The Hand That Scritches

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Label Rarity SSR.png
The Hand That Scritches
Icon Blue Star Full.pngCan be uncapped to 4★
Weapon b 1040421500.png

Label Element Water.png Label Weapon Staff.png HP ATK C.A.×
Level 1 60 300 ??
Level 100 300 2090 ??
Level 150 360 2538 ??
Character UnlockObtaining this weapon unlocks a character.
Drawing additional copies beyond the first will instead earn a Gold Moon.
Npc s 3040448000 01.jpg Sen (Valentine)

ID 1040421500
JP Name バロウキャッツハンド
Release Date 2023-02-14
4★ Date 2023-02-14
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Once upon a time, there lived a mage who traveled with a cat. During the long journey, the feline sadly lost its life; thus the mage memorialized the beloved pet by crafting a staff in the shape of the cat's paw. With its true origin still unknown to anyone, it wound up in a shop where it was advertised as a two-in-one staff and backscratcher. Sen could hardly pass up on the deal.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Paw of the Cat Massive Water damage to a foe.
Restore all allies' HP.
All allies gain Status Shield.pngShieldNext ATK received will be ineffective for a fixed amount
Additional effect at 4★:
MC also gains Status Repel.pngUnchallenged (1 time)Next DMG received will be ineffective
Verification needed.
Weapon Skills
Ws skill tec 2 3.png
Hoarfrost's Verity Big boost to water allies' critical hit rate
Ws skill heal limit 2 1.png
Water's Healing Small boost to water allies' healing cap
120 Unlocks at level 120: Unlocks at level 120:
Ws skill whole 2 2.png
Tsunami's Stamina Medium boost to water allies' ATK based on how high HP is
4★ Uncap
Base Reduction Materials
This weapon should not be reduced or used as fodder.