Crimson Vyrnger

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Label Rarity SR.pngWeaponSeries Vyrmament icon.pngVyrmament
Crimson Vyrnger
Weapon b 1030606100.png

Label Element Fire.png Label Weapon Melee.png HP ATK
Level 1 21 300
Level 75 140 1700

ID 1030606100
JP Name クリムゾンビィンガー
Release Date 2017-12-15

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Weapon s 1030606100.jpg
Weapon m 1030606100.jpg

Its ever-changing form transcends all comprehension, vehemently declaring its own existence. Beneath these seemingly innocent eyes rests an unwavering determination, diligently striking away with tiny fists until it burns out in a flash of glory.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Meltvyrn Big Fire damage to a foe.
Inflict Status Burned.pngBurnedHP is lowered on every turn
Weapon Skills
Ws skill job weapon.png
Need Some Help? When main weapon (MC only): Bonus Fire DMG effect to one-foe attacks against burned foes
Ws skill job weapon.png
Nice-Abs When main weapon (MC only): Boost to ATK upon taking damage (Stackable)
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Weapon m 1030606100.jpg
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