Ocean's Klein

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Label Rarity SSR.png
Ocean's Klein
Weapon b 1040814700.png

Label Element Water.png Label Weapon Harp.png HP ATK C.A.×
Level 1 44 369 ??
Level 100 270 2228 ??
Character UnlockObtaining this weapon unlocks a character.
Drawing additional copies beyond the first will instead earn a Gold Moon.
Npc s 3040413000 01.jpg Clarisse (Summer)

ID 1040814700
JP Name オーシャンクライン
Release Date 2022-07-31
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A glass container modeled after a Klein bottle, an object said to exist in four dimensions without any boundary between its outer and inner surfaces. When traced with a wetted finger, its contents reverberate in a mysterious timbre as clear as water, purifying even the most tainted of hearts.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Marine Typhoon Massive Water damage to a foe.
Remove 1 buff.
All allies gain Status WaterAtkUp.pngWater ATK UpWater ATK is boosted
Weapon Skills
Ws skill whole 2 2.png
Tsunami's Stamina Medium boost to water allies' ATK based on how high HP is
Ws skill deadly 2 1.png
Water's Sentence Small boost to water allies' C.A. DMG and C.A. DMG cap
Base Reduction Materials
Save for potential 4★.