon.png
Tuna Toss When main weapon (MC only): 30% Bonus Water DMG effect against foes affected by Status Glaciate 1.pngGlaciateHP is lowered each turn / Multiattack rate is lowered
Base Reduction Materials
Keep a fully-uncapped copy for main weapon. Others are safe to reduce or use as fodder.